The cry was Surrender


Callum McGregor would have started the scoring on 65 seconds if he got his shot away a fraction earlier, but it was the intelligence of Patrick Roberts after 5 minutes that started the party. He laid the bait in front of Newco’s Beerman, showed him enough of the ball to convince the left back to attempt an interception.

At that moment, Patrick conjured up his version of the Missing Lady. Before Beerman could make contact, the ball was gone, replaced by Robert’s limbs. Referee John Beaton took his time before awarding the kick. Conditioned by an earlier refusal to give a stonewall penalty to Celtic, we thought the worst, but the award was made and Scott Sinclair rolled the ball into the corner of the net.

Leigh Griffiths unleashed a lethal shot for the second. Stuart Armstrong won possession off Hyndman, when he really shouldn’t have. Goalkeeper, Fotheringham, got a hand to the shot, but, in a moment symptomatic of Newco’s entire play, he didn’t have the steel to divert the shot from goal.

Scott Sinclair will be exhilarated today, but on the odd occasion he’ll ponder why he didn’t help himself to a hat-trick yesterday. He squandered two great chances, one after a Griffiths shot from 18 yards rebounded off the crossbar.

Measuring a manager is difficult as there are so many other variables go into a club’s season, but if you want to judge Brendan Rodgers, take a look at Callum McGregor. He opened Celtic’s account in the second half, six days after scoring the first against Newco at Hampden. This season, Callum has emerged as a tidy and skilful central midfielder. So much of our play is dependent on the speed of thought and movement he brings to the game.

Dedryck Boyata scored the fourth, a header from a whipped Griffiths free-kick. This act was superfluous to the big man’s imperious performance. He simply won everything that came within his considerable reach. More evidence of his manager’s ability to improve players, teams, leagues and the mood of a nation.

I doubt Dedryck’s partner, Jozo Simunovic, required a shower after the game. He strolled through the occasion. Really good defenders are not called to defend too often. They simply know where to go to inhibit or intercept. This was Jozo’s game, apart from a simply stunning tackle on Kenny Miller. He swooped like an eagle picking up a field mouse, making a surgical contact with the ball and clearing the danger.

This brought a period of utter nonsense on the Sky Sports commentary, where we were told Jozo’s “speed” should have been penalised with a foul. I can only assume parallel universes exist, in another, fast players are not allowed. We were also told that Jozo went in “with two feet”. He didn’t, one knee was bent, foot under his gluteus maximus.

We are at a stage where television is asking for fouls when Celtic bring genuine world-class football to Scotland. Make no mistake, this tackle was of Beckenbauer standard. Mr Walker, take a look at yourself.

We lost our shape around five minutes before Newco’s late consolation. The players are not robots, fatigue may well have crept in, and the occasion was getting to all of us, but fortunately Mikael Lustig had a plan.

You remember that moment in Escape to Victory, when Bobby Moore is talking tactics, and Pele picks up the chalk and says, “Give me the ball and I’ll go here, here, here and here, the score”, while meandering across the blackboard. Mikael must have watched that movie as a child, and some long dormant neurons, which were protecting the memory, sprung into life.

That’s pretty much what Mikael did.

They were absolutely brilliant, every single one of them. But let me assure you, this really is just the beginning. 12 of the 13 Celtic players who touched the ball yesterday were at the club last season. Wait until you see what Brendan does when he makes the squad his own.

Newco surrendered. They looked like they didn’t want to be there. By the end, not many of their fans were.


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  1. Agree 100% with Paul regarding the players that we had last season, who have “grown’ under Brendan.



    Players are the tools – we had the tools in the past two years – just a case of not being used properly – if they had been and we had qualified for CL from winable positions on two occasions, we probably would not have Brendan Rodgers – as they say “it’s an ill wind……etc

  2. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-sorry I didn’t get back to you last night,to much beer makes me sleep:-))).Playing 5s with us egits must have toughened you up a bit:-))))

  3. I know some players will go from this team in the summer, Some will choose to go, others will go for the sake of their careers whether they want to or not. But I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for this SQUAD of players. No matter what happens in the SCF.


    Heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for a wonderful Season. Hail Hail.

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    John Beaton took his time on giving the award…….



    My take, the ref was hoping the linesman was going to say it’s close enough to give a free kick, alas both linesman and ref were forced to give the blatant penalty due to it being well inside the box

  5. The Inane Rambler on

    Complete lack of self awareness in the Sky post match comments. Tanner and mccoist speculating on investment and reaching financial parity with Celtic.


    Not once did they mention Aberdeen.


    Honesty is needed at ibrox.



    That said, I love their self deceit.



    Brilliant performance from Celtic.


    Loved it.


    I may be forced to settle down and watch the game one more time!

  6. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on

    “Mikael must have watched that movie as a child, and some long dormant neurons, which were protecting the memory, sprung into life.”




    That may explain the haircut and dodgy ‘tache.



    Great goal though…

  7. Big Mickael must be one of Celtic’s best ever signings – surely he warrants legend status.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    the put stewards on both posts to stop LG tying a scarf ? yet a fan easily runs on the pitch to attack him a joke of a club at every level…..

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “This season, Callum has emerged as a tidy and skilful central midfielder. ”




    Actually, Paul – Ronny moved him there midway through last season and it was clear to the intelligent ones on here:-) how well he was playing there.


    You could argue he has developed further and improved his consistency this season.


    I think we could have a really special player on our hands here.

  10. YOGIHUGHES: If you’re about, I watched the game in Tavira in Reilly’s Irish Bar, just me, my wife, Damien & Claire the owners. It’s a cracking wee bar on Rua Poeta Emiliano da Costa which is on the left bank of the river. Really nice bar and really nice people. It’s on celtic bars.com and I would heartily recommend it to any Tims who find themselves in Tavira on a match day. HH 1-5

  11. 65 mins Boyata scores the forth



    Behind the goal WPC gets a hug fae a Celtic fan



    Hope he got her phone number




  12. Joe Cundy,



    I’m glad you found a good bar to watch a great game.







  13. Glasgow Sheriff Court this Tuesday morn,


    23 year old Hun in dock for attempted assault On Celtic Captain Scott Brown is dramatically found NOT GUILTY, mainly due to Scotlands most Courtroom credible witness ( apart from one David Murray ) who gave viable evidence in defence of the poor Sevco fan, by blaming the football authorities in Scottish Football.


    This Super Gardener Witness claimed in Court….” Your honour, I saw it all from my Allotment…this poor man didn’t realise that he was confronting the New Scott Brown….he thought it was a OLD Scott Brown, who you know was the old Broony that The SFA/SPL Disciplinary Panel somehow, for some unknown reason apart from the fact they are ALL Pro Celtic, “Set Free”, despite being caught “Bang to rights” against Ross County ?


    If this poor Real Rangers man had known his attempt at assault was against the OLD Scott Brown. then the offence must be deemed as ” Time Barred”, with Mr Brown being so old ?


    In effect your Honour, what we have here is a poor vulnerable Real Rangers man who is the REAL Victim in all of this, brought about by those in Scottish Football Authorities ( Although I personally blame Neil Lennon for this poor man finding himself in the dock), who seek to confuse all who simply follow Scottish Football by remaining anonomyous.


    This Court SHOULD have these decision makers named and shamed….who are they ?….where are they…..who am I ?…..where am I…..is that the time already ?


    In short …..yer Honour this real rangers man was confused, as he wasn’t aware that in effect this was a NEW Scott Brown, who had nothing to do with the Old Scott Brown’s vicious assault on that poor and weak Ross County player and his family, friends and in fact anyone who may be on nodding terms with the County player.


    Therefore yer honour, this poor wretch of a real rangers man has in fact been decieved, hoodwinked in fact, and it’s those in power….you all know their names…..somebody tell me their names ffs….who are those peepil…..so this man must be admonished…if not set free your honour, cos it’s not right, as his and his kind have surely been punished enough , especially when it’s others who have did all the cheating, not this poor mans club” ?



    Judge…..” Lock this man up immediately”


    Gardener..” But your honour that man is a victim”.


    Judge…”Not him Mr Coisty, ….YOU are to locked up…sent down” !


    Gardener..” But why your Honour…why me” /


    Judge..” Cos yer a pure FUD” !




  14. Joe Cundy,



    Just remembered that the wife and I were in that bar and had a long conversation with Damien – a sound man. He came down to the Black Anchor on the Friday night where I was playing along with the regular man from Achill. Great craic!




  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




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  16. the trophy presentation game vs hearts on the 21st is a near sell out now.



    if your undecided, or not seen the team this season, you need to get on it quick,




  17. saltires en sevilla on




    Going on 7 or 8



    Pity only 7,500 in the ground to witness Mick Lustig’s excellent slalom run…



    No Surrender?



    Ach well… just sometimes ;-)

  18. As we all know the sfa are not fit for purpose and are scared to do anything that will harm their establishment team, so………could the reason they are proposing the hun for a euro licence be their way of getting uefa to do their work for them.


    If they get into the europa, uefa will hit them with sanctions to beat the band, these sanctions will render them even more hapless than they are presently, so all in all them’s getting a licence may not be a bad thing imo.

  19. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    I’d be interested to know who made the call to end the game early?



    20 seconds added time…..



    A disgrace not to be overlooked…..





  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Poor Ally. Looks like he is hurting a bit. If only he could (would?) see who is really the source of his hurt.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    A stor, thanks for posting the link to Paul Larkin’s Asterisk Years.



    I saw the showing of it at Celtic Park two years ago.



    Very interesting and Paul deserves a lot of credit for persevering with it after being threatened.



    It deserves a far wider audience than it got but as with Resolution 12 , unfortunately some of our support know very little of Murray’s alleged efforts to put us out of business .

  22. Afternoon all



    Not been on for 60 days. Not even lurked. I had planned to post at the end of Lent but technical issues prevented that. Hope all well.



    When I last posted we had only dropped two points and we looked invincible. We’e dropped 6 points in 6 league games and yet minor cavils about the three games we did not win aside this has been a glorious period to support Celtic.



    I do not think there is any doubt that the best thing for Celtic is the news that we will have Brendan for another 4 years. I don’t doubt that simehow this has been spun as bad news but it is as good news, potentially, as we have had in decades.



    But yesterday was something else. I do not actually think we played any better than we did the day we clinched the league at Tyney or in the first 65 minutes of the semi final last Sunday but it was a blisteringly good show all the same.Our team now may not have a player in the McGrain , Dalglish, McStay, Lubo or Larsson class but I think this team is as good or better than the teams of 76/7, 87/8 or 2000/1 which until this one have been the seasons I have enjoyed most since those played when I was at primary school. Those vintage seasons were followed by a horror season, a decline and a bit of an anti-climax respectively but although we will not find it easy to repeat this season’s successes I would not bet against it. That is down to Brendan Rodgers and his backroom team and their ability to transmit their ideas to players who 12 months ago looked spent forces.



    Of course Rangers were dire – unlike in the past when we held massive superiority over the original Rangers but they still had the odd player we’d have taken now their best player is a guy who wasn’t good enough for us 10 years ago. We are so far ahead that we could have fielded different fully fit players in every position bar Brown, Armstrong and Griffiths and still won easily. Reading some match reports it would be easy to think yesterday – and last Sunday- were all down to them being rubbish but that is the lesser reason- the main reason was that we were good. Better to watch than any Celtic team since the halcyon days of Big Jock. I do not mean that as a slight on some splendid teams and some fabulous players but I have enjoyed watching this team more than those earlier teams.



    Yesterday was great for those of us who used to go there with the idea that a draw would be a fantastic result. It was not quite the 69 cup final, the 4-2 game or the 6-2 rout but it was up there. When Dedryk put us 4 up – an unimagineable idea 1 year ago- I actually gulped as I realised we could be on for something ridiculous but 5-1 will do.



    If this season is to prove to be a peak then so be it- it has been too good not to be savoured as a stand alone thing. But I do not think it will be – I think it is the start of something great. As for ‘Rangers’ their fans will be consoling themselves that things cannot get any worse. And not for the first time I think they will be wrong in their assumptions.



    Take care and Hail!Hail!








    Good to hear from you,old bean. And your usual practical summary too.



    Far too often,Celtic have failed to build on success. To be charitable,why change a winning team,how can you tell a champion player he isn’t good enough?



    Well,that’s why good managers become great managers. Take the emotional attachment out of the equation and field the best team possible.



    I think we now have the strongest manager since Jock Stein,pre D White. He is in a position to demand backing. The money brought in by our-limited!-success this season should be a carrot for the beancounters upstairs.



    One thing they are not is stupid. They know a winning formula. If Brendan wants,I think he will get.



    Btw,superb review of Bob Dylan in today’s Guardian. You’ll love it…


    Must say I’m delighted PAUL67 posted a new article just in time to prevent “the dreaded number” but where TF has everyone gone?



    1-0 Chelsea and some goal.

  25. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    ‘Bit harsh giving Miller a minus 7 – he was our best player’



    that can’t be a proper quote p67 – is that cqn embellishing ?



    anyway, p67 winning captains etc. thanks for the coverage this week – it’s been excellent

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