The ‘Be careful for what you wish for’ game.


It’s hard to say, was this the easiest game against Newco, easier than either of the 5-1 wins last season?  Was it our easiest game against both the Rangers group of clubs? I think it might have been.  There were some games back in the early 80s I recall, but none finished with a four goal advantage.  What about 7-1? I hear you say.  Sure, but I am assured the gap between the teams in 1957 was poorly illustrated by that game.

Make it a matter of record, at no point have Newco been further behind Celtic on or off the field, not even when we won the Premiership under Ronny and they finished third in the Championship, or in a lower league.

The closest we came to conceding was from serial-threat-to-Craig Gordon, Mikael Lustig, who spectacularly sliced a ball against the crossbar.  Craig pulled off another three fine saves within a few moments of that incident, with the score at 3-0 and Celtic apparently napping.  But honestly, this was our most dominant game of the season.

Tom Rogic, Callum McGregor and Moussa Dembele each like a goal against that lot and they filled their boots yesterday.  McGregor and Rogic both finished coolly with their weaker foot.  Ironically, McGregor benefited when Russell Martin clumsily tried to clear with his stronger, right foot, a ball which should have been played with his left.

Scott Brown deservedly won plaudits but Olivier Ntcham was irresistible.  His expertly taken penalty was a fitting reward for the way he dominated the central area of the field.

Referee Bobby Madden went into Brian McGinley territory (careful now) and awarded Celtic two penalties against teams from Ibrox.  They were both stonewallers but you and I know that doesn’t always mean they are awarded – so well played to the ref.

I don’t watch much of Newco, but based on what I have seen, this Morelos character is one of the worst strikers ever to pull on a blue jersey.  How he manages to make a living in the game when he finds putting the ball in the net from inside six yards so difficult is a mystery.

You will have noticed fluctuations in Celtic’s form this season.  They have looked short of inspiration against the likes of Hamilton, but you will also note that they peak at the right times, like the finely-tuned athletes they are.  Brendan had this date marked in his card since observing, “Be careful for what you wish for”, in response to news this semi-final draw was celebrated at Ibrox.

They will not be looking forward to their trip to Celtic Park in two weeks.

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  1. Brilliant performance yesterday and I agree Olli just pipped Broony to MOM.



    It’s my opinion that Madden was acting on Barry’s guidance that the sending off of a hun would be an advantage to the second coming.




  2. DAVID17 on 16TH APRIL 2018 9:46 AM


    Hun commentary














    that was brilliant “2 soft penalties and a go at rod stewart”, you can feel the pain and misery in every word.





    have a look at the willie vass gallery for some real suffering pictures, very funny.



    including a banner



    ” we would rather die with our history , than live with yours”.



    you did.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    The first song I heard on radio this morning was Muse version of Feelin Good.


    Happy Monday

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great times. Especially for anyone aged around 33-50.


    Now let’s do it in Europe.

  5. Delaney’s dunky. Hope all is well with you G. I broke my ankle at end of December still not healed. Back to hospital tomorrow to see specialist on foot and ankle. They were meant to put a plate in but decided against as I am a diabetic now looks like they might have to now.



    Starry Plough as above G stuck in doors so the old music passes the time away. Glad all is well in the green valley mate.










  6. It was a walk over. No contest. Not quite sure what all the hype is about.



    The one concern is that total domination resulted in only two goals (leaving aside the penalties). Good enough domestically but if the inability to score continues into next season’s European qualifiers then progress is questionable.

  7. SAINT STIVS on 16TH APRIL 2018 12:13 PM



    I got the sense even the pompous Tom commentator knew they had no chance whatsoever, he sounded very subdued. As Rogic received the ball in the box you sensed he knew it was matter of time before the ball hit the net.

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Afternoon everyone.



    What a result yesterday! What a gap between the two sides? What a display from goal keeper to centre forward!



    More skill, better game plan, more desire, better execution and a heap more CLASS!



    Only Motherwell now stand in the way of an historic double treble!!



    So, why not join the celebration of all celebrations on Friday 25th May in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park.



    This started out as a celebration of the fans who went to Lisbon in 1967 and whose legacy and story has never been fully understood or told.



    Now, however, as well as celebrating the 51st Anniversary of that most memorable night, we may well be celebrating yet another milestone in the history of our club.



    This is not a formal dinner. There is no requirement for shirt and tie. This is a PARTY — a celebration of all good things Celtic.



    Three course Meal, welcome drinks, several musical acts, guest appearances, video presentations, charity auction and raffle, smiles, laughs, songs, hugs, stories and yes there will be plenty of communal singing.



    Come and let your hair down if you have any!



    Dust down your new false teeth and give them a night out!



    Bring the missus and the weans!



    Over 400 tickets sold so not many spaces left.



    Be there or be square.



    e-mail me at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk for details — but be quick because the result yesterday has led to a flood of enquiries.



    Hail Hail






    All proceeds going to Celtic Charity Foundation/Mary’s Meals and other charities.

  9. In the 900 minutes that we have played sevco since Brendan took charge they have led for a total of 48 minutes.

  10. Paul67



    You wrote last week that Sevco were beaten by Dave King before they took the field, insightful yes.



    SMSM driven ‘Rainjurz are comin’ is pantomime, on a grand old scale and Sevco remain their punishment, not a fitting tribute.



    Celtic fans who rolled up to Hampden to see the latest episode of how not to be a football club were the real winners, faithful through and through and a credit to our club, who are now toying with the latest Sevco with vastly superior personnel.



    With only six years of momentum Sevco remain a turkey shoot for Hamilton Motherwell, Hibs, Hearts, Ross County, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kilmarnock, and St Johnstone.



    There is no gap between Celtic and Sevco yesterday was just a reminder that a nonentity they will remain, they cannot compete on a level playing field that’s why old Rainjurz cheated themselves out of existence.



    Lets hope they never learn that hitting the post is nothing.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Oh the gap is closing, as one bhoy pointed out on Phil’s blog, 9-2 this season 25-6 over two :0)

  12. Word of The Day (them on the park and off it …..)



    recrement /ˈrɛkrɪmənt/





    1. waste matter; refuse; dross


    2. any substance, such as bile, that is secreted from a part ofthe body and later reabsorbed instead of being excreted



    Derived Forms


    recremental, adjective



    Word Origin and History for recrement




    “dross, scum,” 1590s, from French récrément (mid-16c.) or directly from Latin recrementum, from re- (see re- ) + cernere “to sift, separate” (see crisis ).








    Why would you leave aside the penalties, they both came from well worked goal scoring opportunities??



    Apparently if ma Auntie had have had haw maws she would have been ma Uncle:))

  14. If we accept Paul’s leader that BR and the team were properly focused yesterday and enjoyed proving a point to anyone who thought the gap was closing, what are the predictions for the next match against them? A meaningless fixture with nothing at stake for us.


    Is it too much to ask that they show the same level of hunger and really put this mob to the sword with a scoreline that properly reflects our superiority? Yesterday their forums were full of posts stating that they were lucky to get out of Hampden without losing 7-8 goals. I didn’t see a single post saying that the game was anything but a one-sided contest. No one blamed the ref. They are gutted. On the floor. grasping for any sort of glimmer of hope.


    I want to see that hope extinguished in two weeks time with a brutal execution.


    Can BR convince the players that it is a big game worthy of 100% effort?

  15. How are the SFA Licensing Committee’s application reviews going?






  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Difficult to see where Sevco go from here.


    Plan A would have been win the cup and keep going with cheap option Murtinho.


    Plan B would have been a narrow defeat. Spin it as “closing the gap” and find a gullible Warburton-type to take it.


    Now it can only be an out of work RRM. And probably some of them wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.


    Wouldn’t hugely surprise me if a statement comes out in the next couple of days saying Murtinho won’t be in charge next season.

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Please sevco just make this a even more enjoyable day by…



    A … announcing Wee Barry and Kenny M will be in charge till seasons end ( I know I know)..






    B. Nae surname is back to steady the sunken ship….




  18. Glasstwo



    I think Kings latest mistake which you could regard as every time he opens his mouth, dooms Sevco.



    Graeme Murty is the last broken shield to their impotent board, watch them hang their youth coach with Broxi Bear and Jimmy Bell neck and neck for manager



    TheGift CSC

  19. The Boy tells Man U to GTF (from the Times):


    ……..but, strange as it may sound, José Mourinho, or any other potential suitor, may have their work cut out in convincing Tierney to depart just yet. “I’m not thinking about anyone other than Celtic just now,” he said. “I’m enjoying my career here; I’ve just signed a six-year deal, so if that doesn’t say long-term, I don’t know what does.”





  20. 50 shades of green on

    Missed Cragie G’s one handed save yesterday from the Columbian diddy, good excuse though i was doing “The Huddle ” in the Celtic end….



    Watched the game again with Shades Jnr and we both looked at each other saying “I dont remember that “. Then we could here the fans singing the huddle song.. well done Cragie….




  21. Ern could you please explain your thought process in “leaving aside the two penalties are they not goals? lesser


    goals? I don’t care if they bounce of somebody’s bahookie they are still goals. tThe record books wiil say 4-0 end of. H H Hebcelt

  22. A good win against sevco is always nice and long may it continue.



    Worse thing we can do is fall into complacency.



    The squad remainds to big and we could improve rightback and centreback options.



    We will likely lose dembele, rogic and amstrong so will need at least one quality centre forward and likely an attacking midfielder too.




  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I have always felt one manager in particular was a good match for Sevco, and indeed the old Rangers club (‘member them?).


    Sevco are arrogant, smarmy, twisted and delusional about their abilities. The Lying King will have to make one last throw of the dice, and will need to appoint a “recognised” manager, if he hopes to sell the season tickets and pocket the gullibillies cash, that the debt ridden klub so badly need to survive.


    Arrogant, smarmy, twisted and delusional… step forward Alan Pardew.


    He is out of work and available without the need for compensation (always appealing to Dave). He might have been rumbled darn sarf, and therefore a move here would appeal to him, like it did to that winker Barton.


    A match made in heaven I tell you. Karma hasn’t finished with them yet :)))



  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    The blame for yesterday will be “Leveled” at Murtinho (conveniently taking any heat away from the board).


    If they say he won’t be manager next season it will improve the mood a bit.


    And of course it will lead to all the usual names being bandied about – de Boer, van Bronkhorst, etc. Just in time for ST sales!

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Their best chance came from Mikel’s daft swipe at the ball which came back off the bar. Fortunately it fell at the feet of the 11 million dollar man. Other than that, two headers in the box won by them, which our much taller defenders should have prevented. Fortunately , as well as having much better outfield players than them, we also have a much better goalkeeper.

  26. My friends in Celtic,



    My mom yesterday was Callum McGregor. Although he will play anywhere without complaining, when he is utilised correctly he is European class.



    Not for the first time I state that he is without doubt the most improved player at Paradise



    HH to all..

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Morales is nearly a useful player.



    He is not a striker, as he has repeatedly demonstrated, but I think he would be useful as an attacking midfielder.


    He takes up good positions, as he shows when he misses sitters.


    He is also strong on the ball and hard to dispossess.



    If they had a proper finisher, they would be more of a threat.