The enormous building maintenance costs for Celtic Park


Over the years I’ve gone on about the cost of running a football club the size of Celtic.  Before you start to employ a footballer, coach, or someone to put the cones out at training, you’ll be pushed to spend less than £17m.  If you want to have appropriate resources in place, you’re going to spend more than this.

The club spend a lot of money each year on building maintenance at Celtic Park (have a guess?).  The fabric of the building, plumbing, painting the steps, fixing the locks, ensuring electrics and heating systems are safe, costs a small fortune at a stadium that size.

There is a tendency to think of Celtic Park as ‘new’, but it’s not.  It recently entered its third decade, and like any building that age, with large areas exposed to the elements, it requires a continuous programme of renewal and repair.

Structural damage can happen to any building during a storm, it’s not necessarily a sign the building’s been under-maintained or is otherwise dangerous.  But when parts of the roof hang free over the heads of spectators, as happened at Ibrox last night, lots of things need to be checked.  Starting with the maintenance records.

My preference would be that games are cancelled during high winds.  Better safe than sorry.

Annual building maintenance cost of Celtic Park is £800k (not counting Lennoxtown or the Superstore).  That’s a lot of money to find, if you were scrapping by on emergency loans.

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  1. hebcelt on 2nd December 2015 4:31 pm



    According to that document the cost of delivering a single missile to target is an additional £50k approx. Apparently a Typhoon can carry six so that would bring the cost to an additional £10k per missile used.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    RWE on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 4:17 PM


    Phil Gormley gets a new job at 200K per annum.




    Let’s wait and see.


    It’s very unusual for someone to reach a position of such influence without sound masonic credentials.

  3. Congrats to Uncle BlantyreKev..and the parents of course :o)



    Twice the fun for the price of one.

  4. Just speaking to a German geezer I drink with sometimes, he’s been working on the design phase of some rigs for North Iraq, he went a couple of weeks ago to check out the security and if he’d be interested in getting involved in the engineering, great money, bosses really look after you,


    ISIS ? says I, big beamer he takes, only a couple of weeks ago you were saying to nuke the lot of them says I, that was then, says he.


    True, it’s just business.

  5. An Tearmann on 2nd December 2015 4:48 pm



    I must be mellowing with age.


    A post I agree word for word with.



    RWE on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 4:17 PM





    Phil Gormley gets a new job at 200K per annum.









    Let’s wait and see.





    It’s very unusual for someone to reach a position of such influence without sound masonic credentials.



    Unusual but not unique.



    Was there not a Tradumus Lampada Old Boy called Patrick Hammill who was Chief Constable of Strathclyde.


    Doubtless the cynics will trot out exceptions proving rules.



    – See more at:

  7. CONNAIRE12 on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 2:15 PM


    I post without comment.







    Pope Francis: “I understand that 80 per cent of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 17 per cent of the population; I do not know if this is true, but it is likely, as this is how things are. … It is an economic system in which money, the god of money, is at the centre. … And if things continue in this way, the world will not change. … In Kangemi, where I spoke clearly about rights, I felt great suffering. … Yesterday, for example, I visited a paediatric hospital, the only one in Bangui and in the country! And in intensive care they do not have the instruments to provide oxygen. There were many malnourished children, many. And the doctor told me, ‘Here the majority will die, as they have malaria and they are malnourished. … And those people who hold 80 per cent of the world’s wealth – what do they think of this?”



    – See more at:



    The church is one of the richest organisations on earth.



    It could do a great deal for world poverty if it chose to do so.



    The fact it doesnt speaks volumes about it.



    Wonder if Jesus would say, no lets keep out billions just incase and let the 3rd world go hungry???



    Due to this I think that religion is a con and a good money making con at that.

  8. Apropos Syria


    Given that ISIS continues to expand its influence in the Syria Iraq regions, ethnically cleansing the area, displacing native tribes, enslaving non adherents of their extremist theology and infiltrating fighter into the “west,” what solution do they propose?


    With the slaughter of Christians and others and with millions of refugees fleeing into Europe, we can’t afford to stand by.


    So other than praying for a peaceful resolution what other remedies can we take?


    BTW Obama’s absurd proposition that tackling global warming will cure the world will be given the respect that it deserves. None.

  9. Is it possible that the SMSM speculation on Warburton to Fulham stories is a Level5 master plan?



    John James suggests that Warbs might go and Sevco to get compo for him and that will keep the lights on and patch up the roof till May.



    throw the dice CSC

  10. GG,


    No sure if I’m following you here but are you suggesting the UK should get involved ?


    My contention being, why would the UK think it had anything to offer, another two aeroplanes clogging up the sky getting in the road of the big boys and creating more chance of sparking off an incident between Russia and NATO.


    There’s enough clowns and liars in amongst it doing nothing, save our money and out people for when they are needed to defend the UK.


    Oh and the UK invading Syria is an international war crime, aye we usually ignore the law but maybe it’s time to start enforcing laws rather than breaking them, I mean it’s no like there’s any mileage in blaming regimes for breaking laws and then breaking the laws to invade.

  11. Oh and GG,


    ISIS are no longer expanding, they are contracting, that’s why the Turks are shooting at the Russians, and why the US and UK want to slow down the Russian onslaught.

  12. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    BBC Scotland Sports still have the Tony Stokes Twitter nonsense as their leading article.



    I wonder just how they can keep that up there.



    We all know their game – it provides a distraction from the dozens of other “sports” stories in Scotland.



    I can just about remember a time when I thought the BBC were above all that.



    Just for the record – I’ve always thought Stokes to be a very decent player for us – certainly a lot better than a lot of the dross that come and go from one season to the next.


    He just needs to be managed properly and he can still be an asset for us.


    Is that sports psychology gut still with us … Mc Guinness ?

  13. Canamalar


    I’m not suggesting anything like a broad bombing of Syria.


    What I am asking is do we stand by and ignore the atrocities being committed and merely wring our hands while passing UN resolutions?


    Do we allow the ISIS caliphate to gain strength, attract further support among Muslims and let it spread its message of death among the disaffected young Muslims I. Europe, Africa and America?


    Or do we take proactive action, NOT against Syria per se, but against the caliphate?


    And if so what kind of action need it be?

  14. PS


    The UN has already passed a resolution which authorizes military action against the caliphate.

  15. GG,


    I think your asking the wrong question, I think the question you should be asking as why did we support these terrorists for the last four years.

  16. Quonno and Glendalystonsils



    Philip Michael Gormley






    Too Timmy sounding…almost as bad as Patrick Hammill

  17. GG,


    No it never, else the UN would be in there.


    The only way to legitimately drop bombs Syria is if the legitimate Syrian government invite us like they have the Russians.

  18. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    If Warbs goes – they will get compensation for sure – but will it at “Bumsong/Souness” levels?



    Then they have to find a replacement – who would touch it except a Real Rankers Manager.



    Somebody like McCooloch (hopefully) who has no stinking coaching badges but would fit the bill perfectly.



    I would pay for Warbies taxi – Weirdo can walk.



    All able states should join the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and redouble efforts to prevent further attacks by the militant group, the United Nations security council has declared in a unanimous vote.



    The 15-member council adopted a resolution on Friday that was drafted by France after a series of deadly attacks in Paris killed 130 people and were claimed by Isis.



    “The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant constitutes a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security,” said the resolution.

  20. Honestly, you’ve got to laugh, does anyone really think Fulham are entertaining a third rate manager from a fourth rate team ffs.

  21. lennon's passion on




    Reading between the lines. Allan joined the club’s had to sing a initiation song. Started singing “I was born under a wandering star”. Stokesy took it the wrong way and wrapped the nut on him.

  22. BSR



    Politics, Daesh and Sevco are the CQN hashtags at present.



    You missed some choons earlier and a TD67 acceptance of his yellow card.




  23. I wonder who will be the first numptie to suggest the Lawwells salary could pay maintenance bill.

  24. GG,


    Never seen that cheers for the info, personally think its a disgrace that the UN is inviting everyone to invade a sovereign state rather than offer help to the legitimate government to deal with the terrorist invasion funded by the GCC and NATO.

  25. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just watching place. In the sun and its Denia


    Another name missing from the blog


    Where’s big Joe also?

  26. glendalystonsils on

    quonno on 2nd December 2015 5:08 pm



    Yes indeed, chief constables, law lords and all. Maybe I’m just an old cynic, but as I say, time will tell.

  27. glendalystonsils on

    lennon’s passion on 2nd December 2015 5:39 pm



    Might have been worse if Allen had sung an Elvis song -:))

  28. Canalamar



    Warbs has a good reputation in London after his European NextGen youth stuff and sort of taking Brentford to playoffs last season (even if he was mutually consented following a disagreement with the owner)



    Fulham have offered and been turned down by two candidates (including Steve Clarke a Reading) and are desperate.



    Who knows really?



    There is another spooky similarity..



    Al Fayed owned Fulham till 2013 and loaned them 187 million interest free.



    By January 2013 Fulham were debt free as Al Fayed had converted the debt to equity in the club.



    Sounds familiar.



    Hope you are well.

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