The decision is made: Celtic will not win the league


If you were comforted by what happened at Livingston yesterday you are a fool.  A 0-3 win for Celtic on a difficult pitch is irrelevant in light of what happened with the scores at 0-0.

Kyogo received the ball inside the Livingston box.  Livi captain, Mikey Devlin, clattered into the Japanese striker’s standing leg, bringing him down.  Referee Don Robertson, who has already met his Celtic penalty allocation (1) this season, did not react.  Stunningly, the Video Assistant Referee did not ask Robertson to check the incident.

It should have been a penalty, but referees don’t see everything.  VAR saw what the rest of us saw, however, and for a team of officials watching the game to decide the incident was not worth troubling the referee about, tells you everything you need to know about how this season will end.

The decision has been made; it’s not coming our way.

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  1. Paul 67,



    I know its April the first, but that is a really depressing article.



    Have you been pranked today ?




  2. Simple question for the doubters out there, who don’t fancy us next week.



    Who of this fantastic hun side would get into our first eleven exactly. My considered opinion, none.



    Panic ye not




  3. When I saw the rerun of the tackle yesterday, I thought we were definitely getting a penalty. Silly me. Our board are failing us with the continued favour that is being afforded to Sevco. The evidence is there for all to see and brilliantly exposed by the likes of Alan Morrison (Celtic by numbers and the huddle breakdown). Pleasantly surprised by how well Hatate played in his comeback.


    Avoid defeat on Sunday and we will win the league. My only concern is the left side of our defence. We expect sevco to come at us. Let’s go get them.

  4. kevinlasvegas on

    How can you write an article like this and we all just go along with it.



    How can anyone renew with this patter?



    Goodness me.



    The club sit on their hands week in week out, we hear DD isn’t happy, big Peter has friends in high places but we say nothing?



    What the fuck is going on with this head in the sand crap?



    Win on Sunday and it’s on, it’s always been this way.



    All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing…….. here we are.



  5. kevinlasvegas on

    100% kinglubo.



    The big televised games, the refs shite it.



    It will be fairer and I expect us to win on Sunday, but we will need to score 3. Pen refs etc will still be in play but with the eyes of the world it’d harder to explain bias away.



    Mon the Hoops



    Win the 7.




  6. the long wait is over on




    I agree to the extent that everything is being and will be done to prevent us winning this league.



    What’s new though?



    It was ever thus.



    Not only does practically every game of theirs have a penalty or red card etc go their way you simply never read of a dodgy decision going against them.



    When did you last read or hear , at least domestically , that rangers opponents were given a soft penalty or rangers had a player sent off for a red card that shouldn’t have been awarded?



    The opposite is the same for us.



    In real terms therefore there are 4 ways we are being disadvantaged.



    The club really needs to deal with this. Maybe they are and Crawford Allan going is the start of real change. I fear not though.



    No matter how hard they try though for the rest of this season to artificially balance the odds against us it’s absolutely still in our hands, albeit harder, far harder , than it should be.

  7. Melvin Udall



    I can’t find the article on BBC Sport Scotland’s website. I’m fairly sure that it was taken down it was such a cringeworthy fail. I’ve tried to put it on Twitter with no success. Maybe someone else could have a look into it and have more success.

  8. Too many imponderables about Sunday to be confident this time.Will we get a fair deal from the officials.


    Will MOR,once again show us just how good he can be.Been poor for weeks.We can’t lose the midfield.He has to step up.Calmac must play.


    Bernardo has a goal in him,Iwata does not.Who will BR start.


    CCV,Hatate,Kyogo,Calmac,MOR,and Khun maintaining his form,and the rest playing near as possible to their best,they won’t live with that.


    The best of a bad lot is Walsh refereeing.Again as yesterday,VAR is a problem.


    Can’t really remember a time,I have wanted to gub them as much.Nervous wreck.

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    If we do lose the league this season it is because of a combination of factors.



    Appointing Rodgers.



    Not buying the quality we needed for Europe and home.



    Points dropped to the likes of St Johnstone, Hibs, Hearts etc.



    The decisions that the huns have got from the masons is only a part of it.



    Anyway, your pals on the board seem quite happy to be back seat bus riders. What goes around etc….

  10. THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 1ST APRIL 2024 2:22



    Allen still there though.What a way for that snake to bow out,for them to win this league.Our Boards lack of Cohones,probably has him sniggering at them.Yesterday,proved to me,that the officials have his full backing.

  11. the long wait is over on







    It will be a wild free for all for the few games remaining.



    I still think we win the league.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Allan declaring himself, looks like giving the MIBS/VAR a free hand to cheat their way till the end of the season, he will be the patsy,and will disappear.




    ” My pals on the Board”


    Not even worthy of a response.

  14. Burnley 78



    Very interesting to read your thoughts on the now deceased Ken Gallacher. He started his career at the Herald as fairly neutral with regards to Celtic.


    But his tone later became markedly vindictive towards Celtic in general and to Fergus in particular. He would alternate between sycophantic and slavish articles on Murray as the greatest living thingy and then, for balance, unprovoked libels on McCann as the antichrist.


    There was one quite special piece of nastiness when Fergus questioned John Collins’ move to Monaco. His reasoning was that the Bosman ruling should apply only within the EU.


    Gallacher went ape shit. He wrote that Fergus had embarrassed Scottish football in the eyes of the world. The unspoken line of argument in was that McCann must be removed and that he was polluting the air fine people like David Murray had to breathe.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    Gallagher’s “neutrality “ to Celtic at the start of his time at the Herald was an outlier in my opinion.



    His time at the Daily Ranker was generally pro them and anti Celtic.



    He had the brief period of seeming neutrality and then reverted to type.



    When he went to the Herald initially, the Herald was still a quality newspaper with the sports section having a reputation for balanced reporting. He couldn’t just go there and immediately start the pro hun propaganda.



    Once he was sure he had his feet under the table, he reverted to type (no pun intended).

  16. FANS WANT THE EXECUTIVES AND THE BOARD TO COMPLAIN, RAISE THE CONCERNS, GO PUBLIC, SPEAK OUT, HAVE A VOICE. stand up for us, and in general act like fans on the phone ins and hotlines.



    Meanwhile in the PLC governance world, there are actions they cannot take when going public.



    and even more so to be part of the “association”, you cannot complain.



    you must use official channels and corrospondence, not in public.



    what i would like to see though, each and every interview of a football department staff member, they raise a point, make a statement.



    John Kenneddy yesterday, real opportunity to follow up on brendans comments from the hearts game, something alo g the lines of manager in the stand but i was happy to take charge pitch side but i can see we never got a penalty and am baffled by the non use of var, i mean what are we paying for.



    and every week, roll out a different person to make similar statements, consistently.



    we earn millions in interest, use it to pay the fines.



    the crawford allen stage management of his own retirel, he will costs us, i am sure of that.

  17. Also noticed yesterday we seem to be back to the days of linesmen sticking up flags and refs stopping play rather than letting game flow. We retained the ball in a good few of these so stopped us continuing and then letting VAR take over if something of consequence happened. And they were not clear cut offsides or am sure Sky would gave shown the replays. All these subtle ploys are in place for a good reason.

  18. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 – Yep I agree the point.


    To enhance your view The Huns penalty was exactly the opposite. Ref played on VAR called him back


    I watched on Hibs TV Hibs commentators saying “we are at Ibrox”


    Also not sure of exact moment ref blew to have Pen retaken – probably when keeper saved it



    The Hi so were given every opportunity


    And will get the same on Sunday



    Tough game for us given the Ref influence.



    Hail Hail Hope and Pray



  19. I feel the Celtic are just about to enter a strong run of form which will see us win every one of our remaining games – starting next weekend. We have had a few good results recently without getting into top gear but the signs are there that CCV, Johnston, McGregor, O’Riley, Hatate, Kuhn and Yang are all ready for the final push. I also think James Forrest is going to have a role to play, especially is the Glasgow derbies.

  20. As Bada Bing said @2.39 pm


    Crawford Allans swansong


    Our board needs to stand up

  21. The non award for going through the back of Kyogo was stunning.



    The pen awarded to the huns while their match was 0-0 was equally as stunning a decision.



    It seems Crawford Allen is determined to go out in a blaze of glory as we now witness shameless decisions being taken by officials.

  22. the long wait is over on

    An dun



    “The pen awarded to the huns while their match was 0-0 was equally as stunning a decision”



    I suspect even the Hun players were stunned – not one claimed for it and they will claim for absolutely anything however unjustified.



    Given domestic referees propensity to give them anything it’s hardly surprising they do.

  23. Can’t believe the glare off that plastc surfce when the sun hits it makes difficult at times to identify players on tv at least. However a good win and performance, nice dress rehearsal for the big one next week.


    Nicolas Kuhn is unrecognisal from the the nervy lightweight i watched in recent weeks, he had a terrific game yesterday. Great to see Reo back to his old trickery and playing well after injury and ready for next weekend, definately if Calmac can’t make it.

  24. totally agree hankray about Kuhn – fidderent player now – reckon calmac or GT/AJ have been speaking to him about the spfl – keep having a go and we’ll get chances – don’t stop

  25. During my time of watching Celtic (the best part of 70 years, can’t really believe that), I feel we have always been cheated. There are so so many instances of it that it can be put down to incompetence.



    Yet this season, I feel, is the worst. Now it is simply blatant. Yesterday set a new low. How the VAR person didn’t draw attention to the foul on Kyogo defies any explanation. He cheated, pure and simple. The Club must make an official statement, demanding an apology from the SFA, It’s so ridiculous, especially in light of the nonsense at Tynecastle. If we don’t put some pressure on them, we know in advance what is going to happen for the rest of the season, so that the deid team win the league.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Had the misfortune of being in company with Gallacher and Alan Davidson, around 1998,they told me they were still digging into Fergus’s past,convinced he had dirty money from somewhere, reptiles the both of them

  27. I looked for the Gallagher article but found this James Trainer article on Kerrydale Street from a poster called Miller in 2005.






    “November 19, 1998





    10 IN A ROW: Rangers chairman David Murray opens up on the


    highs and lows of his decade in charge of Rangers and


    promises that the best is still to come


    Exclusive James Traynor




    RANGERS owner David Murray doesn’t often allow his true


    feelings to surface, but currently he is finding it difficult to


    disguise a pain which has been gnawing away inside since the


    end of last season.


    After a period of almost total dominance of Scottish football


    during which Rangers racked up 17 trophies the club met with




    Celtic won the championship and the League Cup and Hearts


    beat Rangers in the Tennents Scottish Cup final, leaving Murray


    with nothing to show for a massive investment in time and




    Even now he winces when he thinks of that season, but it is the


    vivid memory, and the pain of defeat with which he now suffers,


    that combine to drive him on.


    Last night as he looked back on a decade as Rangers’ owner –


    come this Sunday, the 22nd, it will be 10 years since he paid


    Lawrence Marlborough pounds 6million for the club – Murray’s


    desire to avoid the miseries of another barren season could not


    be disputed.


    To hear him speak was to listen to a man who believes himself


    to be charged with some kind of great and mighty mission.


    Murray, who chose to talk only to the Record about his dreams


    and ambitions for Rangers, said: “No one should doubt that


    Rangers are the biggest club in the country, but I know that talk is


    cheap in this business and that we will have to prove just how


    big we are.


    “That doesn’t really bother me because as long as I am able to


    influence this club we will be the biggest and we will be the best.


    “I have spent 10 years of my life, and I know that sometimes I


    gave up too much of myself to Rangers, but I am not about to


    give up now.


    “Neither am I willing to stand aside and allow another club to


    overtake Rangers. The failure of last season hurt me a lot and


    that pain was something I didn’t need nor want.


    “It is also a pain which I never want to suffer again, but by God


    that sort of thing just makes me even more determined to


    succeed. I am still as driven, still as enthusiastic and I will


    welcome the challenge of anyone out there.”


    Murray was referring not only to the Kenny Dalglish/Jim Kerr


    consortium who are stalking Celtic, but also the as yet


    uncovered groups who are bound to make bids to buy out


    Fergus McCann.


    If the past 10 years have taught Murray, who is one of Britain’s


    wealthiest individuals, anything it is how to win and he believes


    Rangers will continue to grow and prosper.


    “I look upon these last 10 years as a having been a great era, but


    it is over and Rangers are about to head on into a new era,” he


    said over a glass of the finest red.


    He was about to take in another mouthful of the most succulent


    lamb – anyone who knows Murray shouldn’t be surprised to learn


    he is a full-blooded, unashamed red meat eater – when he put


    down his knife and fork.


    It was like a Statement of intent and looking directly across the


    table to make sure I hadn’t yet succumbed to the wine, he said:


    “Bring on the next 10 years, there’s more to come for Rangers.


    “Understand that I care passionately about what I’m doing with


    Rangers and believe that in 10 years time we will still be setting


    the pace.


    “Too many of us have put too much into this club and we won’t let


    someone come along and take it all away.


    “What I’m saying here is that no matter who buys Celtic from


    Fergus, they will need to have the deepest of pockets




    “The fresh challenge would be good for the Scottish game and


    lift the profile, but Celtic’s new owners had better be prepared to




    “In the past, Celtic’s people maybe just haven’t fancied trying to


    take Rangers on financially, but if I have to go in deeper to keep


    my club up there then I will. I have done it too many times to be


    frightened now.”


    From anyone else such talk could be dismissed as no more


    than empty rhetoric, but with Murray you just feel it is more than


    bluster and besides, he does have a track record as a spender.


    There have been times in his 10 years when he has taken


    Rangers somewhere between pounds 15m and pounds 20m


    into debt and he knows that if this season goes belly up like the


    last one he could be looking at a potential debt of pounds 20m.


    However, having taken the value of Rangers from pounds 6m to


    approximately pounds 186m in 10 years he knows how far he


    can gamble in pursuit of success.


    This season alone he has allowed his new manager Dick


    Advocaat to spend almost pounds 30m, but he refuses to lose


    any sleep over it.


    He said: “I don’t because I consider spending as much as


    pounds 5million on someone like Andrei Kanchelskis as a


    necessity. If a club like ours doesn’t do that then we fall by the




    “Look, I have many other businesses so I could find many other


    things to worry about, but I love sport and I want Rangers to be


    successful. I know this won’t be accepted by some people but


    this isn’t about making money.


    “pounds 56m has been invested in the stadium and in my time


    pounds 200m has been turned over and after interest our trading


    profit is minimal. Perhaps as much as pounds 60m has been


    spent on players and I have even paid in about pounds 1m in


    hospitality but never taken a salary from the place.


    “I get six complimentary tickets the same as everyone else and if


    I want extra I have to pay for them the same as everyone else.


    “There are no free lunches for David Murray at Ibrox and I have


    never taken part or been at the centre of any of the numerous


    victory celebrations we have had.”


    Murray disappears to celebrate success with a small group of


    close friends, leaving the roar of the crowd to wash over the


    players and management.


    “Supporters don’t want chairmen hanging around, even though


    they look to people like me to provide some kind of direction and


    the new ways to keep moving the club on,” he said.


    “I hope I can say that in my 10 years so far I’ve been fairly good at


    that, but the day I run out of ideas is the day I’ll know it’s over. I’m


    sure someone will tell me because I have good people around


    me, I always have.


    “But I’m not ready yet to step back and I see enough fresh


    challenges, staying ahead at home and winning a place at the


    European table, ahead in the next 10 years to keep my own


    adrenaline flowing.”


    He knows roughly how much it will cost him and he’s heard the


    rumours that ENIC, who have invested pounds 40m in Rangers,


    are uneasy at the club’s spending policies but Murray claims


    these backers have always been supportive of his methods.


    He said: “They could kick up a fuss but they don’t. Besides, I am


    the owner of the club and so far most people seem to like what


    I’ve done.”

  28. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Not sure about this one Pablo.



    If the pot needs stirring … and the Celtic faithful are one of many spoons … fair enough.



    But we can’t do it alone.



    The players ..


    … Currently told by our management team to be well behaved and calm …


    … need to scream blue bloody murder and descend on refs like a pack of wild dogs ANY TIME there is the slightest bump or an upper body ball contact in the opposition box.



    Likewise for any hard tackle or jersey pull outside the box.



    Second, our board (who make it fairly easy for fans to think they are aloof) …..



    … may very well be trying hard in the background to change organisations that have no interest, pressure or other motivation to change.






    Time to join the fans in the trenches.



    Get bloody minded.



    Starting with a quite intentional character assassination on Muir TODAY, 01 April.



    If they are looking for help with the byline I’m happy to oblige.



    Still photo of ICT handball. Still photo of foul on Kyogo.



    “April 2015. April 2024. Nine years. Nothing has changed. Do they think we are fools?”

  29. Decent wee bit of grub in Amore … deserts were amazing



    Now back in the Brig trying to pick the winner of the Irish National …



    Gambling is a mugs game … this mug loves it

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