The difficult task of replacing Commons


Brendan Rodgers would have looked at Kris Commons age, position and recent injury record and assumed he’s not going to get much from him this season. He’d not be the first Celtic manager to come to that conclusion about Kris.

Kris has created more chances per minutes played than anyone in a Celtic shirt over the last decade, and that includes the golden era of Nakamura, Maloney and McGeady, which brought us into the Champions League knock out stages for the first time.

He didn’t fit Ronny’s system and might not fit Brendan’s, but to win leagues, cups and qualify for Europe, you need someone who can be relied upon to open obstinate defences, and we’ve struggled to find a better tool for this job than Kris Commons.

He’s in the final year of his final Celtic contract, but if he goes, I hope it’s not before 31 August.


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  1. I attended the Supporters Direct Scotland Conference at Hampden in January this year. It was a good and informative day and interesting to hear others take on the game in Scotland.




    During the day there was a presentation by the Swansea Supporters Trust – a story that is truly inspiring and a blueprint for any fan group – and the floor was opened for questions afterwards. Rangers First asked the following question




    “When the Swans Trust loaned the club money in 1993, did they have security and a guarantee how and when they would get the money back?” (I’m paraphrasing here, it was months ago and I canny remember last night…)




    There was audible gasps in the room and some sniggering. At that point news had broken about the potential of the £500,000 loan of supporters money. So, here was a fans org, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of collected money asking a question that they really shouldnt have been asking. I wondered then about the whole thing.




    Then, when the all the fans orgs came under the collective of Club 1872 (sic), there was some discussion out side the Kerrydale Bar if this was the way forward for all fans orgs. I said at the time that this was a divide and conquer tactic with the offer of power to those who favoured King. The offer of a blazer, brogues and a sup of the loving cup is too much for some not to be swayed.




    If I was a member of any of the orgs I would be asking for them to get out of Club 1872(sic) and I wouldn’t be giving them any money whatsoever. Hundreds of thousands of pounds sitting there doing nothing and the board of r*ngers and making flirty eyes at it.

  2. Time for KC to move on. He’s been a great player for us and probably the best value for money signing we’ve made since Henrik or Lubo, but he was poor last season, when he played and slows the whole team down.


    His replacement, for this season at least, is already at CP, Paddy Roberts. Scores goals and creates plenty.

  3. Kris Commons has been nothing short of a revelation since he joined us. Ever since the first swing of his boot against Aberdeen he has been the go to man to get us out of jail.



    His stats are fantastic but like all talents he has flaws. His flaw seems to be that recently games more often than not pass him by. Now, the big warning sign is that he wasn’t trying a leg for the last man.



    That like my boiler problems he was the dripping leak that became a major problem and now has caused flooring to be lifted and a whiffy smell of drying flooring.



    Yes, the problem is now sorted but the clean up is still going on.



    It may take more than a few weeks willingness to show the new man that he can be trusted, though, I feel that BR comments already suggest that he has listened to council on Kris and his mind is made up.



    Like myself he’s looking for new flooring…..

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Think we have seen the best of Commons. Time to make way for the younger players – McGregor, Armstrong, Rogic, Christie. We’ll never know what they can do unless they are given a proper chance.

  5. Gary67,



    Two entirely different players. Hate to see KC go, I think Brendan has made him a challenge, get fit and you still have a part to play. Maybe not a major part but a contribution none the less







    Kris Commons?



    Great player. When he felt like it.



    Sorry,but I think Celtic need players who will play for the club-and the fans!-regardless of their poor opinion of the manager.



    The above applies to more than Kris btw…

  7. Yesterdays man Paul




    Kriss hasn’t made a sustained meaningful contribution since Neil lennon days. he should have been shown the door after that shocking outburst in Europe





    Sadly it isn’t unique. There are idiots on our side too.



    Good bit of “re-education” required,methinks…





    That might have been the most visible thing he did all season!



    No team with serious intent on improvement should put their trust in someone who clearly canny be trusted. Last season was a disgrace from a professional footballer.



    To be fair,though I only saw him mainly on TV,I did see him “live” one or two times.



    Never mind Malmo. His performance against Kilmarnock? The Rogic game?



    I went looking for the ball more than he did,and I was in the bliddy stand.



    Footballer? Aye,a bliddy good one. Professional? Not in my opinion anymore.

  10. Neil Cameron ‏@NeilCameron5 · 10m



    In Slovenia with Celtic. Brendan looking for an experienced midfielder. Watch this space….

  11. First CL signing deadline is Friday so would expect a signing or two by then. Hopefully a centre half (Duffy? Toure? Caulker?)

  12. To vandalise any memorial is below contempt and although we will be prime suspects let’s not jump to any conclusions as I am sure the SMSM has already done.


    After we beat Hibs in the 2013 Scottish Cup final I was drinking on the steps of The Church on the Hill and there was a mixture of Tims and Hibs fans. The Hibees sang a repertoire of anti-hun songs that I had never heard before and would never dream of singing. There were all sorts of songs including a little ditty referring to the Ibrox disaster. Songs that would not be given an airing at Paradise

  13. thetimreaper on

    Brendan could do us all a favour and get rid of Commons. A disgrace to the club and the jersey. Good riddance to him and his ego.

  14. The No.13 Shorts on

    The clique leader should have been walked right up the tunnel by the scruff of the neck, stripped of the hoops, and flung straight out the door that same night. I’d be happy to see him go. So might John Kennedy.

  15. clogher celt on

    Fair play to the lads at Club 1872, they appear to have taken down the Rangers First site. Any attempt to access it defaults to Club 1872.



    I guess this undertaking out the window then.



    “All money collected by RangersFirst goes towards the purchase of shares no money whatsoever is spent on anything other than the purchase of shares in RFC.”



    Somewhat different to this…



    ‘By default, funds contributed will be split as below:



    47.5% – to purchase shares in RIFC. This may be through share purchases from existing shareholders, as part of future share offerings initiated by RIFC or through the provision of loans which are converted to equity.



    47.5% – Club 1872 projects identified by contributors following a vote. It should be noted that this will always include the option of the funds being allocated to purchase shares if that is what the membership decide. Setting funds aside in this way gives the members more flexibility to decide how they are spent. It is not envisaged that these funds would be provided to Rangers for general working capital purposes but rather they would be provided for defined purposes laid out and voted on by the members. The use of these funds would be subject to members’ vote at all times.



    5% – Club 1872 administration costs. This will include the funding of support roles to improve response time for membership queries and improve member interaction with Club 1872. The board of Club 1872 will oversee this spending and provide a full breakdown to members on an annual basis. Over time and with growth in numbers it is hoped that the 5% set aside for administration can gradually be reduced.



    Note: Members can amend the portion of their own contribution which is spent on shares or Club 1872 projects. They can do this through their profile on this website or during the sign up process and can opt to have their full contribution (minus administration costs) spent either only on shares or only on projects.’



    Loans, projects and a 5% admin fee. If the Rangers First account still has the £700,000…that’s £35,000 !!!



    I wonder why the three Rangers First Directors left at the weekend?

  16. BABASONICOS71 on




    Whoever’s responsible for that is obviously devoid of feeling or cognitive thought.Sadly these imbeciles attach themselves to our club (however tenuously) but bring nothing but shame to it and to humanity in general.I hope they are young and have the chance of learning how wrong their actions are and grow out of their vile ignorance.




    I lived only yards from the ‘hall’ that was vandalised for 11 years up until 2012.Not the most tolerant of establishments as i’m sure doesn’t come as a surprise.It’s known locally as the Jaffa club.Some amoebaesque visitors during their street infestation season.

  17. The No.13 Shorts on

    Not that i have any particular feelings for John Kennedy, but since he’s been retained as the-man-in-the-know in regards to ‘personality traits’ among the squad, he’d be foolish not to welcome the new broom’s sweep.

  18. Paul


    2 days. 2 players. 2 different articles. 1 complimentary 1 not. 1 gave 100%. 1 didnt





    I vaguely recall a precedent for that,where we got the blame but the truth-hardly reported with the same gusto-came out.



    And not the one about the bus either.



    There’s also the recent case of a twat who sprayed Shin Fain over a church.



    I think he was done for vandalism,sectarianism and mangling two languages at the same time. Canny find it though.

  20. thetimreaper on

    CLOGHER CELT on 5TH JULY 2016 2:21 PM



    If I’m reading right they are handing over money on the promise of said loans being converted to shares at a later date?

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