The bully who picks on mental health issues


After last night’s game at Rugby Park, Sky Sports’ Kris Boyd criticised Leigh Griffiths for not featuring in the majority of Celtic games since Brendan Rodgers arrived at the club in 2016.  Two months into that period, injury to Leigh allowed Moussa Dembele a chance to lead the line.  Moussa is the best striker to play in Scottish football for 15 years.  There is no shame in being unable to dislodge the man currently watched by Chelsea and Manchester United.

Three months after Moussa left, Leigh made a short statement to say he had mental health issues and needed to take a break from the game.  He has been fit to play only a small number of weeks since.

There is no shame in this absence either, in fact, the whole of Scottish football commended Leigh for opening up about the subject and taking the necessary steps, instead of trying to bury the issue, inducing further trauma.  Post-match, Kris Boyd tried to shame Leigh for his appearances stats since Brendan’s arrival.

Boyd lost his brother to suicide in 2016 and setup The Kris Boyd Charity two years later to raise funds for and help those suffering from mental health issues.  It is inconceivable that he did not know why Leigh has missed the majority of games since December 2018, or the struggles he had leading up to that time.

I would not tread on his grief, or question why he started the charity, but he has to make a choice: be the bully, who picks on those with mental health issues, or be the one who helps.  He cannot be both.  Some humility today would be in order.

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  1. Happy Friday eve from Kentucky.



    Missed the last 10 mins of the game but sounds like Frimpong may recove soon thankfully.



    Good news,




  2. Chris Boyd is thick and has an undisguised hatred of everything and anything Celtic related. That’s hardly the qualifications for a gig on a TV program that requires a measure of balance and basic intelligence

  3. I can imagine how the conversation would have went if John Hartson had been Boyd’s sidekick last night.What about the presenter.Not a word in LGs defence.Nor from Mr Happy Scotland manager.

  4. Go tell the Spartim on




    Its Sky, the have an unsavoury right wing agenda across the board of their stations

  5. I can understand,not condone,why Sky had him on last night.Ex Killie player,and one of Skys Scottish pundits.No Kris Commons,so who do they bring in to even it up,an ex Killie manager with as much personality as a doorknob.

  6. Big W- when Leigh scores on Saturday, I hope he smiles and celebrates like it’s his first ever goal, block out ar$#s and doubters like Boyd.

  7. @Ofcom


    are reviewing Kris Boyd [




    ] and




    broadcast last night.



    Boyd may have breached the Equalities Act of 2010, given the nature of his comments and also the nature of why Leigh Griffiths wasn’t actively involved in football.

  8. We all know Skys agenda.They are fervently hoping that the Huns win this league.Its always”Steven Gerrards Rangers”.Fawning over his every utterance.Their reports are always one sided.

  9. Great 3 points last night and credit to those who said we shouldn’t worry about Kilmarnock.



    The surface was abysmal and held us back. Griffiths lost his footing when he could have squared Eddy in to score.



    Not his fault as it seems every player ended up on the deck at some point. Celtic need to show some leadership on plastic pitches before they become the norm.

  10. Sky has exclusive coverage of Scottish league football from next season, if they had any sense, they would hunt Boyd,and get Sutton and McCoist as pundits, at least they’re entertaining.

  11. Garngad to Croy on

    Boyd should be banned from Parkhead with immediate affect, if Sky want to make an issue of it then that is fine by me , it will only lead to any remaining Celtic supporting subscribers cancelling their subscriptions.

  12. Paul Le Guen thought Boyd a lazy fat barsteward and didn’t play him, preferring Marco Negri instead.


    Some appearance stats from then might make an interesting read. HH

  13. Paul 67,



    I watched the game and the after discussions. I could not believe what I was listening to. Boyd’s analysis and statistics on Leigh Griffiths were disrespectful, manipulative and false.


    For somebody who should know about mental health issues he showed a distinct lack of awareness and empathy.



    To summarise: Boyd a bawbag of a “man” who is not fit to speak to an audience.

  14. Surprised at Lenny bringing on MJ last night,with Klymala on the bench.Even more surprising,to me anyway,was the dropping of Taylor and Rogic.Taylor has vast experience of this pitch,and also needs a run of games to get up to speed.The picking of Hayes mystified me.Why.Rogic,when asked said”He did not make it”Whatever that means.No mention of a knock.Very strange decisions to me.MJ should be loaned out to Hibs/Don’s to man him up a bit.A couple of party tricks,then being muscled off the ball does not cut it.

  15. Celtic should tell Sky that Kris Boyd is no longer welcome at Celtic Park, I’ll be writing to JP Taylor to ask for that today.

  16. He’s also said that his wife suffers from “bad anxiety” although he “didn’t have a clue”



    I can’t get my head round his behavior last night after the pain he must have suffered

  17. Binned skysports years ago. All their games can be watched by other methods I’ve been told.


    CQN seems to be working on safari for me again. Still got the silly ad stuff going on though.

  18. Kris Boyd has gone from unprofessional bias to outright insulting to Celtic and our players.



    The phrase including the words pig and grunt come to mind with Kris Boyd.



    However, no one last night, the presenter or the Scotland manager stepped in to put Boyd right.



    Is Clarke unaware of LG’s mental health issues ? Why didn’t he put Boyd right ?

  19. Wee Jerry is coming on a treat in the 3-5-2 formation.His passing inside to players in space is very good,and always liable to burst forward.He backs up the midfield very well and doubles back to help out in defence.For me anyway,that’s his position.

  20. An Dun,



    Mentioned that earlier.Clarke knows full well the circumstances surrounding LG.Disgraceful.

  21. Trying to get away from the moronic Boyd with a couple of football posts to no avail.Carry on and fill your boots,to me,he only rates a couple of minutes.Catch up later.

  22. I was fuming last night, listening to that clown. Also, as others have said, not a word from the presenter nor Leigh’s manager when he plays for Scotland. Something really needs to be done about this.



    Another good performance last night. One thing we are beginning to see, as Frimpong is the quickest player in Scottish football, he’s fast becoming the most fouled by those left in his wake.

  23. CELTIC FC Foundation have made a £5k donation to the Australian Red Cross, to help towards addressing the crisis caused by months of devastating bushfires across Eastern Australia.



    This is the first donation by any football club and will help in the aftermath of the disaster, which has affected whole communities and millions of plants and wildlife in the country

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 23RD JANUARY 2020 12:56 PM


    Neil said Rogic gets inflammation on his knee, can’t do 3 games a week.





    Time to use the squad properly. Thought he was good against Partick.



    Ryan back this weekend btw?

  25. I thought we looked much sharper last night, closed them down quickly when we lost the ball, and getting it forward much earlier to 2 strikers.

  26. Hopefully wee Frimpong won’t be out for long.



    I went to watch Ayr Utd beat Ross County in the cup. This is a game Celtic should target goals!

  27. Don’t have, never have had, sky sports. We do have a sky entertainment package. Just phoned to cancel it citing Boyd’s shameful utterances last night. Call operator said he was unaware of any controversy. Asked him to google and check this out. Oh yeah, was the reply. I see there’s been quite a stir. Asked him where’s sky’s apology. Seemed surprised there hadn’t been one yet. Confided that he too has(d) Mental Health issues and found Boyd’s comments beyond belief.


    Asked me if there was anything (apart from stringing up Boyd- his words, not mine) he could do to change my mind. Nope. What about a reduction from £41 down to £18? Nope. Just cancel and pass on my reasons for doing so.


    Said he would, not that I’m holding my breath waiting for any sort of apology from sky or Boyd.

  28. The 3-5-2 is something I hope to see more of – last night was a very comfortable win. It gives us much more control in the middle and a bit more cover at the back with 3 CHs.



    When Christie and Elyounoussi come back we’ll probably go back to 4-2-3-1 but the 3-5-2 needs to be utilised as well, it allows us to get Griff and Rogic more game time and we need to use the full squad over the next four months.

  29. socrates mulligan on

    After a fair amount of searching, I found this address for those wishing to complain to Sky regarding one of their TV programmes    



    Told them reasonably politely what I thought of one of their employee’s comments last night and informed them that I would no longer be availing myself of their services



    I received a standard reply informing me that they would be in touch within three days



    Maybe the more who contact them the better

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