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In a month full of events which resonate with the spirit which inspired those who formed Celtic Football Club, last night’s Wee Oscar 4 Life race night at the Kerrydale Suite was as special as it gets.  Those who were there know they gathered as a community to help the family of Oscar Knox do whatever they can to help the four-year-old through his illnesses.

If you were there, you were magnificent.  Those who decided they would give their time and resources to organise the event are an inspiration to us all.  It was great to hear Bobby Petta talk about the Celtic support in glowing terms.  He has been back in Glasgow for a couple of years and is very much at home in Celtic.  Treble-winning-captain-Tom-Boyd and Frank McAvennie didn’t need to learn about the Celtic support, they were born into it.  Both were there to help and ensure the night was a success.

Performances of the night came from Oscar’s dad, Stephen, Kris Commons’ partner, Lisa and our very own Minx, who sounded like she had presented Children In Need for the last 20 years.  Lisa, who is heavily pregnant, inspired the room with an uncommon touch of humanity.

By late in the evening the total raised was over £25k.  Another simply stunning day in Paradise.

I’ve been offline for most of the last couple of days but have picked up on some of the issues surrounding the Green Brigade.  What I haven’t missed is a single minute of action at Celtic Park this season but I’ve not seen a single incident of crowd trouble or alarm.  This season our games could be ‘policed’ by stewards alone, so it is beyond curious as to why police have any interest in Celtic supporters at all.

Football operations the like of which have been reported are not the actions of officers on the ground, they are a political dictate from very high up the food chain.  There is neither justification nor plausible motivation for using our tax money in this way.

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  1. Sorry meant 125th anniversary top , although I think I’ve still got my medium centenary top somewhere.



    Don’t think it’ll fit me these days!!

  2. Benthebishop, 19:28


    If what I hear is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, you may not have to wait that long at all

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Great post!



    I wish you were on the board!




  4. asonofdan


    19:50 on


    18 November, 2012





    If that is the same picture that is on Phil MacG’s twitter please do not post it here. There are kids reading this blog.


    By all means direct people to the site where it can be seen but PLEASE do not C and P the link.

  5. Philbhoy



    No idea ..however the. Nuremberg defence is often used by the polis



    Somebody in a position of real authority has decided that th GB are in go serious hassle



    IMO there is scant evidence that any CFC fans far less GB members are a threat to the public



    My theory is that they are trying to justify their call for further powers re offensive behaviour …our fans are not obliging they are trying to stir up bother themselves



    Those involved could just be Huns tho

  6. TimsinOhio, hope your trip is a success, I’m sure Mrs TimsinOhio’s shopping trip will be.


    Another special night to be a Tim. Catch up on Saturday;-)



    Philbhoy, if you don’t come back they win. That is the point, they want us to go Dodo as Rangers did, they know we won’t self destruct financially, so they will use any tactic they can. The board need to wake up to this pronto.


    Don’t give them the satisfaction.

  7. Philbhoy



    I have always believed that you should not accuse unless you are 100% sure of your facts, so I won’t.



    But I honestly can’t see the club refusing a request from the polis for personal info if asked for it, all the polis have to say it’s in connection with criminal activity, and the club won’t or can’t refuse.



    I was swithering a while ago to buy a overseas season ticket, or not, and I decided that untill the problems with theGB are sorted I won’t be, this has been simmering away for some time now, and things only seem to be getting worse as the days go by, as the events of the past couple of days show.



    As a club we are getting shafted from all angles, on the pitch, the referees still are working to an agenda against us, and no action from the club.



    Our players are getting damaged game in game out, not a feckin peep from the club, a few years ago, the good Dr. said those days are gone….aye they are gone alright, gone are the days of sticking up for the club.



    This has been going on for years, and we are bending over and taking it, it’s a wonder the back hasn’t been broken with all the bending over.



    What are they scared of ?

  8. stick your i r a and palastine politics in the bin, as for me i go and watch celtic play football. i have no time for politics.seems to me there are a lot of celtic supporters thing they can change the world into a better many lefties support celtic im afraid, to say, me i am just an ordinary celtic man.

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I don’t think it will have been infected :o)


    I believe there will be some who honestly don’t like or care for the GB and would like them gone.


    I’ve seen quite a few state similar.


    IMO their numbers will be the most interesting, I must admit I did expect more, but there’s time yet

  10. lennybhoy 19:07


    i’m wipeing the tears as i type god bless oscar and his family also all you great fine people

  11. Lennybhoy, I’m meeting up with TimsinOhio at the Pools office an hour before kick of before the ICT game, just for a chat, catch up, if you can make it, bring the Coatbridge Crew with you if they’re with you.

  12. So Celtic fans are now being stopped and searched on their way to and from Aberdeen?



    What is it the cops are trying to do here!



    If we stop travelling in numbers to away games the rest of the clubs will not survive to the Split.



    Utterly baffled!

  13. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    pogmathonyahun aka laird of the smiles



    20:29 on


    18 November, 2012




    19:50 on


    18 November, 2012





    If that is the same picture that is on Phil MacG’s twitter please do not post it here. There are kids reading this blog.


    By all means direct people to the site where it can be seen but PLEASE do not C and P the link.



    Definitely not for here, shocking picture which brought tears to my eyes.

  14. Canalamar


    I see Lennyboys clarified my point that Celtic are not bound by FOI whereas the police as a public body might be or are.


    Celtic have no obligation to reply but the Police might if you check their responsibilities under FOI (but bow to Lennyboys experience on the likliehood of providing the actual info)

  15. Hoopyathome is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think you got the wrong end of the stick, I meant the traffic noise will be horrendous!! :)))))). Just in case Mrs ChippyBhoy is lurking. Enjoy Istanbul, just off to pack for Lisboa. Early morning flight and I can almost taste the first Sagres.



    Hail Hail

  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    time for my last drink then off to bed. See you all in timland when back from a victory that gets us in the last 16………

  17. “there are a lot of celtic supporters thing they can change the world into a better place”



    Just as well there are, otherwise there would be no Thai Tims, no Wee Oscar, no Kano Foundation, no Bringing Martin Home etc.

  18. THE EXILED TIM 20:32:



    The Club can refuse to provide information if the request is made by the Police under DPA exemptions, I know through personal experience and usage of the exemptions. It is not enough just to ask for the information for a criminal investigation. They must state what the crime is, some organisations will only decide to release information for serious crime e.g. murder, serious assault. I know that some have either a MOU or protocols to control the release of data.



    The Club cannot refuse if they are required to by legislation, Court Orders or by the PF.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  19. Paul67,



    glad you mentioned the GB issue. For them to be able to state that 50% of their membership is or has been under a charge can only point to a concerted attempt to ‘smash the GB’, as was reported in the MSM last year. Especially, as you point out, in the absence of any crowd trouble.



    It seems the forces of reaction would rather Celtic’s core support were a bunch of nihilistic neanderthals than a set of radicalised concerned citizens.



    I hope you are able to report on the supportive, well-publicised stance taken by the board in the next week over this issue.



    Sundry calls-to-arms are routinely issued on messageboards on an hourly basis, but it seems unlikely that a manager who has been so public in his thanks, and a board so ready to use GB slogans and feel-good factor to shift tickets and merchandise can ‘stand idly by’, despite previous disputes, whilst this attack on their members gathers pace.






    P.S. On a lighter note if Snoop is a Sammi man, I wonder who Dr Dre favours? Is he a Paddy or a Kris man?

  20. No doubt posted before but poppy facism takes an evil twist



    James McClean: Police investigate reports of ‘threats’ against fooballer



    Northumbria Police are investigating reports that threats were made on social networking sites against Sunderland footballer James McClean.



    The 23-year-old is originally from Londonderry in Northern Ireland.



    He was the only Sunderland player who did not wear a special Remembrance Day jersey, with an embroidered poppy, during an Everton match last weekend

  21. Philbhoy



    If anyone is prosecuted then thro the disclosure provisions all info re the case has to be disclosed



    Defence solicitors can make requests for additional info …then it can be established whether CFC have had any involvement

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Get the bus companies to ask their local high heed polis as to why they were stopped. The more that get involved in this the better. This is a complete waste of money by the police forces. M P’s next?

  23. I was outside fir park and witnessed the GB getting a police escort and since then i’ve thought that the problem is someone high up has made the mistake of thinking that the GB are football casuals.



    I think if Peter Lawell explained the massive difference to the police and the local politicians then the problem would ease.



    We should all remember the GB do not annoy anyone other than our opponents and that is only during the match.

  24. good evening cqn


    talking of finals 1966 one has not so good memories, Kai johannsen goal in the replay, was at first game on Saturday also,Broke my wrist the next day badly (to long a story)put the tin lid on it.

  25. Seven Fishes Four Steaks


    Milik was average player yesterday. His team poor performance did not help him.

  26. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Is it not the case that the police can ask any club for ‘seating’ information at any point in time, and the club must provide it ………what our Bord must do is ask why not one conviction has resulted from arrests at CP to date ……

  27. Lennybhoy



    They can refuse …but do they



    I think all football clubs will provide any info requested …it’s not unreasonable to expect this



    It is unreasonable when a section of your support are being harassed



    IMO PL has misjudged this whole situation …

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