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In a month full of events which resonate with the spirit which inspired those who formed Celtic Football Club, last night’s Wee Oscar 4 Life race night at the Kerrydale Suite was as special as it gets.  Those who were there know they gathered as a community to help the family of Oscar Knox do whatever they can to help the four-year-old through his illnesses.

If you were there, you were magnificent.  Those who decided they would give their time and resources to organise the event are an inspiration to us all.  It was great to hear Bobby Petta talk about the Celtic support in glowing terms.  He has been back in Glasgow for a couple of years and is very much at home in Celtic.  Treble-winning-captain-Tom-Boyd and Frank McAvennie didn’t need to learn about the Celtic support, they were born into it.  Both were there to help and ensure the night was a success.

Performances of the night came from Oscar’s dad, Stephen, Kris Commons’ partner, Lisa and our very own Minx, who sounded like she had presented Children In Need for the last 20 years.  Lisa, who is heavily pregnant, inspired the room with an uncommon touch of humanity.

By late in the evening the total raised was over £25k.  Another simply stunning day in Paradise.

I’ve been offline for most of the last couple of days but have picked up on some of the issues surrounding the Green Brigade.  What I haven’t missed is a single minute of action at Celtic Park this season but I’ve not seen a single incident of crowd trouble or alarm.  This season our games could be ‘policed’ by stewards alone, so it is beyond curious as to why police have any interest in Celtic supporters at all.

Football operations the like of which have been reported are not the actions of officers on the ground, they are a political dictate from very high up the food chain.  There is neither justification nor plausible motivation for using our tax money in this way.

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  1. The targeting of the GB by Stratchclyde Police has moved up a notch since Campbell Corrigan replaced Stephen House as Chief Constable of Strathclyde. I understand 50% of GB members have been either arrested or ejected from the ground. Even on Saturday Stratchclyde Police took the unusual step of stopping Celtic Supporters buses at Cumbernauld on the way to Aberdeen. It’s a pity they waste the taxpayers resources targetting law abiding citizens when the list of unsolved crimes remains untouched.



    At the same time Pedro Lawwell cannot turn a blind eye to all of this ; he needs to ask Corrigan why he has targeting Celtic supporters in a zealous manner when he ignored bigotry pouring out of all 4 stands at ibrox….or did Campbell feel comfortable in this environ.



    If Celtic do not come out in support of the GB it will come back to bite big time. I with my sons will not attend the 2 games to be boycotted by the GB , so that’s four empty seats. I view this as important as the integrity of the SPL and if Celtic do not stand up for the fans , they will have 4 season tickets less for next season. Unfortunately the only language Pedro understands has a £ in front off it….which is cools as it is just business….I will play that game too.

  2. Auldheid


    19:47 on


    18 November, 2012





    Do you honestly think that a change of tyrants will change the laws in question?


    Try getting any of them to commit themselves in writing to any such change.


    The problem is these types are handy for tyrants regardless of party labels

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    St John../Lennybhoy…,


    Thank you gents.


    Lennybhoy I was told by Ian Bankier, information was issued only for criminal investigation, he qualified this by saying he’d need to check.


    So thanks for the detail.


    I decided I should stick to asking about section 111 rather than any supporter groups, but on thinking about that it would be good to know how many in adjacent areas are being monitored who don’t know.


    Is there nothing in the DPA that requires the subject be informed of their details being requested ?

  4. Canalmar


    Who knows why but if you want to find out if the police got info from Celtic and under what powers then the police is the way to go using FOI.


    Going to Celtic would not necessarily get you what you seek but would fuel your suspicions whereas going to the police is more likely to satisfy them.


    Yesterday supporters buses were being stopped and searched at


    Cumbernauld, and Aberdeen,


    then on the way home buses were


    being stopped and searched at


    Brechin and Stirling ,


    What great resources our Police


    must have,


    maybe i am just to stupid to


    understand the logistics of


    policing this bigoted little


    country …..

  6. Hoopyathome,



    Ha – Good advice, and the girls will need them for my snoring, but yes it will be a noisy apartment.


    Not sure i’ll be allowed to go to a game. Lots of shopping in the Bazaars planned.

  7. embramike



    18:04 on


    18 November, 2012



    The level of scrutiny, intimidation the GB suffer is unwarranted and extreme.


    I sit close by and use one of the entrances they do. I walk in unmolested, they are all stopped, their tickets are checked, they are videod, the stewards surround them, I have seen a couple ejected, couldn’t see why. And all the time the GB do not reacte, they behave impeccably. They do jump about a bit, but if that is what they are worried about there must be a lack of real crime in Strathclyde.


    Now that is just what I see from where ai sit, there is a lot more and worse reported. The recent legislation is an attempt to even things up, as Christine Graham told a select committee.

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Lennybhoy seems to disagree with you, I think I’ll go with his advice for now thanks.

  9. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    ….don’t you mean jooodges?



    Mind you I’m watching come dancing.

  10. sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi on

    Gene’s a Bhoys name


    Yes, a hard time. The 62/63 cup final still hurts.

  11. theglasgowcelticway on

    Couldn’t make Oscar’s night but delighted it went really well.Regards the increased attention from the police towards the Celtic support,what’s going on? I was surprised by the interest the police took in every fan who came through the turnstyles at our section last week.

  12. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    With NO apology (LOL) I am again watching the Barca game……every time I hear the commentator saying ” THIS IS THE LOUDEST AND PROUDEST VENUE IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE” … makes me smile…!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Auldheid



    No rush, only going by the action or the lack of from the board.



    I honestly can think for myself, Paul, nor anyone else will influence me :>)



    Someone is giving the polis the info, I don’t know if it’s the club, so I can’t comment, but many others seem to think it’s coming from the club, it does make you think though.



    As for the club saying nothing and the legislation would have gone through whatever, if they had been so against it, they could have made a statement along the lines of….you are making criminals out of our support for political ends, in fact they should have been shouting it from the rooftops imo.

  14. Perhaps it is time for everyone concerned about one sided policing of Celtic Fans to gum up Scottish ministers mailbox with enquiries about the matter at.


    Scottish Government Contacts

  Jul 2012 – Contact a Minister. Email: Ministers’ Mailbox ( Your message will be forwarded to the relevant Cabinet …

  15. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi



    Gene’s a Bhoys name


    Yes, a hard time. The 62/63 cup final still hurts





    wasn’t allowed to go to either game – was only 12

  16. Paul67 et al thank you for your kind words was indeed a great night and was great to meet up with some old and new CQN friends! It was indeed a huge team effort by all involved! As I said nights like last night make you really appreciate being a member of this beautiful family!



    On the Green Brigade we should be doing all we can to support them, not looking forward to the games without them! I would prefer they find an alternative to boycotting the games but respect their right to do so!

  17. Passport – check




    Credit card in case of emergency- check


    Flight tickets Edi to Geneva- check


    Business lounge pass for stop over – check


    Flight tickets Geneva to Lisboa- check


    Return tickets via 12 hr stop over in Amsterdam check.


    Hotel confirmation for room in A-Dam – check



    Bag packed – check


    Alarm set for 6.00 am – check



    Tims on Tour




  18. CSC buses being stopped and searched on the way too, and from Aberdeen yesterday?!






    Well we all know the answer to that question!



    Celtic supporters travelling in a large group are obviously intent on causing trouble – irrespective of where they might be heading. Just look at the number of towns and cities throughout Europe that they have devastated and laid waste to!




  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    People who know, have already told us going to the police will be a complete waste of time and resources.


    The club on the other hand, will have the opportunity to back the support without getting their hands dirty.


    I can’t see why you would advise a wild goose chase, against offering a helping hand to do the clubs dirty work.


    Any prevarication or obfuscation on the clubs part to such a request give rise to further suspicion.


    You need to remember, this harassment started when the Green Brigade called John Reid a war criminal, it has not just started as a result of new legislation.

  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire 19:53:



    There is no requirement within the DPA to my knowledge for the person to be informed. However, I have known individuals to be informed.



    Phyliss does make a valid point, organisations do include declarations that you sign that may say that they will disclose information to assist other organisations in criminal investigations.



    St. John Doyle also makes a valid point that the Club is not a public body and therefore is not bound to comply with FOI requests. His point therefore follows on with Auldheid’s point that going to the Club may not necessarily get the information you are looking for. Whether the Club is required to provide you information as a Shareholder, I’m not sure.



    Taking Auldheid’s suggestion further, I am unsure if the Police would have the information readily available as the specific information as it will be lumped in with all requests, therefore they may be exempt from providing the information.



    Finally, the Police will obtain information through other avenues: DPA, Court Orders or as directed by the PF.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  21. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    It must be Celtic who are giving personal details to the hun luvin’ polis.



    It can’t be anyone else!



    I just do not know how the board are going to wiggle their way out of this.



    I’m not going back!



    My emotions are all over the place just now.



    My wee one is gutted! she wants the anniversary strip for Christmas.



    I’ve told her why she won’t be getting it.



    The board must speak up now……or take the consequences.



    They are wallowing in CL cash at the moment and mibbe are not looking outside the box.



    I fear for our clubs future.



    At a time when I should be proud, happy, excited about the future (Tuesday).



    Where will this all end?

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Cheers, I will be going with the attitude that the club will want the information exposed as, to quote one of our board,


    ‘Because It is the right thing to do’


    As I said withholding the information will only create suspicion.

  23. I believe that the GB issue needs to be tackled head on



    Those who are being harassed must lodge official complaints through the proper procedures



    They should also raise the issue with their MP and MSP



    This unnecessary , wasteful heavy handed policing is entirely unacceptable

  24. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Are all these policemen involved decent policemen carrying out orders or are they hand picked huns?


    When our bus was stopped i


    counted 4 motorbike officers,


    3 riot type vans and about


    12 policemen all in the one




    they were polite and well


    mannered, as they should




    and we were the same,


    it all seems very unneeded.


    and when you get to the


    stadia, we have these security


    men who want to search you,


    I don’t let them near me,


    i tell them to get a policemen


    and he can search me,


    they don’t seem to like that …


    Its just a personal little


    victory for a middle aged



  26. Good evening friends and I hope we are all well.



    Just had a look at the run of fixtures we have coming up over the next 4 weeks. Lots of fantastic games to look forward to –


    W/C 19 Nov – Benfica (A) on Tuesday then Inverness at home on Saturday


    W/C 26 Nov – Hearts (A) on the Wednesday then Arbroath on the Saturday at Celtic Park


    W/C 3 Dec – Spartak at home on the Wednesday then Killie at Rugby Park on the Saturday lunchtime


    W/C 10 Dec – 2 home league games – Dundee Utd on the Wednesday and St Mirren on the Saturday.

  27. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I’m going to disagree with you :o)


    You are needed to register your objection, walking away removes your voice, as irritating as it is :OD)))))) I’d prefer to hear you even when it grates.


    Stay and protect your kids liberty


    Hail Hail

  28. Philbhoy…… I fear you may be right about the gravity of this situation.



    I shudder to think about the reaction to the board if they are complicit in the persecution of the GB and the impact that will have on our great club.



    This could really be our Armaggedden!



    Keep the faith bro and get your wee lassie the centenary top.



    We Celtic supporters and the team and the history are bigger than people who are mere custodians. They can be replaced if need be. You can’t !!!!

  29. Lennybhoy@19.07,



    Equally as emotional to watch it again as it was last night. Thanks for the invite to join you at your table. Mrs.TimsinOhio was thrilled and in awe of the evening. For me it further confirmation that one night many, many years ago, I made the right choice to follow the Bhoys and fight the good fight. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance along with Doc and the other fellows. God Bless Wee Oscar.

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