The decision is made: Celtic will not win the league


If you were comforted by what happened at Livingston yesterday you are a fool.  A 0-3 win for Celtic on a difficult pitch is irrelevant in light of what happened with the scores at 0-0.

Kyogo received the ball inside the Livingston box.  Livi captain, Mikey Devlin, clattered into the Japanese striker’s standing leg, bringing him down.  Referee Don Robertson, who has already met his Celtic penalty allocation (1) this season, did not react.  Stunningly, the Video Assistant Referee did not ask Robertson to check the incident.

It should have been a penalty, but referees don’t see everything.  VAR saw what the rest of us saw, however, and for a team of officials watching the game to decide the incident was not worth troubling the referee about, tells you everything you need to know about how this season will end.

The decision has been made; it’s not coming our way.

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  1. Update on the POTY voting for those interested.








    Good evening, friends.


    Before I cover yesterday’s game can I start with an apology. Whenever someone’s 3 picks agree with my own, I try to send a personal response email. However, yesterday’s game saw (I think) 31 folk picking the same 3 as me. I simply didn’t have the time to do what I usually do so, as I said, apologies.


    Anyway, Celtic retained their spot at the top of the league and extended the gap to their nearest challengers by 1 goal in what was ultimately a very satisfying return after the international break.


    The first half saw loads of possession, some good passing moves and some steady defending but ultimately very little threat to the Livingston goal. The shining light in all of this was the return of Reo Hatate who hardly misplaced a pass and had the uncanny knack of always finding unmarked teammates. The main event in the first half came just before half time when Kyogo took a kick to the ankle inside the box but incredibly the referee failed to see it and, more incredibly, wasn’t invited by the video assistant referee to even have a look at the monitor. Cheating in plain sight now. And so we went in at the break goalless but feeling aggrieved at not being at least given the chance to miss another penalty!


    Fortunately, we came flying out of the blocks in the second half and quickly opened the scoring following some persistent retrieval work by the impressive Khun. The proverbial stramash in the box saw the ball end up in the net off a Livingston defender. We continued to dominate the game and have some fine passing movements before turning to the bench and letting Reo depart to a well deserved ovation. His replacement, Bernardo, didn’t take long to put his mark on the game, starting and finishing a good move with a low drilled shot into the net from outside the box. See what happens when you shoot? For our 3rd goal Matt O’Riley’s sidefoot attempt from 8 yards really shouldn’t have troubled the Livi keeper who had played well up to that point. But somehow, he failed to get enough hand on it and the points were secured.


    With the game drawing toa close the Celtic fans en masse began to remind all Sky viewers that one of their pundits was overweight, the colour of a tangerine and also of doubtful parentage. Sky’s decision to quickly introduce artificial crowd noise was both desperate and laughable. Apparently, those watching via Celtic TV were able to sing along with the crowd without any interruption.


    We have now played 41 competitive games. We have managed 28 wins, 5 draws and 8 defeats, scoring 90 goals and conceding 40. We have 7 league games left whilst our nearest challenger, a point behind, have 8 to play. We are 1 goal better off and have scored 7 more. 7 wins and 1 draw would be enough to secure our 54th league title.


    My thanks to the 57 who voted this time around. The total votes cast for each player are as follows, with my own nominations asterisked.



    Hart: 0


    Johnston: 0


    Carter-Vickers*: 47


    Scales: 0


    Taylor: 2


    Iwata: 14


    O’Riley: 6


    Hatate*: 45


    Kuhn*: 51


    Kyogo: 2


    Maeda: 0


    Bernardo: 4


    Yang: 0


    Idah: 0


    Forrest: 0


    Kelly: 0



    And so, the players receiving POINTS for the game against Livingston are –


    Kuhn – 5 points


    Carter-Vickers – 4 points


    Hatate – 3 points


    Iwata – 2 points


    O’Riley – 1 point



    The overall positions after 41 games played are as follows –


    82 points – Scales


    79 points – O’Riley


    57 points – McGregor


    50 points – Carter-Vickers


    36 points – Hart


    34 points – Johnston, A.


    33 points – Kyogo


    28 points – Palma


    25 points – Maeda and Yang


    22 points – Bernardo


    20 points – Oh


    18 points – Taylor


    17 points – Kuhn


    16 points – Idah


    15 points – Iwata


    10 points – Ralston


    9 points – Johnston M, Nawrocki and Turnbull


    8 points – Hatate


    6 points – Lagerbielke


    5 points – Forrest


    4 points – Bain, Bernabei and Holm


    3 points – Welsh


    2 points – Abada


    0 points – Frame, Haksabanovic, Kelly, Phillips, Starfelt, Tilio and Vata





    The Player Of The Month award is based simply on the total votes received across all games played. There were only 4 games during February – away trips to Hearts and Livingston and home ties against Livingston and St Johnston.


    In 3rd place with 63 votes is Daizen Maeda the runner up on 124 votes (and playing only 3 of the games) is Cameron Carter-Vickers. But the clear winner is someone who also only played 3 of the games but with 1 MOTM awards and 2 runners up he has certainly been consistent; with 142 votes it’s Nicolas Kuhn.


    So far the monthly winners have been –


    August: Kyogo (4 games, 164 votes, average 41)


    September: O’Riley (5 games, 259 votes, average 52)


    October: Scales (5 games, 243 votes, average 49)


    November: Scales (6 games, 191 votes, average 32)


    December: McGregor (8 games, 281 votes, average 35)


    January: O’Riley (3 games, 132 votes, average 44)


    February: Hart (6 games, 206 votes, average 34)


    March: Kuhn (3 games, 142 votes, average 47)



    We now have just 6 more sleeps until we cross the city to face Triggers Broom FC on Sunday. Another High Noon kick off and the chance to go 4 points clear at the top.


    Hail Hail!

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Re Alan Davidson ( goalkeeper not the journalist son of Bobby Davidson ref)


    Alan Davidson was with Celtic late 70s, never played for senior team.He joined irish league team Ards.I remember few years back on CQN relating same story.

  3. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    …should have put comma after journalist.Strange that Alan Davidson joined Celtic given his refereeing father’s dislike of Celtic.




    I’ve been away since Thursday and am only now catching-up on reports and comments proper to our game at Livingston.



    Of course it was an important win which keeps us fractionally ahead going into the last clutch of league games. However it was Livingston, a club adrift and facing relegation from the Premiership; in my opinion it would be fighting relegation if in the Irish League, Welsh League, or, the fifth-tier in England: i.e. the Vanarama. So no getting carried away – we won a match we were expected to win and which has no bearing, apart from the three points won, on the upcoming game at Ibrox.



    I see the old repetitious nonsense that there is no Ibrox player that could possibly get a place in our squad – this is ‘green glasses’ poppycock – there are a least half a dozen that could fit into our group.



    Looking at the starting eleven on Sunday it concerns me that we had six smallish players on the field in defence, midfield and exclusively up-front – Taylor(5ft 6ins), Hatate(5ft 8ins),Tomoki(5ft 8ins), Maeda(5ft 8ins), Kyogo(5ft 6ins) and Khun(5ft 8ins). It will be a physical battle at Ibrox against a strong & committed opponent who will press us middle to front from the first minute. Will we be able to weather this and bring our own game to the table? I live in hope, but am not convinced.



    Finally, I fear we may not see Callum on the pitch again this season. He has an Achilles issue, which I know from experience even a grade-one strain can take three months to heal. We are told that he has had a similar problem at the end of other seasons, maybe this time, being older, it has ‘got him’. John Kennedy was evasive, rightly so, when asked about his availability – he said “hopefully Cal will be back in training in the middle of the week. We’ll get him through that then the manager will decide later in the week whether or not he’s fit to play” – so no training on the injury yet. The thing about Achilles tendinopathy is that when you get it once you’ll always have an underlying problem thereafter and it will flare-up from time to time.



    My opinion is that if we can avoid defeat at Ibrox, avoid any other injuries and to some extent ‘get our mojo back’ for the subsequent games, we have a fighting chance of landing the league and cup double – also getting Callum back would be a tremendous boost, but I am not holding my breath on that. Our ‘mojo’ has been posted missing on a good number of occasions this season and cost us dear in drawn games that we should have won comfortably – I would welcome its return immediately.

  5. Even if the Hun cheats win next Sunday



    We will win this league



    Alan Muir = cheat



    I agree with Darwin … we will not lose next Sunday



    Brendan doesn’t lose against the tax evading cheats



    (they are still at it)

  6. Was feeling a little pessimistic about Sunday,till I read Darwin’s post.


    Now I am fekin suicidal.

  7. TB 12.33am



    Not a chance you are pessimistic about Sunday ..



    We will not lose = fact 🍀🍀🍀

  8. We will not lose on Sunday. Brendan’s doesn’t lose to those feckers.



    Our biggest challenge will be the officials and VAR.



    I’m confident we’ll overcome both and win 2-1. Hatate and Kyogo. Tavpen with their goal.

  9. Drambowiecelt on

    @ fox don’t think you are being ignored….


    Your links are top notch …..


    And big ups to your stamina….








  10. Drambowiecelt on

    @ GFTB…..Love your positive soul vibes…


    I’m old …but in ma heid i reflect your positivity ..


    May you and your ghirl.bring us a history never to be forgotten..



  11. DrambowieCelt



    Hope all is good as it can be…



    Still love your bhoys song



    Hail Hail mate 🍀

  12. GFTB 11.27



    Missed!! Catch yourself on it was on earlier at 12.55 under a different name.


    Its a Galloway gobbler,unionist scum that is beyond the jeffrey!! Vermin,a brexit supporting boat chaser,part of the stoap the boats cult that diseases this dear green place,


    Comes under a range of monikers it should be called the copland road!!


    .apart from Dobwin, try 12.55pm


    Try Cloud9- for cbc false assertions


    Try JHB- for staunch unionism,’corbyn a commie’Ange may not get a top6 finish,and


    weaponizing death in Scotland whilst hailing Boris(remember that clown) as UKs answer to covid.


    Duality of personality developed into multi digital personas simplified as Beetlejuice heid


    Gerry,A troll.


    When he writes we he means his personas


    But lets pretend they are unique!we see you



    Glad you enjoyed Friday.They are all good Celts.





  13. DrambowieCelt



    Great minds think alike fools seldom differ



    I was thinking about your Bhoy and you were thinking of MissGFTB…



    Much appreciated

  14. AT 1.27am



    I get it .. but Darwin has always been pretty decent to me so I only take posters at “face value”



    Friday night was magic …



    Only out for a few hours but every one was an enjoyable hour … canny beat Ceitic chat in real life

  15. DrambowieCelt






    The wee blade has become such a wee rebel .. I blame Covid stuck in the house with me … she now buys tickets for the ladies games even though she says “women’s fitba is rubbish but at least it gets me to watch Celtic” … she bought tickets for her and her pal for the Buckie Thistle game and has got me & her tickets for the POTY at the Hydro … canny wait



    A wee father & daughter rebel day … Graces then the hydro 🍀🍀🍀

  16. both



    GARCIA LORCA on 1ST APRIL 2024 6:21 PM


    Paul- a wee reminder this Easter morn. Celtic was created in adversity. Celtic has existed in adversity. Although times change and Celtic has become what we are in Scotland today the underlying cultural attitude is maybe less hostile across the breadth of the population but in core and in significant areas that hostility is still strong.



    That hostility towards Celtic is at its most virulent in the area of professional football. Celtic has upset what the majority regard as the natural order of things and those with influence want to correct that trajectory.



    We should start by understanding this- and then we go to Ibrox and win. Not draw- but win.



    Hail! Hail!



    Best post of yesterday 👏👏👏👏👏



    Think about what we can do,it is up to us.


    We have known it since we left the hall of St.Marys in 1887.


    As Fergus said in 1993 whatever we won we won fairly and without( and rub of the knuckle)any help from secret societies.


    We know what we are against




  17. Rangers died and daft Tims went along with the £49 ticket cover up.



    Murray pulled off the biggest sporting fraud mainly on Tims.



    Then Tims helped pretend that there was / is still an Old Firm.



    Murray got a lot of his business back and watched Celtic make sure that thee was no Timmy 10 in a row which would have seriously damaged the Old Firm.



    Celtic Scum + Rangers Scum = ZERO good guys.



    Some of us are aware of these dynamics and get called “Trolls” when we share the news.




  18. Ah wee kev j..effrey


    Born under a union fleg


    Died under a union fleg.


    Murray sent huns to liquidation chamber


    Died because he lied.


    Liquidation fleg sucker


    Come back in a century and ask why only one petrofac cup victory? 4 years lookin for a ba on the hedge,tis not Celtics job to verify,necessitate or touch the shoite


    Tims stood by and laughed,no need for them to say anything.that would be so ol frim kevin.Your pretendin to be a tim,


    Tell it once ,get it in your heid,they are deid


    and i woulnt fart near them let alone comment on how the died,laughin and will be for the rest of time.


    Jeremy still not joined with your grifter chatshow host eh,

  19. Good morning all from a wet, wet, wet 6 degree Garngad.


    It has rained since about June last year…Arrrggghhh



    I think we will beat der Hun on Sunday even a draw would be good, but we will win.



    Some slick passing and movement on Sunday against Livi, we need to step that up in training, Hatates runs are so important.



    Back to the grind for a 3 day week as my good lady is off for 2 weeks watching grandkids I have took this Friday and and Monday off to enjoy with them.



    Have a nice day all.



    D. :)

  20. I have NO IDEA IF Celtic will beat the Huns on Sunday ?


    I can only HOPE.



    Celtic Folk can only HOPE that Celtic get a FAIR Crack of the whip from the Officials on the Pitch and in the VAR Room…..


    Somehow, I do NOT think that will happen, as I will never trust those Cheatin Hun Bassa’s.




  21. BURNLEY78 on 1ST APRIL 2024 8:54 PM


    Bada Bing







    Who of those available would you want to be ref and var and 4th official then





    ME, BRRB and DAVID66……..Nae Bother !

  22. GFTB on 1ST APRIL 2024 11:27 PM


    Darwin 11.19pm







    Where have you been ?







    You’ve been missed …





    NOT by ME he hasnt.

  23. I expect a more upbeat article from Paul 67 today.



    A good munch of his Easter eggs last night ( Yes, cancel the so called experts and eat them in one go if you wish ) will produce a feel good factor today.. It’s actually following the science. Let your endorphins flow.



    A big test on and off the park on Sunday. On the oark we are more than capable, and I expect a result.



    Off the park we will find out if the huns ( Are we still allowed that word in our enlighted land ) have ” protected characteristics ” during their hatefest.



    Remember guys , the police are obliged to investigate any reports of hate. I don’t expect they will need to investigate too deeply to find undiluted hate.



    Sunday will be massive.



    HH, the journey continues.

  24. Correct Scores…..



    Yesterday, I had Three English teams to win by the Correct Scores of 3 – 1.



    Leicester won 3 – 1 at odds of 11/1.


    Leeds Utd won 3 – 1 at odds of 10/1.



    However, I also had Southampton to beat Ipswich by 3 – 1. When Southampton were 2 – 1 UP….they had total control of the game and had a few chances to make it it 3 – 1.How Ipswich won that game 3 – 2 is beyond me ?





    Still, I made a good profit on the Leicester and Leeds games, with Two correct score Singles… and a Correct Score DOUBLE.



    Not too shabby.





  25. GREENPINATA on 2ND APRIL 2024 8:37 AM




    Maybe the Cops should pay me a visit cos I Feckin HATE the Huns with every fibre of my being !





  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Terrible news about yet another charity, WCK, being attacked by Israeli fighter jets.



    An Australian victim named and the nation’s prime minister speaks out.



    A Polish victim named.



    The UK victim not named. Foreign Office statement – “we are aware of reports and are trying to get more information”



    Just incompetence?




  27. BIG JIMMY on 2ND APRIL 2024 8:15 AM


    BURNLEY78 on 1ST APRIL 2024 8:54 PM





    Bada Bing















    Who of those available would you want to be ref and var and 4th official then












    ME, BRRB and DAVID66……..Nae Bother !





    I want DAVID66 as the 4th Official cos being on the touchline….as soon as Clement starts to nip his ear….DAVIE BHOY…..could just knock the CHUMP OOT….Easy Peasy.




  28. Maybe the Cops should pay me a visit cos I Feckin HATE the Huns with every fibre of my being !









    Shhh, the ears have walls.


    Believe it or not that is actually a crime. Truth is no excuse.


    Unbelievable but true. Even saying it or thinking it in your own home.



    I would expect many reports of hate crime to be reported on Sunday. Remember the police are obliged to investigate every report.



    Hope they stay clear of my pub on Sunday. Mobile fones are banned.🙂




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