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When (not if) the season is called, the dirty little subject will rear its head, Celtic have five postponed home league games on the season ticket.  While Celtic are likely to be Last Man Standing after the financial crisis that will engulf the game following on from the health crisis, we are set to lose tens of millions of pounds and will inevitably lose money over this period.

What next season will look like remains uncertain; we don’t know when football will resume behind closed doors, when fans will be able to attend or enough clubs will survive to give us a competition.  With so many doubts, we cannot be complacent, which is why players and execs took a pay cut and non-essential staff were furloughed.  In short, we need to retain as much income reduce costs where possible.

There is another side of this story.  We have over 50,000 season ticket holders, many of whom have been without an income in weeks, some are on reduced wages and, inevitably, some will have no job to return to when furlough ends.  As a club, we have to offer a refund for those five games, cash is too important for a family that has none, they cannot put food on the table with a Superstore voucher.

Partick Thistle offered fans a refund and those who needed it, took it, but 96.5% of season ticket holders left the money in their club.  By any standards, that is incredible.  I suspect the demographics of the Celtic support are different; we have plenty of wealthy fans, but I know many who put a huge portion of their disposable income into following Celtic, almost certainly a higher percentage than Partick.

More Celtic fans will need a refund to get through the month, so it should be offered – as soon as possible after the season is called.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    Hun on Clyde saying his son (a Sevco season ticket holder) has been told today that he has to pay now for his season ticket or lose his seat……there may be trouble ahead…….

  2. The bottom 6 in EPL are the agitators down there re neutral venue as they want no relegation and dont want the league played out.




  3. I was at the Ajax game in ’71 when they beat us 3-0. I knew then that they were the best in Europe by a country mile and had so many great individuals playing as a team. Neeskens was outsanding that night and to my mind outshone Cruyff. That old stadium was something else and the atmostphere was terriffic, there was one end, to the left of us, where I think they had folding chairs out! por cierto.

  4. IniquitousIV on

    For our first game, the social distancing version of the pre-game huddle should be interesting.

  5. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Happy Birthday Paul67



    While there is no doubt that a big home crowd can help a team, there are plenty of professional sportsmen (including fitba players) who regularly play in front of one man and his dog and compete effectively based on a combination of personal pride and financial remuneration. Any tennis tournament outside of grand slams is routinely played in front of minimal crowds with the telly providing the audience – but that doesn’t stop the best players winning.



    Behind closed doors is far from ideal but it should not be the end of the world for someone who is skilled enough to be paid as a sportsman – so not a glorified training session in my opinion.



    We live in extraordinary times – in all walks of life we will need to embrace situations that are far from ideal. Football clubs are pretty far down the queue of serious complainants in my opinion.

  6. brth.


    i like your comment.


    with a wee bit of luck and some ambition from the board we should have won more than 1 european cup.


    rather than selling players in the seventies we should have been investing. billy bremner and eddie gray are just 2 examples of players who could have signed for us. we certainly could have competed financially with leeds and later with liverpool.


    we could have and should have dominated europe throughout the seventies and into the eighties.

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    if the englanders did play the rest of their games on neutral venues, that might help teams who have something to play for, like those in relegation danger



    cos they should be up for it anyway, whereas their opponent who has nothing to play for might see the empty stadium as an excuse to not try their collective erse

  8. Yep the Huddle might be problematic, Maybe a Celtic Haka, where the team line up in midfield and do a River Dance number aka Michael Flatley.

  9. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Celtic Mac



    Not sure I understand your question – but the point I am making (maybe not particularly well) is that your bog standard ATP tennis tournament as covered by Eurosport often has a handful of spectators.



    County cricket is perhaps a better example?



    My point being that a big live audience is not a pre-requisite for serious competitive sport.

  10. The hand of God on

    Regarding the 4 games left on the season cards could Celtic not ask Adidas for a consignment of free or reduced rate jerseys oor other products and invite fans to choose from the range upto the value of what remains on their card..for me that’s £128 which is a lot of money for me especially considering I have already paid £130 the first installment of the 10 month V12 finance deal for next season. It’s just a thought.

  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    I watched the Feyenoord Cup Final on a black and white telly in Drumchapel, propped up on my mum’s feet, aged 10. That’s the first and last time I’ve ever seen it.



    I watch a good few reruns of games we’ve lost; some we should have won, some we didn’t deserve to win, and got beat, the way it goes.



    But Milan, I just can’t watch it. Too sore. One of only two games that makes me feel like this; the other one’s Seville.



    Anyway, Happy Birthday Paul67, hope you and yours are well and stay so, and the same goes for all on here.

  12. Another day and no dossier from the dossers.


    Will anyone take them seriously after this debacle?

  13. Re Earlier post.


    Yeah , I agree. This site is open to all points of view, appreciate that. BUT, I am not comfortable with all the links to iRA and their followers. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with a united Ireland and all that, 100% BUT, still think that has nothing at all to do with CELTIC FC


    Cheers to all and stay safe.




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GG- a chance one of the Lapdogs will leak some of the ‘dossier ‘ later tonight

  15. Greenin


    I was there and have never watched any replay on the TV. Most disappointing game in my football supporting life.

  16. HAMILTONTIM on 6TH MAY 2020 12:54 PM


    First time on the blog, although I sent P67 a message earlier, hoopy birthday again.


    Chris, you and I exchanged a few posts here before we met in person. I do not recall the date but I do recall the venue, The Golf Lounge in Glasgow. It was after a game, if memory serves it was to do with Martin, his good friend Raymy (spl) was home. A good crowd of us were that day. We were sitting outside having a smoke and your first words to me “so you are Lennybhoy”, I never ask you if that was a good thing or what you meant by the declaration, good or bad…:). Minx1888 was also present that day, little were we or indeed you know that she would become your wife “…all I ever wanted in a woman…” you once told me.


    If memory serves either MWD or GordonJ took photographs, one a group photo, it would be great if someone had that.


    Helen is a legend, someone who put others first, a shining light. Honoured to call my friend. As it is to call you my friend Chris, we finally caught up today, I was glad we did.


    God Bless you and Helen…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Fridays a bank Holiday



    Rangers have called for heads since good Friday a month ago.



    They send out details that took a month to put together and expect Clubs to review


    probably with lawyers between tomorrow and Monday.



    With a bank holiday and weekend in between.

  18. Friesdorfer on



    Was the game v Ajax not at Hampden, I seem to recall?


    Great recollections 👍👍🍀🍀

  19. voguepunter on

    !!BADA BING!! on 6TH MAY 2020 8:18 PM


    Gordon J,a name from the past….




    Aye mate,his own blog was very good and he was a big Bruuuuuuuce fan,so ok in my book :O)

  20. Glasgowbhoy, many thanks.



    Brogan Rogan, cheers! Enjoyed that reminisce about Willie and Milan. Hmmm.



    SHILTRUM, thanks, and a Happy Birthday to you on Friday.



    BOURNESOUPRECIPE, thank you. Yes, Stevie was close to success several times, they were on the same field as Celtic.



    RPMCELTICFAN, thanks and we are indeed champions again.



    SOUTHSIDE, I’m having a great one, thanks.



    EUROCHAMPS67, just been out running, Carfin, Cleland, Craigneuk and Wishaw. More like factor 50 and 15 needed in those parts of Lanarkshire tonight.



    Hamiltontim, that response is the measure of what people think of you and the wonderful Minx1888.



    David17, you know, you’re right, it’s not that long since my last one. Need a recount!



    BIG WAVY, many thanks!!



    BHOYLO83, thank you very much.



    AIPPLE, ha! That’s incredible. Put a smile on my face!



    JAMESGANG, and God bless you too!



    THE STAR ABOVE THE CREST, having a tremendous day, thanks.



    JIMMYNOTPAUL, I sure am!



    ‘GG, thanks you very much!



    TIMHORTON, yes, these are great times. Thanks.



    MELBOURNE MICK, we’ll keep a candle burning for our pal.



    CAMUSBHOY, thank you!



    OLDTIM67, I’ll do that, but make sure I get an invite, you have my number, email, fax and postal address!!



    THROUGH A GREEN GLASS BRIGHTLY, the day off has to wait until Friday, but many thanks anyway.



    KINGLUBO, you REALLY are welcome!



    PETEC, never troubled, thanks!



    POR CIERTO, many thanks. Had a smile at that story from the Milan hotel. Just incredible that you and BRTH are discussing 50 years later. Hope all are well.



    AN TEARMANN, many thanks!



    FOURSTONECOPPI, I know, me too. Can see it all far enough sometimes. But, you know…..



    THE BLOGGER FORMERLY KNOWN AS GM, having a tremendous day, thanks.



    TOBAGO STREET, it really has been!!



    Hot Smoked, very welcome, hope you’re well.



    FRIESDORFER, Hoopy thanks!



    TIM MALONE WILL TELL, many thanks.



    EXCATHEDRA44, I sure will, thanks!



    MALORBHOY, big hoopy thanks!



    Lennybhoy, many thanks. It was almost certainly Gordon_J who took the photo. Would be great to see it again.





    Such a lovely day. Thank you all. It’s good to be back.

  21. tim malone



    Wouldn’t compare Tennis with team sports like football or even cricket.


    Thing that gets me re the various ideas of playing behind closed doors, at neutral venues or even Perth Australia is the desperation by various sports, to show how important they are. but it was a great football man, Jurgen Klupp who put it best;



    “Football, is the most important of the least important things…”

  22. Of course the media will continue in their unstinting support of all things Sevco, don’t expect any criticism of their conduct and you wont be disappointed, the media continue to be in their pocket, Gerrard found this out early doors and has continued to do and say what he likes, any other club behaving like this would be up on a disrepute charge, and, the allegations now are of wrong doing, thats like being late for work on a Monday.

  23. No matter how powder puff the dossier, their friends in the media will claim it as highly significant.



    Look at the nonsense over a Gretna loan from 12 years ago under the auspices of a different league.



    Then again, it could be withheld again.

  24. Paul67



    Paul, you should have birthdays more often….


    like CorkCelt!



    Happy Birthday and Hail Hail