The Adidas deal, Hearts first to move


It is a bit early to call Ann Budge’s early move to cut all Hearts’ staff wages by 50%.  The accompanying offer of termination, which could be accepted by many in the first team squad, indicates what Hearts anticipate the value of footballer contracts will settle at when the crisis is over.

The economic basis that current football contracts were established on no longer applies.  Footballers are worth less money today and going forward than they were a month ago.  Clubs have less money, fans have less money to spend and advertisers have less money to give to TV companies.  Practically every non-discretionary asset class in the world is worth less than before.

I suspect Ann Budge knows this.  She also knows that whether Hearts are relegated or not, they will be better off investing what money they have in the football player market of the future, than keeping what they have.

We have not had a chance to discuss the Adidas deal in any detail yet.  Getting it over the line before the crisis added at least £10m to the value.  If there is a general retail shutdown over the summer, the Adidas contract could be worth £20m less than we got for it.  The importance of this deal grows in tandem with the crisis – and it was stunning to begin with.  Thankfully we have professionals running our commercials.

We’ll talk soon about the consequences and, just as importantly, opportunities in the game going forward.  Celtic are in a good place.

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  1. The scummy red tops just love to scare the cac out of pensioners..



    Bad news is good news for the tabloids.. our pain their gain! Since the virus became a pandemic .. it’s been a wave of pure, unadulterated schadenfreude..



    They’re the fecking parasites!



    Thankfully.. Social media and blogs like this are destroying their exploitative industry!

  2. JOHN1314MAC on 20TH MARCH 2020 12:02 AM



    tabloids will go under.



    who is buying a paper paper right now.

  3. The poor old buggers they’re terrifying! 😂



    Better get some kip




  4. With toilet rolls in short supply, red tops will be in high demand.


    As someone said somewhere, they’re already full of sh@t.

  5. SUPERSUTTON on 19TH MARCH 2020 11:02 PM


    Following Supersutton’s anecdotal evidence from earlier I did some more digging and found this




    Basically from results in France and here in New York, doctors are saying the treatment, already undergone by a CQN poster for a similar condition, is showing promise as a treatment for Covid-19.


    There’s a few hurdles to cross but maybe the light is not a train.


    Deo volente


    If you don’t follow the link here’s a wee synopsis


    As we reported yesterday night (New York Time), a new controlled clinical study conducted by doctors ​in France shows that Hydroxychloroquine is effective in the fight against coronavirus. The study, which was conducted by Didier Raoult​ M.D/Ph.D, et. al in France showed that 100% of patients that received a combination of HCQ and Azithromycin tested negative and were virologically cured within 6 days of treatment. Chloroquine and his sister drug, hydroxychloroquine, have been used to treat malaria since Word War II.


    The study is part of the initiative from an independent group of scientists and physicians working on an open-data clinical trial for prevention of COVID-19, through the use of hydroxychloroquine in combination with other therapeutic agents. The group is now calling on President Trump to allow Americans to use the drug. However, the FDA said it’s not in a rush to approve the use of the drugs here in the United States due to lack of sufficient data.

  6. No leadership, I disagree we are being led.


    We are being led up the cemetery path!



    Johnson is not a bumbling fool, he is a front for right wing extremism being pushed by unaccountable ‘Whitehall sources’ They know exactly what they are doing.


    Eugenics suits their ideology



    Action that should have been taken in January and is largely still not or happening too late.



    – Test kits ordered & Ventilators ordered


    – Extensive testing especially frontline NHS and care workers


    – Frontline medical staff given protective clothing.


    – Self isolation with proper financial support


    – Private hospital beds requisitioned


    – Pubs, cafes, restaurants closed.


    – Transport scaled down except for essential personnel


    – Large scale sporting events involving international travel banned



    This is a survival of the fittest scenario which will destroy the will power of the people, allow a hard Brexit to go under the radar and kill off the NHS to allow the private sector to come over the hill to rescue it.



    Wake up UK

  7. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    FLOATIN’ on 20TH MARCH 2020 6:02 AM



    Totally spot on ~ 100% agreed.




  8. Please forward my last post to all your Twitter / WhatsApp and Facebook contacts.



    Tom Courtney

  9. Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Friday from a bright, fairly clear skied, frosty East Kilbride. Breakfast followed by my 4 metre walk to work! ;-)

  10. Johnson (don’t call him Boris)



    “Turn the tide in 12 weeks” ???



    This ‘government’ has just passed an emergency powers bill that is enforceable for 2 years!!!!!



    We’re asleep at the wheel

  11. Good morning CQN from a frozen but beautiful sunny morning in the Garngad, as Geese fly over head.



    Well on the elusive meat hunt I had to get up and be at Asda Robroyston for 5.50am and had to stand behind a load of others. Managed to get some meat for dinners during the coming week.


    Limited stock was out and it was going quick.



    I seen an NHS worker on TV crying as she cannot get any food because she is looking after sick people at her work. Why don’t big stores let NHS workers get their stuff delivered free of feckin charge they should be able to go into work 10 mins early email a food order with NHS logo on email and it is waiting at their house when they finish and it should be feckin FREE…. Ffs we have to look after those hard working caring people…






    D. :)

  12. Please delete my last post, the bill is proposed, not passed. Expected to be fast tracked by Monday….

  13. Corrected –



    Johnson (don’t call him Boris)




    “Turn the tide in 12 weeks” ???




    This ‘government’ has just proposed an emergency powers bill, expected to be fast tracked by Monday, that is enforceable for 2 years!!!!!




    We’re asleep at the wheel

  14. Feckin intermin from Boris



    The right to stop people suspected of having COVID -19



    Wtf big orange polis ” haw you, come here you a think you have the virus” locked up…



    D. :)

  15. In circa 5 min time ( 07.45 hrs ) radio stations across Europe will play ” You’ll never walk alone ” as a act of unity in these uncertain times.



    A little act of solidarity maybe, but music can help change people’s lives for the better.



    HH to all.

  16. I’ve no problem with a person obviously ill and coughing getting lifted off the streets. Such a person could be killing people. While most of us will act responsibly and for the benefit of all, ignorance and selfishness has to be tackled. Johnson needs to go further and forcibly shut down pubs and restaurants. He has been two steps behind at every turn in the fight against this virus.

  17. G’mornin’ troops……….



    Cold, bright and glorious here in the splendid isolation of Corcaigh



    Up with the lark and a day of potterin’ around beckons with little interruption from the demands of commerce. Please God, everyone stays safe.


    With no “sport” to divert one’s attention my eye is drawn back to Shortie’s coverage of the virus and its impact on the economics of Scottish Football.



    A focus piece on Hertz and their charismatic and engaging owner stands oooot.



    As much as I have disdain for the lo-fat huns from the East I’d prefer they stayed up at the expense of any of the plastic pitch entities.


    What struck me tho’ about Shortie’s coverage was why given what we know about the Huns, why no -one is running a LIVE broadcast on how and when THAT financially hamstrung basketcase is going to go belly? Now, the “sports” dept might still be runnin’ scared – but what about the financial folks?



    Just even general questions like –



    How you gonna pay the wages?


    Where’s the money?


    What’s happened to the investor ( we saw the headlines, where’s the substance?)


    How are the players coping with the contactual uncertainty


    Any comment on the Hertz situation?


    Considering your financial position, are you considering the same action?


    If not, why not?


    Any message to your fans?


    Any clarification on your currant…Chairman’s position.?


    ….and the Oranj Odour appointment???



    …….It all stinks.

  18. Jobo said:



    `followed by my 4 metre walk to work! ;-)`


    Always good to start the day with a smile :-))



    I Googled`Watch YNWA from Celtic park` to have a look at this mornings Broadcast . I was sent to an advert for a YNWA timepiece !!!! Honest.


    Cheerio for now.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Kit deal – hope we split from New Balance on good terms. Losing us and Liverpool must be a blow to them. I wouldn’t want to see NB cross the river to try to spike our guns.



    Supermarkets – lock away their trolleys, hand basket shopping only. One basket per customer. That should spread the inventory further.



    Meat search – if a trip to the local butcher’s sounds too common to contemplate, re-brand it in your head as a visit to our boucherie. Immediately, it feels like a night at the dancin’.



    Politicians – a collective disgrace. Always too many Cosettes among them, never enough Eponines to go around. And that’s just the males.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The chuckle is the same meeja and people who condemned the Chinese for similar strategy will be right behind this new initiative, it’s only bad when the baddies dae it when we dae it it’s good.




    Some really good points there, especially the food trolley one. There will be a finite number of hand baskets so if a queue develops then it would be one out and one in. The basket wouldn’t take long to fill so you won’t be in the queue that long.


    We are lucky in Forres to have 3 quality butchers though Fraser’s is my favourite. I have visitors from darn Sarf this weekend so they will be introduced to the delights of a Fraser’s breakfast.


    My architect tells me that he has a neighbour who lives on his own and every morning can be seen bringing home a bulk pack of toilet rolls – what is that all about? When I get to the supermarket all paper products have gone. Bring back the dock leaf.😉

  22. AN DUN on 20TH MARCH 2020 7:43 AM


    I’ve no problem with a person obviously ill and coughing getting lifted off the streets. Such a person could be killing people. While most of us will act responsibly and for the benefit of all, ignorance and selfishness has to be tackled. Johnson needs to go further and forcibly shut down pubs and restaurants. He has been two steps behind at every turn in the fight against this virus.






    I am ill with heart problems and other issues ( NOT Corona !)…I have smoked for 50 years so I do tend to cough a bit. I obviously have breathing problems and dizziness and pain when I try to walk 10/15 yards. Two days ago I was forced to go out to some local shops for vital food etc, as my USUAL Weekly Home delivery from Tesco wont arrive until TUESDAY 24th March, due to selfish bastards who panic buy….that is a total of EIGHT Days before I get my home delivery, so I was FORCED to go out….



    but YOU have NO PROBLEM with folk who are ill getting lifted if they go outside ??????


    if its a straight choice between starvation and getting lifted….its a no brainer for me !


    NO Doctor or govt has tested me for Corona…but YOU have NO Problem with me being lifted by the Cops if I stop to lean against a lamp post or wall and cough to get my breath back ?

  23. Reasons to be cheerful (maybe)



    1 My new passport has arrived so I can go wherever I want



    2 Waiting at the Post Office in WH Smith on Wednesday to post a parcel, I was social distancing by standing well back from the person in front who had a lot of business to do. I though that I would pass the time looking at the magazine rack beside the queue for a little light relief. The first magazine that I laid my eyes on was special edition about THE GREAT DEPRESSION.



    Keep well everyone and look after each other.

  24. Also I have no family etc…and live alone and I depend on Nurses etc visiting me at home if I am not in hospital.


    My local PUB is 20 yards from my front door….so my going in there is my only real contact with other human beings…and no one is going to stop me from doing that every few days…for the sake of actually speaking to another human being….unless this govt shuts down Pubs etc ?


    I posted a few days ago, has PM Johnston TOLD ALL MPs NOT to go into the Bars in Westminster yet ?

  25. You shouldn’t be buying more than a week’s shop if you are healthy and able-bodied.



    If you are stocking up. Buying things ‘just in case’ then give yourself a shake. People who are working shifts in the NHS cannot shop at normal times. Plenty of examples of NHS staff getting to the supermarket to find the shelves bare.




  26. Regarding the main article.



    I’d think twice before offering a new deal to Jonny Hayes and taking up the final year of Jozo’s deal.



    The market will look different when it opens. Our season will not be decided by those two players.

  27. You can explain all that to the police if asked Jimmy. A global pandemic means extraordinary measures. The alternative is preventable deaths.



    I agree that social services must do more for vulnerable people to ensure access to groceries.



    Just to be clear, if anyone has flu like symptoms, they must self isolate – that’s the medical advice and should not be ignored by any person with a sense of public good.



    I think we’re at the stage where to be coughing on streets or buses means being challenged and we should accept that.

  28. Big Jimmy on 20th March 2020 8:50 am



    Hang on.



    In fairness several people on here offered to sort things out for you so you didn’t have to go out to get your shopping. It’s a wee bit unfair on them to say you were forced to go out.

  29. DAVID66 on 20TH MARCH 2020 7:10 AM



    The most vulnerable people in our society will be getting looked after by social care workers who will be getting paid less than their NHS counterparts. sorry but there are many many workers in many different sectors that are just as deserving as NHS staff, dont see why nhs staff should be treated better than others based on their employment with nhs ie. we should all be getting our fair share.



    The privatisation of the care service has led to the crazy situation of having millions of people working for a range of private companies and charities in which they dont have secure jobs, their wages are poor and their contribution is rarely recognised. Indeed, many family members are in the same boat. All those care workers and informal carers fall of the grid and coronavirus would look like a wee issue and the crisis would be far more severe.



    All front like workers should be tested starting with those in direct contact and potentially in contact with others through work related activity. All carers should be tested too.



    I would not say the nhs is placed on a peddle stool but I would say other care sectors and carers should be afforded the same level of respect from wider society. Even in the caring professions the narrative about the deserving and undeserving providers and receivers is at work.



    Off chest and relax




  30. Big Jimmy



    You are highly vulnerable at the moment my friend.i would plead with you to take up a any offer of help of this venerable site.


    I detect you are fiercely independent I have no problems at all with that but I would advise you to stay put and take up the offer of help.You are still the same Tim as always.


    Take care



  31. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH MARCH 2020 9:12 AM


    Big Jimmy on 20th March 2020 8:50 am







    Hang on.







    In fairness several people on here offered to sort things out for you so you didn’t have to go out to get your shopping. It’s a wee bit unfair on them to say you were forced to go out.




    NOT entirely correct.


    When some on here very kindly offered me help I assumed it was with TRANSPORT to a supermarket…NOT for THEM to go out and actually do my shopping for me. Do you also expect me to hand over Cash to a perfect stranger to do my shopping ?


    Its well documented on here that there are Lurking HUNS on here…whats to stop a Hun taking my Cash and NOT doing any shopping for me…a hun who I dont know, or have no number or contact address for to get my money back etc ?



    Also…for someone else to do my shopping for me…and for me to remain at home while they did so…they would be phoning me every feckin 5 minutes to ask for advice on what to try and buy if what I wanted was NOT available due to panic buyers !


    I am NOT suggesting that the offers of help on here was not appreciated..it was and still is !

  32. Maybe I should go out more and get myself lifted for being ill…and then I wouldnt need to worry about doing ANY shopping as the Cops would need to feed me ?

  33. timaloy29 on 20th March 2020 9:02 am


    ‘You shouldn’t be buying more than a week’s shop if you are healthy and able-bodied.’








    Suppose you are a healthy and able bodied mother with a husband and three kids and the government advice is that immediately any one of your household exhibits symptoms your entire household is to self isolate for 14 days, with little hope of getting a supermarket delivery within that time.



    Is it really selfish and irresponsible for someone in that position to prepare to be able to self isolate at a moment’s notice (which would be for the benefit of the public at large, not for anyone within the household)?

  34. South Of Tunis on

    A beautiful sunny clear blue sky 20 degrees -way down south..


    Army on patrol as of this morning.Helping the police etc deal with those that think the law doesnt apply to them.Had a how u phone chat with my nearest neighbor earlier.2km away.His view on the military ?


    “Last time that lot set foot in this valley was in the 40s-looking for those who didnt want to die for that clown Mussolini “

  35. Big Jimmy on 20th March 2020 9:31 am



    It wouldn’t have been hard to establish that anyone offering to help you was who they said they were and could be vouched for.



    And I had assumed it would have been a click and collect arrangement with whichever supermarket you normally get your delivery from.



    You weren’t forced to go out. You chose to do so. I can well understand that you wish to be as independent as possible, but maybe at the moment you just have to curtail that a bit for your own benefit and the benefit of everyone else.



    It seems that California has now gone into lockdown. That suggests there might be some benefit to it.

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