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In a month full of events which resonate with the spirit which inspired those who formed Celtic Football Club, last night’s Wee Oscar 4 Life race night at the Kerrydale Suite was as special as it gets.  Those who were there know they gathered as a community to help the family of Oscar Knox do whatever they can to help the four-year-old through his illnesses.

If you were there, you were magnificent.  Those who decided they would give their time and resources to organise the event are an inspiration to us all.  It was great to hear Bobby Petta talk about the Celtic support in glowing terms.  He has been back in Glasgow for a couple of years and is very much at home in Celtic.  Treble-winning-captain-Tom-Boyd and Frank McAvennie didn’t need to learn about the Celtic support, they were born into it.  Both were there to help and ensure the night was a success.

Performances of the night came from Oscar’s dad, Stephen, Kris Commons’ partner, Lisa and our very own Minx, who sounded like she had presented Children In Need for the last 20 years.  Lisa, who is heavily pregnant, inspired the room with an uncommon touch of humanity.

By late in the evening the total raised was over £25k.  Another simply stunning day in Paradise.

I’ve been offline for most of the last couple of days but have picked up on some of the issues surrounding the Green Brigade.  What I haven’t missed is a single minute of action at Celtic Park this season but I’ve not seen a single incident of crowd trouble or alarm.  This season our games could be ‘policed’ by stewards alone, so it is beyond curious as to why police have any interest in Celtic supporters at all.

Football operations the like of which have been reported are not the actions of officers on the ground, they are a political dictate from very high up the food chain.  There is neither justification nor plausible motivation for using our tax money in this way.

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  1. Burnley78- Well said.


    One thing and one thing only matters this week, thank God the players and backroom team are 100% focused on the prize. They are professionals.

  2. Kitalba


    Which is why an effective approach needs to be established.


    A boycott is not going to change anything but it will cause folk including the GB to think what to do next.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘O Jogo’, what a brilliant name for a paper.



    I expect there’s an online edition, the e-O Jogo.



    Or is it i-O Jogo?

  4. Sorry my ignorance.


    Gow many guys and girls were arrested for those high profile crimes like smoking cigarettes in the toilets and for other crimes?

  5. First of all, I would like to say in common with the majority on this Board I am 100% behind The Green Brigade and will join in any protest or any campaign to help their cause but just had a look at one of the dark sides forums and as it happens they have a thread up on The Green Brigades protest. Surprisingly enough many of the respondents didn’t jump in with their usual bile, in as much as they themselves are totally pished off with the polis as well for what they see as victimisation of their support. They see it as the Authorities having it in for all football fans regardless of who they support.

  6. I do think that it would be helpful if the GB could make it clear whether they’re looking for active participation from the rest of the Celtic support.

  7. BlantyreKev 10.19



    ‘ The club’s own attempts to control and engage with the Green Brigade have met with a blank from the GB’



    Where do ye even start with that?



    Dialogue happens all the time, Did the GB sneak in to set up the Barca display? it is what happens between the ex police officers employed by Celtic and the current police with their political agenda that has caused this issue.

  8. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle where compromise and some honest and frank communication could help both sides.



    The GB talk to the board and the board make it clear they support and accept the GB, as they seem happy to take the praise but none of the criticism



    Let’s all make sure tomorrow we are focussed on Benfica!

  9. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Has a Celtic manager ever given information on how to beat another Scottish team playing in Europe to its rival?



    What did the media say if he did?



    If I was a Don I’d be complaining about the manager embarrassing the club.

  10. I saw a tabloid headline that Celtic play negative and ugly football according to Benfica.


    Is it only clubs that are hundreds of millions in debt who come out with this? :-)


    Snoop Dogg was good in Starsky and Hutch!

  11. Outwith the seriousness of what has been exposed by the abysmal treatment of The Green Brigade, there is much to like here on CQN from the widest selection of Celtic mad fans/supporters you could wish to find. From gloves and bouncing cats to the possible line-up aaist Benfica.


    From Snoop Dogg to Tony Watt.


    And somehow it all fits together. It all makes sense in a coherent whole.


    A daily zeitgeist of the Celtic world. A snapshot.


    Now I’m beginning to sound like Frasier Crane.


    ( “Good mental health, Seattle!” )


    Jaikit ➡

  12. ianinascoli11:54 on 19 November, 2012:


    “I saw a tabloid headline that Celtic play negative and ugly football according to Benfica.”




    The words of Iberians brickin’ it.


    : > )

  13. Polis izzit ? –



    Our dungheap-bound bus was escorted into a Cumbernauld industrial estate and detained for 20 minutes by Strathclyde’s finest. At Aberdeen we were greeted by scores of polis in the Dons’ bus park. Our activities were monitored and recorded throughout the match and we walked a gauntlet of polis on return to our coach.



    Scotland 2012.

  14. Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton on

    I smell shoite!


    We were flying too high with all things Celtic, too many good headlines, too much feel good factor for all involved with Glasgow’s Green. We had to be brought back down to earth and put in our place, not riding high. They now have us at each others throats.



    Let’s get a result in Lisbon and see if they can bring us down from the clouds.



    Mon the HOOPS

  15. Did the Celtic board, the polis or H&S have an issue with 7k orcs standing and jumping around throughout the whole 90 mins twice a season at our hallowed ground? If not why not is the question everyone should ask!

  16. Benfica keeper Artur: “From what I have seen Celtic play negative football & only seem to profit from chances with not too much effort.”




    Cheeky mare.


    Effortless it’ll be then. I hope we rock them.

  17. Celtic First @ 11 10 .



    I have made a point of watching Benfica since the draw was made .



    They do attack down the wings , The 2 ” fullbacks” often end up playing in a more advanced position than the 2 “wingers ” This can result in them being very exposed defensively . Usually 1 of the wingers [ or a full back ] is replaced by the lightning quick / very skilled but inconsistent Ola John [ 12 million euros worth of Dutch / Liberian ” potential “]



    I have spoken to a few Benfica supporters . General view is that the summer departures seriously weakened the team / they haven’t clicked this season but when they do —-



    Those people seemed a bit dissonant — Scottish team , therefore technically poor but that technically poor team beat Spartak[away] and Barcelona [ albeit against the run of play ] They think they have much better players but also acknowledge that Benfica have been poor this season. . .



    I got my ticket via a Sporting season ticket holder. Loathes Benfica . He said that Benfica are currently nothing great – their Manager tinkers and tinkers / the players don’t like the Manager / the supporters don’t like the Manager — but — they do have some very good players who are currently under performing . His message was do not underestimate them !



    We’ll see .

  18. Does anyone know of anyone who has still to travel to Lisbon who is in need of a spare ticket that can be uplifted in Glasgow before 1700hrs tonight

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    10:51 on 19 November, 2012


    No surprise to see malcontents victims and conspiracy theorists jumping on a negative bandwagon as we get close to a high point in our clubs history and when the gap vs our old rivals has never been wider.



    I guess there is no strachan or telfer or naylor to abuse so lets dance to the anti authority tune and gang up on the club itself.



    Search for any reds under the bed. They are all against us. The loser victim mentality seems to be something we are much more comfortable wearing.



    Does anyone really think those in charge are not aware of the challenges any perceived agenda presents ?






    ABSOLUTELY …….. none supports the GB more than I do, but let’s deal in FACTS…

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