The dusty dry bones of Queen Victoria


The dusty dry bones of Queen Victoria were dug up on Monday and placed upon her ample throne. Victoria ruled a quarter of the globe as queen and empress but her historic claim to be Britain’s longest reigning monarch came into question this week by Queen Elizabeth, who passed what was previously thought to be Victoria’s unpassable 63 year record.

This was simply too much to bear for royal traditionalists, who could not allow the world to change in such a radical direction. “We will restore the mortal remains of Queen Victoria to her throne, thereby securing her place in history as the longest serving British monarch”, a spokesman, who had flown in from the former African colonies, explained.

The old queen has lost a lot of weight since her burial in 1901, although remarkably her personality appears to have changed little after 114 years in the ground.

Many of Queen Elizabeth’s admirers are also stanch Victorians at heart, and were surprised and delighted to learn they can now celebrate two queens, although their look of puzzlement displayed when friends asked “Are you a <censored> idiot?” clearly caused some dissonance.

Those of you shouting “These people are beyond help and deserve all they get” are on some sort of list. Long may Victoria reign over you, and her Empire.

Only four days to go for the hospitality auction to win an outstanding day for three people.  Lunch and drinks at the Walfrid plus watching Celtic-Dundee from the directors’ box, courtesy of Intelligent Car LeasingCheck out the ebay auction here.  All proceeds to towards the incredible work of the Celtic Foundation.

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  1. SUMMA OF SAMMI…. on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2015 2:58 PM





    I believe the Cifti ban finished,he is available.

  2. “A New Bark Four Zonal Barking will be Worth the Entrance Fee itself..”







    With Alan Ruff in goals? I think the manager would get dogs abuse.

  3. Geordie



    True, – just a gentle reminder of one excellent transfer window lead article.






    We won’t lose but none expected anyway, some of the pram rattle throwers will be logged in


    – but left disappointed.

  4. Looking forward to see Celtic’s new line up tomorrow, Virgil is gone soles see how young Jozo looks in his Hoops!



    Be a tough one up there it always is, glad to see a bit of an Aberdeen revival esp. as Dun. Ute are on the slide.



    A competitive top league is what we all want to see isn’t it!



    Forza Celtic..

  5. Summa,



    Baku, but I’ll be home for Christmas.






    Malmo have not a hope in hell of beating us, none whatsoever. Put your feckin house on it.

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    If we lose the defence will be in the dog house, and John Kennedy could get hounded out by the support.

  7. Captain Beefheart on




    Unfortunately the downsizing will show again in Europe. Ajax aren’t up to much but I will still require tranquilizers when we play them.

  8. .






    I would Rather the New Bark Four were Not Rooted to the Spot when Crosses come in the Zone or Will will be Out of Europe before we Put the Christmas Tree Up..




  9. I am Not Lurking Anymore on

    Started reading the blog & thought Paul 67 had lost the plot then I PMSL when it clicked superb


    Certainly good of the lying kng to admit they’re a new club maybe the guilt of being on the board of the old club when it went into liquidation is taking it’s toll on him

  10. Hunderbirds,



    There might be a couple of debutantes tomorrow but they come with a decent pedigree.



    Griffiths will be disappointed not getting game time v the German (Shepherds. groan) and will be straining at the leash.




  11. Anyone heard any news regarding the status of Lustig’s injury?


    Is he fit for selection tomorrow?



    If he is, I’d go with :







    Lustig. Boyata. Jozo.Simo. Blackett



    ————Brown. Bitton ——————-



    —-Forrest. T.Rogic. S.Armstrong—-






    With Commons and GMS providing impact from the bench.

  12. This billionaire really missed the chance to invest in some good old scottish instituations.



    who would have think it,



    trump trump








    Donald Trump hits back as he faces claims his father was arrested when anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klansmen attacked police in New York in 1927 and says: ‘It never happened’June 1927 New York Times account of aftermath of Memorial Day anti-Catholic riot by KKK has emerged


    It lists seven men arrested during ‘free-for-all battle’ in Jamaica, Queens and includes ‘Fred Trump’ who was later ‘discharged’


    Republican frontrunner denies his father was arrested and says: ‘This never happened. He was never there’


    ‘Think – if it had, he would never have been able to get licenses in New York for anything associated with his business,’ he told Daily Mail Online


    KKK action was targeted at ‘Roman Catholic’ police and saw 1,000 Klansmen taken on by 100 NYPD officers


    Trump’s father, who was born to German immigrants, would go on to become a self-made millionaire creating a massive real estate empire By Chris Spargo For Dailymail.com


    Published: 19:02, 10 September 2015 | Updated: 00:09, 11 September 2015








    shares 428







    Donald Trump reacted with fury today as a newspaper report from 1927 surfaced and appeared to suggest his father was arrested during a KKK riot in 1927.


    A New York Times story from 1927 lists a ‘Fred Trump’ as one of the people taken in during a ‘free-for-all’ battle between police and 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan.


    The address in the article also matches that of Trump’s father in Queens.


    Scroll down for video


    Bad news: Donald Trump’s father Fred (above in 1990) was arrested in 1927 following a fight between police and members of the Ku Klux Klan in new York City


    Tensions: Another KKK march in Queens in June 1927. The one at which seven men including a ‘Fred Trump’ were arrested was said to be the first time KKK robes had been worn in New York streets


    Boing Boing found the article and points out that despite the circumstances, it does not necessarily mean that Trump’s father was a member of the white supremacist, anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic organization.


    At the time, he would have been just 21, long before he became a self-made millionaire as a real estate developer.


    The article states that ‘1,000 Klansmen and 100 policemen staged a free-for-all’ during a May parade.


    Their anger had been prompted by claims that ‘Roman Catholic’ police officers from the NYPD had earlier stopped Klansmen taking part in a Memorial parade – and beaten them.


    The Times reported that a KKK flyer claimed: ‘Native-born Protestant Americans clubbed and beaten when they exercise their rights in the country of their birth.’



    A Fred Trump was one of seven men ‘arrested in the near-riot of the parade,’ and that article notes he was discharged when the group was arraigned in front of magistrate Thomas F. Doyle in court in Jamaica, Queens. That could mean he was an innocent bystander swept up in the brawl.


    Donald Trump TROLLS Jeb again – ‘Man did JEB throw his…


    Donald Trump accused of flip-flopping on Planned Parenthood…


    Donald’s new woman trouble: Trump refuses to back down over… Share this articleShare196 sharesThis could mean that he was just a bystander, though he did share a lawyer with the other men who were involved in the brawl, according to the story.


    Trump however told Daily Mail Online that his father had not been arrested and that it was impossible he could have been, as it would have prevented him getting business licenses in the future.


    ‘This is ridiculous,’ he said.


    ‘He was never arrested. He has nothing to do with this. This never happened. This is nonsense and it never happened.


    ‘This never happened. Never took place. He was never arrested, never convicted, never even charged.


    ‘It’s a completely false, ridiculous story. He was never there! It never happened. Never took place.


    ‘Think – if it had, he would never have been able to get licenses in New York for anything associated with his business, with construction. This is just bizarre and untrue.


    ‘You don’t even know it’s the same person! Nobody says it was!’



    The article makes mention of the growing number of Klansman in New York, and the police’s frustration in trying to deal with them.


    Immigration protesters heckle Trump at Stop Iran rally in The editor of a Catholic magazine had written to the city’s police commissioner warning of the KKK’s plan to appear on the streets in their robes and said he believed it was the first time he had done so.


    Trump’s father was born to German immigrants who came to this country in the early 1900s.


    He began working in real estate when he was just 15, starting a company with his mother Elizabeth.


    He went on to build single-family houses in Queens in the late 1920s and later supermarkets in the 1930s. He married Donald’s mother Mary Anne in 1936. She was a Scottish immigrant from the Isle of Lewis, and the couple had five children.


    He would go on to build barracks during World War II on the East Coast and then move into affordable housing, amassing an estimated fortune of $250million at the time of his death in 1999 as the result of pneumonia.


    Trump has yet to respond to the release of this New York Times article.

  13. Anyone know or like to hazard a guess at who is longest remaining poster on the blog? I ask because over the last 6-12 months many of the regular ones. seem to have disappeared for whatever reason.. IMO the blog has definitely downsized. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  14. Thank god I am enjoying a wee break in Tuscany away fro the craziness. If they really are trumpeting McCoist as some kind of hero then God help them and the rest of a sad wee country.



    Thank goodness for social media and alternative forums for news interpretation. Scary that so many on here still subscribe to old media mind you ……



    This is a massive week for celtic. Huge at home and in Europe. In a strange way a draw in each tie will keep things bubbling fine for me.



    A domestic ‘game on’ scenario will be good for box office and interest vs the one horse triumphalism in the championship. A draw will give us the advantage point in a tough europa section. Vs an improving young ajax.

  15. kit



    Contentedly was one of those, that never subscribed to that view, before or during the tie, it was always 50/50.



    They were favourites with their superior coefficient and superior technical organisation, but only in how to win a two legged Cup Tie. Posted many times on CQN by various, but still true, Qarabag were better organised and had they a dead simple plan on how to score from set pieces, a la Malmo, they could have put us out.



    The locus is now Ronny Deila IMHO, and the EL ties, will put his less than perfect tactic under a very strong microscope.



    In Europe we are tactically set out to get beaten, in Scotland the gap in player quality is too wide for the others.



    For some Celtic fans that’s not enough, and who can blame them.

  16. I know there’s concern over a new back four tomorrow but the game will be won or lost in midfield.



    I hope our two new recruits are defenders first and foremost.



    We need someone who can control the back four.

  17. Vienna proved that :


    1) there are goals to. Be got versus Ajax, and


    2) they are indeed very beatable



    The name holds distinction, however they are no where near as formidable as the Ajax of old.

  18. hebcelt on 11th September 2015 3:28 pm Anyone know or like to hazard a guess at who is longest remaining poster on the blog? I ask because over the last 6-12 months many of the regular ones. seem to have disappeared for whatever reason.. IMO the blog has definitely downsized. Hail Hail Hebcelt










    i wasnt here at the beginning , but i think that bhoy



    Paul67 was around at the beginning, and occasionally pops in still to this day

  19. hebcelt on 11th September 2015 3:28 pm



    I have been here, mainly lurking, from the first few weeks of CQN.



    I agree that CQN has ‘downsized’ particularly in terms of its content and the attitude of many contributors.



    Nevertheless, we owe Paul a great thanks for all that he has done for us.

  20. I bid you all a fond adieu, humility, courage, and ’till the next time… honesty, honesty to yourselves above all else.

  21. CharlieBhoy



    re your post 11 September 2015 @ 1:51 pm



    The wee Eulogy you want to show your son can be found in the archive 17 June 2013 @ 7:40 am…..;-))



  22. Pebble in the pond time regarding the recent and ongoing Royal-a-thon regarding Ol Betty / QE2.



    I think there is a moral case for saying that she has only been on the throne for 43 years.


    If SB had not dumped her uncle of the throne for nicking aboot with a “dirty slapper” then she would have had the “spare” gig for another 20 years.



    As is the norm in a lot of these things it was all the fault of the pesky Tories.


    Or at least the fault of the second rate / second string / second 11 Tories then in power.



    Interesting fact on this is that WC then in the wilderness tried to use the Abdication Crisis as a way back into the mainstream at the head of a putative Kings Party”.



    What a shameless chancer he was.

  23. Just had a wee read back, this deserves a repost…



    BEATBHOY on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2015 10:28 AM



    Very funny, Big Nan, but a limerick’s 5 lines, with a strict AABBA rhyming scheme, so yer disqualified!









    “There was a tax dodger called Dave









    Whose warchest the Zombies did crave









    But when it turned out









    There was no cash about









    They just had to stay in their grave.”



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/but-of-course-he-was-mortal/comment-page-9/#comments

  24. Oh well, yawl will get my drift.



    That was from a phone, for some reason I don’t even get that far on the ipad anymore with C&P! :((

  25. glendalystonsils on

    To the tune of the Addams Family…..



    He’s very glib and shameless



    He says the huns are blameless



    thinks Hector should just claim less



    He’s dodgy Dave the spiv.

  26. West End of East End on

    CharlieBhoy – Sitting at work bored and followed the link back to your original post, you done yer auld man proud…

  27. Hebcelt



    I think the biggest loss for me on here was Wee Christina who used to pop here regularly, blacking eyes and generally causing gasps over morning coffee, seems her CQN login has been lost in the mists of dodgy streams and internet feeds..




  28. Tomorrow will be a good test of where we stand after window.


    Aberdeen are a decent well organized side but no more than that.


    Thomson will referee us as normal.He will be true to his brethren.


    Mssm already have Aberdeen for title if we lose tomorrow.


    We need to lay down a marker.

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