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When (not if) the season is called, the dirty little subject will rear its head, Celtic have five postponed home league games on the season ticket.  While Celtic are likely to be Last Man Standing after the financial crisis that will engulf the game following on from the health crisis, we are set to lose tens of millions of pounds and will inevitably lose money over this period.

What next season will look like remains uncertain; we don’t know when football will resume behind closed doors, when fans will be able to attend or enough clubs will survive to give us a competition.  With so many doubts, we cannot be complacent, which is why players and execs took a pay cut and non-essential staff were furloughed.  In short, we need to retain as much income reduce costs where possible.

There is another side of this story.  We have over 50,000 season ticket holders, many of whom have been without an income in weeks, some are on reduced wages and, inevitably, some will have no job to return to when furlough ends.  As a club, we have to offer a refund for those five games, cash is too important for a family that has none, they cannot put food on the table with a Superstore voucher.

Partick Thistle offered fans a refund and those who needed it, took it, but 96.5% of season ticket holders left the money in their club.  By any standards, that is incredible.  I suspect the demographics of the Celtic support are different; we have plenty of wealthy fans, but I know many who put a huge portion of their disposable income into following Celtic, almost certainly a higher percentage than Partick.

More Celtic fans will need a refund to get through the month, so it should be offered – as soon as possible after the season is called.

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  1. EvanderSno



    Lets be having you.



    You faced Death after aoll.



    A mad squirrel…mc or just mad cyril.



    Happy Thursday.



    I so need a haircut. Not 1 or 100. I just need a haircut.

  2. Governor Cuomo at today’s press conference


    ALBANY — The majority of recently hospitalized coronavirus patients in New York are people who have followed the precaution of staying home, Gov. Cuomo said Wednesday.


    The governor said it was “shocking” that 66% of new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who are either retired or unemployed and not commuting to work on a regular basis.


    Case for Considering a cautious return to work?

  3. TheLurkinTim on

    Log in…read back…shock and horror



    Chris we last met at OTs 100th lol…was the 1st I met the Minx…it was late on…I was pished…what do I remember…apart from the hug…was her smile;-))



    Words fail me…stay srong brother…YNWA

  4. TheLurkinTim on

    It’s said that God calls his pure souls early…



    Requiescet in pace Helen

  5. Its a diabolical liberty…


    The Govt have called this all wrong as they have closed Pubs etc, while at the same time allowing Folk to go out an “Exercise” ….?


    The Pubs should still be open and allow Folk like me to have “Exercise” at the same time as drinking pints of Beer…


    I have been denied the right to “Exercise” my Right Arm, when downing lovely Pints of Beer…


    Who are these Govts ?..Who are these people….I want names…!



    This is now the start of my 50th Day of self isolation…maybe I am beginning to “Crack” ?





    Stay safe.



  6. Good morning CQN from another lovely morning in the Garngad



    Big Jimmy hang in there, shoooorley won’t be long now until lockdown loosens.






    D. :)

  7. IF….and its a Big IF…The Huns main complaint is about Gretna receiving cash some years ago, whether it was an advance payment or a Loan…..and for some reason that money isnt properly listed on the SPFL Accounts…and the Huns are raging at this time of being refused a “Loan”….


    That Hun Mob should be last Mob to ever complain about incorrect accounts on anyones accounts….???



    I obviously have no idea if the Huns have anything of substance in their so called “Evidence”, and maybe all will be revealed later Today ?


    What I fail to understand in the last few weeks, is WHY the Huns have delayed showing any “Evidence” to the SPFL and especially to other Clubs also…at a time when they were hoping to get as much “Support” from other Clubs as possible…….that doesnt make any sense imho ?



    IF the Huns had/have viable documented evidence of corruption/accounts etc by the SPFL….WHY wouldnt you show it BEFORE now, to gather support from other Clubs so that may also give other Clubs the time to digest any wrongdoing on the part of the SPFL ?



  8. TheLurkinTim on

    Ffs Jimmy…I went for a walk yesterday…2 hours later the polis had been espying me 4 times as the same van passed…no ma fault they’ve hee haw to do…and get paid for it…must’ve been like being at a The Rankers game

  9. celticforever on

    wonder if the huns have just been buying time delaying the league


    being called hoping to convince their deluded fans to buy season tickets

  10. DAVID66…


    Sadly I think Pubs will be amongst the last to reopen, for obvious reasons of continuing to observe social distancing , despite things getting better etc ?



    I have been happy to maintain social distancing away from some folk whenever Ive been in a Pub…especially Huns…


    But I am angry at being forced to observe social distancing from Pints of Beer, IF/When the Pubs are open again..those first 15 Pints are gonna be the best ever…




    Stay safe.



  11. BIG Jimmy



    as I said last night 4 weeks to collate evidence then give clubs part of today and Monday


    (Tomorrow is officially a a bank holiday then the weekend)



    If SPFL pulled a stunt like that crayons would be out.



    That was part of their gripe in first place SPFL never gave teams long enough

  12. THELURKINTIM on 7TH MAY 2020 6:55 AM




    Were those Cops simply kerb crawling ?




    One night I left the Pub rather Tipsy and a Polis Car drew up and the Woman Cop got out and said to me…


    ” Jimmy…Your Staggering”…


    I replied…” Your no bad yersel darling” !



  13. TheLurkinTim on

    A Hoopy belated Birthday to our host P67..yesterday was the most av seen u posting…since forever…mid-life crises will do that lol 😂

  14. I though it was Tursday that Sevco were to produce the Dosser, then today (Thursday) then someone told me yesterday they said it would be the weekend???


    The point is, we need strong leadership from the SPFL to say produce by Monday 11 May or we move on. They should not be letting Huns dictate the state of play.



    There is some sort of play behind Sevco delaying probably to do with SPFL calling league and asking for Huns accounts to give teams names to UEFA and Huns are waiting on Castore cash or more DUP cash coming from the Hun Loving Criminals



    D. :)

  15. Big day for Sevco.



    Can they add the dossier cup to their preseason championship ?



    What a season that would be.

  16. I see reports that the Scottish Rugby Union are suggesting that MURRAYFIELD could host the Cup semi Final between Hibs and Hertz to avoid 50,000 Edinburgh fans descending on Glasgow, with some sort of Lock Down still being in place…


    However, NO mention of dangers of allowing maybe 10,000/15,000 Fans coming to Glasgow and Hampden for the semi final against Celtic ?


    Not forgetting that there would be thousands of Celtic fans from far and wide also coming into Glasgow for the semi against the Sheep ?




    Royal approval: Queen tells Australian PM she is pleased to see racing continue



    From today’s racing post.



    Don’t you just wish you had nothing else to worry about.

  18. Good morning CQN, another beautiful day in the Costa del Moray. Unfortunately, we can’t get anywhere near the beaches at this time.


    So the huns’ D-day (dossier day) celebrations are due today or will it be put off until tomorrow or the next day ad infinitum?


    I truly believe if there was anything other than frivolous accusations in this dossier it would have been leaked to the SMSM. What will probably happen is that it will be voted down by the Clubs, the SPFL Board will call off the EGM and nobody will find out what was in the dossier. This will allow sevco to act the victim and keep the zombie hordes on board. We will be told that for the good of the game it is time to move on. The Celtic fans will be appeased by Celtic being named champions and wee Budgie will just have to suck it up and sing for her supper.

  19. Apparently, the SPFL has postponed their meeting until Tomorrow ( Friday)…in order to have a further 24 hours to digest the Huns “Evidence”, which is supposed to be revealed Today ?


    If the above is true, are the Huns giving their “evidence” to the SPFL at the same time as giving it to the media and/or other clubs ?



  20. On fallow fallow the word is a midday release of whatever evidence they have,some are confident that their board would not be doing this if it wasn’t explosive


    💥,others are worried it will be a damp squib 💨of course as ever was, pistol Pete and Celtic rule the media ,according to the deluded

  21. celticforever on

    Just read yesterday that Heathrow is to trial the taking of temperatures



    Is this not a little late – maybe 7 weeks late



    Looking at numbers of airports around the world who closed early


    Singapore – 20 dead


    New Zealand – 21 dead


    Norway – 216 dead






    I have never seen anyone mention that perhaps if we had closed airports around the world


    from February for a few months this would have contained the virus to each country



    Sure airlines would have went bust but aren’t they going bust anyway

  22. TheLurkinTim on

    POG..am hoping that clubs will hold fire till they see this dossier…then it’ll be a few days till they digest/let their lawers see it…then a conciliatory…nothing to see here…let’s move on







  23. I sent that question to sky news some time ago, and why were people not being given checks and advise on landing, I heard one of the scientists say that checks really weren’t that important as this thing can incubate for 14 days and you can be in London in 12 hours from most places, so resources were concentrated elsewhere, this is an obvious week point as you can take I’ll during a flight or after.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Celtic Forever- the lockdown is a sham, when you see 55 million abiding by the rules,and you see thousands of people coming through airports every day without tests,an absolute shambles.

  25. Not football related but in my opinion it is an attempt by The Times to deflect the the government’s responsibility for COVID-19’s mortality rates onto people’s lifestyles and ethnicity. Bearing in mind that to date there are only 201,101 confirmed cases of the virus we are to believe that a Glasgow University study of 428,225 people had


    found that as body mass index (BMI) increased, so did their risk of having a severe case of the disease.


    The following is an excerpt from the times:



    “Being obese doubles the risk of needing hospital treatment for Covid-19, according to research based on data collected from hundreds of thousands of Britons.


    A team from Glasgow University analysed data from 428,225 people and found that as body mass index (BMI) increased, so did their risk of having a severe case of the disease.


    Matt Hancock, the health secretary, when asked about Britain’s high death toll compared with other European nations, told Sky News yesterday that “the age profile and factors like obesity” should be taken into account.


    A government review is analysing how factors including obesity, ethnicity and gender can affect the impact of the virus on people’s health. About one in three British adults is clinically obese with a BMI above 30 — one of the highest rates in the western world.


    A separate analysis shows that Britain’s black, Asian and ethnic minority groups are two to three times more likely to die of coronavirus than the general population.”



    If that is the case why does Germany have far fewer deaths when you take into account that 52% of Germans can be considered overweight or obese?



    ‘Germany ranked 20th in the world in 2013 in life expectancy with 77 years for men and 82 years for women, and it had a very low infant mortality rate (4 per 1,000 live births). In 2019, the principal cause of death was cardiovascular disease, at 37%.[226] Obesity in Germany has been increasingly cited as a major health issue. A 2014 study showed that 52 percent of the adult German population was overweight or obese.’

  26. celticforever on




    I agree



    Is it not a coincidence that NYC and London are 2 of the most affected


    cities in the world but their airports have been letting in people


    from all areas of the world unmonitored. Only recently they seem to have


    been reducing flights but probably too late as the virus is here

  27. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just seen Fortuna Dusseldorf GM on Good Morning Britain, explained in perfect English what the situation is, if a player is positive, he is quarantined, rest of squad remain,all are tested 24 hours before a game,instant results. I wonder what it’s like to live in an efficient country?



    Big Jimmy,





    The SPFL EGM is scheduled for Tuesday 12th May and always has been




    Yes I know about the EGM on the 12th May, but from what I have read the SPFL planned a meeting for Today, amongst themselves when the Huns postponed Tuesday as the day of “Evidence Reveal”, til Today…in order to consider/digest the Huns complaints ?


    That SPFL Meeting has been moved to Tomorrow ( Friday) according to reports ?


    What do I know ?………I KNOW that I am missing going the 20 yards to my local pub on the days that i feel well enough !




  29. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A leaked version of the exit plan has revealed:  



    Step one: From Monday it is is expected garden centres will reopen, more key workers’ children will go to school and more staff to return to businesses that stayed open during lockdown. The ‘once a day’ exercise rule will also be scrapped and police will be told to stop moving on people sunbathing or sitting on benches, provided they remain two metres from others. Officers will also be told not to stop families travelling to the countryside for walks and picnics;



    Step two: From the end of May primary schools will gradually return with smaller classes. Outdoor sports where people enjoy space like golf, tennis and angling could resume.



    Step three: From the end of June secondary schools will reopen as well as some outdoor sports and cafes returning. Gatherings of up to 30 people may be allowed;



    Step four: From the end of August pubs and restaurants will finally be allowed to reopen – but with strict social distancing rules and reduced diner numbers;



    Step five: From October, if the rate of coronavirus cases is low, all remaining areas of the economy will reopen including gyms. Sports fans returning to watch live matches will also be considered; 



    From the Daily Mail, a Tory rag,so probably accurate

  30. Big Jimmy,


    I was unaware that the SPFL were having any other meetings before Tuesday. My belief was that the constituent members could make it known to the SPFL Board in the form of a vote (proxy) if they agreed with the EGM going ahead after digesting the ‘evidence.’