The curious significant of 1 June


There’s something I’ve never been able to figure out for the last nine years.  When Gordon Strachan was announced as Celtic manager, on 1st June 2014, he apologised to the media for bumping their calls the previous week, as he was due to takeover on that date, and the announcement was embargoed until then.

No idea why the news was embargoed, but it was.  Tomorrow’s the 1st June.  If the same rules hold true now as when Gordon Strachan was appointed, there was little chance of an appointment in late May.

If you’re not going to the CQN 10-in-a-row Charity Golf day on 4 July the Sean’s Trust Charity Dinner is on the same night at the Fullarton Suits, Glasgow.  Sean’s Trust is run by the late St John Doyle’s partner, Linda.  If you’d like to attend let Lennybhoy know, lennybhoycfc@gmail.com

Let me know if you would like to attend the CQN Question and Answer evening at the Manor Club, Wimbledon, on 21 June, with a confirmed line-up of Lisbon Lion, John Hughes, and our own Brogan Rogan and Auldheid, celticquicknews@gmail.com

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best.

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  1. Keane not for me.


    What I question most is his signing policy. He has always signed players he knows.


    Ex Man Utd or Sunderland or Ireland.



    He also seems like a Sounesss. “My way or the highway”

  2. Just flying by to say….



    From previous….





    antipodean red



    12:16 on 31 May, 2014



    delaneys dunky,



    Hope you enjoy your weekend in the South, I remember meeting Gerry Dunbar at the first meeting of the ‘Save our Celts’ in the Sundowner on Queen Street a good few years ago, they were the forerunners to ‘Celts for Change’ back in the day, started by another Bankie called Willie Wilson.







    Good to read about the ‘Save Our Celts’ again.


    I was at thier inaugural meeting at the Shettleston Halls in 1991(I think?)


    Willie Wilson should have a special page in Celtic’s history. imho


    Was at the meeting with my ole Da and it was well full, what with the likes


    of – Brian Dempsey, Joe Beltrami, Lisbon Lion Jim Craig, and a name thats been


    mentioned a few times on the previous thread – Not The View editor Gerry Dunbar.


    The old board were represented by – James Farrell and, Tom Grant(I think)


    Those were very dark days indeed for Timdom and, little did we know what was going to happen next?


    But, deep down…what we all knew was that Celtic would ‘NEVER’ be allowed to die!!!!


    Aye, distant days indeed, the crumb of comfort in those days was knowing that the Cetic support had a voice, thanks to all the ‘rebels’ in the Jungle :)


    Oh, and of course…architect of the old ‘boreds’ downfall, one of my heroes,


    Mr Gerry McNee(if ye didny like him – just ask the ‘rebels’)


    Bring Back The JUNGLE – CSC


    Hail Hail – Off oot – Bye Tims.

  3. Rather Malky McKay who would bring in younger players and take a long term view.


    If Roy is successful he will be off in two years back to Hale.




  4. Does Murry Park have planning permission for anything else, i.e. housing, if not it’s not going to be worth much. It will of course reduce the outgoings considerably, £13m per annum?



    I wonder which public park they’ll train on:-) Ha Ha, Ha Ha……

  5. Doc:



    Do me a favour mate, show me history when a four to one majority allowed the minority to dictate.



    I can, I can also show you how it ended. Always in the blood of the minority.



    And the ones that never bled on the minority’s side, they were the big mouths looking for the fight they couldn’t in eternity ever fist.

  6. If we are on the brink of losing Kojo (and by extension the detective – as they as are one and the same) from this blog, if Roy Keane gets the gig, then I vote for Roy Keane.



    Aye, Keano!

  7. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Roy Croppie, I think today he’d have been sold at the first sign of any potential, what do you have to do these days to become a legend & how long do you have to stay at a club?

  8. Doc:



    I know I might have set myself up for a lot of response aka North America, South America, Ireland, Australia etc, but although it was me who invoked history and left it open to time I should have somehow constricted it to the modern day and modern thinking allowing for modern a century.

  9. Think we may be watching our next squad signing tonight. David Forde was linked with us in January window, think he is out of contract with Millwall. Low cost back up if Forster leaves as predicted.

  10. paolosboots FC before PLC



    Sure enough, a different age and times. He’d be sold to Southampton or the like nowadays. We are blessed as a Club to have these Legends attached to us.




  11. Kitalba,



    Fifty one, look ten years younger though :)



    I’ve work in engineering (toolmaker)with the brethren since starting my apprenticeship…excluding the ten years working in subcontract factories were religion or the team you supported wasn’t part of the equation as you had to make them money.



    Now, I’m in a the most Masonic place I have ever worked in….The pension is the reason I stay.



    How old are you kit?

  12. David Forde is a decent keeper, we could do much worse than having him as a back up.

  13. HI ALL



    was in a company in Kelvin ind est EK this morning PSV Glass


    the manager said he is looking to take on two new employees.


    and is struggling to fill these positions. anyone know some guy who is looking for work,


    the need a full DL .





    sorry to post again



  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Kevj…..bring back Gerry McNee, for one more


    article for old time sake….I would rush oot and


    buy a paper,like I used too.

  15. Hoooopy Birthday TBJ :-)



    Now who will be Roy’s No 2 ? That could be the most important appointment, this one needs to right



    Hail Hail

  16. Ireland v Italy in London.



    Not a million years ago this could have been billed as…



    Paddies v Tallies…






    Micks v Eyeties.






    We have moved on since then.



    Or have we?!




  17. I feel bad enough at the prospect of Keane becoming our manager; now, like every transfer window, we are getting inundated with suggestions that we sign any Irishman who has a good game. Nonsense.

  18. “bada bing”


    I spoke to you about Geo K at the Hootenanay and i could’nt remember the street he lived on ….it was conniesburgh rd , he , higgy , andy mc , big ziggy and myself were alter boys at St Benedicts , i wonder if he keeps in touch with any of them ?

  19. Oh, and give this Gerry McNee loves Celtic stuff a rest. I know he did in a previous lifetime but he knew he wouldn’t make headway in his career, so he opted to “support” Man U in public.

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