The beating of Barca, II. This time it’s Tony.


Where do we start discussing last night?  Perhaps the end of the night.  There was joy in abundance, not only inside Celtic Park, but in the streets surrounding the game and in a hundred thousand homes across the world.  This joy manifest itself into a great sense of community.  That performance brought tears, hugs, spontaneous jumping up and down, and not only from Celtic fans.  Messages have poured in from fans of other SPL clubs and beyond.

This is what great sport can do for people.

Brother Walfrid has excellent timing.  He managed to arrange our kick-off meeting to coincide with match day four of the Champions League group stage.  Those of us who attended the anniversary celebrations on Tuesday were reminded what Celtic is all about, the best team in the world were in Glasgow waiting to play, the fairy tale script was written, but could it be delivered?

It’s the details which are most impressive.  Mikael Lustig looked like he could play in any team in any league.  He was comfortable and composed throughout.  Adam Matthews, deputising for an injured former Player of the Year, played out of position flawlessly.  I watched him struggle at left back on his Celtic Park debut in a friendly against Wolves last year; it defies explanation how far he has progressed.

Please forget about Victor’s goal, it will only detract from his incredible midfield performance.  His composure, skill and assertiveness troubled Iniesta and Messi all game.  This was all the more impressive given the absence of captain, Scott Brown.

Georgios Samaras was crucial for most of the evening.  He was the one player Barca seemed afraid of, although a lack of training caught up with him before he was subbed.

I’ll not burden Tony Watt publicly with the comparison I made of him earlier in the season but he possesses an impressive array of attributes: upper body strength, pace-with-the-ball and a nose for goal.  I’m tempted to say he will continue to improve but, to what level?  Without injuries to Hooper, Lassad and Forrest it’s unlikely he would have enjoyed as much time last night.  Sometimes Fortune Favours the Celtic.

All of Europe would have been impressed with Fraser Forster last night, dubbed La Grand Muralla, the Big Wall, by a Spanish newspaper.  He will play for England, so too with Kelvin Wilson if he maintains this season’s form.

The only man with a problem today is Neil Lennon.  Tactically the two games against Barcelona have been as accomplished as any I have witnessed.  Neil needs to know how to follow that in Lisbon. I’ve no idea.

Happy Birthday Celtic!

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  1. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    On Kris Commons…


    My brother was shouting for him to beek subbed.. Said he was fat unfit and tired.


    I agree he is porky but not unfit. His composure was great. But the power of his long passing ( both feet) was a release valve all night. He defended very well too.


    He has genuine quality and against Barca you need that as they destroy teams who only have blood and snotters. We had blood and snotters and quality.. An awesome combination!

  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    Can you point me to where Jardine made this comment?



    Stupid, stupid Hun as someone on here is wont to say from time to time. What a short sighted, hurting, bigoted clown he is.



    Can I appeal to everyone to stop talking about any of our players leaving in January. By constantly alluding to this scenario you are accepting that it will happen and you are telling the Board that you are alright with it, that you accept it. We should only sell players who are not in NL’s plans. Keep our players to their contracts and sell in the year before they expire. If we sell earlier then make sure the buying club pays through the nose.

  3. stephenpollock



    13:28 on 8 November, 2012


    What is pleasing for me is that is that Neil Lennon has grown into the brightest young manager in British football and being spoken in terms of his coaching ability as opposed to the nonsense of hatred of previous seasons. Long may it continue.






    Agree and it’s no coincidence that the threats and intimidation have diminished since thems died and are no longer in SPL.

  4. Hadn’t commented on blog till now because I didnt have the words until I emailed this to a few buddies.






    Sat up till 2:30 watching full game again. What a bloody great night made all the better through having wee man at my side. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!…




    Bought wee fella a half Celtic Barca scarf on way home. When he got home he went to bed putting scarf over footboard of bed. Went in to wake him up at 7:30 this morning. He jumped up rubbing his eyes as if in disbelief, looked down to scarf bent down grabbed it raised it above his head and shouted out “What a night dad”. At first, like I did, I think he thought he’d woke up out of a dream.




  5. The Idiot, you’re very welcome.



    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy, thank you.



    Fin75 Fin75v, yes, Joe Ledley put in an excellent shift, as did my favorite Intelligent Footballer.



    glasgowdave, ha!



    ASonOfDan, agree.

  6. just watched highlights again on Sky



    Ian Crocker – “Wow, wow, wow”



    Sums it up perfectly

  7. Proof that there’s no where better for a Euro night than Paradise, great to see how much it meant to big Rod, my missus almost understands it now!!

  8. Hi Paul,



    Worthy tribute to a great performace. Neil and the bhoys take a bow.



    Fortune was certainly looking upon us but…



    I remember when we discussed the beating of Man U in the , we agreed it was down to two World Class moments from Boruc and Naka.



    Well last night it was down to two World class performances, from Victor and Fraser.



    Hail! Hail!

  9. mearns 2 milton on




    Last night upon leaving the ground my grandad called me. He had been in Lisbon 67, last night he was crying. 79 years of age!!




  10. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    I accept players will leave. I accept it more easily if they do so for BIG MONEY.


    I don’t accept NFL leaving Under any circumstance.

  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy


    William Pullar Jardine’s comments can be viewed in the Sports section of the Herald online.


    Keep a sick bucket handy.




  12. I posted last night and can’t remember the thread I was on. It was a long time in being typed because the PC screen was blurred. That is emotion after a Celtic game. With all the talk of players being sold, the biggest asset is the manager. However, I think he wants to do a Fergie here at Celtic. He wants his own bootroom. The scouting network also need tied up. The youngsters are coming through. The only thing bugging me is how Hamilton Tim can be posting when he is at school. Philvis is plotting world domination, and Kevjungle(aye, right) is doing his impersonation of Bhontybhoy—or is Bhontybhoy doing an impersonation of Kevjungle? Who are these people? We need their names! (copyright TFPLG)

  13. BBC lunchtime news! No footage of goals???? Only pictures… Too skint to pay for footage? I doubt it.

  14. Fin75,



    Joe ledley is exactly like Neil Lennon in the sense that you never fully appreciate the shift he puts in till you see him in the flesh.

  15. philvisreturns on

    hoopsmon – It got pride of place on the sports segment of the Chris Evans show on BBC Radio 2 this morning. (thumbsup)

  16. South Of Tunis on

    Mmm ——–



    Just been visited by my elderly Inter supporting neighbor . Celtic won him a 1000 euros last night . He had just collected his money from the bookies . He gifted me 3 bottles of Balvennie 21 yr old port wood finish to mark the occasion . Bought in a bar in Scicli . .” It’s the only whisky they had “-. said he —-” open one -let’s see if it is any good “..



    He doesn’t love Barca , he can’t stand what he regards as all the fawning and slabbering over them .



    As we sampled the whisky he said ————-



    ” Bravo Celtic —– thanks for the money and thanks for proving that you don’t have to make 287 passes before scoring a goal . Inter beat them , so did Celtic Cin Cin ”



    PS –The whisky is good !

  17. philvisreturns on

    Raymac – It doesn’t matter who we are… what matters is our plan. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask. (thumbsup)

  18. Great news for us. So much for playing youth players their last two remaining games. Oh! wait a minute, we did that against them. lol!



    Xavi says Barcelona must move on from the 2-1 defeat at Celtic and concentrate on Spartak Moscow.



    The Blaugrana were beaten by the Scottish champions at Celtic Park on Wednesday night and the Spain international believes they must get the loss out of their system and focus on their trip to Russia on November 20.



    “The important game now is when we go to Moscow,” Xavi told reporters.



    “You have to be top of the group. We missed the opportunity to do that [against Celtic], but we depend on ourselves.



    “We have to go and seek victory in the two remaining games.”

  19. Paul67 et al



    Dont suppose Barcalona will be playing the youth team now! One more good result will take Celtic through to the last 16, since Barca now actually need to gain something from at least one of their games, to win the group.



    Que Sera Sera

  20. Philvisreturns


    I’ll be complainin’ – farting against thunder, I know – but I ‘m astounded of forehead! No goals!!!!!

  21. Tactically, I think it’s been a very interesting experience. I bet we see other teams copy the idea of just letting Pedro and other wide attackers have the ball and the space on the wings and to concentrate on defending the box because nearly all Barcelona’s goals are scored in the box.



    Here’s a question though. What can Celtic take out of the experience to help us attack against SPL teams who try to sit back against us, especially at Celtic Park?

  22. Incredible !



    Was sat 10 rows back just to the left of Big Fraser’s left hand post in 2nd half. I am normally up in the top tier of the North Stand, so this was like a ball boys view for me. I am still mentally and physically exhausted from “defending” from my seat in that 2nd half. The players must be exhausted as well as as exhilarated. Absolutely incredible, resolute and disciplined.



    Young Matthews was playing right in front of me, immense.


    Man mountains in Victor and Fraser.


    Btw tv angle did not do justice to Vic’s goal and Frasers one handed save.



    Whole team with character and immensely strong mentality, to me that definitely comes from Neil. That was what defined him as a player and he has taken it into management.



    Young Tony will not sleep for a week !



    I mentioned when he was warming up that it must be daunting for an 18 yo to come on in that level of game. He comes on and scores a belter. Fearless.



    I could go on all day, every player more than played their part.



    Incedible. Just, Incredible.

  23. Oh, big thanks to the Barca fans for their applause at the end of the game.



    Gave them the not worthy salute.

  24. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Oh Dear



    Just read Sandy Jardin in the Herald.



    No joke, I can’t even bring myself to laugh at that pitiful photo of Henderson, miller and SJ ‘celebrating’ 140 years with a game against Stirling Albion.



    How the mighty have fallen. You got to ask yoursel who is leading the PR gig over at the Hovel?



    A club like RFC deserve better ( and that’s saying something)



    Shocking that Herald give this pathetic ‘story’ space..



    Seriously, wonder if this is a new all time low?

  25. philvisreturns on

    I hear Fraser Forster’s likes include beanstalks, and dislikes include people called Jack. (thumbsup)

  26. A score draw in Lisbon, together with a Barca win or draw in Moscow, will see us through to the knock-out stage. Correct?

  27. estorilbhoy 13:36 on 8 November, 2012



    .. it’s no coincidence that the threats and intimidation have diminished since thems died and are no longer in SPL.




    Said similar to my disinterested wife recently – she is English and does not appreciate how things are here despite my attempts to explain. But yes, even the MSM are no longer putting their full boost in to NL and Celtic now that that thay have to worry about SFL3 and occasional cup opponents and pushing positive stories fat sally and his ‘Coisty Cubs’. And NL looks so much better for it.

  28. Celtic Mac



    The Spartak-Barcelona game will have finished when we kick off in Lisbon. If Barcelona win, we will already be guaranteed European football after Christmas and a score draw in Lisbon will be enough to guarantee the Champions’ League knock-outs.



    A score draw for us in Lisbon will also be enough for Celtic to qualify for the Champions’ League knock-outs if Spartak and Barcelona draw.



    If Spartak win against Barcelona, all bets will be off as all four teams will still be in a position to win the group at kick-off time in Lisbon.

  29. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Ok any cqn financial boffons able to speculate £value of last night’s result??

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