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In a month full of events which resonate with the spirit which inspired those who formed Celtic Football Club, last night’s Wee Oscar 4 Life race night at the Kerrydale Suite was as special as it gets.  Those who were there know they gathered as a community to help the family of Oscar Knox do whatever they can to help the four-year-old through his illnesses.

If you were there, you were magnificent.  Those who decided they would give their time and resources to organise the event are an inspiration to us all.  It was great to hear Bobby Petta talk about the Celtic support in glowing terms.  He has been back in Glasgow for a couple of years and is very much at home in Celtic.  Treble-winning-captain-Tom-Boyd and Frank McAvennie didn’t need to learn about the Celtic support, they were born into it.  Both were there to help and ensure the night was a success.

Performances of the night came from Oscar’s dad, Stephen, Kris Commons’ partner, Lisa and our very own Minx, who sounded like she had presented Children In Need for the last 20 years.  Lisa, who is heavily pregnant, inspired the room with an uncommon touch of humanity.

By late in the evening the total raised was over £25k.  Another simply stunning day in Paradise.

I’ve been offline for most of the last couple of days but have picked up on some of the issues surrounding the Green Brigade.  What I haven’t missed is a single minute of action at Celtic Park this season but I’ve not seen a single incident of crowd trouble or alarm.  This season our games could be ‘policed’ by stewards alone, so it is beyond curious as to why police have any interest in Celtic supporters at all.

Football operations the like of which have been reported are not the actions of officers on the ground, they are a political dictate from very high up the food chain.  There is neither justification nor plausible motivation for using our tax money in this way.

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  1. Good article again Paul – it was a pleasure being involved last night, and I hope you weren’t startled by ‘Embra the Inebriate’ coming over to say hello.



    Didn’t think it appropriate time to speak about GB, but thought board response at AGM was tepid and compliant. Stories posted here about extent of harassment is surprising nay shocking if true and I don’t feel complacency is an adequate response.



    I echo NegAnon2 – “My question for you is – what are Celtic doing about it? And are they complicit?”



    Will CQN take a concerted stance on this? Should we present our collective common concerns using the prestige and widely held respect of this forum?

  2. Exiled Tim – he was indeed part of it – he was wrong in that and Celtic were wrong not to speak out against it.



    It strikes me that the Celtic Board want to appear to be rising above this sort of thing.



    But when your customers are being attacked in the manner they are its time to take some courage and speak up.

  3. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Just saw a picture tweeted by phil mac, horrendous and heartbreaking at the same time.



    WHY and how can this happen

  4. Paul



    I have a meeting this week with the Police about the GB, I would be interested to know what the Club’s position is currently, I detect a softening of their attitude towards the GB but I am a little worried they may have been a bit more cooperative with the Police in giving out info on the GB without a warrant in previous years.



    I would be interested on a lawyer who would be prepared to take on a Human Rights case or an Equalities case as the perception could be they are being targeted because of their Irish/Catholic background.



    Any thoughts

  5. *THE KING VIC 67* on

    To all who organised the race night, a big thank you!!



    It was a great night for an even greater cause!!



    Paul67 – thank you for the picture hahaha!!!



    Classic quote to Tom Bhoyd from another CQN Internet bampot whilst we were having our picture taken with Paul:



    ” Hawl Tommy, this is wit a real Celtic legend looks like”



    Q. Does anyone predict a Celtic statement through the week regarding the GB victimisation???




  6. St.John.Doyle



    It would be interesting to find out who exactly organized this campaign against the Green Brigade, who drew up the plans and more importantly who gave this Police person the go ahead with the said plan…



    Who are the rubberstampers??

  7. Paul67 et al



    I do not know to what extent the Green Brigade have been targeted by Strathclyde (soon to be the Scottish) Police but it is a disgrace if they have been targeted at all. It is interesting that the legislation used, the 1981 Act (Thatcher) and the Offensive Behaviour Act (Salmond) were enacted following disreputable, and criminal behaviour, by Rangers supporters, players and management, in that (blue) order. The idea of bringing a bottle of water, or juice, to a football match being a crime in Scotland, but not in England, is difficult to believe, and I personally believe it would not stand up to scrutiny before an unbiased Judge. If you can find one! The Police have form, in London, at Hillsborough, at Orgreave, and at Wapping, every one a police conspiracy. Let us send out a message to both senior politicians and to Strathclyde, a message either forgotten or ignored over the years. We are bone fide Citizens. We consent, we do not obey, and we will not obey you, not now, not ever. We all know where that road will take us, we have been there, and we are not going back.



    We’re not gonna take it!

  8. I see that there is a meeting arranged for the creditors of Rangers 1873 in the Hilton on Dec 4th and all creditors wishing to vote on the day must register on the day or before hand with


    BDO to make a claim. Anyone on here tell me why me being a shareholder in Celtic can’t make a claim for Dividends lost because of their cheating on behalf of myself and fellow shareholders, just saying like

  9. BobbyM…NA2



    I agree, the suits are doing everything as near as damit right bar these two issues.



    Unfortunatly, they are issues that will divide the support, I can understand where they are coming from re the OF thing, I don’t agree with it, but they obviously feel that they are stronger together, and that makes them more money, total folly imo, but……



    As for the GB, again, by not standing up for supporters who do no wrong inside the ground, they are causing a massive divide within the support, I fear it’s a game they can’t win.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    All set and ready to go for Lisbon tomorrow. Nice to see that the club have fixed a day out to celebrate the big cup on Tuesday.



    Rucksack packed with football tops, passport and cash sorted. Sleep tonight, well, a wee bottle of red will sort that out :)

  11. Paul67:



    It was indeed a fantastic evening. I met old friends and met some new ones.



    It was great to have a blether with you. Them that just cannot stop giving will continue to give, many more interesting things to come I suspect.



    How apt I was allocated the No. 18 Table, which made my night, I felt honoured, my fellow CQNers: TiminOhio, Kingoh, Doc is Neil Lennon, EmbraMike, MurdochAuldandHay, Patbhoy, along with TiminOhio’s good lady and my good friend CM67 had a great craic. Coincidence I got Table 18, Bjmac can answer that one.



    There were many heros last night and in true footballing speak difficult to single out anybody. However, I thought Minx was indeed a person who gave the impression she had been doing it for years. She could give Jackie Bird a run for her money at next year’s Children in Need.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. why dont the fans have a mass walk out as the teams come out, will be chaos, will the police let them back in? will the turnstiles crash? U will be doubling the police work and plod wont want that if they are on overtime. More ways of skinning a cat as my mother would say!

  13. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Paul – I feel you’re being over-generous to the officers on the ground. They are wading in with relish.

  14. Off topic. Went to see the film Argo last night. Very good as a thriller but not too true to the facts about Iran in 1980 and the US hostage crisis.



    Anyway, i seem to remember that reagan and his cohorts did some deal with Iran so that these hostages wouldnt get released before the US election, thus depriving Jimmy Carter of a pre election boost.



    Was this true at the time?

  15. Why is it that people fear an independent scotland on the basis that the polis would turn in to the RUC?


    They are already targetting the gb within the uk set up. People on the left and in environmental groups have been treated in much the same way as the gb – in england.


    If an english team had a fan group who expressed political opinion on palestine or ireland or austerity or the environment they would by now have been targetted by police.



    George Orwell anyone? It isnt just a scottish thing

  16. If we don’t get a result on Tue night – worse case we get beat – then both Benfica and us will be on 7 points. Then say we both draw our final games; us with Spartak and Benfica (against a reserve side) with Barca, in that event that would put us in the Europa League right?



    I’ve got to nip out but apprecate any feedback on this and will check later on. Thanks.

  17. Short up to date to my previous info about goalkeepers at Spartak.


    Andrey Dikan who got injury two months back will play against Barcelona. Spartak have no other option and not fit goalkeeper will play his first game after injury. Second goalkeeper Rebrov injured, third goalkeeper Pesnyakov injured.


    Strongest Barcelona squad already in Moscow.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’d like to echo every sentiment in today’s blog.


    Hail Hail

  19. sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi on




    Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that George Orwell wrote his book 1984 on the Ilse of Jura… in Scotland.

  20. “FoCus (Football Co-ordination Unit for Scotland)


    FoCUS is a national unit which specialises in the policing of football in Scotland. The team is a mix of police officers and police staff from around Scotland and has a range of experience including community policing, football intelligence, Criminal Investigation Department, public order etc”


    (from the polis website)



    From my interpretation they are building their intelligence data-base through various means including video surveillance. They are travelling around Scotland and abroad with groups of fans and they are now familiat with a lot of ‘faces’.



    Well done.



    This is all well and good but the trouble they have with the GB is that they are not committing crime and the courts are backing this fact up. A shameful waste of tax payers money trying to justify their role.

  21. Could an FOI request uncover how much policing the GB costs on a weekly basis?



    If this is revealed, the next move is to say “Justify it”.



    They can’t and won’t.

  22. Roberttressell


    The young educated (I blame they pesky Kafflik schools)people in Scotland,will not stand back from peaceful protest against this Facist element.

  23. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    18:01 on


    18 November, 2012



    I have to agree with you …… Our Board are doing a great job generally



    On the GB issue, they need to approach the authorities and ask them why, with no convictions, our supporters continue to be arrested…..!!??



    On sponsorship, I am very confident that, when the current sponsorship contracts expire, Celtic will sign new SINGLETON sponsorship contracts……why am I so confident..?? …..due to the fact that the orcs are DEED …….. and THERE IS NO WAY CFC WILL ENTER JOINT SPONSORSHIP WITH A NEW CLUB WALLOWING IN SFL3 …….





    It was a VERY uplifting evening last night at Wee Oscar’s fundraiser….just WONDERFUL..!!!!!



  24. TET


    Do we know for sure that Paul McBride was speaking for Celtic?


    What public forum did he use?


    Was it part of any submission by Celtic to the Committee set up to oversee the introduction of the legislation.


    I recall the CST made represntations to that Committee did Celtic and Rangers not do the same?


    Was it in support of the new bill or continuation of the status quo?


    I had a look last time this issue came up but did find what I needed in full to satisfy myself one way or other what Celtic’s positon was.


    It would be good idea would it not before basing our thinking on what we think happened to establish what exactly Celtic’s official position coming from Celtic actually was.


    My memory is they were agin it but I hesitate to state that as a fact unless I can back it up.

  25. The Celtic support should get organised and put a stop to this police harrassment now.


    We are all Green Brigade.

  26. BSR, I was at the game you mentioned, and wee Jocky was indeed the Thirds keeper.


    He was actually the smallest keeper in Britain at the time, about 5′ 6.


    Celtic were 4-0 up at half-time and drew 4-4.


    I worked with Jocky when I was a student in 1964.

  27. starry plough



    18:19 on 18 November, 2012






    I am sure they have been targeted the GB because they saw them as subversives who are IRA supporting with loyalties to dodgy Euro supporters (Ultras) and potentially intelligence linking them to Organized Crime.



    The Police use the link to OC to frighten politicians and any other groups where they think it will have a dramatic impact. You can write a blank cheque for extra Police resources.



    Upity Tims with links to IRA, Palestine, Basque groups etc and football hooligans what is not to like, combined with a compliant media and a stupid SNP Govt. it is just too easy.

  28. It is important, both re the present problems relating to the treatment of The Green Brigade and further issues that could suddenly arise due to the fluid nature of the present Scottish game, that the Celtic Support is properly organised and represented. When issues such as this arise there should be a vehicle in place where Supporters can make their views known to the Club and in a case where a large number express concern it would be reasonable to expect the Club to issue a statement. On a personal basis, I intend to contact both the Club and the AICSC to express my concern and to seek a Club statement re-assuring The Green Brigade and their many supporters.

  29. Stringer Bell 19:07:



    Unlikely to be answered as they will argue that the figures are not readily available Anybody making a FOI can only expect answers to questions from data that is more or less readily available. If it means that an organisation would have to work out or find out by analysing data to provide information, they can refuse.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  30. Paul 67,


    No need at all for police?


    I used to say the same thing until I was assaulted without provokation, inside the stadium.


    That happened last season, right enough.

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