The decision is made: Celtic will not win the league


If you were comforted by what happened at Livingston yesterday you are a fool.  A 0-3 win for Celtic on a difficult pitch is irrelevant in light of what happened with the scores at 0-0.

Kyogo received the ball inside the Livingston box.  Livi captain, Mikey Devlin, clattered into the Japanese striker’s standing leg, bringing him down.  Referee Don Robertson, who has already met his Celtic penalty allocation (1) this season, did not react.  Stunningly, the Video Assistant Referee did not ask Robertson to check the incident.

It should have been a penalty, but referees don’t see everything.  VAR saw what the rest of us saw, however, and for a team of officials watching the game to decide the incident was not worth troubling the referee about, tells you everything you need to know about how this season will end.

The decision has been made; it’s not coming our way.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    That last race there, the 4:20, was a fine example of bad management. Horse 🐎 was off far too fast and was pulled up with two fences to go…

  2. Tom McLaughlin on




    The referee didn’t order the Rangers penalty v Hibs to be retaken. He awarded an indirect free-kick to Hibs inside the box at the point where Wright netted the rebound.



    The penalty is retaken only where a player from both teams encroaches. As Wright was the only player to encroach, the right decision was a Hibs free-kick.




    During my time of watching Celtic (the best part of 70 years, can’t really believe that), I feel we have always been cheated. There are so so many instances of it that it can be put down to incompetence.



    *snap me tae but I firmly believe that Wullie Maley was too tough for them which is why our record durin his tenure 16 titles, 14 Scottish and Glasgow Cups, 18 Chairty Cups and various other one offs including the Empire Exhibition Cup were primary down tae the gruff manner he displayed,



    So, when the 2 Jimmys, McStay and McGrory followed him, they were just too nice and although the latter had a very good record tae he too was easily bullied, and by his own board tae.



    It was only when the Big Mhan cum that things improved although there were games that had you shakin your heid as you left.



    But seemingly, according to Hugh McIlvanney, when he was accepting the position he was told by Bob Kelly that there were things that would happen that we just have to accept, and it seems also that Jock said, beneath his breath, “aye that’ll be right”.



    So when we have tough and educated managers they pull back a bit so we will just have tae fight back, I love the front of the bus.

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I still think we’ll do it, but their big chance to fix it is this weekend- a repeat of the early Tynecastle 1-2 of red card and penalty will seal it. They won’t lose it from there.



    We did render ourselves vulnerable to this cheating, so what are the Board going to do about it? They keep hiding behind their ‘pecuniary responsibilities’ as a plc to defend their parsimony. Doesn’t that extend to their business being robbed of a potential £60M?



    Will meek Mikey finally crawl out from behind his mum’s apron strings and make a stand? Of course not.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2024 2:43 PM





    Please accept my apologies, the “your pals on the board” was supposed to be directed at the writer of the lead today. Sorry for not making that clearer…

  6. Interesting, albeit farly long piece n the Times today about Everton Fans group gaving direct dialogue with Howard Webb – am sure it will catch on up here. Step forward Paul Brennan??



    – Everton supporters are seeking further answers from referees’ chief Howard Webb on the catalogue of decisions they believe have conspired against Sean Dyche’s team. There has been a long-running dialogue between Webb, who heads the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), and the Everton Fans’ Forum after a number of incidents were raised highlighting the inconsistency of top-flight referees.



    A Zoom meeting took place between Webb and Barry Williams, the chairman of the fans’ forum, at the end of January to discuss a comprehensive dossier pointing to a number of controversial decisions. These included Craig Pawson’s failure to show Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konaté a second yellow card for tugging back Beto in the Merseyside derby last October, having previously dismissed Ashley Young for two cautions, and the intervention of VAR to send off Dominic Calvert-Lewin in an FA Cup tie away to Crystal Palace in January. The striker’s red card, for what appeared to be a fair challenge in which he got the ball, was later rescinded.



    The question of whether some officials have an “unconscious bias” against Everton was also raised, with the fans’ forum offering to do a further study on that matter. Webb followed up with a written response, but that has been dismissed as being too vague and a further correspondence is being sought by April 12.



    The development comes with Everton angry that Calvert-Lewin was not awarded a penalty in the 2-1 defeat by Bournemouth on Saturday for a foul by Tyler Adams, citing a copycat challenge from James Tarkowski on Alejandro Garnacho that resulted in a spot-kick for Manchester United against Dyche’s team before the international break.



    “In the meeting, he [Webb] acknowledged quite a few incorrect decisions that had gone against Everton, such as the Konaté one,” Williams said. “I was expecting a detailed response to follow that, but the letter does not contain enough answers. The sentence which baffled me was that officiating is ‘as good, if not better than it’s ever been’. “All we want is someone to acknowledge some of the decisions that have gone against Everton and what they plan to do to make things better for everyone because, to be honest, it is not just about us. “Every club has had decisions that have gone against them. It has not just been wrong for Everton, it has been wrong for everyone. “That can be human error. We know it is a difficult job, but there is something there that is meant to reduce that in VAR. I’m not sure the fans’ forum will get another response, but we have to try.”

  7. Superbru Round 31 Update



    A weekend of more predictable results saw some high scoring but no-one got close to the 17 points record score set by Hutchybhoy a few weeks back.



    The best weekly performers were headed by two of our Leaderboard contenders, setting a wee gap between them and the rest and being the first to break the 200 point barrier, we have:-



    1= One Malloy & Billy Bhoy- 14.5 pts


    3= James Cant, Big Jimmy, Hopeful Hoops, SFTB, Celtic Mac & A thing of beauty- 13 pts



    Managing to defy the predictability of this set of results we had:-



    Angel Gabriel- 1.5 pts


    2. BMCUWP- 2.5 pts


    3= Big Archie, Tirconnell & The class of 67- all on 3 pts.



    This leaves the overall Leaderboard (Top 10) as follows:-



    One Malloy- 208 pts


    Billy Bhoy- 203 pts


    BC Milan- 197 pts


    Leggy- der Mann, der von Barhockern fällt- 195 pts


    Hopeful Hoops- 189 pts


    roy croppie- 182.5 pts


    Call me Gerry- 182 pts


    Bognorbhoy- 181 pts


    Tirconnell- 176 pts


    = jmcormick & Nawlite- 175.5 pts




    In the race for der Holzlöffel, we have:-



    Friesdorfer- (Sebo)- 102 pts


    Aipple- (Van Vossen)- 112 pts


    BelmontBrian63- (Cyriel Dessers) -114.5 pts




    Our next deadline is Saturday 6th April at 3 pm when we have 5 SPFL matches. In addition, you have the added dilemma of which number to put opposite Celtic after you have written 0 next to Rangers for the High Noon kick off on the Sunday.



    We are heading towards the run in and the closing fences now. Some of the back markers are being sidetracked on the route to the glue factory but there remains the big prize of Best Weekly Total to aim for before their Baws get turned into Bostik.



    Tx for your continued support.

  8. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    ●● Two ‘First’s involving Celtic●●


    1) Real Madrid v Celtic, November 2nd 2022.


    2) Celtic v Aberdeen November 8th 1980.


    PS Answer’s do not involve players nor scoreline,

  9. Both teams to score on the Ipswich v Southampton game, both score within a minute !



    Think the Ipswich manager was mentioned before we got Brendan …



    Still think Brendan was the best we could have gotten

  10. Ipswich manager along with Leicester boss were the other two in contention both sides going well.

  11. Maestro



    Correct … Maresca is the Leicester guy



    Still think Brendan is better than both

  12. garcia lorca on

    Paul- a wee reminder this Easter morn. Celtic was created in adversity. Celtic has existed in adversity. Although times change and Celtic has become what we are in Scotland today the underlying cultural attitude is maybe less hostile across the breadth of the population but in core and in significant areas that hostility is still strong.


    That hostility towards Celtic is at its most virulent in the area of professional football. Celtic has upset what the majority regard as the natural order of things and those with influence want to correct that trajectory.


    We should start by understanding this- and then we go to Ibrox and win. Not draw- but win.


    Hail! Hail!

  13. ONIL,



    No problem.I have no time for this Board,or any previous,for that matter.A necessary evil.Although I became friends with John Reid,before he joined.Sat next to me for a couple of seasons.Now he would have sorted this mob out.Red hot fanatic.

  14. Anyone from Ayrshire I will be in Largs on Sunday and looking for a good venue to view the match on Sunday?

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Queens Park Cafe. It’s a hard life but I feel it’s my duty to live my life to enjoy every waking minute. And laugh at the hun.

  16. the 60m myth being used again.



    dearie me, get the figures right.



    as worked out before, if we got direct qualification, and no huns to share thew pot we will be lucky to get 40m.



    dont qualify, go into europa, still 25m to be made.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2024 6:23 PM



    Many thanks for accepting my apology.



    Your views are similar to mine on the guys running our club.

  18. that journo on clyde tonight, the rangers penalty was a penalty just because it is.




  19. frimpondgrumoured to be on city and united and munich radar.



    release clause in contract is over 35m, i wonder how high they would go. 30% due to celtic plc of profit above our fee



    i wonder who signed him for us, who did the analytics for that one,



    he only played 36 times for us.

  20. Melvin Udall 1.09.



    Hi Melvin,


    Do me a small favour MU,leave any attention seeking troll who mentions my moniker to me to reply to if i feel doing so,thanks forthat👍.


    You will find the only ‘rammys’i have are with those hiding in anonymity,type agenda and bolt.Asking someone if they are a hun is an Old cqn tradition to 1st time posters,quickly over come and chat of all things Celtic thereafter.



    Just to clarify there are Celtic men on here i am in awe of and have total respect for,i havent met them but dont need to doubt their Celticness whether i agree or not with them.



    Give a blog like todays,bit of history,bit of review of match,bit of media review and looking forward to Sunday,its all bout Celtic except for one attention seekin post.all said with respect MU which i dont have for any hidden typists/trolls less oxygen the better.



    All the best 💚


    Hail Hail



    Hope you enjoy your meet on Sunday at kittys with some pedigree tims,both have been here for years and its good to watch a Celtic victory

  21. Turkeyboy 6.23



    No problem.I have no time for this Board,or any previous,for that matter.A necessary evil.Although I became friends with John Reid,before he joined.Sat next to me for a couple of seasons.Now he would have sorted this mob out.Red hot fanatic.



    John Reid,ex Home Sec? Whatever happened to his ‘dossier’ TB ?


    Still attends,but the dossier still intrigues me.




  22. Will be interesting to see how the new Hate Crime will pan out. Focus on the scum and it’s followers first please.


    Won’t hold my breath




  23. bigrailroadblues on



    Apologies, can’t find anything but if I do I shall let you know.

  24. Maestro



    Am rubbish at geography not sure if Largs is close enough to Ayr …



    But think the Market Inn (???) is a favourite fir a few CQNers

  25. Anyone watching This Town.



    The two tone and Coventry Irish cousins story



    I thought it was very well done very authentic.



    From the guy who did peaky blinders

  26. Cheers GFTB





    Us also and yes we are on episode 3 thoroughly enjoying so far.

  27. Majestic Hartson on



    Melvin Udall



    I can’t find the article on BBC Sport Scotland’s website. I’m fairly sure that it was taken down it was such a cringeworthy fail. I’ve tried to put it on Twitter with no success. Maybe someone else could have a look into it and have more success.





    I’m not the most tech savvy but I just copied the start of your post – title, journalist and website – into Google and found it 😅




  28. Really disappointed that when John Kennedy was pressed post match about the penalty incident HE should have asked why didn’t it go to VAR?’



    Our club have effectively allowed them to come between us possibly winning or losing the league by influencing games with the horrific decision making.

  29. Majestic Hartson on

    Sorry TOSB – I misread, thinking it was the article you’ve copied and pasted that was no longer online -thought you had kept it for special occasions 😂



    It’s been a long day 🫣

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