The bully who picks on mental health issues


After last night’s game at Rugby Park, Sky Sports’ Kris Boyd criticised Leigh Griffiths for not featuring in the majority of Celtic games since Brendan Rodgers arrived at the club in 2016.  Two months into that period, injury to Leigh allowed Moussa Dembele a chance to lead the line.  Moussa is the best striker to play in Scottish football for 15 years.  There is no shame in being unable to dislodge the man currently watched by Chelsea and Manchester United.

Three months after Moussa left, Leigh made a short statement to say he had mental health issues and needed to take a break from the game.  He has been fit to play only a small number of weeks since.

There is no shame in this absence either, in fact, the whole of Scottish football commended Leigh for opening up about the subject and taking the necessary steps, instead of trying to bury the issue, inducing further trauma.  Post-match, Kris Boyd tried to shame Leigh for his appearances stats since Brendan’s arrival.

Boyd lost his brother to suicide in 2016 and setup The Kris Boyd Charity two years later to raise funds for and help those suffering from mental health issues.  It is inconceivable that he did not know why Leigh has missed the majority of games since December 2018, or the struggles he had leading up to that time.

I would not tread on his grief, or question why he started the charity, but he has to make a choice: be the bully, who picks on those with mental health issues, or be the one who helps.  He cannot be both.  Some humility today would be in order.

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  1. Very little being said about Killie cutting our allocation.


    Then not filling any of the seats.


    The Killie fans made it clear to their board that this is what they wanted to happen.



    Celtic need to get out of Scottish football.




  2. Kris Boyd is not stupid.


    He is well aware what he was doing when questioning Griff’s appearances.


    He wanted to get inside his already troubled head.



    Steve Clark stood beside him with a snidey grin on his face as Boyd made the comments .


    Like a spineless ,snidey ,jumped up little tosser.



    Contrived to upset Griff .



    Someone needs to sit down and tell Griff to forget Scotland .


    Concentrate on enjoying his football and this will help get him life back on track.



  3. Remember Broonie and Griff celebrated various victories over them in real GIRFUY style. Tying Celtic scarf to the Ibrox goal-post etc. While we laughed “they “would have been more than deeply scunnered. Any chance for any revenge will be taken. Hate is a part of their DNA anyway so they will have little empathy or concern for Leigh .

  4. In unrelated news I’m about to be on the ITN national news at 6.30 …….They interviewed me today at work [taxi driver] about a fundraising campaign i set up to help one of my elderly customers who was robbed of her funeral money…touch would we nearly have all her £3000 back already BEFORE its gone on national tv.


    The ITN people phoned me last night during the killie match …i told them to call back after the match is finished….hehe

  5. So, delighted that 46 have already voted and hopefully more to come. Of the 14 players that took to the park, 9 of them have received some votes. The current voting position is –




















    Aaaah, but which players have received those votes?? As you can see, although there appears to be a runaway leader it’s very close for 2nd/3rd and also for 4th/5th. So clearly any further votes are very likely to be meaningful. A short email by 10pm please to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  6. Sportsound might be worth tuning into – just turned it on and both John Hartson and Gordon Strachan appear to be on…

  7. I know a guy who was playing for the huns ,when Sally and McCall were in charge, he said Boyd was a disgrace, not trying a leg in training carrying on,pulling packets of sweets out his shorts etc…..an absolute prk and a lazy bassa

  8. Boyd was trembling somewhat when he was talking about Leigh. He was either raging (my bet) or nervous (possibly a bit of both) because he knew what he was at and I think he knew he was stepping across a line he shouldn’t have.



    Not good at all.

  9. Boyd was prepped to assasinate Leigh. He looks down to a document to read it, to quote how many games LG has played/missed. It wasn’t off the cuff. There is bad blood there.

  10. TINYTIM on 23RD JANUARY 2020 6:15 PM



    Kris Boyd is not stupid.



    He is well aware what he was doing when questioning Griff’s appearances.



    He wanted to get inside his already troubled head.



    Steve Clark stood beside him with a snidey grin on his face as Boyd made the comments .



    Like a spineless ,snidey ,jumped up little tosser.



    Contrived to upset Griff .





    Great post Tiny Tim.


    Boyd knew exactly what he was doing on commenting bout Griffs time off.


    He has knowledge and insight into mental health thro his charity after the death of his brother.no one of sound mind would wish the chaos he and his family went thro after his brothers death.He should know better.He does!


    But he chose to burn Leigh at the alter of clicks and punditry.just look at the response to him today.i just think of his brother.its sad.either way it’s looked at it stigmatizes those who have mental health problems


    Keep posting TT






  11. IMO Steve Clark did not want involved in that last night. He’s done enough to highlight the crap he had last year.



    He just let monstermunch hang himself

  12. Bada Bing 6.57



    True.if any of the management of Murray park wanted to get in touch with Boyd,first port of call was Macdonalds in Milnegavie!







  13. I’m on Hols and normally keep away from social media. Mrs CorkCelt is engrossed in something so I snuck in for a peek and just had to say well done to Lazy Dynamite. Take a bow buddy. As I’m here just to say delighted with performance & result last night.


    No fear Celtic we are the top team, attack.

  14. Boyd lost control last night because he was down there thinking Celtic would drop points and Sevco would skelp St Mirren.


    The change of voice pitch and tempo and the rocking his heels as he was speaking along with his usual sneering was alarming.



    It’s strange that the millionaire shareholder, McNut, used the same language and argument as Boyd used last night.


    Were they both briefed by the same guy?


    I think they were.



    Only BT sport, out of all the media that covers us, is not corrupted by Traynor ( maybe Rhaman and STV sport?).



    I thought the last 2 results were excellent and we look far tougher with 3 in the middle.



    We look a better team without Bolingoli and 2 wingers….. Much tougher and harder to beat.



    I liked the fact that Johnny Hayes blootered it up the park to get pressure off.



    Yo ho ho and off we go

  15. I’d love to think Leigh’s employer, or his union, would come out in support today.



    Unambiguous condemnation of the comments made.



    However, I very much doubt either will

  16. Did anybody else notice when the camera panned in on Moritz as he was getting ready to come on he gave the Hooped jersey a kiss before donning it? It certainly wasn’t done for the benefit of the fans. Also when he came on our innate inability to take a throw-in disappeared.




    Best wishes mate to you and the MINX.



    Get posting mate, you are missed!

  18. Lazydynamite,



    Brilliant and a big well done.



    In today’s troubled society it is heartening to know there are much, much, much more caring decent people compared with lowlifes



    Cheers and HH.

  19. Some very good posts tonight on the Kris Boyd outburst.



    I don’t want him sacked. I do want him to know that he caused hurt and why he did so.



    How he responds is a matter for him and I’ll take my cue on how to view him, in future, based on whether he responds or not.



    Meantime- anyone needing a ticket for Ross County? I will be missing because I have a funeral to attend.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Bauer and Hayes.



    Good sound honest pro`s. Not flashy . Well experienced.


    Glad to be at Celtic. A point to prove .



    Perfect for the SPL . And Celtic .


    Not to mention Johnny`s goal at Ibrox.


    An unforgettable moment for him and us .



    Europe maybe turn on the Frimpong style .

  21. I see Watford lost to Villa on Tuesday in the EPL are playing Tranmere Rovers in the FA Cup tonight.



    Losing 1-0.

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