The 29 day resurrection, Same old Alloa


Yesterday’s win over Motherwell came 29 days after the defeat in Gibraltar but for all intents and purposes there was a lifetime between the performances. Celtic have been transformed in that time. It’s still early days but you can see the week-on-week improvement in Celtic.

We look like a proper team, one which will be difficult to play against and will carry a threat. Although we went home raving about the flowing, attacking, football, Celtic were patient early in the game; it took them 11 minutes to craft a chance. I think this is going to be a feature of our play this season. Getting our systems organised and feeling our way into games before stretching opponents.

Scott Sinclair probably did more last night than on his marquee performance at Tynecastle to show what he will bring to the team. He often played between the forward and midfield lines and always had an eye open for the defence-splitting pass.

It was another solid performance from Moussa Dembele, who looks increasingly comfortable in a Celtic shirt. Goals help, of course. Top performer was Tom Rogic. Twice he scored by perfectly timing a run into the box, the first of which was an exquisite piece of work between Rogic and Callum McGregor.

You will have again noticed Rogic’s fondness for ‘having a pop’. He’d developing that antenna for goal which we like so much in Kris Commons, a good number of Motherwell keeper Craig Samson’s saves came from the Aussie.

In the next round it’s ‘Same old Alloa……..’ This game comes in the midweek between the first and second European group stage games, so a home tie against lower league opponents will probably be a welcome change of pace for Brendan and the players. And us.

The Road to Lisbon

As many of your know, our own Mouldy67 will undertake an enormous effort in May to commemorate the 50th anniversary of something or other. He and others will cycle from Celtic Park to the Estadio Nacional in Lisbon to raise funds for the Celtic Foundation.

They will leave Celtic Park on 6 May 2017 (50 years to the day since we won the league across the city), arriving at Estadio Nacional on 25 May, the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions becoming the first team to break the Spain-Italy-Portugal stranglehold on the European Cup.

This is a stunning project. At the moment, opportunities exist for you to join Mouldy and the others in the cycle, you can also become a project sponsor, or simply donate to the fundraising effort. For more information, visit theroadtolisbon.com


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    Favour time for my lurking kid sis.




    She works beside a Hun-aye,whodathunk it in Ayrshire?-who says we always get drawn at home.




    Can someone please post our record v theirs since 2012?




    Off the top of my head,I think ours is 50/50 and theirs about 90/10




    Thanks in advance.

  2. S4TB @ 11.41




    Your list is showing DF as having left rather than been loaned.



    The initial report had him — from memory — being loaned.




    If he has gone I hope he does well.



    When he did play for us he played well.



    Always seemed to be on the end of some heavy challenges though.

  3. KEVINLASVEGAS on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:05 PM




    Good article again mate.


    Summing up the mood perfectly.





    Thanks KLV; it just goes to show that 48 hours is a long time in this old game! When I wrote the first piece on Monday I did feel that Tom Rogic may be off and was disappointed in that. He showed last night just how good he can be – now to transfer it to the big screen so to speak.



    I was thinking about it last night, wondering if this was a good result against a bad team, but in the final analysis, we played exceptionally well and made them look very ordinary. So I decided to write the second piece to reflect that.







  4. time for change on

    Auld Tam,



    I think the draw was influenced, we could see the numbers on the balls and it looked like Aberdeen was coming out as the away team at Ibrox then sudden move of the hand…who was next to the camera?….just a thought.



    Good we have a home tie again perfect warm up for the winner of Aberdeen St Johnstone game.



    Enjoy weekend game and then big one Wednesay




  5. Making good progress.


    Still would like a bit of quality at CM.


    SB has come onto a game but he cannot do it all himself.



    NB is an answer but he needs to up his game.


    Last season the SB / NB combo produced football to stun pigs with.


    They have been good in the past but last season was bad as they were both phoning it in.

  6. Mouldy



    What a magical thing to do.


    A fitting tribute to the Lions and the many worthwhile causes helped by the Trust.


    Would love to take a month of work to cycle with u but work won’t allow it.



    I will be with u in spirit and let us know how and when we can donate.



    The true spirit of Celtic!!




  7. Interesting to see who Rodgers has rated so far, given his stated preference to work with a small squad. I don’t think we can afford to have 2 players for every position in Scotland, so would prefer to see a 20 man squad backed up by the academy, but since we have so many players, let’s say Rodgers wants a squad of 22. He wants at least 2 more in, 1 if not both of them will be centre midfielders, so if you can only choose 20 players from our current squad, who is for the chop?



    Goalkeepers (2)



    Gordon, Bailly.


    Youth team back up Fasan


    Sell / Loan – No one



    Defenders (8)



    Lustig, Janko, Tierney, Izzy, Toure, O’Connell, Sviatchenko, Simunovic


    Youth team back up Ralston, McCart


    Sell / Loan – Ambrose, Boyata



    Midfielders (8)



    Brown, Bitton, Roberts, Sinclair, Rogic, Forrest, McGregor, Armstrong


    Youth team back up Ajer


    Sell / Loan – Henderson, Commons, Mackay-Steven, Christie, Johansen



    Strikers (2)


    Griffiths, Dembele


    Youth team back up Aitchison


    Sell / Loan – Ciftci



    I found that quite tough to do. I was stuck on 21 for a while before deciding to take out Boyata, even though I still think he could be coached into a player. You could argue one of the right backs could be let go and replaced by Ralston. I like Henderson but he isn’t getting a look in. I thought Ciftci was a terrible signing but credit where it is due he looked decent pre season. Anyone think any differently? If you are putting someone back in who are you taking out?




    Thanks for your good wishes and advice. The old heid still a bit scrambled with the jet lag. ACGR noted suggestions and will definitely act on advice, however romantic weekend booked for me at the Empire Hotel in Bandar. I hope the wife disnae find oot ;-)




  9. More than a few great individual performances last night and a scintillating team performance. Aside from Rogic and Sinclair the likes of Forrest and Brown look reinvigorated. Was so refreshing to watch quick, direct football and players getting into the box. Things seem to be coming together nicely.

  10. West End of East End on

    Watching the game from last night, 38 minutes in and Sutton just told Craigan he’s a knob, Motherwell keeper MOTM so far..a few more goals in this I think …

  11. Clumps – spot on about sky. It’s a tired, afterthought of an excuse for coverage. I don’t think any of their fitba coverage is much cop. It’s just a ‘jobs for the boys’ organisation at presenter and pundit level.



    White and tanner are a joke. Their removal and replacement with the old bbc test screen would be an improvement

  12. An Teach Solais on

    See that the Jewish Chronicle is reporting that an alleged Celtic supporting student allegedly posted online sectarian/racist abuse of Nir Bitton and also that a campaign has been launched to wave the Palestinian flag at Wednesday’s match as a protest against the Israeli regime.



    Hopefully we have no place in our midst for abuse directed against a person who is not personally responsible for the actions of the Netanyahu government.



    Also, if people break UEFA rules by flying the Palestinian flag- yes, I appreciate the inconsistency of UEFA on flag displays- and Celtic escape with only a fine, will these people reimburse CFC. Can we keep any protests outwith the ground? HH

  13. REGGIE on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:29 PM



    Squad of 22, 2 in, 8 out, use the best of the development squad as back up in domestic games (Ralston, McCart, Ajer, Miller, Aitchison)





    Gordon, new keeper


    Sell Bailly when fit





    Lustig Toure Sviatchenko Tierney Janko O’Connell Simunovic Izaguirre


    Sell Ambrose and Boyata





    Brown new CM McGregor Armstrong Rogic Henderson


    Sell Bitton and Johansen





    Sinclair Roberts Forrest Christie


    Sell Commons and GMS





    Griffiths Dembele


    Sell Ciftci

  14. AULD TAM on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:15 PM


    I can’t believe some posters are still prattling on about draw fixing. Last night before the draw, about a dozen people assured us Sevco would be at home to Alloa. Where did Alloa end up?




    I watched the draw live on TV and it was completely above board, but that won’t stop the daft conspiracy theoerists embarrassing themselves yet again when the semi-final draw is upon us. Sad thing is, no matter how many times they are proved wrong, they come back for more.






    You will wait a long time for any acknowledgement .



    After that Astana game I invited responses to the conspiracy theory that High Dallas handpicks referees for Celtic games in Europe as we had just enjoyed a referee who, as I said to my friends at half-time , was a homer. Still waiting.



    There is only one valid conspiracy theory which stands up to scrutiny. That is 35 years of evidence of collusion between BA and Heathrow Airport to delay Hrvatski Jim on every occasion.

  15. Why has a stadium like Celtic Park ,got restricted views,Celtic should do something about it,I think the 2 ends of the main stand have 2 large girders in place,and that is why the supporters have there view restricted,I have sat there and the views of the pitch,is stunning,except when you are near them girders,also with international breaks coming up soon,as I have said before ,Barrowfield Training Ground is due a massive upgrade, a couple of Stands new changing facilities, a couple of all weather pitches to be laid,we Celtic Supporters can go and support the development Squad ,when they play there,Celtic Football Club can afford to upgrade Barrowfield,show a bit of ambition for the good of the club and the supporters,

  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Shameless re-post for my wean (and to fix the spelling of Roy Croppie’s name)






    Roy Croppie / others – I saw all the good news re: weans’ exam results – congratulations all round!!



    Just like to add that my my very own Miss BGFC is delighted to have achieved 5 A’s in her Highers



    (Wee BGFC still thinks she is a stupid, smelly big sister, though).



    Had a ball at the game last night – great team performance, and many first class individual players on show.



    – Rogic was sublime



    – Jimmy survived an injury(!!!!!!!)



    – Sinclair was super-fast and skillful



    – Broonie was commanding



    – O’Connell was calm and assured



    – Lustig was solid (much better defender now he doesn’t have to gallop up and down that left wing all night)



    – Wee McGregor was excellent – some great vision and passing, coupled with real appetite to press the game very high up the park



    Good performances from everyone – even BR in the post-match interview.



    Watched the game when we got home – that Norn Irn numpty on BT sport is nothing other than a bigot – Sutton has his number.



    All stating to click nicely. What to do when wee Paddy-Joe and the rest of the gang get fit…? Plus two other players BR wants to go right in to the first team … ?? Could get very messy for everyone else.








    Relatively low crowd last night – pity so many missed such a great display. Hope everyone gets along to see Celtic as much as they can this year – it is a real treat!!!!

  17. TIMBHOY3



    Stadium had to be built that way, North Stand anyway due to the cemetery behind Janefield Street.



    Bit late now to change the stand, Iv’e only sat up there once at Henrik’s testimonial as I forgot to buy my own seat in time so I can appreciate the issues with the support stanchions which are bloody big!

  18. Half 1st team Celtic 5 – arseholes 0













    KevJ….mcgee for Staleybridge Celtic……..;-))

  19. An Teach Solais on

    I seem to remember that when the main stand was rebuilt that the span supporting the roof was the longest at any football ground in Britain and required excessively thick pillars at each end since the subsoil was deep layers of gravel.


    The only solution, IMHO, would be a total rebuild in the suspended cantilever model of the other three stands.



    Perhaps if season tickets continue to rise, increased capacity could be obtained by upping the level of the main stand to the norm and design of the adjacent stands. HH

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:43 PM


    AULD TAM on 11TH AUGUST 2016 12:15 PM





    Point taken, gents, about the specific issues you mention – there may be no conspiracy here.



    However, after wall we know now about rule re-writing, illegal payments, incorrect player registrations, closed room discussions, bare-faced lies from football authorities regarding Rangers / Sevco, you must accept, surely, that it is only natural for all of us to have a deep scepticism and mistrust around everything involving Rangers* and the football authorities.



    Sometimes things may well be above board; however, recent years have proven absolutely that an extreme degree of mistrust is a sensible approach to adopt.






  21. FROM 2pm today (Thursday, August 11), Season Ticket holders can buy up to four additional tickets for the upcoming UEFA Champions League play-off match against Hapoel Be’er Sheva.



    The match is now less than one week away with the Israeli side the visitors to Celtic Park on Wednesday, August 17 (KO: 7.45pm).



    Season Ticket holders have already secured their own tickets following last week’s play-off draw and now have an exclusive period until 9.30am on Friday (August 12) to buy up to four additional tickets for friends and family.



    These additional tickets will be available at general sale prices, from £30 for adults, from £20 for concessions and from £15 for under-13s and can be purchased online, on our sales line on 0871 226 1888* or at the Ticket Office.


    This bizarre and manufactured Palestinian affiliation amongst some of our supporters is playing with fire.



    Celtic are likely to get burnt by people using the club as a platform for their, jaundiced, myopic and in some cases bigoted poison.



    There are Huns and intolerants amongst our supporters.

  23. traditionalist88 on

    Perhaps if season tickets continue to rise, increased capacity could be obtained by upping the level of the main stand to the norm and design of the adjacent stands. HH






    An Teach Solais on 11th August 2016 1:00 pm



    They wouldn’t be able to justify it unless we gained access to regular, high end European football. New builds in the EPL tend to be 60k at most. Juventus new stadium holds ~41k.



    The most obvious way to increase capacity is to lobby for the standard 1.8 standing spaces for every seat removed, in the designated standing sections. Would mean an extra ~2000 in each corner of the ground if it was converted.



    But we’ve seen the problems we’ve had with GCC getting this far!




  24. I only caught the first half but the change in pace was very noticeable and it is hard to believe many of those same players were so poor v The Imps.



    However it does demonstrate how much surfaces and match fitness impact on performance and make qualify for CL a much greater lottery than it should be.


    We need to work with other clubs to try and change that. Would it be possible to have clubs who play on artificial surfaces grouped separately in qualifying and make CL groups only grass based games?



    Moving the season is a no brained for me.



    On the game the improvement in some players is possibly a response to being loved Corinthians 13 style?



    You know the one. Patient, slow to anger delights in another’s well being. That kind of stuff.


    What a supporter Christ would have been.

  25. I remember reading when the North Stand was built in 1995 that it would have cost an extra £1m to build it in such a way that no supporting pillars were needed.



    It’s doable.

  26. Bit of praise on my part to the Board for the appointment of Brendan Rodgers when I am sure there were cheaper alternatives champing at the bit for a return to Celtic Park also their financial backing in his pursuit of better quality signings


    As they say it’s all a matter of opinion but for me the most outstanding players in the last two games have been Scott Brown on Sunday and Tom Rogic last night


    As for Brendan Rodgers wish for another 2 signings before the deadline I hope one of them is a keeper that’s good enough for European football





    Congrats to your daughter. Fantastic stuff!

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