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In a month full of events which resonate with the spirit which inspired those who formed Celtic Football Club, last night’s Wee Oscar 4 Life race night at the Kerrydale Suite was as special as it gets.  Those who were there know they gathered as a community to help the family of Oscar Knox do whatever they can to help the four-year-old through his illnesses.

If you were there, you were magnificent.  Those who decided they would give their time and resources to organise the event are an inspiration to us all.  It was great to hear Bobby Petta talk about the Celtic support in glowing terms.  He has been back in Glasgow for a couple of years and is very much at home in Celtic.  Treble-winning-captain-Tom-Boyd and Frank McAvennie didn’t need to learn about the Celtic support, they were born into it.  Both were there to help and ensure the night was a success.

Performances of the night came from Oscar’s dad, Stephen, Kris Commons’ partner, Lisa and our very own Minx, who sounded like she had presented Children In Need for the last 20 years.  Lisa, who is heavily pregnant, inspired the room with an uncommon touch of humanity.

By late in the evening the total raised was over £25k.  Another simply stunning day in Paradise.

I’ve been offline for most of the last couple of days but have picked up on some of the issues surrounding the Green Brigade.  What I haven’t missed is a single minute of action at Celtic Park this season but I’ve not seen a single incident of crowd trouble or alarm.  This season our games could be ‘policed’ by stewards alone, so it is beyond curious as to why police have any interest in Celtic supporters at all.

Football operations the like of which have been reported are not the actions of officers on the ground, they are a political dictate from very high up the food chain.  There is neither justification nor plausible motivation for using our tax money in this way.

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  1. Moon Bhoys- Yes I think you are correct.



    Nice wee bit of wordplay from Paul about Lisa having an “uncommon” touch, well done to everyone involved last night, fantastic effort.



    As for yesterday’s game, from my vantage in the main stand we were never in any danger of losing a goal, but was getting a bit concerned about our lack of creativity in midfield.



    After a slow start I thought Kayal was starting to look like his old self which is good news.



    Is Commons putting a bit of weight on again? Dons fans were giving him stick for this and he did look a bit slow on the turn and off the pace. Sheepies also getting a bit uptight about big FF’s gamesmanship.



    Big Vic head and shoulders above the rest again, if he does go he will leave a huge hole in the midfield.



    First game down in a huge run of matches, Tuesday cannot come quick enough. Savour the moment Bhoys, these are heady times!

  2. lennybhoy…supporting neil lennon and cfc until i die



    19:14 on


    18 November, 2012



    Thanks mate, sadly, I think your correct.



    Only silver lining is that the GB actions will bring this to a head, and the vast majority of the fans will be behind them. Interesting one for the board to handle.



    It remains eminently possible that the police are acting independently, and the board are in no way involved nor indeed have any knowledge of the police action in 111……



    Nah, I don’t think so either.

  3. Auldheid



    I base my thinking on the lack of any statement from the club standing up for the support.



    I know they made representations at the commitie stage, but they obviously just accepted whatever the commitie said, they could have made their feelings public, they chose not to.



    The old legislation was perfectly adaquate, but it couldn’t even up the numbers.



    I have no idea if PmcB was talking for Celtic, but as our lawyer at the time, I have no doubts that the board were well aware what was going down.



    As I said, the board are doing good work apart from these two issues imo.



    The GB are not breaking any laws, this has been proven time after time in the courts, so either the club stand up for them, or they will divide the support, and I’m of the opinion that it may be a step too far.

  4. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    How you doing mate!



    Long time no hear from.



    Hope it’s not the leg that’s kept you away!

  5. Great chance there for Granada almost identical to our first goal yesterday, but unlike Lassad, Brahimi blazed the rebound over the bar.



    Craigan will be disgusted.

  6. Legia Warsaw beat Lech in Poznan 3:1 today.


    Refereeing was perfect, voices from both camp.


    What’s interesting six referees did the job today. Polish Ekstraklasa decided that new system will work well. Referees behind the goals are not only to see if the ball crossed the line but mainly to prevent against dives and to confirm fouls in penalty areas.

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Just the mhan, I am sticking together an FOI request to the club regarding personal information issued by the club under the guise of criminal investigation.


    At the moment I am trying to word my requests so as to reduce as much ambiguity as possible.


    My reasoning is, that for every supporter whose details have been passed on, both the club and police should have recorded such requests under the data protection act.


    I ALS believe the club would be informed about progress of investigation.


    Any advice

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    If Big Vic does go I’m sure we will spend some of the £25,000,000 on a suitable replacement!



    No worries!

  9. Getting quite jealous now of everyone heading out to Lisbon. A great city and stadium.



    A shout out to Istanbulcelt – I’m taking the missus out to your city on Thursday for her 40th.



    Any tips for us? We’re staying in Sultanahmet, and 6 of her pals are also coming. Cheers in advance…

  10. Stringer Bell


    Yup. Raised that yesterday. Also asked if compensation was being pursued for wrongful arrest or loss of earnings.


    The threat of a boycott is always a good idea of grabbing folks attention but in terms of having an effect the support through the CST and CSA working with Celtic AS THEY DO (and that does not mean agreeing to do what they are told but agreeing on an effective strategy) is the way to take the issue forward.


    The CST have already indicated they intend to defend supporters from wrongful criminalisation and I would be amazed if they were not in dialogue with Celtic on this issue.


    Silence from Celtic no more means they are complicit than it means they are not, but Paul’s view is the kind that any reasonable man or Board for that matter would be expected to make, particulary if the starting position was the legislation was unecessary.

  11. can´t wait for downfall 2



    The Reviewer Who Came In From the Heat.



    How about that. An actual review (and a pretty darn positive one too) from Kevin McKenna in The Scottish Review of Books. McKenna’s review is headed, pertinently, What’s the Score, a question Phil, I and others have been asking for a few months now in the absence of any reviews of a book that was clearly a top Scottish seller.


    One senior journalist received correspondence from someone within the Scottish media who explained that such books are often avoided due to the abuse and threats that some journalists would expect to receive for reviewing such a book as Downfall How Rangers FC Self Destructed written by such a man as Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.


    The experience of The Scottish Sun no doubt played on the minds of many within the media. After all, who among them wanted the abuse, and threats of a boycott, that The Scottish Sun received. Circulation is difficult enough for many papers to sustain without risking losing leaders.


    With the above in mind, Kevin McKenna should be lauded for writing a review at all, and that it is fair, positive and fearless are further reasons to welcome it.


    I hope Mr McKenna doesn’t mind me quoting what I thought was extremely pertinent passage from his review.


    “If Mac Giolla Bhain had been employed as a staffer on any of Scotland’s dozen or so national newspaper titles he would be a certainty to be crowned sportswriter of the year, news reporter of the year and journalist of the year for his work on the Rangers story. Yet not even the merest hint of his name will be breathed at the annual industry awards bash early next year.”


    It would seem that charges that Phil was not a “proper journalist” have been showing to be, err, inaccurate, at best.


    Interestingly, those in MSM now following the trail Phil blazed have performed a deft feat of self-censorship. They have managed to belatedly ask the same questions Downfall How Rangers FC Self Destructed asked without so much as a reference to the book or the author which kick started the whole debate. Remarkable – at the very least.


    In this context, Mr McKenna’s contribution is especially welcome.


    Then there is the issue of Journalist of the Year awards. I am not a journalist so I am ignorant of the criteria used to select the winner of such an accolade. But I would imagine that it would have something to do with investigative prowess, courage, being ahead of the pack and anticipating the development of a very big and high profile story. To me, that sounds like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and his merciless pursuit of the truth of the downfall of Rangers FC. Or has this layman missed the point all together …


    Bob Smith Walker


    18th November 2012



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  12. Canalamar


    Celtic are unlikely to be bound by FOI but the police should be able to tell you their powers and how far they can enforce them.

  13. Philbhoy- Aye, John Park will get about 10% of that to scour Europe, but he has great form in that respect, (Bangura aside).



    Hope you are well!

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Brand new my friend!



    Hope you and yours are well too!

  15. Gene's a Bhoys name on



    was at the Third Lanark game – got in under the fence in the adjacent allotments – my first Celtic game was the 1961 cup final replay against Dunfermline – 3 Lisbon Lions in that team Mc Neill, Clark and Chalmers – if only we new

  16. Interesting result at Inverness today, contested by Sevco’s last 2 opponents in the league cup.



    Think that tells you a lot about the way Mullet Maccall set up his team against Sevco.



    I know today’s another day but Murderwell really should have been able to destroy Sevco blindfolded.



    Coincidence that Mullet is a favoured son of oldco?



    Na, me neither

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    19:24 on 18 November, 2012





    Celtic are not bound by FOI laws as they are not a public body but they are bound by the Data Protection Act that they are approved Data handlers and have a duty to protect individuals personal information.



    The Police will not release any relevant information they will claim information is part of an on-going so will not release. They will give information on general budget figures probably not a lot more.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire 19:24:



    You are spot on any personal information held by the Club on any Season Ticket Holder or anybody else they hold information on e.g. an employee cannot be provided under FOI. The only information that can be provided under FOI would be such things as how many season ticket holders we have. If they did release any personal information under FOI they would be in breach of the DPA.



    On the other hand they can chose to release personal information under exemptions in accordance with Sections 29 (1) and (3) of the DPA; this allows the data holder to release information for the prevention, detection of crime or fot tax avoidance. The requests allow the data holder to release data without breaching the DPA but they do NOT have to release the information if they choose not to. The person requesting the information has to state that by not obtaining the information it may prejudice their investigation.



    I regularly use this on enquiries, I have been refused the information I requested but more than not I am provided the information.



    If I were you I would word your request along the lines of how many enquiries have they had to release information in accordance with Sections 29 (1) and (3) of the DPA. Then ask how many they provided information on.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’d also like to think the board would be glad to get the figures out without getting dragged into any controversy, save to say they found it politically prudent the harassment exposé was taken out of their hands and cannot be held accountable for any resultant embarrassment to civil authorities.


    Then again, as I’m reminded on here often enough, if they have nothing to hide why would they want to withhold the information ?

  20. “@BAFTAScotland: WINNER: Current Affairs – Rangers The Men Who Sold The Jerseys @BBCScotland #BAFTAScotland”



    Congratulations to Mark Daly!

  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I will meet you and the usual crowd at the Gazebo for the CL semi final.



    Makes sense to me.

  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I would take a wild guess and state that the club is not interested in dialogue with the Green Brigade.



    They already have their money.



    I thought we established yonks ago here on CQN that the plc only react to income streams.




  23. TET



    Why the rush to judge?



    I think you get a sense of Celtic’s thinking from Paul’s blog and because they operate in hostile territory being circumvent is an understandable way of operating.



    If the original submission was Celtic were agin it, it would wrong to say that they were for it which is what I’m picking up. Their silence thereafter does not mean they then supported the bill, like everyone else agin it they accepted nothing could be done to change the democratic decision (I know) but it was reached under a democratic process that for all its faults is better than tyranny ( at least you get to change the tyrants every 5 years) and nothing Celtic could say or do would change the decision.

  24. Gene's a Bhoys name on






    Happy days






    well it was 65′ onwards – 61-64 were quite miserable unless yoy count the Glasgow cup

  25. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Neil C -your request can only be about yourself. So it needs to be along the lines of “I would like to request details of any personal information about myself (identify yourself here) given to any other body in the last two years”. Of course you cannot do this if you’ve agreed to your details being shared (e.g. By not ticking the appropriate box on an application form).

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