The cycle of sacking managers


We spoke about Stale Solbakken here as an option during one of our recent management vacancies.  At the time he was manager of Copenhagen, who were playing monopoly with the Danish game and had become the first regular Champions League competitor from that country.  Yesterday he was sacked as manager of Wolves, who are 18th in the second tier of English football.

Mick McCarthy led Wolves to promotion into the FA Premier League in 2009 but was sacked in February after slipping into a relegation place.  The club were relegated and Solbakken was appointed in July.  Solbakken, still only 44, won five leagues in six seasons at Copenhagen and competed well with a tiny budget in the Champions League.  He is a good manager but his failure at Wolves presents more evidence that the fabled guru football manager doesn’t exist.

Managers are cogs in a management system which involves players, scouts, technical experts, coaches, youth development staff and administrators.  If a club gets all the other components right, as Copenhagen unquestionably did, the guy with ultimate control over team matters will appear to over-perform.   Conversely, if you have a genuinely talented manager but he doesn’t work with a crucial part of the football structure, progress will stall.  Martin O’Neill taught us more about football tactics in his first season than we had learned in the previous 20 years, but he was not known to sign players he hadn’t identified when playing against his teams.

Wolves chance of recruiting a manager as good as Mick McCarthy is slight.  They could do worse than look at how Celtic stemmed the flow of failure by taking a guy who was already working with the scouts, coaches, technical experts, youth development staff and administrators.  Don’t look for a guru, get the system right and find someone who will work within it.

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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    06:05 on


    7 January, 2013



    …Fully agree …HH

  2. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby – 10:40 on 7 January, 2013



    I’ve said it before and I say it now. I think that the ‘preferential’ treatment the GB receive is wrong but as long as they keep making obvious breaches of stadium regulations it makes it incredibly easy for the club/police/stewards.



    Try 2-3 games going strictly by the book (by that I don’t mean sit on their hands – but no bottles, flares etc) and really give them an something to think about. Make it incredibly difficult to justify the strong arm tactics currently employed.

  3. kevjungle – murdo’s 30 yds title winning boots 1979





    thats it kev


    release the pain


    totally board


    give gerry or shug a call as they both on your wave length

  4. Spoke to my Hibee supporting mate this morning about the derby last week. He said the jambo’s threw a firework into the Hibs end and it burned the jacket right off a teenage Hibee.


    I have no idea why anyone would want to take a firework to a football match. They are dangerous and will hurt someone.


    I was at Tynecastle when it was all standing and a firework was lobbed into the Celtic end of the ground by their fans and exploded not far from me. Frightening as a youngster at least we could move away from it. Lobbing one around in a all seater stadium will lead to a stampede and crushing as people have nowhere to go. I agree the GB bring atmosphere and have added to the home atmposphere but away from Celtic Park it is getting a bit thuggish. The bevvy had a big part of it at Boxing Day but it always has and the game should not have kicked off in the evening. Everyone should be able to support Celtic in their own way and safely. Fireworks of any kind have no place in a football ground!




  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    Don’t be nabbing his wing mirrors now. Great engine? I hear he tyres easily.



    If Vincent Lunny catches word of it, he’ll get automatic suspension.

  6. This deserves a repost every day for 125 days (may 5th)


    10p a day £12:50, 20p a day £25:00.


    A fantastic gesture I’M IN :)).




    10:48 on


    6 January, 2013


    While its quiet I’ll repost Kitalba’s message from the KANO 125 CFC fundraiser:






    11:15 on


    28 December, 2012


    Kano got sick one night, very sick. If it was not for so many Celtic Supporters, from so many places, then Kano would be an ornament in a sterile hospital room. That is not nice because Kano still breathes and he still thinks and he is still a Celtic Supporter to his very core.



    A lot of money, by a lot of people, was raised to take Kano home. He can’t ever balance the books, but he’d love to.



    None of us gets more than one go on the roundabout of life.



    Celtic is celebrating their 125th Birthday and indelibly stamping it into their history by encouraging all to embrace the simple ethos of the clubs founding… let’s try and help those who just don’t have more than the air that they breathe.



    A lot of Celtic Supporters are doing a lot of different things to raise money for to help those less fortunate than ourselves. To a lot of people that is no big deal.



    I’m determined to help Kano pay back the kindness shown to him by the Celtic Support by supporting my club to help unfortunates. No big deal.



    There are some from here who have said they will help me to help Kano to help Celtic to help others.



    I give up the bevie for 125 days and I give up posting on here for 125 days as of the 1st Jan.. No big deal really, Kano has done both for the best part of four years.



    I ‘m going to put a wee bit aside for each day that I don’t drink or post and forward it to Celtic to hopefully fill a belly that needs a feed or to make an unfortunate hope where only darkness is their dawn.(but maybe I can have St. Pat’s day off so I can share a day with some good Tims)



    I’ve only one life and when I’m gone I soon be forgotten but if I’ve ever managed to feed one hungry person, if only for one day, then my life was worth something.



    No big deal to me or you but the person I fed, he/she will never know where the food came from and they won’t ever be visiting my grave to put some pretty flowers at the base of a head-stone, they’ll be too busy worrying about tomorrow.



    I can live with that and like Kano, once I’m gone, I’ll know that I never changed the world, hardly left a mark, but still I took to Celtic and I did something to try and ease the pain of others… sort of the Celtic way.

  7. West Wales Celt on



    Welcome back.



    I see that E-Tims are now mentioning Riquelme as a possibility.


    Have they just been reading EN’s posts?


    I think we should be told…

  8. Just checked my Email inbox no reply from Vincent Lunney about my complaint(incase craigan & burley were too busy) concerning Stevensons tackle in the edinburgh derby.


    Is it 3pm today he has got till to cite him.


    He was quick enough with big Kelvin.



  9. Sorry couldn’t resist, been waiting two years to get an opportunity to tell this ( thanks Bourne )



    This guy went to the doctor and said to him “Doctor….I don’t know


    what’s wrong with me, but every time I fart, it sounds like the word





    “That’s interesting, never heard of anything like that before. Do you


    think you could fart for me?” says the doctor. The guy says “Sure.”


    And sure enough, the doctor hears “HONDA”.



    After several attempts to figure out what’s wrong with this guy, the


    doctor runs out of ideas. He sends him to all sorts of stomach


    specialists and none of them can figure out why this guys farts say


    “HONDA.” It is a completely out of this world medical condition.



    Finally, as a last resort, the doctors think they should send the man


    to a dentist.



    After explaining the problem to the dentist, the dentist opened up


    the guys mouth and examining it.



    The dentist says “A-haa!!!!….I have solved the problem.”



    The patient says “What is it? What is it. Please tell me doc”…..The


    dentist replies “Well, sir, you have an abscess tooth.”



    The guy says “Yeah….so….What has that got to do with my farts?”



    The dentist replies, “Why it’s obvious….. Everyone knows Abscess Makes The Fart Go HONDA”

  10. While in Troon for Christmas, my niece and nephew took me to the Motherwell game on the 2nd – my first visit to CP for a few years. We had comfy seats in the Jock Stein stand and my abiding memory will be the Green Brigade’s contribution. They sang, danced and beat their drums for the duration of the game. Meanwhile, in the Celtic end where we were, I think there was singing/chanting for perhaps one minute out of the 90. This was after some sustained pressure in the 2nd half from corner kicks and after the goal. A few half-hearted chants and then silence.


    For some reason before I went, I thought the GB was much larger than it turned out to be. Just a small section in the corner – couldn’t have been more than a few hundred fans. Maybe in other games this swells but I had envisaged 1000s of them based on the publicity they receive. Whatever their size, hats off to them. It would have been a drab 90 minutes otherwise. Visiting SPL teams have little to fear when it comes to facing an intimidating atmosphere which is a shame. Sign of the times?


    Blinkin’ flip,what is it wi the foreign rubbish?



    Honda? We should have been buying British and saving our home-grown industries!



    So-Charlie Austin it is,then………





    I’ll never top that one-cap duly doffed,sir!



    Off to the pub wi a smile on my face……

  13. I touted Falcao when he was at River before Porto.



    Touting Joaquin Boghassain as well now!! Telling you Big Pierre and a bit of Sutty in him as well.

  14. South Of Tunis on

    as i thought @ 17 39.



    There is a huge difference between the theory of Italian law and bureaucracy and the actuality of those 2 institutions.



    In theory ——if you want to attend a football match in Italy you need a

  15. My take on things



    If the Board are making up stuff about any Celtic fan they should and must ber condemed!



    Anybody who lets of flares/smokebombs/whatever you want to call them in a football ground is a moron who deserves to be locked up.



    Anybody who constantly stands and blocks the view of people who sit behind them deserves to be thrown out if they refuse to sit down when asked. My Mum is 76 and 5ft nothing and at Hampden if she is offered a ticket for anywhere but the South Stand she is as well not going as all she has seen is the back of somebody standing in front of her because some git further down has decide they will stand instead of sitting down in their seat.



    How hard is it for every fan to show respect for their fellow celtic fans and to do nothing to make it awkward or uncomfertable for them?





    “Involvoed”,brilliant- I nearly missed that one.




  17. estorilbhoy, as no one else commented on your joke, I will as its not nice to be ignored, particularly after you waiting for 2 years to tell it. It was so bloody ridiculous that it actually made me smile

  18. Has anyone a list of the players sent off against sevco this season,arguing with a zombie who says no more than 4

  19. No gordybhoy64 but Fat Sally is demanding a list of referees who have not sent off an opposing player against sevco.

  20. gordybhoy64



    It’s way more than that. I suspect it’s nearer ten. I think the last 4 games they have had a man has been sent off.