The Celtic Park theatre


Slightly annoyed at being moved from the Upper North tonight but after experiences of League Cup games at this time of the season against Partick, Falkirk and Morton, it’s probably no bad thing that atmosphere is concentrated up close and personal to the field.  Celtic Park can be an intimidating theatre, but League Cup nights need some crowd management to make it so.

Remember, it’s a 19:15 kick off, so don’t pitch up midway through the second half!

We’re less than three weeks away from the Great Scottish Run and my Celtic Foundation T-shirt has just arrived.  If you are registered to run and would like to raise £125 for the Foundation’s work towards Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty, email them here and they’ll be in touch.

It’s not too late to register for the event itself, which you can do here.

I know the call goes out often, and I know everyone cannot get involved, but the community of Celtic fans is anchored in a tradition of caring for those in need.  We need to continue to tell this story and ensure the message is not lost.  I have a MyDonate page here, if you can help out.

Many thanks.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    13:13 on 24 September, 2014


    the token tim



    12:48 on 24 September, 2014





    did you receive my reply to your email a couple weeks back?


    Was in India at the time and subsequently found out I had some email issues, i.e. emails I sent not being received. Wondered if you had got my reply or not.








    Didnae,mate. I reckon everyone using iPads and such has allowed a helluva lot of mails to go astray.



    Did you get mine about me,PF and TALLYBHOY staying at your place after the dayoooooot?



    Awfy difficult to book a hotel. We reckon the woman in your life is likely to be more forgiving than those in ours.



    Btw,PF and TALLYBHOY only have to worry about their wives. Embdy met ma Mum and my two sisters?






    Park bench in Glasgow Green for me,worry about it later.

  2. the long wait is over – :)



    Either that, or we have a dapper 19th century gentleman on the bench. (thumbsup)

  3. Deffo up for a strong tea tonight at my Auntie Jean’s, stewed until the colour of angry rust and accompanied by a heaped plate of biccies

  4. tomtheleedstim – Why aren’t the middle-classes more angry about stories such as the Phones4U collapse



    Oh man. Phones4U collapsed? To the barricades! (thumbsup)

  5. Philvis (welcome back) – there’s more information on the link about how the rich are robbing the rest of us.

  6. proudbhoy



    13:27 on 24 September, 2014



    What promises did england give voters before the vote if the no camp won ?





    The complete boxset of the Fast Show. It certainly swayed me…





    I respect entirely your thoughts on the NHS. After all,you’ve worked at the sharp end.



    Me,I’ve been lucky enough to have very little involvement with it at all.



    In all honesty,I think you are pretty much correct that it needs a root and branch rethink,and,though not necessarily you thoughts,a return to first principles.



    The NHS seems to have worked pretty well-similar to,the rest of The Welfare State-for roughly the first 30 years of its existence.



    After that,it was tinkered with,messed around with,screwed for not a corner not of its making nor liking.



    The Tories had over a decade from the fifties to undermine it,but chose not to. Heath had a good few years too. And left it alone.



    Because it worked. It worked for everyone on every level.



    Cue the arrival of a politician driven by class hatred-she hated the class she was born into,btw,for all her lauding of her dad,and never a mention of her mother–and suddenly it all goes pear-shaped.



    Permanently,because the damage is too great to undo.



    We spend considerably more on non-medical/ancillary staff-ie,management-than we have ever done,and all that happens is they manage to stop the medical/ancillary staff from doing their job.



    Aye,mate. I’m all for starting again.



    Implement The Beveridge Report.

  8. BMCUW



    Got your mail and replied. Sent you one yesterday as well but was informed you never got it.



    Problems brewing for the 11th re accomodation I see.



    I’m too old to spend the night on a park bench.



    …and it will be too bloody cold.



    Last train?!






    Slim to none!







    Implement The Beveridge Report.






    I’ll have a shandy, thanks…

  10. Gordon j



    Re: your comment on last page of previous article



    I would normally agree that a SNP vote in a WM Gen Election is a wasted vote.



    I also believe that – come May 2015 – those who voted YES will have ample reason to believe their distrust of the offer of new powers will have been accurate



    I hear what you say that the YES camp will have an interest in overegging the Labour demise pudding.



    I would imagine that in 2015 the SNP will poll an all time UK Gen Election high. I also imagine that a number of pro YES people will swallow hard and vote in ways they never have before as a means of giving the Unionists – to all intents and purposes in this scenario, Labour – a bloody nose.



    A 5 year dose of Tory/UKIP coalition, a reneging on “THE VOW”, forced removal from the EU as a result will be the death knell for the Labour Unionists



    I am reminded of Ceaucescu on the balcony waving frantically at the baying mob…

  11. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    incidentally i was in the hotel last time for around 11pm …pie eyed



    plenty of time to get the train

  12. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    13:05 on


    24 September, 2014


    We know that 45% voted Yes.



    A proportion of that number will be either SNP members or supporters and will clealry continue to support the party.




    There is a massive amount of traditional SNP (nominally ex-tory) supporters from the highlands who are raging that Salmond turned their party into a ‘socialist’ party, many feel there will be a huge backlash come a general election.



    They (SNP) made quite an inroad to the Labour vote in Glasgow and Dundee but paid the price for swinging to the left in the SNP heartlands.


    Salmond didn’t even have the good grace (or bottle) to be at the count in his own consituency.


    If Labour can get their act together in short order with some decent policies they will be in government.


    It was great to hear a Labour government will be embarking on a majorhouse building programme mainly for 1st time buyers (hopefully council houses too) and lower wage working folk.


    A house is essential for living, not as an investment.

  13. Just for those of you who thought they were voting Yes in order to be down wit’ da yoot’



    From The Herald today:-



    “THE elderly did not rob the young of an independent Scotland, according to YouGov’s final poll of how Scotland voted in the independence referendum.



    Their study of 3,188 voters showed that 51 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24 voted No. It also revealed that more than one in five SNP supporters turned their backs on independence.”



    The breakdown has come from YouGov’s referendum night poll that predicted a No win with 54 per cent of the vote. Some 55.3 per cent voted against independence in the official vote.

  14. ginger – you are correct my redheaded friend. (thumbsup)



    gordon_j – Viva La Quinta Samsung Galaxy! (thumbsup)



    tomtheleedstim – thanks! Yes, but it’s a load of floppy old donkey danglers.



    Phones4U is no more because the networks started opening more of their own stores to sell direct to the consumer and cut out the middleman. When EE and Vodafone declined to renew their contract, nothing could save Phones4U. Can’t run a mobile phone retail business when you’re not able to sell mobile phone contracts.



    It’s not because some slick-haired Patrick Bateman lookalike decided to take a break from strangling cats to deliberately put them out of business so he could feast on ill-gotten profits and the delicious tears of unemployed mobile phone salesmen.



    Anyway, it’s not all bad news: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29306949 (thumbsup)





    An excellent piece,maybe twenty years too late.



    No-one should be allowed to buy a company then borrow the amount against its assets-in other words,buy it for eff all-then bank the profits while leaving the debts.



    I genuinely do not know how this has been allowed to happen over the years. Companies once upon a time needed a stockpile to expand.



    Now they simply need to offer more than the current share price and worry about it later.



    And who knows,might be an earner in tax dodging too.