The cycle of sacking managers


We spoke about Stale Solbakken here as an option during one of our recent management vacancies.  At the time he was manager of Copenhagen, who were playing monopoly with the Danish game and had become the first regular Champions League competitor from that country.  Yesterday he was sacked as manager of Wolves, who are 18th in the second tier of English football.

Mick McCarthy led Wolves to promotion into the FA Premier League in 2009 but was sacked in February after slipping into a relegation place.  The club were relegated and Solbakken was appointed in July.  Solbakken, still only 44, won five leagues in six seasons at Copenhagen and competed well with a tiny budget in the Champions League.  He is a good manager but his failure at Wolves presents more evidence that the fabled guru football manager doesn’t exist.

Managers are cogs in a management system which involves players, scouts, technical experts, coaches, youth development staff and administrators.  If a club gets all the other components right, as Copenhagen unquestionably did, the guy with ultimate control over team matters will appear to over-perform.   Conversely, if you have a genuinely talented manager but he doesn’t work with a crucial part of the football structure, progress will stall.  Martin O’Neill taught us more about football tactics in his first season than we had learned in the previous 20 years, but he was not known to sign players he hadn’t identified when playing against his teams.

Wolves chance of recruiting a manager as good as Mick McCarthy is slight.  They could do worse than look at how Celtic stemmed the flow of failure by taking a guy who was already working with the scouts, coaches, technical experts, youth development staff and administrators.  Don’t look for a guru, get the system right and find someone who will work within it.

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  1. greenjedi



    11:37 on 7 January, 2013



    Smoke bombs are OK, flares aren’t, thought they both add to the visual spectacle.



    Firecrackers/bangers/squibs are a menace.



    As for 76 year olds insisting that people in front of them sit down so they can see, what happened when they were young? How did 76 year olds watch the football then?

  2. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts- mild weather -nice



    Having read the comments on away support and the persecution of GB…it is clear that there are some who want to stir up unrest amongst our support… I have been accused of that on here for comments I made about the behaviour of some of our fans at a pre-season friendly v Cardiff last term. My intentions were honourable in the sense that I felt that section were alienating friends and providing ammunition for enemies who need little or no excuse to attack us.



    There should be room for some objective criticism of our fans when they step out of line – we have always self-policed to prevent situations getting out of hand – calmer heads soothing hot heads, generally works with the odd exception. That has built a solid reputation for our fans that is the envy of other teams. Some would seek to destroy that reputation and it’s not the Celtic fans who are complaining about the dangers associated with flares and bangers. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows how dangerous fireworks are in a crowded area- the risk of burns is obvious and the potential for crushing and stampede as folk try to get away from the danger is maybe less obvious – but it’s an issue



    I have attended most European away games and about half the domestic away fixtures this season ( not Dundee).


    As ever, the vast majority of our fans behave magnificently, having fun and creating a social atmosphere wherever we go and making new friends with locals. The atmosphere they create has helped the team notch up some of the best away results most of us have ever seen ( I am in my fifties)



    The downside for me is the fireworks and flares/pyro simply because of the obvious and not so obvious dangers. Also, there are a group of fans who are clearly more interested in making noise than actually watching the game – not GB – who are so drunk or smashed and aggressive that making any comment to them would be pointless at best, and dangerous at worst. I fear that group are going to cause us problems sometime soon unless they catch a grip (I speak as someone who has been outrageously drunk at games and a danger to myself and possibly others …) My point is that the ratio of really smashed guys in the away support seems to be increasing – meaning there are less people capable of calming down the over- exuberant. I fear that ratio may flip over if something is not done to manage the problem. Dareisay away games may become no-go areas for some of our support. We have already had one guy being ridiculed for taking his six year old to a game because he should have ‘anticipated the dangers’…seriously!



    Most fans just want to unwind, enjoy the trip with a few beers and songs- that’s the way it should be and for the most part that’s the way it is ..but there are a few who just spoil that special experience and they are putting people off Celts. That’s not good.




  3. Dark Mately says



    ” Sending off your opponents player, especially in the first half is just like getting a penalty”





  4. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    I agree there are limits to what fans should be and not be doing but its apparent from the GB statement they feel victimised,the board should be fighting their case when there is merit like fans not being allowed to use humourous banners being amongst the least of things.



    The article by the GB is clearly one of distress.

  5. saltires en sevilla



    11:52 on 7 January, 2013





    ‘last term.’




    Maybe Peter Lawwell should appoint monitors to keep an eye on their fellow supporters.

  6. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on





    IRN BRU league (19 games played)


    05/01 – vs Elgin – 1 red card


    29/12 – vs Queens Park – 1 red card


    08/12 – vs Stirling – 1 red card


    17/11 – vs East Stirlingshire – 1 red


    28/10 – vs Clyde – 1 red


    20/10 – vs Queens Park – 1 red



    Scottish cup (4 games)


    3/11 – vs Alloa – 1 red


    29/9 – vs Forres Mechanics – 1 red



    Scottish Communities Cup


    18/9 – vs Queen of the South – 1 red

  7. ernie lynch



    Since there were no seats they either stood up or stopped going.



    So that in order for one spectator to exercise his right to stand up over another’s right to sit down to spectate, given there is now seating giving them that right, the answer is for the 76 year old not to go?



    Has CQN gone through a looking glass in an attempt to justify ill manners?

  8. Hail Hail



    From a very wet,grey West Belfast



    No golf today,depressing weather



    I would just like to clarify that it wasn’t me who won the £10.24 million



    ‘Twas my namesake from the same road, whom I know well,hence the 200 texts and



    phone calls



    One things for sure,I’ll never win it now! Two guys,same name,same area?nah,me either.



    Anyway,he’s a good guy,great republican, and many people will benefit.




  9. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Pardon me for not looking back but I see what looks like stats about sending offs against the might sevco


    I would be interested to know, (if anyone can be bovvered)


    How many games have sevco played since ian black and the MSM decided that sevco were being intimated and needed refs protection.


    Lets say 8 games.


    I wonder how many sevco opponents were booked/sent off in the 8 games prior to the outburst and how does this compare to the bookings/sending off since then

  10. ernie lynch


    11:50 on


    7 January, 2013





    11:37 on 7 January, 2013



    Smoke bombs are OK, flares aren’t, thought they both add to the visual spectacle.



    Firecrackers/bangers/squibs are a menace.



    As for 76 year olds insisting that people in front of them sit down so they can see, what happened when they were young? How did 76 year olds watch the football then?






    Smoke bombs are in no way OK



    I take it you’re one of the fans who don’t give a toss about other fans. When my Mum went to the football in the dim and distant pass aka the late 40s/early 50s she either went to the stand or moved about the terraces as you could do then as there was plenty of space. but you must have know that as you’re not that stupid.



    Also imagine somebody who has paid a fortune for a ticket for a seat at the football actually daring to want to watch the actual game.



    The GB seem to believe in the pigs line from animal far “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” except all fans are equal, but the gb are much more equal than anybody else in their mind

  11. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Auld heid/ Ernie


    i wonder if the solution is a standing area and seating areas separate from each other

  12. Sky Sports sources understand Celtic will not be making a move for Braga winger Helder Barbosa.



    Barbosa’s agent, Angelo Martins, told the Daily Record: “At this moment, the interest from Celtic is still there and is, I think, stronger than before. Helder would be thrilled to go to Celtic, I can assure you.”



    But Celtic have distanced themselves from any January move for the Braga wide man.

  13. Auldheid



    12:00 on 7 January, 2013




    So when they were young they could dance and jump around like idiots but now they’re old young people can’t so they can sit and watch in comfort?



    And they accuse others of being selfish?

  14. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)



    12:07 on 7 January, 2013



    ‘Auld heid/ Ernie


    i wonder if the solution is a standing area and seating areas separate from each other’




    That is indeed the answer.



    But at the moment one section (the majority) are to restrict their enjoyment for the benefit of a small minority, the small minority having not had such a restriction on them when they were young.

  15. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby



    I think there is certainly a case for establishing what is happening and why, but part of that case should also be establishing what in fact is within Celtic’s powers and abilities to change.



    The Offensive Behaviour Bill was born of an attitude of sorting out supporters that became law, bad law but still law. Celtic are as bound by that law as the individuals but are not the victims of the law as the individuals are.



    If I am arrested for something but my neighbour wishes to intervene on my behalf how exactly would he go about helping me and what could he do if I were actually guilty and how would he know?



    There are surely factors at play that make effective intervention difficult. In everyday matters of this nature the courts are the only way to deal with matters of arrest, wrongful or otherwise.



    The OB at Football Bill is the real problem. It has raised the temperature of the saucepan the frogs were sitting in and its beginning to hurt.

  16. The spate of reds against them, coincidentally, started immediately after Black’s whingeing after the Stirling defeat. Another Mib trick was to send Wallatce off for what was a 2nd yellow. However no appeals allowed on a yellow hence a straight red leading to one of the few appeals to be upheld. Yes, gold old MIBBERY alive, well and prospering under Fleming’s regime.

  17. ernie lynch



    Yup and that is being looked at. But having had my request for a youngster to sit down in order to see Celtic play Barcelona spurned (only for a more civil youngster swap his seat with the grouch and sit (I thought that was my job) I do expect respect for age to mean something.



    My only comfort is that someday that young grouch will become an old grouch himself. :)

  18. Keir Murray of the BBC



    ‘There are many aspects of Scotland’s struggling national sport that will not be fixed by a change in the league format.



    Among those are high ticket prices, unfavourable kick-off times, a decline in the standard of player, the lack of indoor training facilities, losing young players to English clubs, dwindling crowds, THE RESURGANCE OF CROWD TROUBLE and an excessive number of senior clubs for Scotland’s population.’



    Someone should tell the Celtic Board you reap what you sow…

  19. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on




    Like every other footballer on the planet he is counting down the days to the Sevco registration ban ending.

  20. I see the GB is again under pressure from authority,others are complaining about people standing well what about this idea.Ban all people over pension age from attending matches,who needs the old farts anyway.hh

  21. Maybe I’m missing something.



    Celtic Park is an all-seater stadium and there is a written rule stating that you should remain seated. The last time I was there (Saturday) the majority of people sat through the game, with the BG doing as they do.



    Until sense prevails and we return to standing areas, what is the point of pissing people off by standing in front of them?

  22. ernie lynch




    12:09 on 7 January, 2013







    12:00 on 7 January, 2013



    So when they were young they could dance and jump around like idiots but now they’re old young people can’t so they can sit and watch in comfort?



    And they accuse others of being selfish?




    When they were young there was no seating so they had no choice. Now they have and given that it is more tiring for an aged person to stand up for 90 minutes than a young un to sit down for 90 minutes I would expect the young one to put the old un first.



    He would expect the same in later years or would he say och I danced aboot like a maddy when I was young and gave no thought to anyone else, why should I expect anything different?



    Aye right.

  23. fanadpatriot



    You’ll have KevJungle on demanding to know why gates have fallen further. :)

  24. Institutional investors over-subscribing in search of early profits, supporters under-subscribing in tough economic times.



    A recipe for disaster, no wonder Fat Sally wrote his begging letter yesterday…

  25. Auldheid



    12:18 on 7 January, 2013



    Respect for age should be a two way street.



    In my experience old people are by far the most selfish sector of the population.