The Celtic supporter’s substantial heritage


And, after a century, it happened again. On Saturday, 4 November 2017, Celtic set a new British football record, 63 games undefeated, eclipsing the 62 game record set by the same team in 1917, under its first manager, Willie Maley. A million Celtic fans lived and died, and didn’t see such overwhelming command of the game in Scotland.

Many of those saw nine-in-a-row and the European Cup, but they also saw the 50s, or the 90s, or both, when humbling defeat was a staple part of the Celtic diet.

The football has been scintillating with those 63 games packed with joy: the recent 0-3 at Pittodrie, the dramatic 3-4 at Fir Park, thrashing Newco 5-1 home and away, and the joy-of-joys, winning an Invincible treble with a last minute goal.

Brendan Rodgers has only been here for one title in our run of six-in-a-row, but go speak to those who were around when Jock Stein was bearing down on seven-in-a-row in 1972. The joie de vivre of yet another title, yet another run to the European Cup semi-final, was beginning to fade. Stein struggled to replace his Lions as the crown weighed increasingly heavily on the head of a new King.

What Brendan brings to the search for seven-in-a-row, and his second treble, is a freshness denied to Stein. Jock sailed straight for the sun after joining Celtic in March 1965, winning a treble, two League Cups, two (of three) Scottish Cups and that European title. We have a manager who works as though he has a point to prove and players battling for their place right across the team.

It is fitting that we reflect on breaking our own 100-year record today, the 130th anniversary of the meeting which took place in the parish hall of St Mary’s, Calton, where it was decided to establish a football club called Celtic, to raise funds to feed the impoverished children of the city.

Despite the timeless monuments to success Celtic have achieved throughout a glittering history, without that poverty, your football club would not have come into existence. If you are a Celtic supporter, your world, your very person, is a product of 19th century deprivation. Your responsibility as a fan is to nurture the substantial heritage you were given, to make our founding mission grander than anyone could imagine on 6 November 1887.

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From a small village on the north-east coast of Ireland to the treble-winning manager of Celtic, Brendan Rodgers’ football journey has been a remarkable one of dedication, hard work, a desire to always keep improving and a determination to succeed at the highest level of the sport … and throughout his life there has always been a love of his team … Celtic Football Club.

In his own words, Brendan Rodgers tells his story – from a promising young footballer growing up in Carnlough and dreaming of playing for Celtic one day through to his professional career – as a player, a coach and now as one of football’s top managers. And Celtic supporters will also enjoy an insight into a remarkable season – from the first competitive game in Gibraltar through to the thrilling Scottish Cup final, with plenty of highlights in between, including the manager’s first trophy triumph and some unforgettable Glasgow derbies.




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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I see the ckub who play at Ibrox have made the same plea in their Accounts as the previous tenants.




    Namely, that their survival depends on European football.




    This is, of course, a cry to the SFA Honest Mistakes Dept. And it’s facilitator, the Compliance Officer

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  3. ” bearing down on seven in a row in 1972 ”



    Phoning my old man from a public phone box in Haight Ashbury to learn if Celtic had done the necessary v East Fife -they had . Doing the same thing 4 days later to learn if Celtic had made another European Final — they hadn’t . . Inter faced Ajax in The Final . Ajax won..


    Substantial heritage CSC-way down south ..



    Often on the deck in 72 –







    Wonder how much cash they raked in from their last European run?.This is what they are depending on?.


    4 million supposedly from the biggest liar ever to grace Glasgow,who a couple of weeks ago told a court he was penniless.I think they are going to need more than a Compliance Officer to help them.


    Its taking a while,but every day they sink a bit lower.Like really,really thick quicksand.Just a head and shoulders still appearing.

  5. weebobbycollins on

    SOT…very late 60s, my upstairs neighbour in Chiswick was Sir J The Emperor–Jamaican DJ…turned us on


    to Burning Spear…and many others…my Dub mate and I accompanied him at Blue Nights around Shepherds Bush…great reggae times…

  6. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS @ 12 17 .



    If 10 in a Row transpires i’ll be old and decayed enough to learn the news via an ear trumpet held against my ear by the woman from Padova –



    One more choon before heading oot to Caltanissetta.



  7. Paul 67,



    You mention the word joy a few times and in my opinion that is what football and Celtic is all about.



    As a club and as a support, We give and we receive and both are equally joyful .



    Supporting Celtic is currently a joy. Arguably we are the most entertaining team in the UK and if we can bring some joy into an increasingly volatile world then that in itself is an achievement.



    HH and happy birthday Celtic.

  8. We will only fully appreciate what we now have with Brendan after he finally leaves – after the 10 has been won.



    It’s great to witness another bit of history being made, to add to our already beautiful history.



    I’m doing the Celtic FC Foundation Sleep Out with my cousin BAZ67 on Saturday night – if any other CQNers are participating let me know and we’ll say a freezing cold Hail Hail on the night.

  9. Paul, thanks for your article today. It reminds us in the midst of all our elation at achieving 63 not out, there is something more important and that is our origin. My grandmother was born at 335 Gallowgate and I am sure while at school in St Mary’s she would have been a recipient of the food that was distributed to the poor of the East End. We must never forget that element of who we are. Indeed when you see appeals on here and in other Celtic blogs, etc.,and the work of the Foundation, perhaps we still remain faithful to the ideals of the Founding Fathers Certainly you are aware of the immense contribution my on club make to those in need, especially the kids in Africa.




    I went to Phantom Sound System things . Also – Count Shelley . My favourite was a system called Queen of the West who operated in a shebeen in Balham .



    In later years -this guy was mighty fine –



  11. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Why was there no provision in sevco’s accounts re; European football and their reliance on Celtic achieving CL group stages minimum year on year?

  12. What is the Stars on

    These Celtic Supporters are everywhere


    From the man who got off the Clapham Omnibus to go for a Pie and a Pint (ask BRTH) to the flower child in the phone box in Haight Ashbury ( SOT)



    Is there to be no end of this extreme Fenianology

  13. DBBIA



    Didn’t check out your link but know you are talking about Argus .



    Fantastic album and band .



    Saw them at the Apollo during their New England tour .



    Persephone was a personal highlight .