The decision is made: Celtic will not win the league


If you were comforted by what happened at Livingston yesterday you are a fool.  A 0-3 win for Celtic on a difficult pitch is irrelevant in light of what happened with the scores at 0-0.

Kyogo received the ball inside the Livingston box.  Livi captain, Mikey Devlin, clattered into the Japanese striker’s standing leg, bringing him down.  Referee Don Robertson, who has already met his Celtic penalty allocation (1) this season, did not react.  Stunningly, the Video Assistant Referee did not ask Robertson to check the incident.

It should have been a penalty, but referees don’t see everything.  VAR saw what the rest of us saw, however, and for a team of officials watching the game to decide the incident was not worth troubling the referee about, tells you everything you need to know about how this season will end.

The decision has been made; it’s not coming our way.

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  1. For those of you watching the game in the house. If you have the volume turned up, get your fone ready.



    Beer in one hand , fone in the other.





    As for the vermin ( Oh f@ ck shouldn’t have said that ) during their marching season, I would expect phones to be red hot.

  2. MCCOIST and the HATE BILL…



    Speaking to talkSPORT, McCoist said: “We’ve got a hate bill by the way, a hate bill has been passed in the country. And I can guarantee you, next Sunday at Ibrox, I, along with 48,000 will be committing a breach of that hate bill in the particular Rangers vs Celtic game we are all going to. It is madness.”



    And McCoist believes officers in blue will not be in favour of the law which has come into effect with fears from within it could damage public trust in the force.





    Will McCoists ” ADMISSION” of HATING the Celts FINALLY see him being binned as a so called expert Pundit on TV ?


    IF the Cops arrest him on Sunday for Breaching the Bill….surely NO TV Company will employ the CHUMP ?






  3. 1958: Willie Maley dies in Glasgow at the age of 89.



    Debut: Celtic 5-2 Rangers, Friendly, 28 May 1888



    “It’s not the creed nor his nationality that counts. It’s the man himself.”


    Willie Maley

  4. ‘My love for Celtic has been a craze.’


    Willie Maley



    “Working for Celtic is a labour of love. The club is part of my existence, and success is the only thing worth striving for.”


    Willie Maley after receiving an honorarium of 300 guineas for his unbroken service of 25 years to the club at a Celtic AGM (Friday May 16 at AGM)

  5. “Much has been made in certain quarters about our religion, but for forty-eight years we have played a mixed team, and some of the greatest Celts we have had did not agree with us in our religious beliefs, although we have never at any time hidden what these are. Men of the type of McNair, Hay, Lyon, Buchan, Cringan, the Thomspons, or Paterson soon found out that broadmindedness which is the real stamp of the good Christian existed to its fullest at Celtic Park, where a man was judged by his football alone.”


    Willie Maley from “The Story of The Celtic” (1939)

  6. WILLIE MALEY Songwillie maley song



    #Willie Maley was his name,


    He brought some great names to the game,


    When he was the boss at Celtic Park.



    #He taught them how to play football,


    He made the greatest of them all,


    Gallagher and Quinn have left their mark.





    And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,


    They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,


    And most of the football greats,


    Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,


    All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.



    #In ’38 there was a show,


    And Glasgow was the place to go,


    A model of The Tower was football’s prize.



    #England sent four of the best,


    They didn’t meet with much success,


    Because the trophy ended up in Paradise.






    #Well Coronation time was here,


    Fifty Three, that was the year,


    Another four from England met their doom.



    #They said ‘we’ll have to try again’,


    But like before it was in vain,


    Because the Cup is in the Parkhead trophy room.






    #And then in 1957,


    We faced a guy called Georgie Nevin,


    The game is etched on every Celtic fan,



    #Wilson, Mochan and McPhail,


    And Willie Fernie scored as well,


    As Celtic beat The Rangers 7-1.






    #Well ten years had gone and so,


    To Portugal we had to go,


    To play the team that Italy adored.



    #Celtic went out to attack,


    They won The Big Cup and they brought it back,


    It’s the first time it had been on British shores.






    #Now twenty one years to that day,


    With pride, it’s our Centenary,


    And we’re among the honours once again.



    #Six million pounds the huns did spend,


    But Souness found it was in vain,


    Because the Celtic are the Champions again.






    #And now in 1995,


    It feels good just to be alive,


    And we’re about to celebrate again.



    #The fans cry out for Big Pierre,


    He rises up into the air,


    And the Scottish Cup comes home to Paradise.






    #And then in 1998,


    The Celtic fans were feeling great,


    And we went out to celebrate again,



    #Larsson, Brattbakk and Tommy Boyd,


    Simon Donnelly and all The Bhoys,


    Were singing ‘Celtic are the Champions again’.






    #Now in a new millennium,


    We have a brand new stadium,


    And we’re amongst the honours once again,



    #The Celtic fans did proudly sing,


    Larsson is The King of Kings,


    As he joined the list of famous Celtic men. #

  7. FESS19 on 2ND APRIL 2024 7:24 AM


    Is this the Tom English report you were talking about







    Suprised we bothered turning up after that




    P.S times change, no Succulent Lamb or red wine mentioned. Guess its back to pie & Bovril for Mr English






    Thank you Fess. I kept the article but couldn’t do the link. Now I have it I hope to use it to put Uncle Tom in his place when he drips his poison about Celtic.

  8. Hope Celtic bring a guest from UEFA to watch this game, someone with a background in refereeing at the top level, the SFA is baiting Celtic, I’m sure the players won’t be distracted.

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Even if they have Ian Paisley as ref and Pastor Jack Glass on VAR, we can still beat them.

  10. @MinogueTam



    In my experience when a Masonic clique dominate a workplace they want non-Craft others to know their power.


    They don’t do it subtly but flaunt it secure in the fact it can’t be proved.


    Exhibit A = Don Robertson


    Exhibit B = John Beaton


    repeat ……



    I’ve said it time and time again.



    The referees in this country are Freemasons, and I also include ex-players like Kris Boyd, Kenny Millar & many more.



    Why do you think Boyd gets the sky gig because it’s not for his talent?



    The hierarchy wants favours this year for Sevco, they are on their knees as RTC said & I would suggest to all my fellow Celtic fans to forget the league this year it’s not happening.



    The decisions they’ve had this year against and pens against its corruption at its finest.



    If we want to make a difference then we form a supporters group & demand other clubs join & if they don’t we hurt them in the pocket. I would also suggest we have a meeting with those at our club & if they sit on their hands this time like they did with Res 12 & screwed the fans over then we boycott all merchandise until they listen, if we keep funding this corruption it’ll never change.



    If you continue to moan on social media, call SSB, and still do nothing about it then you are part of the problem. Enjoy the show because nothing is changing until we all unite and think of ways to remove the corruption at the SFA.



    We’ve had Dougie Gate, Dallas Gate, and Farry Gate, rangers supporting referees referee their games, and the Res 12 boys were also screwed over it’s about time we as fans get off our ars*s and start to make the hierarchy feel uneasy and think of ways on how to tackle this corruption.



    Turnbull Hutton RIP, he knew alright it was corrupt and here we are 12 years later & still allowing them away with it.



    If anyone has an email for @Auldheid or @JamesForrest then let me know and I’ll contact them. Pointless asking @CQN, him


    and Pistol Pete have a wee cosy relationship, he’s a cracking guy Paul and I’m glad he’s one of us but when you’re well in with PP then nah not for me especially when he screwed his own fans over.

  11. There is a possible 50 million at stake this season and just watch the highest mistakes happen on Sunday. When they do it’ll be oh I made a mistake but will it change the result when it goes against our club?



    Nope, so they’ll take the ban and that’ll be that, guess who benefits again? Sevco Scotland.

  12. DESSYBHOY on 2ND APRIL 2024 11:06 AM


    Hope Celtic bring a guest from UEFA to watch this game, someone with a background in refereeing at the top level, the SFA is baiting Celtic, I’m sure the players won’t be distracted.



    UEFA will send someone.



    They will send Hugh Dallas

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