The curious significant of 1 June


There’s something I’ve never been able to figure out for the last nine years.  When Gordon Strachan was announced as Celtic manager, on 1st June 2014, he apologised to the media for bumping their calls the previous week, as he was due to takeover on that date, and the announcement was embargoed until then.

No idea why the news was embargoed, but it was.  Tomorrow’s the 1st June.  If the same rules hold true now as when Gordon Strachan was appointed, there was little chance of an appointment in late May.

If you’re not going to the CQN 10-in-a-row Charity Golf day on 4 July the Sean’s Trust Charity Dinner is on the same night at the Fullarton Suits, Glasgow.  Sean’s Trust is run by the late St John Doyle’s partner, Linda.  If you’d like to attend let Lennybhoy know, lennybhoycfc@gmail.com

Let me know if you would like to attend the CQN Question and Answer evening at the Manor Club, Wimbledon, on 21 June, with a confirmed line-up of Lisbon Lion, John Hughes, and our own Brogan Rogan and Auldheid, celticquicknews@gmail.com

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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  1. Weeron



    at 16.13.




    Hiya,Pally? Nice tae greet ye!



    Ye Sure made a goodly Number of Excellent Points, Pal..



    n Ah agree NOT. Half-Heartedly wi every Wan o’ thum,tae!



    Ah Know the the Celtic Board ur daeing thur Best…in Every occasion..n..



    It is.. Really.. “Good Enuff”!.. fur me.




    n..that is Chiefly why.. Ah Wul be so Disconcerted. Aghast..n. Crestfallen.. ..if



    this Celtic Board.. Brought in this…






    Anyway. Let me Repeat..




    Ah liked Everything that Ye said ..in Yer Recent Posting..




    Guid Stuff..






    Good, Tae Chat wi ye.. as Alwiz..





    Stiill.. Laugnin’

  2. gg 16.24 No chance ..its no as if minty didn’t have any money….ive heard folk say he was loaded

  3. Hierarchy of cheating in Scotland…



    The SFA


    The SPFL


    The Scottish media (sic)


    The Law Society


    The Huns



    Which of course is just my opinion. I wonder when the Scottish Government will introduce the Scottish Football ‘Sedition Act’ (wiping their arse with Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights) to supplement the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill.

  4. Lennybhoy



    Did you mean to post The Token Tim, shurely he’s not running in his condition:o)

  5. Evening Celts



    vmhan – ynwa wee oscar



    23:57 on 30 May, 2014


    lennybhoy…supporting the dam 5 and cfc until i die



    22:12 on 30 May, 2014





    Just had a message from St. John Doyle’s Partner Linda.



    Sean’s Trust are doing two things to raise funds.



    The first is a Charity Dinner in the Fullarton Suites, Tollcross on Friday 4th July. There are two tables of eight left if anybody is interested. Sean would have been 14 on the 3rd of July.



    A table costs just £250.



    The second event is Linda is looking for Volunteers to run the Great Scottish Run for Sean’s Trust on 5 October which is a year since George (St. John Doyle) died so Linda wants to get as big a team together as possible it would be a great tribute She thinks and hopefully raise lots.



    Linda has asked me to mention both events o CQN and to let her know if there are any takers?



    Linda signs off…Cheers Lots of love Linda xxx



    If anybody is interested, text me, get me on FB or email me at lennybhoycfc@gmail.com



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!




    Lennybhoy I’m up for that as I have a very stark/ real experience of a stillborn child, wee Braedan from Doire.


    It would be my pleasure to take part in the 10k in Glasgow, I’m in!





    Paul67 et al


    I’m interested in doing the 10k and have spoken to mi amigo in Doire and he will support.


    If there’s anyone out there who want to form a group to run together then please get in touch



    CQN’ers support our own St John Doyle CSC


    BT, Lennybhoy and Paul67 have my email .




  6. Paul, I can see through your cryptic language…


    Here’s what I understand/



    Cometh the Man, cometh the 1st of June


    Tall Dark Stranger…


    But, beware the Ides of June


    Eh? Tu Btutae?


    Non, Oscar is te nom!



    Gee Us Garcia and All Will End Well.



    YouCannaeFoolMe CSC

  7. If RK arrives…PL will be departing…oil and water don’t mix……unless you add an emulsifier (changing the business model)



    Just saying…:)

  8. May 29



    Celtic .. UNDER 10s,,, Defeat, the Mighty AJAX in the Final of the Fortuna Tournament…in Holland.. by 2-1!



    Noo That’s whit Ah call..



    Coming UP..in the World!



    Don’t You??



    Yes Celtic.. You are Correct..









  9. tucobenedito on

    I was reading the post about 40 referee blunders.


    I was thinking along the lines of a proper statistical study into the awarding of penalties when the dark ones still existed. There are a few ways of doing it but I think a comparative study would be best. Three or four different leagues would be ideal for such a study. The study would focus on the awarding of penalties and also match winning or point saving penalties. Once all the stats are in we would look for which teams were awarded the most penalties,which teams were awarded match winning or point saving penalties and also which teams were awarded the least. Once this information is collated and trends or lack of trends are identified significance tests can be applied to your results. Significance tests are a good way to find out whether your results are truly a random set of numbers or if the data is potentially affected by something non random. ( in this case it can only be referees )


    I would expect the Dark Ones to top a penalty league every season and match winning/ point saving penalties.


    I would also expect the Celts to be bottom of these leagues.


    I would also expect to find that Scotland is the only country in European leagues where the same team consistently tops the penalties league and the same team consistently finishes bottom of the penalties league.


    I may be wrong but the answer is in the numbers.

  10. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Whits this nonsense I’m hearing about you


    heading for the hills if the much respected


    Irish rouge gets the keys of the hoose?

  11. The significance of the significant may not be significantly significant according to statistical significance.

  12. Here’s Wan fae ,Mabel..



    “Tell the Guys to Google.. “Personal Key Scrambler”, Free… Then.. Download it… it is a very Necessary Item.. ”



    Listen tae Mabel. fur She Knows, He Know..






  13. cliftonville celt from belfast on

    Evening all



    Hot hot hot in County Antrim today



    Anyone going to the St Pauli game ?


    Was pricing it out there and it seems to be very expensive to go this time for flights & hotel



    Anyone else notice this ? Was going through London to Hamburg



    Anyone any tips for a cheaper alternative ?



    Love Hamburg I do



    DEFINATELY NOT A TRIP YOU GO ON WITH YOUR OTHER HALF !!!!!……..unless your looking shot of them 8-)



    Off to find a bar with the Ireland match on will check back later




  14. But then who needs statistical significance when the good God above (or nature) gave us eyes and brains.



    Cheating is most obvious if it is dressed up as repetitive deceptive theatre.

  15. One thing about Keane, he won’t lie down and stay quiet if the cheaters are at work. He will react and it will put the whole Masonic skullduggery under the spotlight.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    If you think all he was doing was swearing then god love you. Either you are not reading the blog or fail to understand what has been written.



    Why was he abusing those that were trying to help ?



    And more importantly why do you fail to take that into consideration ?




  17. Nye Bevan.. I Ah remember HIm.. Great Guy.. )



    Yes ,Pal.. ye heard Right!



    If The Celtic Board go Ahead n Bring in The Tosser.. Then ..



    You Kin Bet yer Sweet Patootie that Kojo. wull Head fur the ” Tall n Uncut”.



    Ah wid Bit.. Dis-illusioned.. Dismayed.. n.. Shattered.. if that Scenario Wiz Played





    Ah am Like that..



    Ah Hate it.. If Ma Heroes. turn oot tae Be..



    Tumshies.. Mugs.. Saps..



    Canny Help Ma Nature,pal.. But that is the Wey that Ah am Made.



    But..Ah shall return tae these Pages.. when Mr.Keane is Banished tae Donkey Isle..


    after He is Shot Doon.. n Goes Doon In Flames.. taking Us With Him.. no doubt.







    Still Laughin’

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    You know whit a meant,I Cannae multi task,


    was ordering the big fight……but ta for that.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    16:28 on 31 May, 2014



    Was it something I said ?… Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ……and good for you,…!! …… you want the dirty, filthy, rotten, cheating, corrupt, bigoted, rioting cretins resurrected from beyond the grave is THAT your contribution to society……. Hahahahahahaha…..tells me something about you……

  20. Kojo, You are crossing the line with your abuse of Roy Keane, you know nothing about his personal habits. Keep your abuse for yourself.

  21. Ah Of course I know what you meant Nye just poking a little harmless fun. No offence meant.

  22. Corkcelt




    You Are Right.. Ah wiz oota Line..



    Ah apologize..






  23. tucobenedito on

    Numbers can prove cheating, numbers can’t be dismissed as biased either. Tis a study waiting to be done.


    When people accuse Celtic fans of paranoia a simple question can shut them up and applies to all SPL teams,” can you remember a shocking ref decision going against your team?” Everyone answers yes. Then ask ” can you remember a shocking decision that has gone against Rangers?” No one can think of a single incident involving a Scottish ref.


    Anyway, that’s me finished moaning

  24. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    PFayr good point, by my back of a fag packet arithmetic we got £31m & £21 from 2 champions league campaigns & £29m from player sales thats £81m that according to PL “we didn’t budget for”. I hope we get a manager with European experience as CL group stages is paramount to our future ambitions “provided we have any!” & keeping the fans interested this season, i cant see taking a punt on Keane being the correct way to go imo. We had to do with Europa League with Lenny & if it wasn’t for Sions illegal signings he wouldn’t have had the chance to find his “European sea legs” with around 10 games that season great leaning curve & Neil did very well & learned on the job.



    Currently we have 3 qualifiers, are we just going to write them off & hope that our new manager if inexperienced learns on the job? We can earn so much more from our European exploits, are we going to leave so much to chance? No guarantee that we will reach the CL group stages but given last years fiasco with Karagandy where we left everything to chance having sold the spine of our team. Will we be doing the same this year Forster, VVD & Sammi leaving, surely not or we will have learned nothing!

  25. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on







    Favourite uncle




    Guys thanks for your kind messages



    Here’s my twitter account also which I can check easier








  26. kojo



    17:49 on 31 May, 2014



    I will hold you to that i.e. Banishing yourself.



    As corkcelt alluded, your description of Roy not nice. Yes we may all have our opinions of his attributes as a Manager, let us restrict our comments to constructive and not destructive comments and less of the personal insults.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  27. My friends in Celtic,



    We have 5 going on 10 very good canditates for our managerial position according to PL.



    I have been a Celtic supporter all my life, unlike some of the candidates. I will still be a Celtic supporter when the next manager arrives, no matter who. I will still be a Celtic supporter when all our current custodians have gone ( God willing )


    For Celtic supporters supporting Celtic is usually one of the constants in our life journey.



    In the present climate : What I cannot understand is how any manager can personally see a challange in this environment. The only criteria for sucess will be our European campaign. ( Possibly but hopefully not three games ) The consequences of failing to qualify cannot even be contemplated.



    This is unsustainable ,there simply has to be a feasible exit stratagy. This issue will not go away it will only deepen.



    Test the waters Celtic.




  28. Hrvatski Jim on




    I have often thought the same.



    I don’t think we would be absolutely at the bottom of such an analysis due to the amount of pressure we put on when we are behind . But the interesting statistic would be the % of points won/saved out of each team’s total points won.



    This would be incontrovertible as any analysis of individual controversial decisions is hard to prove. It may be possible to analyse a specific referee’s decisions over a few seasons to establish a pattern.



    One for the retired statisticians to work on.



    Dobro vecer from Croatia

  29. Awe_Naw:



    I thought we’d agreed to leave that behind. Why did he abuse the peace makers, why does anybody abuse anybody on here (or anywhere else for that matter).



    And mate, know this, more than anything else I did take it into consideration above even my liking for you, but I can’t answer your question because I’m just me.



    I’ve seen a lot worse than what he wrote be ‘officially’ endorsed with official silence on here. A lot worse.



    I went to watch a game of football this afternoon. This is a true story. The guy I went to watch the game with is a Polish guy. A great guy. A Gem. But God can he talk. Way back when, when I first came to Australia, to Brisbane, I used to go and watch the Brisbane Strikers with him but he talked that much through the game I used to find myself with my chin on my fist just watching the cheerleaders. And they were pretty but that was never what I put myself out for nor paid my money for.



    He’s a very clever guy. Very, very articulate but when you get to know him you get to know that all the exciting adjectives and all the intriguing adverbs amount to a sore ear and not much more.



    But he is a friggin gem of a guy with a heart of Gold.



    He’s been on so many Brisbane juries it is not possible.



    He was telling me today about the last trial he was on duty on.



    A young kid was charged with the murder of his step-father. Without going into all the details the kid plead not guilty. The jury was on his side but not enough. My mate was the foreman of the jury and had to read out the verdict of guilty. My mate never believed for a minute that the kid was guilty and couldn’t understand why others couldn’t understand ‘reasonable doubt’.



    The kid hung himself to death leaving behind a note that said simply “I didn’t do it”.



    Just recently it has become known that his step-father was an abusive, aggressive, violent, alcoholic monster.



    I asked my mate, this afternoon, do you think the kid did it, he said he didn’t know at the time because for him there just was not damning proof.



    He then said “what does it matter whether the kid did it or not, the bastard deserved it”



    That from one of the most decent, shy, innocuous, gentle, people I know or have ever known.



    But the kid is as dead as his abusive step-father.



    My mate told me there was a very strong character on the jury that from day one wanted the kid convicted.



    That wee story is on my faith and on the lives of my children.

  30. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Ok mate.



    I tried to defuse the situation last night and,was abused along with my brars. Water of a ducks arse to us three. That does not excuse the subsequent behavior.




    To make this a lot easier and I did try my best.



    Bould bhoys R.I.P




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