The enormous building maintenance costs for Celtic Park


Over the years I’ve gone on about the cost of running a football club the size of Celtic.  Before you start to employ a footballer, coach, or someone to put the cones out at training, you’ll be pushed to spend less than £17m.  If you want to have appropriate resources in place, you’re going to spend more than this.

The club spend a lot of money each year on building maintenance at Celtic Park (have a guess?).  The fabric of the building, plumbing, painting the steps, fixing the locks, ensuring electrics and heating systems are safe, costs a small fortune at a stadium that size.

There is a tendency to think of Celtic Park as ‘new’, but it’s not.  It recently entered its third decade, and like any building that age, with large areas exposed to the elements, it requires a continuous programme of renewal and repair.

Structural damage can happen to any building during a storm, it’s not necessarily a sign the building’s been under-maintained or is otherwise dangerous.  But when parts of the roof hang free over the heads of spectators, as happened at Ibrox last night, lots of things need to be checked.  Starting with the maintenance records.

My preference would be that games are cancelled during high winds.  Better safe than sorry.

Annual building maintenance cost of Celtic Park is £800k (not counting Lennoxtown or the Superstore).  That’s a lot of money to find, if you were scrapping by on emergency loans.

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  1. Canalamar


    Happy to have a cordial discussion which looks for solutions, as I have a personal interest in the region.


    As an aside


    I was once invited to provide software and software support to an Iraqi refinery, I think in Mosul, during the Iran Iraq war. Services to be paid after the war in Iraqi dinars.


    I responded by offering to send a tape on receipt of payment in US dollars.


    I never heard back.


    You can’t win them all.

  2. OK what have I missed during my enforced absence?


    Some fill me in re Wining Captain’s gentle reprimand for the abuse(?) of Auldheid?


    What is the MSM take on the roof?


    What’s the back story on Stokes? I can’t think his tweet is the only reason for his suspension?


    And any comments on Sevco being drawn at home again?

  3. RWE,


    Sorry, regardless of the similarities I can’t help but chuckle at the thought that anyone is taking this seriously.

  4. Canalamar



    Laughing is good for you.



    Man to doctor “I am depressed. I dream that I’m both a teepee AND a wigwam.”



    Doctor “Ah your problem is you’re too tense.”



    Hat, coat and jockstrap CSC

  5. If Warbs goes does anyone think Sir Alex would take the job, if offered? He is a Govan lad, after all, and once played for The Gers, (club). Obviously not for the money, he doesn`t need that, but to help out his boyhood heroes.

  6. GG,


    Recently had a Scouser telling me to buy a million Iraqi dinars and hold the cash for a few years make a few bob.


    Me I’m begining to think maybe the Syrian money might be a better move now the riskiest are involved there’s a better chance there will be a Syria after the shit settles.

  7. Billybear,


    Think his missus might be made welcome or do you see some season tickets being burned?

  8. lennon's passion on

    So…Mark Warburton has a twitter egg account and has been quizzing journos/bams about the true state of Ibrox finances? #CleverBoy



    Twitter at its best

  9. Billybear


    Did swalex not say he would never manage the deed club cos of the way he was treated when he married his Mrs.


    But as they are deed, and another club is playing there now, you never know.



  10. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If Warburton gets the slightest offer from Fulham I think he will Jump at it I think he is a clever bloke and will have worked out that he is on a listing ship. H.H.

  11. CANAMALAR on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 6:13 PM







    Think his missus might be made welcome or do you see some season tickets being burned?





    No, mate, that was in the old days. Things have changed, including the company!

  12. I have a confession..



    Every time somebody types “swalex” I burst out laughing..



    I shouldn’t but reminds me of the Only an Excuse fella who did the man



    Jonathon Watson?



    Biggus Dickus CSC

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut


    He can’t be that clever.


    He took the job in the first place and it wouldn’t have needed an Internet bampot to find out the state of their finances.


    If he were such a well connected (street?) trader, one phone call to anyone in the Square Mile would have informed him how deep they were in the proverbial doo doo.

  14. Glad Stokes has been dealt with.



    I recall Charles Green stating that £9 million was accounted for in his share issue for investment in Ibrokes. Not a penny was spent. Sooner or later there will be a major incident.

  15. Billybear,


    What company ? Two clubs signed the five way agreement, and sevco played in SFA competition before any membersh transfer, these my friend are historical facts you can check if you want :)




    I was talking about the supporters of the extinct club and now the supporters of the newest club in the world.

  16. Auldheid



    That may just be the best way to promote Resolution 12 across the country…



    Poor wee Senga..

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    GG. I would assume it was the only job he was offered at the time so he probably thought that job was better than no job.To be honest I think he is doing a more than decent job.H.H.

  18. JFH


    I can’t judge the job he’s doing.


    I only ever watch them when they play us.


    I’m not responsible for the expression but I fully subscribe to it.


    “If they were playing put the back, I’d pull the curtains.”

  19. iPaddy McCourt on

    Good to see that the grade 1 a….hole Stokes has been dealt with appropriately. I will be delighted when we finally get rid.

  20. GG/Canamalar



    While Resolution 2249 calls on all able States to combat ISIS it does not give any State carte blanche to bomb Syrian cities. For instance it recognises the statement of the ISSG (17 members of the International Syrian Support Group) of November 14 2015, which supports a nationwide ceasefire leading to provisional government in Syria within six months. Resolution 2249 also reaffirmed that; “Member States must ensure that any measures taken to combat terrorism must comply with all their obligations under International Law, in particular human rights, refugee and humanitarian law.”


    Elsewhere, Resolution 2249 does not invoke Chaper VII (Articles 39-51) of the UN Charter, which addresses the circumstances under which the use of use of force can be sanctioned and the use of military force specifically authorised, by the UN Security Council.


    Cameron’s plan to bomb Syria goes against the grain of the ISSG statement, would breach tenets of Resolution 2249, and is not sanctioned under Chapter VII. It would be in my opinion a breach of International Law.




    The missiles that are supposed to cost £800,000 a piece are the Storm Shadow , stealthy long-range ,stand-off precision missile. From what I have read this piece of hardware will be deployed by the RAF to Syria. This is the info that is on-line this morning.

  22. Celtic Mac,


    Cheers, I had my doubts about the legitimacy of what is in effect an invitation for invasion by the UN if what GG had said was correct.


    Though we all know the west only pay lip service to legalities when they suit the agenda else they are ignored and called guidance.

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