The annual preseason youth breakthrough


The long road to fitness started in Austria last night as Celtic gave an outing to 19 players against Wiener Viktoria.  This time of year always provides an interesting angle on the young talent waiting to breakthrough, often to be overlooked until the following year’s preseason tour.

Last night 19-year-olds Johnny Kenny, who joined in January from Sligo Rovers, and Bosan Lawal, who joined a year ago from the Watford youth setup, did most to pique interest.  Let’s hope Kenny can fight off the fierce competition from Albian Ajeti for the third striker spot.  Having only just turned 17, Rocco Vata seems worth keeping tabs on.

Getting to the point in their career that they are making a Celtic debut is a huge achievement for Kenny, Lawal, Vata and Matthew Anderson, the 18-year-old full back who played last night.  The fallout rate of signed youth players before this point must be close to 99%.

The challenge ahead, to become a Celtic regular, remains daunting.  It is as much a challenge for the coaches as the players.

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  1. That awkward moment when Boris resigns,and you look across at the opposition benches.


    And your heart sinks.

  2. IniquitousIV on

    Ronaldo is looking for a short contract with a club in the Group Stage of the Champions League.


    For various reasons, Bayern, Barca, Napoli, Chelski and PSG are deemed unlikely suitors.


    Wonder where he will end up?

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  4. Every day is a school day.



    Sitting in the Merchant City enjoying the sun. Listening to a tour guide explaining about Glasgow’s history. ( Warts and all ] .I nearly interrupted him when he mentioned zombies. Cue the song.😀


    I must say, he was magnificent.



    I didn’t know that more space satellites were designed in Glasgow than any other place in the world, apart from Houston Texas.



    I will need to check this out, but I can confirm the city has its fair share of rockets.




  5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha



    Clinging to a fleg.



    Vacuous and empty



    Not a socialist party is not the marketing party

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Boris Johnson said on Sky News, ‘ i haven’t seen a Cabinet this empty, since i last visited Ibrox….’

  7. Uncle Jimmy


    Wasn’t the search engine it was the browser – I use ‘duck duck go’ as it suppresses the ads on CQN.

  8. bournesouprecipe on




    Nobody that started yesterday started in the first friendly in 2021.

  9. P67



    Please no more zombie stats — 99% fall out rate?


    From what to where?



    We have 20 players coming through in every age group.


    99% fall out — what does that mean — 0ne first team starter in 5 years?


    Terrible if true vs not credible.



    2 every year from the youths should join the first team squad — at least.

  10. Long post on Labour Party leaders and policies- scroll by if this is not your thing.



    An Tearman @ 11.27



    The Labour Party has always been criticised by its members as not being socialist enough. It faced a challenge from both the Communist Party, Independent Socialists, and the Trots in their various apparitions. Even the Attlee government which had the most socialist credentials, giving birth to the NHS, a Liberal Party idea, faced criticism for not being left wing enough.



    Yes, Blair did severe damage to the party, mostly by the Iraq war decision, which has never been successfully explained or defended. We disagree on Gordon Brown and his economics- he made mistakes, sure, but his instincts were right though he was a Lame Duck because Murdoch only agreed to lay off Blair but monstering Gordon Brown was fair game.



    The money men that own the Press and the Tory placemen now in the Political departments of the BBC will ensure that the monstering continues



    Atlee- a boring wee bassa- same tactics will be applied to Starmer



    Harold Wilson- MI5 were convinced he was a Communist spy for the Chinese. An ex-left winger who moved to the Centre but played well with the public and won majorities without the help of the press or establishment.



    Jim Callaghan- Monstered as being in the pay of powerful Union bosses who ran the country and prevented us from burying his dead. Jim was a very experienced politician who was great at deal-making and compromising. His big mistake was to ask the Unions to make a third round of “Social Contracts and pay restraint” at a time where they had already made huge sacrifices to help us through the post-Oil Crisis as the Arab world exerted pressure on every Western country. The ushering in of Thatcher saw the unemployment lines triple, the Unions crippled and the first signs of Poujadist- fascist-friendly politics appear in the UK (McMillan, Douglas Home and Heath were all Old Style Tories) and our politics have never recovered from this crucial period. Mind you it took a tawdry wee war in las Malvinas to get her the second term. And Nationalists played a large part in her first election triumph because a Tory govt. in Westminster suits their aims.



    Michael Foot- “monstered” for wearing a perfectly respectable overcoat to a ceremony but it lives on in the collective memory as a Donkey Jacket. A more cultured man than any in the Tory Party but characterised as an uncouth out of touch slovenly and senile old man. And he was undermined by his own as well as the Tories but, like Jeremy Corbyn later, he lacked the energy to run a broad church party.



    Neil Kinnock-a superb orator- characterised as a windbag. A brave guy who tackled a bag snatch thief and got monstered as a “ginger-haired hothead” whose temperament could not be trusted with a Nuclear Button (Aye! as if the US would ever allow a British leader to operate that button independently). And finally, when an election poll lead had ben established- he was attacked for presumptuous triumphalism at an election rally and mocked for his seaside PR stunt where he slipped in the surf.



    Blair escaped that monstering because Murdoch wanted to teach the ungrateful Tories who really runs the country and Blair was egotistic and messianic enough to believe he could sup with the devil without cost. He threw Gordon Brown under the bus and broke his word. I am no conspiracy nut but I believe he was a cuckoo in Labour’s nest.



    John Smith died before he needed to be “monstered”



    Ed Miliband was boring like Attlee and had also, allegedly, stabbed his brother in the back. he was, undoubtedly a poor choice of leader and an own goal by the Labour Party.



    Jeremy Corbyn brought energy and socialism back to the forefront, inspiring lots of new members, including. let’s be honest a minority of entryists again. Jeremy ws never given a chance by the right and centrist MPs who knew his 60s and 70s support for the Republican struggle in Ireland and the plight of Palestinians left him open to “monstering” and he was never going to compromise or modernise his view. For me his two main mistakes were 1) a lack of energy to lead a party- he had little to say on his (popular) policies and was surprisingly reluctant to appear on TV and give press interviews. and 2) He was slow to deal with anti-semitism amongst a small minority. He was never an anti-semite himself and many of the accusations against members were exaggerated or wrong but….. we , undoubtedly, had a problem with anti-semitism.



    Keir Starmer is not my choice of leader but I understand why we needed a centrist or right wing figure. He has to produce policies which can survive “monstering”. The worst character trait that has stuck with him is that he is boring (the Attlee & Miliband line). I think, after Boris, the appetite for colourful clowns might have satiated in the electorate. So he is in a good position to rebuild Labour’s vote though there is no chance that a huge Tory majority can be translated into a huge Labour win in the course of one election.



    Which brings us back to the old dilemma. Is it worth winning elections if the price is that you have to behave like Tories or Tory lite? It is not just a dilemma for Labour. It applies to the Nationalist movement too- whether the English Nationalism underlying Brexit or the SNP & Alba & Plaid Cymru types. Wherever you draw the boundaries of your country, you have to deal with International money. At the moment that means US Neo-liberal economics (practised by both Republicans and Democrats), the Chinese Communist Party’s totalitarian approach to implementing capitalism (which will soon have to change as internal Chinese dissent grows), the faltering EU bloc struggling to accommodate impoverished new applicants (such as a possible future Scotland) and the global corporations that have huge and final influence on all major power blocs.



    National Identity does not bring Freedom and does not change economic realities

  11. MODERATOR1888 on 7TH JULY 2022 12:17 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 7TH JULY 2022 11:40 AM







    If you can get access to your hotmail on your desktop, the easiest thing to do is change the password on there….







    Then use the new password on your tablet.







    I recommend using a chrome plugin called Lastpass, to keep track of your passwords, means you only have to remember one – the login to lastpass!.






    Thanks for that advice MOD.


    ALSO A big Thank you to the other Bhoys who offered advice on the last Thread.


    I will tinker with the Tablet over the weekend ( OOOH Missus), and if I cant solve the issue, I will take it to a PC Shop etc.



    Cheers to the Good Guys on here.



  12. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH JULY 2022 12:26 PM


    Boris Johnson said on Sky News, ‘ i haven’t seen a Cabinet this empty, since i last visited Ibrox….’





  13. Somehow, I have managed to access my Email Account on my new Tablet in the last few minutes.


    I am NOT sure how I did it but I clicked on Microsoft Support and then OUTLOOK ( I THINK ?), and then Hotmail sign in ????


    Thanks to all for there advice.


    HH Bhoys.

  14. Big Jimmy on 7th July 2022 12:50 pm




    Good news – Now take a note of the password, and probably a good idea to update your mobile details etc :)

  15. SFTB @ long time typing



    Agree with a lot of what you wrote.



    However I fear that you have been conditioned by a lot of what the right wing press has written about a number of good men — you accept far too many of the tropes that they seed / germinate / cultivate



    JaC — The Tories / economic establishment called in a lot of favours / used their placemen in the summer / autumn of 1978 to destroy an economic policy that was working. RT and his Queenie Mum love being one such useful idiot.



    CA — he was more progressive than the Soviet Union with his building of all inclusive national structures.



    The SU and the CCP afterwards worked with local / industry solutions — not good / too much of a patchwork.



    MF — he was so popular — local hero — that he made the subs bench for PA when he was in his nineties. I think he still holds the record as the oldest registered player in the 4 senior FA divisions.



    Everything you write is predicated on the power of the right wing media — rich men who decide what thye country will think when the general public grow politically lazy.



    Old Monkey Glands never made TB.



    He had to support him when it became obvious that there was no way back for Sh**er and his Tories — so in 1996 he had to reach out and engage with him.



    The only time in my lifetime that the press / media had to bend to a popular political will that they did not generate.



    Brexit has changed everything so all bets are off regarding the future.





  16. quadrophenian on

    Our youth policy will be victim to/inversely successful agains the wins and riches-generating of our 1st team. Going deep in Europe (oo err) usually means buying more of the ready made players than home-baked yoofs. Better Euro runs means more moolah, which enables us to bid for those better grade performers and prospects, which likely makes it a tighter squeeze (coughs) for domestic young ‘uns to get a fair shake of the sauce bottle.


    Now, at your Hibses. Hearts and Dundee Uniteds young prospects might get a better run out of fiscal necessity



    And if fan expectations are tied to unbeaten seasons then risking kids in sometimes tricky games is a hard call.



    So the better level our first team attain, the harder for the kids to snag a guernsey; victims of our own success.



  17. Paul67,



    On the downside, Ange is looking for a direct competition of 2 in each position. They are primarily established guys and buys from outside our youth ranks but on the upside a 60-match season and injuries will offer game time.



    Does Ange de-prioritise the League cup, like the EPL, for early season appearances for the young uns? Not sure he strikes me as the type. So what’s likely to be the case:



    1. Few chances of breaking through for many into the 1st team.


    2. Possible promotion gaps, due to injury, for Lawal as the 4th CH ? Uroghide as the 3rd RB ? Kenny as only 4th choice CF behind Kyogo, GG & New CF.


    3. Churn the B team and get some youngsters into the SPFL earlier than usual. Anybody hanging aroiund the B team for several seasons ain’t gonna make it I’m afraid.


    4. Promote earlier into the B team for any emerging kids – young Dede for example.



    Development route of Academy > B Team > Loan > 1st Team squad at a more rapid pace and probably greater churn rate.



    No use sandwiching the kids with a season of July kickabouts in mid-Europe and a dead rubber at Celtic Park in Mind-May when the league has been won. We need to do better as a pathway.




  18. Why is Ange even wasting a jersey on Ajeti?



    The guy who should have been left in Glasgow and told to get himself anther club.



    Bizarre that we are investing a pre season on a player who should not be here

  19. Why does BJ get a lump sum for resigning when anyone else would get hee haw and no benefits

  20. Greenpinata on 7th July 2022 1:01 pm



    Why does BJ get a lump sum for resigning when anyone else would get hee haw and no benefits




    Don’t know if true, but it’s very likely, that all ministers that held cabinet positions even for a few hours last night are due increased payoff. There was a figure quoted of £450k in total.

  21. Notthebus,



    Shop window. Reminding any potential suitors that he still exists….



    He really needs to go, for his own sake as much as ours. Starting to feel sorry for him and would hope there’s enough old goodwill in the bank in Switzerland to take him off our hands.







    I lost my hotmail acct.for about a month,talked to them and was told that it will come back in time when they are satisfied that there isn’t unauthorised people trying to get in.I opened a gmail acct. to be on the safe side.


    Hotmail did come back but couldn’t find any way to transfer contacts to gmail ,all is ok……..for now.

  23. Notthebus ,



    Ajeti : We need to try and put him in the shop window to punt him.


    Unfortunately prospective buyers can then see him perform




  24. THE_HUDDLE on 7TH JULY 2022 1:03 PM



    A minister who resigns, or is sacked, get’s a lump sum of 25% of their ministerial salary.

  25. BW @ 12.59



    We go far into the CL …




    Could we do that with the likes of JMcG / AR / KT / AH / KA / Sheep RB / CMcG / RC / DT even MJ?


    All trained form 16 in the SPL?



    Consequently the talent is there just a case of finding it and keeping it and most importantly developing it.



    I think the B team will play a huge part in all of this.


    I would expect our 2002’s to win the league next season at a canter.


    The talent is there — what is lacking is coaching / attitude / appetite.



    If the 2002’s / old school U21’s tear it up then move to the U20’s and then the U19’s.



    Last night showed the worryingly wide spectrum in attitude in our youths.


    Some looked desperate to play the game they saw in front of them.


    Others just wanted to play youth football against a senior team.



    That is why we are not developing our talent — too many do not want to grow up.


    They like being big fish in a small pond.

  26. Setting free the bears



    I get the monstering,it has always been thus



    But it’s where it affects policy, that of Labour Party that is the problem.



    John Smith was well on the way to uncoupling the link with the union movement,well iirc the push(putsch) for the removal of clause 4.


    I think it went through when Margaret’s(war criminal to be) prodigy took over the Labour party.



    In 1997 there was political alignment with all Margaret’s policies- a Labour gov after 19 or so years of vermin.



    -We Had ‘tax credits’ instead of tax cuts to the poor weak and redistribution of wealth there.



    -We had a socialist government who simply shat it to tax the rich,it didn’t stop Gordon messing with pensions leaving doors open pension abuse



    -we have a so called socialist government who never implemented one policy that would stop/limit/inhibit


    the liberalisation of currency,same pitch to play on that Margaret rolled out with her addition to Labour’s monetarist policies in 1979 when lifting currency restrictions.The war criminals “new” whatever! aligned itself with that.


    A policy that would have a so-called socialist party


    Nationalise the feral debt built up bank debt.


    A true capitulation of socialism to capitalism.



    It’s changed now SFTB.


    The Labour hold it had while it existed under Margaret has gone


    The Labour Party sadly whored itself away from anything integrity it ever had with it quests for power melted


    People recall them betraying,and that was socialists everywhere.


    No explanation of a million dead


    No limitations on money markets


    No repeal of any anti union law.


    See what happens,think we need a mountain 😇😊👍




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