The curious significant of 1 June


There’s something I’ve never been able to figure out for the last nine years.  When Gordon Strachan was announced as Celtic manager, on 1st June 2014, he apologised to the media for bumping their calls the previous week, as he was due to takeover on that date, and the announcement was embargoed until then.

No idea why the news was embargoed, but it was.  Tomorrow’s the 1st June.  If the same rules hold true now as when Gordon Strachan was appointed, there was little chance of an appointment in late May.

If you’re not going to the CQN 10-in-a-row Charity Golf day on 4 July the Sean’s Trust Charity Dinner is on the same night at the Fullarton Suits, Glasgow.  Sean’s Trust is run by the late St John Doyle’s partner, Linda.  If you’d like to attend let Lennybhoy know, lennybhoycfc@gmail.com

Let me know if you would like to attend the CQN Question and Answer evening at the Manor Club, Wimbledon, on 21 June, with a confirmed line-up of Lisbon Lion, John Hughes, and our own Brogan Rogan and Auldheid, celticquicknews@gmail.com

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  1. 16 roads – Celtic über alles…



    15:01 on 31 May, 2014



    Magnificent gesture or a realisation that some are at the end of their tether.

  2. I think Roy would be a gamble that if it paid off would be seen as a great move by the board.


    Roy is a world class name to have at the head of the team. Success in Europe would increase our prestige if Roy was running the show as he is a box office name.


    Hail Hail

  3. bournesouprecipe



    15:18 on 31 May, 2014



    That had crossed my mind. Your heart goes out to them.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Those nice guys at Sky are charging punters an extra fiver if you buy the PPV fight tonight

  5. Always had the feeling big Peter read my posts on here….had been advising Celtic all week to go out and sign wee Gordon…….right decisions now being made at last…..stand by for a great run in the CL…….all them other chancers have only heard the music

  6. I don’t have a clue who our next manager is going to be but I don’t think he’ll be subjected to what Tony Mowbray’s team was subjected to. Well not this season coming up anyway, but there’s always the season after….



    Just to remind you of old.



    The Top 40 honest mistakes Season 2009/10 which favoured Rangers and went


    against Celtic.



    Celtic fans, ex players and some of the media have stated that this season


    more than any other season has seen a lot of key decisions go against Celtic


    and for Rangers. For evidence of these decisions a list has been compiled


    highlighting the Top 40 Honest mistakes by the SFA officials.



    Within this list is quotations from 3 SPL managers (Levein, Gannon & May)


    making admission to the poor decisions against Celtic. Also quotes from 5


    managers (Craig Brown, Gus McPherson, Peter Houston , Billy Reid & Jocky


    Scott) complaining publicly about decisions that have favoured Rangers. Also


    included is an apology from a referee admitting he made an error of





    The 40 Honest Mistakes are categorised as follows:-



    – 12 STONEWALL PENALTIES DENIED (for Celtic or for Rangers opponents).


    – 8 GOALS CHOPPED OFF (for Celtic or for Rangers opponents),


    – 5 SOFT PENALTIES (for Rangers where opposing team complains about decision.)



    – 4 NO RED CARD (for Rangers player when proper rules being applied should


    have resulted in red.)


    – 3 NOT EVEN A BOOKING (for Rangers players when there was a case for a red.)






    – 2 HARSH RED CARDS (for Celtic players.)


    – 1 UNUSUAL DECISION (Celtic goalkeeper penalised for handling ball inside the










    The Top 40 honest mistakes Season 2009/10 which favoured Rangers and went


    against Celtic.



    1. Clear 2nd goal for Motherwell chopped off against Rangers.


    No need for various views of this one. No marginal decision or checking


    replays. Forbes was 3 yards onside. Former Rangers captains summarising on


    ESPN Butcher & Hendry agree goal was clearly onside. Daily Record “Craig


    Brown last night accused bungling linesman of costing Motherwell a famous


    victory over Rangers. The furious Fir Park boss had to be dragged away from


    John Gilmore at full-time as he protested the controversial decision to


    disallow a second-half Ross Forbes goal for offside. Forbes poked home Stephen


    Craigan’s knockdown to seemingly put his side 2-0 up and on the brink of a


    first home win over Gers for seven years. But Gilmour flagged despite TV


    pictures later clearly showing the goal should have stood. Well boss Brown was


    in no doubt his side had been robbed and said: “I’ve seen the TV evidence and


    it indicates the goal was OK.” (GOAL CHOPPED OFF)



    2. Ref apologises for not awarding Celtic a blatant penalty at Ibrox.


    Davie Weir chops Maloney down in box in first Old Firm game of season. Ref


    waves play on and Rangers go up the park and score. STV website and various


    media – “Old Firm referee Craig Thomson has admitted he’s ‘disappointed’ at


    getting his decision wrong when he decided not to award Celtic a penalty in


    the 12th minute. Hugh Dallas said: ‘Craig and I have had our post match


    de-brief. Whilst I would compliment Craig for his overall handling of


    yesterday’s encounter, he is disappointed at his error of judgement when he


    decided against awarding a penalty to the visiting team in the 12th minute.'”


    Motherwell manager Jim Gannon later said: “Right now there is a question mark


    over the standard of our refereeing, and it affects the SPL table. After the


    last Old Firm game Hugh Dallas had to defend the referee [Craig Thomson]. But


    the result of that match might have been different had the ref got the big


    decisions correct.” (STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    3. Perfectly good Marc Antoine Fortune goal chopped off against Rangers Sky


    Sports Moment of the Match: “Marc-Antoine Fortune’s wrongly disallowed goal


    could have changed the game and the title race.” News of the World Richard


    Gough reflecting on the disallowed goal“”Look at the last game, the one


    where Celtic have had the Fortune goal disallowed. “I admit that it does look


    like a goal. The referee (Steve Conroy) has not ruled the goal disallowed


    because he’s a Protestant or a Catholic. “He’s made an honest call and guys


    make mistakes.” (GOAL CHOPPED OFF)




    4. Perfectly good Hamilton equaliser is chopped off 10 minutes to go.


    Sunday Mail “ANGRY Accies boss Billy Reid last night blasted the officials


    for denying his side a deserved draw at Ibrox. Hamilton were trailing to Mo


    Edu’s first-half opener when James McArthur knocked home Alex Neil’s cross 12


    minutes from time. But linesman Steven Craven flagged for offside against sub


    Joel Thomas – even though McArthur was well onside. And ref Stevie O’Reilly


    chalked the goal off to hand Rangers a 1-0 victory. Raging Reid said: “I don’t


    think anyone could deny we deserved a point. “I haven’t seen McArthur’s goal


    on the monitor but I don’t need to.”I knew Joel was offside when the cross


    came in but James wasn’t. He came from deep, timed his run well and I’m told


    he was three yards onside.”I was celebrating the goal so I’m disappointed it


    wasn’t given. I had a word with the ref but he had a hard decision.”Some they


    get right, some they get wrong. He called this one wrong. Sunday Herald –


    “Rangers doing just enough to win, with a dubious officiating call thrown


    in: this game was like the 2009/10 SPL season in microcosm.”(GOAL CHOPPED





    5. Dundee United player admits he handled ball in injury time. No penalty. 1-1


    in injury time in a game that Celtic also had a valid goal disallowed, Darren


    Dods arm moves in direction of the ball inside box and Steve Conroy waves play


    on. Darren Dods later admits he handled it and Levein said he was disappointed


    Dods did not catch it. Scotland on Sunday “Much later, a couple of minutes


    into injury time in fact, an Andreas Hinkel cross hit Darren Dodds on the arm


    and many a spot-kick has been given in such circumstances. Asked about it


    later, Levein offered a cheeky response: “I’ve spoken to Darren about it and


    he said he was really disappointed he never held it. Dodds said: “The ball hit


    my head and then hit my thumb.” That’s that, then. It should have been a


    penalty.” (STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    6.Rangers heading out of cup 3-2 down and awarded a very soft penalty.


    The Times “ Rangers also got lucky to a degree — the penalty awarded to


    them after 61 minutes, when Stuart Elliott was judged to have stopped the ball


    illegally while lying on the ground, looked harsh.”


    Scotsman – “They needed a touch of good fortune to equalise when referee


    Charlie Richmond rather harshly penalised Hamilton debutant Stuart Elliott for


    handball, awarding the spot-kick from which Kenny Miller converted.”


    Hamilton player lying on ground while trying to move his hand away hand ball


    penalty given. A gift given to Rangers by ref to keep them in the Cup. It’s


    okay saying Richmond denied Miller a penalty in the replay but if it was not


    for the ludicrous decision in first game there would have been no replay.





    7.Rangers awarded ludicrous 2nd penalty in match after Boyd dives.


    Losing 1-0 in a Scottish Cup quarter final Rangers were awarded 2 very soft


    penalties. Peter Houston was livid at both awards but especially the second


    BBC website:- “I am disappointed and I just wonder if the penalties would have


    been given at the other end. I hope they would have been,” said the Dundee


    United manager. “Dougie McDonald is an honest referee in normal circumstances,


    I think he is one of the best in Scotland. But I was disappointed that he got


    there early to give the penalty kicks.” And the United manager added: “The


    second one, if we are going to give penalty kicks for that, we’ll get penalty


    kicks left, right and centre on a regular basis.(SOFT PEN AWARDED)



    8.Last minute penalty awarded to Rangers. Offence took place outside box.


    Drawing 1-1 with Hearts Craig Thomson awards Rangers last minute penalty. The


    offence took at least a yard outside the box. Daily Mail – “The Tynecastle


    side thought the penalty was harsh, arguing that the foul by Ismael Bouzid on


    Steven Naismith was committed outside the penalty box. Telegraph – “and the


    referee – poured salt into Hearts’ wounds in the final minute of normal time


    when Mr Thomson judged that Ismael Bouzid had fouled Steven Naismith inside


    the box, a dubious judgment call at best. (SOFT PEN AWARDED)



    9.Celtic score in injury time winner v Falkirk but wrongly disallowed.


    Daily Record – “Celtic fans yelped in frustration – and their mood would not


    have improved when television replays showed assistant Lawrence Kerrigan was


    wrong to flag for offside when Samaras was played in behind the Bairns defence


    in injury time.” “His shot may have been blocked by Olejnik but it dropped


    to McDonald who poked the ball into the net only to see the flag fluttering


    along his line of vision. To be fair, Celtic players kept their protests to a


    minimum.” The Sun – “TV pictures showed that linesman Andy Tait was wrong


    to flag, but Mogga insisted: Note different newspapers quote different


    linesman so unsure which one raised the flag. (GOAL CHOPPED OFF).




    10. Kyle Lafferty assaults Hinkel with a horrendous tackle. Stays on park!


    Mowbray is seen squirming with his hand in hands after seeing the tackle which


    could have been career threatening. 99 times out of 100 this tackle is an


    automatic red. Daily Mail “Then came the Lafferty-Hinkel incident, arriving


    after the Rangers player had earlier been lucky to escape a booking for three


    fouls. This time, Lafferty slid in, studs up, in a shocking challenge that


    fully impacted on Hinkel’s shin, one which had the Celtic fans howling for a


    red card. And Conroy should have administered it.”.Two months later Herald –


    “The tackle is not in my head any more,” said Hinkel yesterday. “It’s


    still on my shin, though. I still have the mark there.” (NO RED CARD)




    11. Samaras header v Dundee United wrongly disallowed for offside.


    Celtic had a Samaras goal incorrectly chopped off for offside. Scotland on


    Sunday – “Levein left the field quietly at the end and there was probably a


    reason for that. His side appeared to come out the right side of two highly


    contentious calls in the second half; a Georgios Samaras “goal” chalked off by


    linesman (unsure if it was Andy Tait or Lawrence Kerrigan ) and a Celtic


    penalty claim waved away by referee Steve Conroy. The “goal” was put away by


    Samaras just before the hour mark.” Daily Record “ The Greek said: “I went


    square on the defender and knew exactly where he was. I also know the move I


    made to keep me onside.”TV replays backed his claim. (GOAL CHOPPED OFF)




    12. Dundee United score 3 mins to go 1 nil up on but wrongly disallowed.


    BBC Website -United were dominant for most of the game and David Goodwillie


    had the ball in the net, only to be flagged offside (by linesman Brian


    McGarry.) United were dominant for most of the game and David Goodwillie had


    the ball in the net, only to be flagged offside. TV showed Goodwillie was


    onside. (GOAL CHOPPED OFF)



    13. Eddie May admits Celtic should have had a penalty in 1-1 draw.


    Mail on Sunday – ‘Falkirk manager Eddie May said: “Overall, I thought it was a


    fair result. But I think they should have had a penalty.” Daily Mail – ‘Alan


    Muir denied the Parkhead club a late penalty claim – when Brian McLean tangled


    with Fortune – in the 1-1 draw with Falkirk on Saturday. (STONEWALL PEN





    14.Artur Boruc penalised for handling the ball 2 yards INSIDE his box.


    This has to be the most ludicrous free kick given all season 20 yards from


    goal to Falkirk This was as he was throwing the ball to then kick it out his


    area. When ever have you seen such a free kick given this season or any


    season. TV evidence clearly showed Boruc was 2 yards inside his box when he


    last handled the ball. The free kick was given by linesman Francis Andrews 5


    minutes to go when game was 1-1. Daily Mail “Hinkel was also unhappy about


    Celtic keeper Artur Boruc being penalised for apparently stepping out of his


    area late on. “It’s not really my thing to say something about referees but,


    once again, we had some very strange decisions,” said Hinkel. “Not even just


    the penalty – look at the situation when Artur had a free-kick given against


    him.” Falkirk very nearly scored a winner from the free kick and if they had


    this ridiculous decision would have been highlighted much more than it was.





    15. Jocky Scott -”The 2nd penalty claim? – a blind man could have seen it!”



    Dundee were drawing 1-1 with Rangers in League Cup quarter final when they


    were denied not one but TWO stonewall penalties according to Dundee manager


    Jocky Scott.Jocky Scott “We had two stonewall penalties, how the referee


    Dougie McDonald didn’t give them I don’t know ? “The second one – a blind man


    could have seen it!” (STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    16. McCulloch looks at McGuire then elbows him in face. Stays on park.


    Lee McCulloch glances at Aberdeen’s McGuire then elbows him deliberately


    directly in face. Best to view the video to illustrate how deliberate this


    was. Daily Record – “Rangers midfielder Lee McCulloch, however, was fortunate


    not to pick up a red card from Iain Brines for an elbow on McGuire.” Rangers


    would have been playing 45 mins with 10 men if Brines had done his job. Next


    match for Rangers was Old Firm game. McCulloch escapes ban which could have


    been a 3 match ban for violent conduct.(NO RED CARD)



    17. Maloney brought down by Weir in box. No penalty and Maloney booked.


    Maloney clipped by Davie Weir in box. No penalty. Maloney booked for diving.


    TV showed penalty should have been given. Daily Mail – “Maloney, in


    particular, seemed harshly dealt with after being chopped down by David Weir


    with the score at 1-0 and was accused of simulating another tumble in the box


    following a challenge from his Scotland team-mate. TV pictures later suggested


    Craig Thomson got both calls wrong” (STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    18. McGeady sent off for diving 45 yards from goal.


    Dougie McDonald sends off McGeady for diving 45 yards from goal after riding a


    few tackles after going on a run. After the match Mowbray said “If we hadn’t


    had the week we’ve had in the media, I would suggest the referee would never


    have made it a sending off.” In March 2010 Evening Times refelected on that


    incident- “Dougie McDonald sent off McGeady at Hibernian this season for


    diving. McGeady & Mowbray were both outraged at the decision.The alleged


    offence happened on the halfway line where “simulation” to gain an


    advantage was perhaps not the likeliest option for McGeady to take. Many


    believed he was merely trying to avoid being injured as a tackle was coming


    in. (HARSH RED CARD)



    19. Dundee United denied stonewall penalty as Kyle Lafferty handles.


    TV showed Lafferty’s hand moving towards the ball to block effort at goal but


    Dougie McDonald denies United the penalty. BBC website “Kyle Lafferty


    handled in the Rangers box in the first-half but escaped the award of a


    penalty against his side. However, despite strenuous penalty appeals from the


    United players, referee Dougie McDonald awarded a corner to the home side and


    booked Garry Kenneth for dissent towards the assistant referee.(STONEWALL PEN





    20. Scott Brown harshly sent off after a clash with Lafferty who got off with




    Scott Brown controversially sent off after altercation with Lafferty who did


    not receive a card. The Scotsman :- Striker Kyle Lafferty has admitted Scott


    Brown was unlucky to be sent off by referee Dougie McDonald in Sunday’s Old


    Firm derby. Celtic have appealed against the red card dished out to their


    captain after a clash with Lafferty. Rangers went on to seal victory thanks an


    injury-time goal from Maurice Edu and went ten points clear of their


    rivals.Northern Ireland international Lafferty, now preparing to face Albania


    in a friendly tonight, said: “To produce a red card was harsh but it is the


    referee’s decision and is nothing to do with me!”(HARSH RED CARD)



    21.Boyd elbows Zemmama. When is an elbow in face classed as obstruction?


    Any other classification for the booking would have meant Boyd suspended for


    Old Firm game. If it was an obstruction why no hand up by referee Steve


    Conroy. The Herald:- “Merouane Zemmama last night claimed Kris Boyd “went


    for his face” with his elbow and would have been sent off in other


    countries. The Rangers striker was booked after his arm caught Zemmama. Walter


    Smith, the Rangers manager, said he believed the caution had pushed his


    striker though the 18-point disciplinary mark, thus meaning Boyd would be


    unable to play against Celtic in two weeks. However, Steve Conroy, the match


    referee, later confirmed that the booking would only amount to two points for


    obstruction, leaving Boyd one point shy of suspension” (NO RED CARD)



    22.Bougherra booked after 5 mins then has 7 fouls and stays on park.


    Dougie McDonald booked Bougherra booked early on but failed to send him off


    despite 7 subsequent fouls on Celtic’s forwards, Bougheera stayed on park and


    set up Rangers winning goal in injury time. BBC Website “ Former ref Kenny


    Clark said: “I’ve got to say that I did note a couple of times about Bougherra


    living dangerously, and I think he was on his very last life, as it were. “He


    was treading a very thin line. On another day he might well have been


    red-carded, but he got away with it. “I think he was very fortunate to remain


    where he was.”(NO RED CARD)



    23. Mcginn chopped in box with 5 mins to go. Dougie McDonald says no pen.


    McGinn chopped in box. Stonewall penalty denied with 5 mins to go. Daily


    Record – “The Northern Irish international was brought down inside the box by


    Lee Wallace with five minutes to go of Sunday’s SPL clash at Parkhead, only


    for referee Dougie McDonald to award a corner to the bemusement of everyone


    inside the stadium.”(STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    24.Samaras blatantly chopped in box at Fir Park. No penalty.


    Celtic do get penalty but only after having 3 claims for a penalty, two of


    which were stonewallers. The first one was a blatant penalty when Samaras was


    chopped in box. Guardian – “Even if Celtic did have a legitimate claim for a


    penalty when Samaras was tripped by Reynolds. Another two poor decisions from


    referee Charlie Richmond denied them penalties after McGeady had


    equalised.(STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    25.Lafferty has a shocking kung fu kick into Zhi’s groin. Not booked.


    Lafferty (again) high feet left in to catch ZZ’s groin, the Daily Record


    thought this was worth a full page photo with headline ‘Welcome to Glasgow


    China.’ Craig Thomson did not book Lafferty. (NOT EVEN A BOOKING)



    26.Dundee denied 2 stonewall pens in League Cup v Rangers. Penalty 1 :-


    Dundee were drawing 1-1 with Rangers when Dougie McDonald were denied not one


    but TWO stonewall penalties according to Dundee manager Jocky Scott. The


    Scotsman “I don’t care what anyone says. For the first one, Craig Forsyth


    says the goalkeeper definitely touched him. “There was no reason for him to go


    down as he would have been in a position to score.Unsurprisingly, Smith did


    not concur with his close friend’s assessment of the incidents.”I didn’t see


    the first one, because my view from the directors’ box was obscured by a


    pole,” said Smith,(STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    27. Handball by Well defender in box. No peenalty.


    Motherwell player clearly handles the ball in the box. Richmond denies


    penalty. Guardian – “Even if Celtic did have a legitimate claim for a penalty


    when Samaras was tripped by Reynolds. Another two poor decisions from referee


    Charlie Richmond denied them penalties after McGeady had equalised. (STONEWALL





    28. Weir recklessly follows through on Scott mcdonald. No booking


    Weir follows through putting studs into McDonalds leg and adds a follow up


    knee to the back right in front of the referee Craig Thompson who had a clear


    view, free kick awarded but no booking.(NOT EVEN A BOOKING)



    29.Celtic goal disallowed against Hibs. Unclear as to why it was disallowed.


    The Scotsman”Celtic toiled to get back into their stride, although they did


    seem harshly dealt with on the stroke of half-time when Darren O’Dea stabbed


    the ball into the net, only for the goal to be disallowed for a foul on Smith


    which was not easy to identify.” The Herald “They thought they had


    regained the lead just before half-time when Marc Crosas’s free-kick into


    the box was jabbed into the net by O’Dea but referee Iain Brines saw


    something – either offside or a shove – and disallowed the “goal”.


    That stoked the atmosphere around Parkhead,” Celtic lost the game 2-1.(GOAL





    30. Keane continously flagged offside when onside. 2 yards onside v Falkirk


    The Times “A Celtic source made allegations of refereeing incompetence


    around Keane, the source added: “It seems that officials are struggling to


    keep up with his pace. Several key offside decisions have gone against him


    purely because of his speed.” This statement was made on 25 Feb a few weeks


    after fans claim Keane was flagged wrongly offside against Hearts on FIVE


    occasions. A fortnight later Celtic played Falkirk, Robbie Keane is running a


    good two yards behind play when Georgeos Samaras releases the ball into his


    path. The assistant referee James Bee , also behind play, so he has the


    benefit of a clear perspective on the action, is a pace behind Keane and


    several yards behind the ball. The assistant ref raised his flag, intimating


    that Keane is ahead of the ball.Pictures show Keane to be clearly onside.(LACK





    31. Samaras goal chopped off v Morton in Scottish Cup.


    The Sun says chopped off for offside. Daily Record says chopped off for


    handball. On TV highlights it did not look like it had hit his hand. Daily


    Record – “The big striker thought he’d scored in 75 minutes when he bundled


    the ball into the net. Referee Craig Thomson refused to award the goal,


    insisting Samaras had used an arm. The Sun “Celts thought they’d sealed it


    when Samaras bundled home at the far post from Crosas’ 77th-minute corner.


    They should have coasted home with Lee Naylor denied by the woodwork and


    Georgios Samaras having a strike ruled out for offside”.(GOAL CHOPPED OFF)



    32.Fortune handles ball and booked. Kenny Miler handles ball No booking.


    After 7 minutes Fortune handles ball. A free kick is awarded to Rangers and


    Fortune is booked. 19 minutes later Kenny Miler handles ball. Dougie McDonald


    blows for a free kick to Celtic. Miller is not booked. The Sun “Fortune was


    next in the book for handball with the whistler wanting to show his authority


    from the start. Gers had the ball in Boruc’s net after 26 minutes when Edu


    cracked home a loose ball from the edge of the box. But McDonald had already


    blown for handball by Miller. (SAME OFFENCE – CELTIC PLAYER BOOKED OPPONENT OR





    33. 4 players kick ball away. Only the Celtic players are booked for it.


    Iain Brines books McGeady and O’Dea for kicking ball away against Aberdeen. In


    same match Stephen McLean kicks ball away and is not given a 2nd yellow card


    for it. 4 days later the same Mr Brines is refereeing a match at Ibrox against


    St Mirren, Lafferty kicks the ball away and is given a lecture from Brines and







    34.Ian Murray handles ball twice in box. Richmond denies penalty.


    The Evening Times “Charlie Richmond’s performance was inconsistent and, at


    one point, left Lennon leaping like a truculent teenager in his technical


    area. Had Richmond focused more on getting decisions right – like Ian


    Murray’s double handball in the box when pressurised by Keane after just 16


    minutes – and less on posturing dramatically when blowing his whistle, it


    would have made for a much more efficient performance. As it was, Celtic


    managed to overcome his shortcomings and their own sluggish start to grind out


    a win. Daily Record “On Ian Murray – Lucky not to concede a penalty in the


    first half but showed plenty of effort. On Charlie Richmond – Got too many


    things wrong. Missed Murray’s handball in the box although he got the actual


    spot-kick right. (STONEWALL PEN DENIED)



    35. Falkirk player handles ball in box. Referee does not give penalty.


    Hand ball by Falkirk defender in the box. Alan Muir denies Celtic the penalty


    when TV evidence on the BBC highlights showed it was a clear handball.





    36. Kenny Miller dives and gets soft penalty v Hibs to go 2 nil up.


    Kenny Miller goes down easily in box. Steve Conroy points to spot. Daily


    Record “Zemmama, who also claimed Kenny Miller went down “far too


    easily” for the penalty which Boyd converted in the second half.” (SOFT





    37.Peter Houston complains about penalty awarded to Rangers.


    Losing 1-0 in a Scottish Cup quarter final Rangers were awarded 2 very soft


    penalties. Peter Houston was livid at both awards. The Scotsman “ Houston


    said: “I was disappointed to lose what I thought were two soft penalties.


    The goalkeeper got his foot to the ball for the first one. BBC website:- “I am


    disappointed and I just wonder if the penalties would have been given at the


    other end. I hope they would have been,” said the Dundee United manager.


    “Dougie McDonald is an honest referee in normal circumstances, I think he is


    one of the best in Scotland. But I was disappointed that he got there early to


    give the penalty kicks.”(SOFT PEN AWARDED)



    38.3 players leave field of play to celebrate goal. Only Celtic player




    Rasmussen correcly booked for leaving field of play to celebrate with fans.


    Two weeks later McLean scores against Celtic, takes off his shirt, jumps the


    hordings along with half the Aberdeen team and celebrates with the fans at the


    Dick Donald. No second yellow card issued by Brines. The following day


    Whittaker scores a cracking goal for Rangers and runs to the fans at the east


    enclosure. No booking issued by Conroy.. 10 minutes later, with the score at


    1-0, Whittaker puts in a challenge that is deemed a bookable offence so gets


    yellow carded but although he should be off the pitch for 2 bookable offences







    39.Ki fouled in injury time. No free kick. Hibs score from breakaway.


    Celtic players were unhappy that an apparent foul on Ki was not awarded by


    Iain Brines in the 92nd minute when Hibs broke forward. Miller and Stokes


    combined to set teenage Danny Galbraith, who has yet to start a game, free to


    score his first goal in senior football and collect the points for Hibs. (I





    40.Gus McPherson – “A different set of rules applies when coming to




    From BBC Website – St Mirren boss Gus MacPherson was angry Rangers’ David Weir


    was not punished by referee Charlie Richmond for a foul early in the Buddies’


    loss at Ibrox. “I’m not wanting players booked or red-carded but there are


    laws to the game,” MacPherson told BBC Scotland after Saints’ 3-1 defeat.


    “David Weir impeded Michael Higdon in the process of shooting, he affected how


    he was shooting. “There’s a decision to get made there. No decision was made.”


    MacPherson feels guidelines set down at the start of the season are not being


    adhered to. “It’s compulsory that we must go to a meeting at the start of the


    season, it’s not optional, and we’re set down guidelines,” he said.”And during


    the course of the season, these guidelines change. I’m not just talking about


    St Mirren games, I’m talking throughout the game as we see it. “We watch


    games, we go to games and we see clips on the BBC and we see a different set


    of rules getting applied. None more so than when we’re coming here (to


    Ibrox).”(NOT EVEN A BOOKING)



    List of the SFA officials who featured on the Top 40 Honest Mistakes Season




    Dougie McDonald 10


    Steve Conroy 7


    Craig Thomson 6


    Charlie Richmond 5


    Iain Brines 5


    Alan Muir 2


    Linesman – 2 Lawrence Kerrigan OR Andy Tait 2 goals chopped off in 2 games


    but unsure which one of them raised flag. (games v Dundee United & Falkirk


    both times Samaras flagged offside.)


    Linesman – 1 John Gilmore chopped off Motherwell goal.


    Linesman – 1 Francis Andrews penalised Boruc for handling ball inside his


    own box.


    Linesman – 1 James Bee flagged Keane as offside when he was 2 yards behind


    the ball.


    Linesman – 1 Bran McGarry disallowed a Dundee United goal v Rangers.


    Linesman – 1 Steven Craven disallowed a Hamilton goal v Rangers.



    Celtic fans are ridiculed in the media as being paranoid and are told they


    have no facts to back up their claims. I hope these decisions in the one


    season 2009/10 (so far with 5 weeks of the season to go) provide some evidence


    to at least make sure there is no future seasons with so many “Honest


    Mistakes.” Video evidence in place would have overturned the majority of


    these decisions with most only requiring one view to see the decision was



  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Deriguier?? Is that no that big lazy prima donna weve had in the treatment room for 6 months??

  8. And if you like moving pictures as well as words you might want to visit here…



    50 Honest Mistakes



    But yeah Tony was a Fud who took it on the chin. Well he didn’t get a lot of back up from the supporters or the club did he?

  9. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    I would love someone like Steven Craven to be intervied by CQN.



    Till later all

  10. Had a look at last night’s blog.



    I can’t believe the abuse and language on it was what Paul67 had in mind



    Some of the posters would not be good company in a social setting with alcohol taken.

  11. Sir Paul



    Na… Poppycock!



    Didnae Tommy Wolfe say ..”Naw.. It jist Canny Be done..son!!!!!”



    Gordon, comin Back?… It wid Be a disaster… Although… When Ah think aboot it..



    It widnae be any Worser than.. Gloomy Gus, bein oor Nooly Appointed Pilot.



    Tell Ma .Pal..



    Diz Celtic hiv a Death wish?



    Ur we oan a Course Tae Nowhere??



    Seems like it.. Tae Me..



    Look.. we Messed up.. when we appointed Mowbray.. Big Time..so we made a Boo Boo..wi Appointin Him. So Where diz it say that We should be Hell Bent tae Mak anither wan??



    Fir it looks tae me that We ur Set tae Mak anither Bloomer of even Vaster Proportions..



    Why don’t we Furget aboot this Irish Stuff?



    Ah hiv Nothin Agin the Irish.. But if we bring in the Dark Enforcer.. Ah think that we wid hiv Pushed oor Luck .. Too Faur.. Three Manager’s oota Four.. Irish.



    Fur Noo, we ur Wantin tae bring in a Third..



    Are we No over doin oor journeys tae THAT Well….in Erin’s Green Valley.. Jist a Wee bit too Much?



    Is That Well… no in Danger o’ Pumpin’ Dust… This Time?



    Me.. Ah am sure that it must Be aboot Due… We must Look Elsewhere…



    Ah wid Try..wan o’ The Clyde Valley,Wells…. fur a Chinge… ( Mr. Mackay.. where ur Ye??)



    There is Nae way in Hell.. that Keane Could Handle the Joab.. in any Case.



    He is Unsuited .



    He is a Guy who Likes..Naebuddy… He has Said that ..



    He said..



    “Ah hiv Nae Friends.. in Fitba”



    Managin a Fitba’ Team is A Heckava loat Different than Playing the Hard Man..



    Yes.. Keane wiz a Hard Man..But he didnae PLAY at it..



    He lives/lived it!.. Breathes it~..N.. LUVS IT!



    Na..It is/wiz hiz life’s Work.. n.. He Iz/Wiz…. DEAD SERIOUS aboot it.!



    Like Ah said.. If Celtic Bring in this Guy..



    It wull Smash awe Ma Respect n Admiration fur oor Celtic Movers n Shakers..






    Show me that they Hiv ..NAE MALUM!



    n Wi’ Not even a Soupcon ..o’.. Savoir Faire… Eethur!



    Fur.. Ah jist canny believe that We wid be so Stoopid… as tae Cut oor Ain Throat



    …wi a Dessert Spoon!



    n Tae Me.. Fur us tae Appoint Keane .. wid be Tantamount tae



    Committing Suicide..






    Nice Chattin’.. as usual..






  12. The more I read about Keane actually the more I realise it will not work – he craves privacy – that alone should discount him from the job.

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    ernie lynch



    15:19 on 31 May, 2014






    Ultra cynical.



    Is there any other football club on the planet that is subjected to such scrutiny,by its own supporters?



    There doesn’t always have to be an ulterior motive ya know.



    Celtic IS the greatest football club in the world, and I say this in sobriety and without the bias.



    And you can take that to the bank.(as they say in America)



    Magners time.



    Over & out.

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    The internet can bring the worst out in some



    Allows them to be a big shot …garrulous …keyboard hardman …very often different in real life …often why they are so exaggerated in cyberspace



    Sad ..really

  15. PFayr



    I imagine it will be the same tonight.



    I don’t bother looking in after 9 or so.



    On Sundays, it’s earlier when the abuse starts, especially after a poor Celtic performance.

  16. 16 roads – Celtic über alles…



    15:49 on 31 May, 2014



    I’d be interested to see a list of which players attended which supporters functions over the last few seasons.



    I think most people involved in running supporters clubs would be interested .

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PFayr- I’ve bet Groves 4,5 & 6,@ 33/1, and a draw @ 25/1. If both are still standing after 12 rounds, a draw and a re- match, follow the money.

  18. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar …



    Do you think your last analysis at 15.56 holds true for all the bigots and racists that fly under the radar on here too.



    The guy last night swore a wee bit, it was not what you’d want to read but he did it in defence of another poster whom he perceived – in my eyes wrongly – to have been the victim of a threat.



    Where is all your high friggin horse judgements against the true bigots and racists on here. Or are you scared of bigots and racists who can bite back without breaking the blog rules? Where are the blog rules against the bigots and the swearers? Are we so disgusted with a man who dares to swear we throw our tainted offended hats at his face and walk away from the TRUE bigots and racists?



    Just curious like….



    I await with baited anticipation the pack of high horse riders next we get a subtle sectarian or bigoted comment on here. In the interim I’m away to put my whole arm down my throat and have a puke of a life time.

  19. timbhoy in spain on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    15:57 on


    31 May, 2014


    Many thanks to the bhoy who tipped Aeolus



    You´re welcome.Had a good few on it myself.


    Champers tonite !!



  20. Who tipped that Haydock winner earlier? .


    Am raising a glass oh zinfandel tae ye at the moment.



    hail hail, god bless ye.






    a happy tim.

  21. Celtic if they were to sign up Strachan wouldn’t be liable to pay SFA (forgotten their knew name) any compensation…..big Peter could easily double his salary…..I bet he is longing for those EURO nights…….go get yir man celtic better 2nd time round

  22. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    ernie lynch



    16:04 on 31 May, 2014






    Fair enough Ernest.




  23. Sydney Tim….


    I think it can be quite diversionary to try and trace the journey of specific pound notes.



    It is obvious that Celtic took in more in transfer fees than they paid out. There are other present day bills to be paid, plus concerns about the future.



    I think it these debates all come down to two things:



    1. Attitude towards risk, and



    2. Hostility towards what is seen as ‘authority’, ‘the man’, or ‘suits’.



    It also requires a willful oblivion to the ‘known unknowns’. Most recent example being ‘why did we not make an offer to Sammi?’



    I don’t know the answer to that question, but I assume that there were good reasons.



    For example, I am aware of the fact that, in the past, we extended the contract of a player, when the manager did not see a future for that player in his team. There had been little interest elsewhere, so the manager and CEO took a punt. Offered him a new contract with the hope that they could get money for him down the road.



    The player in question performed better than the manager thought he would. Everyone was happy.



    I would presume that there are a great many things like this that we don’t – and shouldn’t – know.



    But we pretend that they don’t exist. It allows us to play fantasy manager on a blog.



    The real world is more complex. It is also a real world where good people work hard in a terribly difficult environment to make Celtic better.



    And are slagged horribly for it.



    Summer is hear in North America. Enjoy your winter of discontent….:)

  24. Today’s Quote is


    At times the whole world seems to be in conspiracy to importune you with emphatic trifles.


    BY Ralph Waldo Emerson

  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:40 on 31 May, 2014



    ….and the smsm think we want them resurrected..?…. Hahahahahahaha …never

  26. Paul67:



    Thanks for the mention of Sean’s Trust Charity Night, remember if interested get in touch at lennybhoycfc@gmail.com



    Linda also hoping as many people as possible will join Sean’s Trust on the Glasgow Green Great Scottish Run on the 05th October, which will be the first anniversary of St. John Doyle’s untimely passing.



    So far, Stephen Black, Vhman and The Token Tim have stepped up to the Plate.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  27. weeron:



    How do they spell ‘ambition’ in North America?



    Does dare to dream bring the populace to their knees in fits of laughter.



    Does the will to be the best you can come a distant smell to the dollars dumped from dividends?



    We have no competition this year so where is our ambition to get into the group stages; where is the risk management; what are we bricking it from?

  28. 67Heaven:



    Every time I read your posts it is like reading Kojo’s post upside down and back to front. Are you capable of communicating in understandable English.



    HaHaHaHa that is the extent of your contributions… absolute drivel.

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