The cycle of sacking managers


We spoke about Stale Solbakken here as an option during one of our recent management vacancies.  At the time he was manager of Copenhagen, who were playing monopoly with the Danish game and had become the first regular Champions League competitor from that country.  Yesterday he was sacked as manager of Wolves, who are 18th in the second tier of English football.

Mick McCarthy led Wolves to promotion into the FA Premier League in 2009 but was sacked in February after slipping into a relegation place.  The club were relegated and Solbakken was appointed in July.  Solbakken, still only 44, won five leagues in six seasons at Copenhagen and competed well with a tiny budget in the Champions League.  He is a good manager but his failure at Wolves presents more evidence that the fabled guru football manager doesn’t exist.

Managers are cogs in a management system which involves players, scouts, technical experts, coaches, youth development staff and administrators.  If a club gets all the other components right, as Copenhagen unquestionably did, the guy with ultimate control over team matters will appear to over-perform.   Conversely, if you have a genuinely talented manager but he doesn’t work with a crucial part of the football structure, progress will stall.  Martin O’Neill taught us more about football tactics in his first season than we had learned in the previous 20 years, but he was not known to sign players he hadn’t identified when playing against his teams.

Wolves chance of recruiting a manager as good as Mick McCarthy is slight.  They could do worse than look at how Celtic stemmed the flow of failure by taking a guy who was already working with the scouts, coaches, technical experts, youth development staff and administrators.  Don’t look for a guru, get the system right and find someone who will work within it.

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  1. Emusanorphan



    Honest mistakes played a big part …however this ” take on the chin” nonsense was unforgivable …as was a 4-0 defeat to St Mirren ….there were many other howlers



    IMO…the CFC job was too big for him …..in that I mean all the MSM and MIB nonsense and the expectation of instant success

  2. Gene's a Bhoys name on



    Spot on TM was cheated time after time -his problem was he was too nice and didn’t call them out

  3. TSD



    Smallpox and measles are not carried by animals they are spread by people, influenza I grant you yes but not smallpox and measles.



    There is no mention of this Chinese chap, Admiral Zhing, actually landing in the Americas except by the author you have quoted.




    Why can you not accept it was white man that caused these diseases? You have changed your arguement from total denial to it now being a Chinese problem. Why the Chinese all of a sudden?

  4. Here are the refs who sent off a sevco opponent this season……..



    How many of these refs are grade 1?



    John Beaton.


    Wullie Collum.


    Mike Tumilty.


    George Salmond.


    Alan Muir.


    John Beaton.



    Ian Brines.


    Crawford Allen.



    Steve O’Reilly.



    How many have handled any matches in the lower leagues NOT involving sevco ?



    Why dont the MSM ask these questions?

  5. fergus slayed the blues on



    John Park joined us in 2007 .I think after the money MON spent (28m) building the team which then went with little resale return the board knew that approach would not have been sensible to repeat .The fact that wee fergus spent more (NET) in his time at the club putting a side on the park than Murray did may have led to the boards decision to try and fund the team through the scouting network .I also think that the board had a good idea as to the way our rivals were going and knew there might well be a financial fallout when it happened .


    I actually think our custodians have done very well in trying times for the game in Scotland ,in fact ragers made disastrous financial decisions just to stop our domination of the domestic game .Of course they could have done certain things better at times but no ones perfect


    It may not be the most popular opinion but it is only my opinion


    PS I too thought it was a massive gamble giving Lenny the job but if it did not work out it would have been the board to blame not Lenny for taking it

  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    that´s fine by me … we have debated this over they years but why the mis information about the past and what happened.



    This board has been utter rank at bang for buck …. garbage



    Sadly unaccountable and garbage.



    The back slapping makes me puke. Its worse that a tory cabinet during the thatcher years



    There is of course a reason for this. I suspect that its a positioning of the board that it has done no wrongnever has and never will and that it has delivered before two inevitables take place.



    Sevcos steamlined return to the top table (if that is not an indication of the boards ineptness then nothing is)



    The hopeful castration of the supports leaning towards any social issues that are not considered charitable giving.



    If they think they are being measured only on pounds pence and points then they have got to go. Thats what moonbeams thought before the credit dried up.



    Lord ‘those days have gone’ Reid is a lord.




    and those days are very much with us …… ten times worse and not even recognised by the present board in fact they seem to have changed side in the mean time



    But maybe its just not me changing with the times.



    Social hardship I am convinced will see the removal of our inept sterile devious uncaring uninterested submissive board they just dont get it in my book. Apart from the money and the kudos I dont get why they are even here and what they do ??????




  7. Emus



    TM experienced the worst of the refereeing decisions we have faced, especially the offsides against Robbie Keane, when our Board splurge tried to save his season.



    However, he chose to adopt an uber stoic attitude to injustice and did not generate fight or defiance in his Celtic team. I was not alone in detecting a wee bit of frustration from his assistant manager, peter Grant, over his chosen “don’t let them know you’re hurting” line. As a big rugged centre half, he may have felt it was the manly thing to do but he fatally underestimated the battle he was in. Neil Lennon did not make that mistake and put his own body and reputation on the line from Day 1.

  8. dessybhoy



    20:34 on


    6 January, 2013




    Yes they should however the media need to highlight all instances of this including secterianism, I was sure the other night in the Edinburgh derby that the pitch side mics were switched off preventing the viewer hearing what was being sung, Macaskill said there were instances of secterian singing, the viewer wouldn’t know or be aware as it wasn’t mentioned by those at the game , they are colluding in covering this up.






    The media are never going to lead the charge, therefore they should be ignored.



    The players, through their union and the clubs are the ones to officially report it to the footballing authorities.



    They would be obliged to act, as the protocols exist within FIFA’s statutes to deal with official complaints.



    Are the clubs and the PFA prepared to take up the fight, though?

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Do you think TM brainwashed our board into abject submissiveness. If so he done a brilliant job.




  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    hail hail





    I’m hearing they have started calling Cadogan Street – Lourds

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I think my old mhan came up with that, least I’ve no heard it before :o)

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    “The pressure must be put on the authorities, or else anarchy will hasten the end of what is left of the game”,



    You hit the nail on the head – pressure must be put on Blatter and his cronies – but let’s be honest, who is showing any interest in applying the pressure?



    The players did a good thing in walking off and declaring their interest to get this resolved.


    I could pretty much assure you that it would only happen once in a competitive game and then steps will be taken to make sure that proper procedures are in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.



    All the players are doing is giving Blatter a problem to solve – otherwise he will sit on his fat erchie and dole out meaningless miniscule fines to clubs that facilitate or encourage racism and bigotry.

  13. I just wiki ed ‘sevco’ and it’s in it – that’s cool



    The Iron Lady’s on – think I’ll give her a miss thanks

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    think I can hear the beer singing to me, ah the sweet music




    hail hail

  15. Someone asked (yesterday I think) whether anyone knew (or had heard) from BRTaH. Well I’ve just seen a post from him on twatter saying he has been enjoying the season and will be back at it next week.




  16. Awe Naw



    “Do you think TM brainwashed our board into abject submissiveness. If so he done a brilliant job.”



    No, I think TM made his own mistakes. The Board tried to bail him out with the Keane, Kamara & Braafheid loans but I think it was Tony Mowbray’s own decision not to complain about refs.



    Neil Lennon chose to go a different way. The Board was the same for both managers. So, if they allowed Neill to react differently, I’ll believe they allowed Tony to be stoic about events, namely refereeing decisions, that lie largely in the realm of the manager rather than the Board.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    so its the managers job to deal with the corrupt SFA ?



    Is Lord Reid infallible ?




  18. From Wiki



    Some bhoys are very quick.





    Mladen Petrić (Croatian pronunciation: [ˈmladɛn ˈpɛːtritɕ]; born 1 January 1981) is a Croatian international footballer who plays for Fulham. He also holds Swiss citizenship. Petric is currently considering a move to Glasgow super giant, Celtic. He was recently quoted as saying “I hear the Glasgow derby is one of the best in the world, Glasgow Celtic v Partick Thistle. The move appeals to Petric more now than it did initially, now that Alan Mcgregor has moved to Turkey, Petric was concerned for his girlfriend. However it is believed the fact Frankie Bhoy Macavennie still lives in Glasgow is concerning him when it comes to leaving his wife over night for away games.

  19. sftb



    , I’ll believe they allowed Tony to be stoic about events, namely refereeing decisions, that lie largely in the realm of the manager rather than the Board.



    I disagree with that.



    it’s the duty of the board to look after the interests of the shareholders, and to maximise the profits for said shareholders, as well as the interests of the club.



    I have no idea what is their priority, but I could hazzard a guess.



    If they can see that the club are being cheated by the football authorities, they are duty bound to say and do something, I am still waiting for them to say anything.



    If they leave it to Lenny, the msm will crucify him, as they did during the dougiegate thing, we as a club were held responsible for the strike, which we as a club had nothing to do with, they lied, they tried to cover up, and when they were caught, they tried to lay the blame at our door, it had nothing to do with Celtic, that was our chance, we did nothing.



    The game is in the gutter, there is an oportunity to reserect the game, but yet they say nothing, why I ask myself.

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