The ‘Be careful for what you wish for’ game.


It’s hard to say, was this the easiest game against Newco, easier than either of the 5-1 wins last season?  Was it our easiest game against both the Rangers group of clubs? I think it might have been.  There were some games back in the early 80s I recall, but none finished with a four goal advantage.  What about 7-1? I hear you say.  Sure, but I am assured the gap between the teams in 1957 was poorly illustrated by that game.

Make it a matter of record, at no point have Newco been further behind Celtic on or off the field, not even when we won the Premiership under Ronny and they finished third in the Championship, or in a lower league.

The closest we came to conceding was from serial-threat-to-Craig Gordon, Mikael Lustig, who spectacularly sliced a ball against the crossbar.  Craig pulled off another three fine saves within a few moments of that incident, with the score at 3-0 and Celtic apparently napping.  But honestly, this was our most dominant game of the season.

Tom Rogic, Callum McGregor and Moussa Dembele each like a goal against that lot and they filled their boots yesterday.  McGregor and Rogic both finished coolly with their weaker foot.  Ironically, McGregor benefited when Russell Martin clumsily tried to clear with his stronger, right foot, a ball which should have been played with his left.

Scott Brown deservedly won plaudits but Olivier Ntcham was irresistible.  His expertly taken penalty was a fitting reward for the way he dominated the central area of the field.

Referee Bobby Madden went into Brian McGinley territory (careful now) and awarded Celtic two penalties against teams from Ibrox.  They were both stonewallers but you and I know that doesn’t always mean they are awarded – so well played to the ref.

I don’t watch much of Newco, but based on what I have seen, this Morelos character is one of the worst strikers ever to pull on a blue jersey.  How he manages to make a living in the game when he finds putting the ball in the net from inside six yards so difficult is a mystery.

You will have noticed fluctuations in Celtic’s form this season.  They have looked short of inspiration against the likes of Hamilton, but you will also note that they peak at the right times, like the finely-tuned athletes they are.  Brendan had this date marked in his card since observing, “Be careful for what you wish for”, in response to news this semi-final draw was celebrated at Ibrox.

They will not be looking forward to their trip to Celtic Park in two weeks.


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  1. Great result yesterday,but I feel we are still a bit shaky at the back,hope this sorted out in the Summer,with a few Quality Signings, there is no excuses,for not doing so.

  2. Glasstwo thirds Murtiho may not be in carge of the next game never mind next season!! H H Hebcelts

  3. Days dom’t get much better than yesterday, they are truly dreadful. Hopefully Hibs take second place if Lenny can keep them focussed.



    Dembele was unplayable yesterday, wonderful performance.

  4. Just watched the game again, we were greeeeaaaat. In fact we were unlucky not to score more goals.


    Bada Bing Homer knows the score…


    If Murtinhio said it took 3/4 weeks to get over our beating of them in the last league game, how long will it take for them to get over that hunskelping yesterday??? Hopefully the other teams in top 6 can get results against them on the back of yesterday.



    Bring on the Hibees, ps not before wallowing in Sevco pain some more



    D. :)

  5. After a couple of recent low key displays i think we are all happy again after yesterday when Celts upped the tempo and Le Bleus were simply swepped aside by an onslaught of relentless pressure. However there were a few blips early in the second half when we took our foot off the gas but Mr Gordon was there to bring off some wonderful saves.



    Dembele got man of the match but it could have been anyone from a selection of six or seven players in the Hoops. Celtic now head for the crown while it’s Boot Hill for Le Bleus.

  6. Bsr – I think he was in briefly yesterday with a congratulatory note…..although my mind was a wee bit hazy…..







  7. STEPHBHOY on 16TH APRIL 2018 1:40 PM


    We will likely lose dembele, rogic and amstrong so will need at least one quality centre forward and likely an attacking midfielder too.





    So how do you work that one out? Armstrong maybe but what says Rogic and Dembele are leaving?





  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    GEAROID1998 on 16TH APRIL 2018 2:36 PM


    [email protected]





    Might I suggest he appears to be a much better boxer than footballer.











    Mmm. Not so sure about that.



    Chris Sutton reckons he got a free shot at Docherty in the tunnel………and missed!!

  9. Quite funny how it wasn’t about tactics when we won 3-2 and ten men suited us, anyway.



    Now when it’s a pumping Brendan is a fox and Murty was outed.



    Classic hun denial CSC

  10. afternoon ghuys just back from the beach, frankie and benny full of sand ,my shoes full of sand, the car full of sand,but after yesterday not complaining.hh.

  11. mike in toronto on

    I think I had underestimated how much the last game had knocked the confidence out of them …. that was a team yesterday that looked short of confidence, and that some of their players had quit …



    having said that, I think they are not nearly as bad as we made them look yesterday …



    I thought Morelos was dangerous, and could have had a goal or two… and would have had them but for CG’s world class saves ….



    remember, Chris Sutton …. ‘rubbish’ player at Chelsea before he came to us (1 goal that season, I think) …. turned out he wasn’t such a bad player after all … just having a bad run/short of confidence …



    yesterday, they reminded me of the end of RD’s second season… but think what BR did with many of those same players the following season ….



    I’m not saying that they are as good as us… but I am saying that they are not as bad as they looked yesterday …



    and in football, things can change quickly…



    particuarly, if you have the league (and your main rival’s owner) wanting you to succeed ….

  12. Stepbhoy…………….I agree with VFR we may lose one of the players you mention but all three – not a chance.



    Southampton are a club i have always fancied and it’s sad to see them struggling at the foot of the EPL. But are paying a high price for selling their best players.

  13. Brilliant performance from everyone, including the fans of Celtic, great stuff.


    I’ma wee bit worried for Brother Madman though as I feel he may get booted out the ludge.


    Noticing our Rod was there, I thought why does he not buy sevco/ newco out a, then put them out of business!! If I had the dosh, I’d do it.



    Hail Hail and all that





  14. P67



    Referee Bobby Madden went into Brian McGinley territory (careful now) and awarded Celtic two penalties against teams from Ibrox. They were both stonewallers but you and I know that doesn’t always mean they are awarded – so well played to the ref.



    *I would add hugh philips tae that list in the final that got laps of honours banned, believe me he was nae friend of ours. The Big Mhan must have intimidated him as early doors Ian Young dumped the wee Fife ned johnston on the sidelines and both players were booked, the latter for retaliation which might have saved Ian from being sent off.



    I don’t watch much of Newco, but based on what I have seen, this Morelos character is one of the worst strikers ever to pull on a blue jersey. How he manages to make a living in the game when he finds putting the ball in the net from inside six yards so difficult is a mystery.



    *I thought the worst I had saw was former Bankie fat bobby williamson followed by lonnie anderson but at least they knew how tae score goals and in the latters case against us tae in the Jorge Cadette “offside goal” game

  15. From “Ibrox Noise”, decrying the pollution of the club/ethereal entity by too many Celtic-minded players and coaches on the strength:



    “these days much of the fare coming in or being appointed is considerably below average, and if we’re going to have rubbish, we might as well have Bluenose rubbish”

  16. DELANEYS DUNKY on 16TH APRIL 2018 12:25 AM



    Gordy Not sure mate. He played all his youth football in Clydebank. Chris said he was from Old Kilpatrick.



    *Strange place OK as far as us West Dumbartonshire Tims are concerned it’s the birthplace of the “dear saint of our isle”, in fact one of his bios states the following:



    “He was born near the town of Dumbarton, in the west of Scotland, about the year 372 of the Christian era. His father Calpurnius, was in a respectable station in life, being municipal magistrate in the town in which he lived; conjecture has it as being Kilpatrick.



    His father is believed to have come to Scotland in a civil capacity with the Roman troops, under Theodosius. His mother Cenevessa, was sister or niece of St Martin, Bishop of Tours; and from this circumstance, it is presumed that his family were Christians. In his sixteenth year, up to which time he had remained with his father, he was taken prisoner, along with his two sisters and carried over as captive to Ireland.”



    And yet I’ve always looked at it as a hun hole, in fact there was allegedly a pub there that widnae look out of place in larkhall.



    When I went tae Milan 1970 it was with the OK CSC, one of the committee members was a Dumbarton lad who’s family were diehard Tims, his mother was a neighbour of Mrs TT and when I went to the family home tae inquire about going with the CSC there was a photie of JFK above the mantelpiece.



    He has a nephew over her with a good going Scottish Bakery and supplies the pies for the Bramalea CSC.



    As for the names like murphy and docherty, in the mid 60’s a hun appeared in the Renton, pat docherty, there’s another docherty living there just now michael whos a hun tae. When they came tae live there it was with a right dob family, something went wrong somewhere, don’t know if there’s any connection, just weird.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    School run completed a few cold dark fruits purchased and a mountain of ironing awaits, SSB podcast is my starter before SSB main course my desert will be sportscene from last night …. no work on a Monday is magic



    Cheers Brendan :-)