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When (not if) the season is called, the dirty little subject will rear its head, Celtic have five postponed home league games on the season ticket.  While Celtic are likely to be Last Man Standing after the financial crisis that will engulf the game following on from the health crisis, we are set to lose tens of millions of pounds and will inevitably lose money over this period.

What next season will look like remains uncertain; we don’t know when football will resume behind closed doors, when fans will be able to attend or enough clubs will survive to give us a competition.  With so many doubts, we cannot be complacent, which is why players and execs took a pay cut and non-essential staff were furloughed.  In short, we need to retain as much income reduce costs where possible.

There is another side of this story.  We have over 50,000 season ticket holders, many of whom have been without an income in weeks, some are on reduced wages and, inevitably, some will have no job to return to when furlough ends.  As a club, we have to offer a refund for those five games, cash is too important for a family that has none, they cannot put food on the table with a Superstore voucher.

Partick Thistle offered fans a refund and those who needed it, took it, but 96.5% of season ticket holders left the money in their club.  By any standards, that is incredible.  I suspect the demographics of the Celtic support are different; we have plenty of wealthy fans, but I know many who put a huge portion of their disposable income into following Celtic, almost certainly a higher percentage than Partick.

More Celtic fans will need a refund to get through the month, so it should be offered – as soon as possible after the season is called.

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  1. Seemingly the last sentence iin the dossier is, “Can ye take a joke” por cierto.

  2. We will wait and see how this pans out.



    While I can understand people having a laugh at the forces of Mordor, a quick ‘nothing to see here’ from the SPFL is not enough for me.



    I’ll wait and see how this one pans out.

  3. The other clubs should move to delay the EGM on account of needing time to read the dossier.

  4. Timaloy29


    I’m sure it will find its way into the public domain so it can be scrutinized

  5. 200 pages of how they are the most successful best financial footing


    club in the world

  6. Given the SPFL have already put out a statement re. the contents of the ‘dossier’ slating the crayon pushers instead of putting out a holding statement saying they are currently considering the 200 page document and will comment at a future time/date, pretty much says it all. They have nothing!



    Also Michael Stewart has commented he spoke to a club chairman who said ‘there is not a whistle and no one with the breath to blow it’ after reading doc.




  7. Graham Spiers seems to have a copy of the whatever it is.



    If the fourth estate have it it will be in the public domain before long.



    Which will inflate the amount of any defamation damages, should anyone pursue that course of action.

  8. Content along the lines of on Doncaster and McKenzie, i dont like you so you should be suspended.



    Yes,you are right about the Celtic replicas.Mine have been perfect,unlike the ones the scum were buying in their droves from a chain of shops called Mehmets.Sizes as far from normal as possible.XL would not fit my wife and she is a size 10.LOL.Some rubbish,and some great stuff.The owner of Mehmets in Kusadasi was telling me last year that some numpty Hun came in and bought 40 Hun strips,never took one out of the plastic.All L,XLand XXL.Was taking them back on order .Would love to have seen their ugly coupons when they opened them up.

  10. Maybe I was wrong in my understanding that the SPFL were planning on meeting Today ( Thursday), to assess and consider the soon to be revealed Hun charge sheet.


    There was an old Shirley Bassey song from the 1960’s…..” I…who have NOTHING”, that hopefully can be applied to the Huns after this fiasco ?





  11. Douglas Park jumper the gun in a big way after Gardner’s appearance on Sportsound and the leaked what’s app messages.



    He’s a clown. He’ll hopefully get the full time gig.

  12. No doubt the SPFL board statement will be seen as them trying to bully the clubs into rejecting the dossier.

  13. Taken from SMS Moments ago…



    SPFL slam Rangers dossier and insist long awaited evidence proves NOTHING


    The league’s governing body have issued a statement after the document was circulated to clubs on Thursday morning.

  14. Will McCoist be now demanding…” Who was it from Rangers that compiled that Dossier….I want names, who are these peepil” ?





  15. Paul Gascoigne has arrived at Hampden with a bucket of chicken claiming to be a friend of Douglas Park.

  16. Neustadt-Braw on



    Sons of Struth demand to know why the dossier is





    only being sent to 41 clubs instead of 42.



    smiley smiley thing