The evidence is in, you have been cheated


There is so much material to wade through as a result of the excellent BBC documentary, Rangers – The men who sold the jerseys.  Much of it is of only passing interest to us, although we will examine it in more detail in the days to come, one part, however, concerns Celtic and Celtic fans more any anyone else in Scotland.

BBC have evidence that the following players had side letters contracting payment to Employee Benefit Trusts:

Alex Rae, Arthur Numan, Barry Ferguson, Carlos Cuellar, Christian Nerlinger, Craig More, Dado Prso, Dan Eggen, Egil Ostenstad, Fernando Ricksen, Gavin Rae, Gregory Vignal, Jean-Alain Boumsong, Jerome Bonnissel, Julien Rodriguez, Kris Boyd, Lorenzo Amoruso, Kevin Muscat, Libor Sionko, Marvin Andrews, Michael Ball, Mikel Arteta, Michael Mols, Nacho Novo, Paolo Vanoli, Pedro Mendes, Neil McCann, Olivier Bernard, Peter Lovenkrands, Ronald De Boer, Sasa Papac, Ronald Waterreus, Sotirios Kyrgiakos, Stefan Klos, Steven Davis, Steven Thompson, Thomas Buffel and Zurab Khizanishvilli

The BBC list a large number of other Rangers players and non-playing staff who benefited from EBTs but they have no documentary evidence of side letters.

Scottish FA registration procedures are clear:

Rule 2.2.1

Unless lodged in accordance with Procedures Rule 2.13 a Non-Recreational [professional]Contract Player Registration Form will not be valid unless it is accompanied by the contract entered into between the club concerned and the player stating all the terms and conditions in conformity with the Procedures Rule 4.

“Will not be valid” being the key point.

The SFA’s Articles of Association also say:

Furthermore, all payments, whether made by the club or otherwise, which are to be made to a player solely relating to his playing activities must be fully recorded within the relevant written agreement with the player prior to submission to this Association and/or the recognised football body of which his club is in membership.

Article 98 states:

A club making payment of any kind to a player, either amateur or professional, must obtain from the player a written receipt for the same showing details of the payment, and any club under the jurisdiction of the Association must produce such receipts to the Association when called upon to do so. For a player registered by means of a Full Professional Form, a club must produce on request receipts for the wages paid to him in terms of his agreement lodged with the Association.

Documentary evidence exists that Rangers played 38 players with invalid registrations between 2000 and 2010 (the last year financial information is available for Rangers) .  Results from all games involving these players, which is all games Rangers have played since 2000, are void.

I am sure the BBC will forward all evidence to the SFA and SPL for investigation.

You were cheated out of five league championships.  Fortunately, evidence exists and the history books will be rewritten.

The SFA and SPL must immediately take action.  A statement must be made this morning reflecting the gravity of the situation and reassuring fans that our game’s administrators are able to deal with this matter.

12-in-a-row!  Who would have thought it!

Just a quick comment on Juninho. Juninho had an EBT for a short period while he was at Celtic. He had no side letters or contracts from Celtic and tax was paid on money paid into the EBT. ‘Nothing to see here’.

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  1. timbhoy in spain on

    Hi Rascar Capac on 24 May, 2012 at 02:43


    Well pal I´m a wee bit short on wisdom at this time in the morning,being just a little bit inebriated but not wanting to go to bed.


    However I´d just like to say it amazes me just how far the powers that be be in Escoscia will go to protect their establishment team

  2. Rascar Capac on

    Aye well I wonder if that is changing.



    I think that Murray ran the press, with all sorts of payments or influences.



    And Wee Eck got his comeuppance, trying to say Celtic needed them.



    I think he was genuinely surprised at the reaction.



    Things change.



    Scotland is changing.

  3. timbhoy in spain on

    I´d love to think you are right Rascar but I´m not so sure & i´d love to know what would make you think it is.

  4. Rascar Capac on




    Because the whole world is changing.



    The Arab Spring is nothing compared to social media here.



    We are part of the movement, the common sense tidal wave is hitting the shore.

  5. sandman is neil lennon



    “”Bhoys, CQN wasn’t the only place giving live updates through the documentary. Over on FF they devoted a thread to it.



    Been wading through it and thought that in the spirit of public interest I’d post some of their choice comments in chronological order.



    You’ll find it an often hilarious mix of Hun incredulity, outrage, denial, standard Hun paranoia and comedy.”



    Had to make some comment. Sorry it’s getting very late. I’ll try some more tomorrow. G’night all and H H!






    Off to a completely absurd start.


    **Aye. You lot are in it!




    The way this is being done is a piss take.


    **Too slow. I was pissing myself hours before it even started.




    This is completely taking the piss. Has it been put together by teenagers?


    **They call themselves ‘The Bears’




    porn star/tax advisor furfuxsake


    **Now you know who ‘shafted’you. And you didn’t even see his face!




    Anybody seen his work?


    **Aye. In a BIG HOOSE!




    Hugh Hefner ?


    **Absentee landlord.




    This passes as investigative journalism?? A clown with a pipe??


    **Popey! Not the best cartoon in Govan at the moment.




    Baxendale-Walker looks insane


    **So would you in a Govan asylum.




    A Porn Star advised Murray to bring the EBT scheme in! Give me a feckin break!


    **Don’t know about the break but he can organise the feckin



    What the **** was that in the build up to this porn guy. ****ing amateur hour here.


    **Well, the guys into his amateur videos.




    What the f*ck is a porn star involved for? This is a pantomime


    **Conflicting with your circus? Maybe he found a bunch of a***es attractive?




    A covert location outside Scotland; what an absolute bellend this guy is.


    **No, no. Thomas Cook do good transfer fee arrangements by side letter.




    I can’t believe what I’m watching here, a ****in pornstar wanting to be considered a hero if we win tax case I really am lost for words!!!


    **They are the wee joined up letters you see on the Tesco signs. Better learn them.




    Playing the Doors “this is the end” arseholes


    **Mr. Porno’s guide to bears seeking sex.




    Does this nob presenting this programme think he’s doing an episode of blue peter…all that’s missing is the well children are we all sitting comfortably…then let us begin


    **Today children, we are going to build a cardboard stadium. Get your blue paintbrush ready.




    Allegations against Souness with NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!


    **It’s the referee committee. What do you expect?




    Was sure I seen that c*** outside Ibrox against Motherwell must of been him (about Sammy)


    **Aye. Came over for a laugh from Parkhead after scoring for the Bhoys.




    Why the **** is souness being paid £30k 10 years after he left us?


    **So he wouldn’t come back, silly.




    Thank **** it was only 30K to Souness.I was thinking £3-5M for a minute.This is a joke.


    **Back to your letters now. There’s an L in the gap between K and M.




    Bain you rat.


    **Come on. You’ld do the same if you saw a hole in the ship.




    is with this daft robot voice in the “data room”


    ** Whew! glad it’s not the BLUE ROOM.




    (re: The doors, ‘the End’) Their earlier music was an insult to Britain too


    **You must be him – Cowel, aye Cowel!




    SDM on a big screen now in a f**king train station!?


    **Starring in the porno version of Thomas the Tank Engine.




    Has any staff not been paid this way!


    Aye. The shepherd’s.




    Surely Daly has breached data protection??


    **Souness could breach anybody’s protection.




    Rangers need to get to the bottom of who is providing these documents, how these are getting into the public domain is extremely worrying.


    **Your getting into the territory of the porno guy again.




    Hatchet job, scummy tarrier bastards.


    **What a defence you had in 2002.




    Here we go now calling for titles to be stripped


    **Oh, ‘titles’. I thought for minute you were on the porno again.




    here we go – gunning for the titles and other trophies. the whole programme is aimed at this. B*st*rds


    **Nothing like a good bear shoot!




    Even if they are legal, Rangers cheated. Basically what he just said there.


    **Everything’s ok then. Legal, cheated – same thing isn’t it – (as per Ally McCoist, April 2012)?




    Drop in wages replaced by ebt so feck no evidence! Guess work!


    **No. Actually, I think the shredder got stuck on some of them.




    BBC are showing their TRUE colours now.






    Why don’t they come out and say who is giving them this information and who they seem to be quoting? I could make any shi*e up and claim some unknown person said it


    **Time for Ally Big Mouth to make demands again! Or you could just pick up a pile of shi*e from your ‘stadium’.




    Side letters, not contracts.


    **”You made a vow that you would ever be true


    But somehow that vow meant nothing to you


    Now my broken heart aches


    With every wave that breaks (in the Bahamas)


    Over ‘side’ letters in the sand” (Pat Boone, Love Letters in the Sand)




    These documents have came from HMRC.


    Daly quoted them regarding 30K to Souness and investigation into Tugay transfer .


    Disgusting from a government body divulging private personal details.


    **I know how you feel. And they being in the public domain too. How awful!




    If this is not watertight the bbc are going to be in court.


    this is looking scary


    **Not really. Be great company for D.M., C.G.,the Board and 40 odd players.




    Laughable trying to take trophies off us .That Daly is an obvious taig and his paymasters at the beeb are determined to undermine our club at every opportunity


    **That Laughable’s a right one. Not happy with my TV licence being used to undermine you. If you’ve no money, dig your own holes.


    3rd division please !


    **Straight there, sir?




    A truly biased attack…quelle surprise.


    **To quote Paul Le Guen re Celtic forwardline.


    This is awful viewing


    **Specsavers then. Oh they have already got a vested interest through the refs.


    Where the fluck did they get all this inside info from? Absolutely unbelievable, if correct


    **Report them to The Grand Master.


    ‘certain that football authorities will be watching this’… No doubt they will and they’ll find us guilty as a result


    **That will be a shock to you. Finding you guilty, never!


    So far there’s no evidence at all against us. All ifs and buts, and letters were required to show they were non discretionary.


    **They can’t touch you. You are the peepil!


    **Ifs and buts could turn out to be better administrators than Daffy Ducky and Flopsy.




    Have to laugh at some of comments here about amateur etc. Daly has uncovered some pretty crucial documents which could mean more sanctions for the club, particularly from the SPL and they will now probably share some of these with authorities.


    **Do I detect sanity? Quick get a doctor!


    Murray is a sideshow but cant see how Ogilvie survives at the SFA after this. No one has ever taken the gloves off to David Murray in such a fashion!


    **You becoming a ‘taig’ too? Now I’m worried.


    not believing a word of this so far, how come the bbc get to see official documents before any other news agency, absolute speculation


    **Phew, now that’s better. Oh by the way. DR editor’s fat a**se is sitting on them.


    This guys a fanny! like watching a badly made cartoon!


    **Interfering with your circus again. Naughty!


    Know what? This is pure desperation. Nothing new so far. Allegations without evidence. I see a victory on the horizon r.e. tax.


    **HMRC are definitely getting desperate to call in the r.e. Maybe they want the regiment to build bridges.


    They are absolutely choking for titles to be removed, that’s all it is basically.


    **Looks to me if the titles are removed they could breath more easily.




    Can we take HMRC and the Pacific Quay CFC to court over this surely they have both breached the DPA?


    **Some advice on the QT from the HMRC. They don’t give a MF about RFC and will be happy to put you into LQD for E and E.


    Truely worrying if he’s right.


    **CRUE ELY terrific if he is.


    Funny so many here are complaining about Daly and labeling him a taig, the only man I’m getting angrier at as this goes on is a certain Charlatan who ran our club.


    ** Mr Porno or Bimbo SDM? Can be taken either way.


    An absolute travesty he still has his knighthood


    **I agree after him sh****ng all over the BIG ROON TABLE in THE BIG HOOS.



  6. timbhoy in spain on

    By the way just in case any of you guys think i can´t spell,well I can but my feckin keyboard is going home & I thiink I´ll need to get a new basturd laptop

  7. timbhoy & Hollie Smokie Pokie –



    Of course the players took the deal offered. I am not disputing that. All I said was, Rangers chose not to deduct tax from the payments and are now having to pay it, where originally, if they had stuck by the rules, the players would have paid it.



    What have I said that was different?



    I wasn’t criticising the players who took the deal.



    I was laughing at Rangers having to now pay the players’ tax bills.

  8. Rascar Capac on




    Nae politics here.



    But it is all changing, for good or bad, and quicker than ever before.



    I do think that Secret Scotland will not survive the information age.



    But I am an outrageous optimous.

  9. I loathe them and their supporters and hope the trash that they are, are thrown out soon.

  10. Hi – nightshift :))



    Just poped in to ask…….



    Why is it that, when talking about this ebt-stuff…1998 is the starting point ?


    And yet, Mo Johnston, in 1989, in an interview with Jim White on Scotsport said that he had a tax-bill of £150k from Nantes which, according to MJ – Celtic couldn’t look at!!!!



    Yet, according to MJ – Rankers took care of it for me ?!?!? WTF ?



    Or, am I barking up the wrong tree again ?



    Hail Hail

  11. timbhoy in spain on

    Rock On Rockall




    Oh the empire is finished no foreign lands to seize


    So the greedy eyes of England are looking towards the seas


    Two hundred miles from Donegal, there’s a place that’s called Rockall


    And the groping hands of Whitehall are grabbing at its walls



    Oh rock on Rockall, you’ll never fall to Britain’s greedy hands


    Or you’ll meet the same resistance that you did in many lands


    May the seagulls rise and pluck your eyes and the water crush your shell,


    And the natural gas will burn your ass and blow you all to hell.



    For this rock is part of Ireland, ‘cos it’ s written in folklore


    That Fionn MacCumhaill took a sod of grass and he threw it to the fore,


    Then he tossed a pebble across the sea, where ever it did fall,


    For the sod became the Isle of Man and the pebble’s called Rockall.



    Now the seas will not be silent, while Britannia grabs the waves


    And remember that the Irish will no longer be your slaves,


    And remember that Britannia, well, – she rules the waves no more


    So keep your hands off Rockall – it’s Irish to the core.

  12. Sandman at 01.13



    Was in hospital yest to get a cpl of nasty varicose veins out. Cue a night of pain and spewing.



    But your post made me feel so much better. When I got to the prince Albert bit I was crying with laughter.



    Stupid, yet at times pure comedy huns




  13. Mountblow tim on

    Good morning CQN looks like another nice day in Clydebank



    Paul you have to be congratulated on all your fine work yesterday


    It made very interesting reading all day



    BBC brought up some very interesting point to be dissected by the authorities



    Can’t wait to see what today brings



    Keep the faith



    Hail Hail

  14. Oh what a beautiful morning


    Oh what a beautiful day.


    Oh what a beautiful morning


    Everything’s going our way



    Paul67 –



    Great work yesterday (and every other day of course). A quick question, don’t know if anyone has mentioned this already cos I haven’t had time to read back.



    Kris Boyd had an EBT with a side letter which the SFA never saw.


    This means he was improperly registered.


    His goals therefore were never valid.


    Henrik Larsson remains the SPL top goal scorer.



    Let cheating dogs die




  15. Oh, and another quickie before I head to work –



    How can any SPL Chairman vote in favour of letting ratners fc back into the SPL when faced with this in addition to everything else thems have done?




  16. One last comment Paul67 –



    How come when I click on the “Post Comment” box, it turns blue?



    Get it changed.



    Ta muchly




  17. Mr no surrender and his board have taken out Whyte and Murray



    This story has three main parts, the documentary evidence is now in the public domain leaving the SFA and the SPL looking like the fools they are for not dealing with Murray at all, and shutting the stable door with Whyte.



    However Alaister Johnston plus his board with Peat, Ogilvie, Smith and Dallas from the SFA engaged in operation save Rankers, Tony Mowbray faced unprecedented levels of honest mistakes


    Referee Craig Thomson admits penalty error in Old Firm match


    Craig Thomson, the referee in charge of Sunday’s Old Firm match at Ibrox, has confessed that he was guilty of an error of judgment when he declined to give Celtic winger Shaun Maloney a penalty in the 12th minute.



    Guilty of cheating

  18. Good morning Celts, firstly Congrats to Paul67 in his day long hunskelping lead articles on CQN, you did say it would be a busy one Paul, 100% correct….. Thanks Paul67 and Hail Hail to ye!



  19. I remember watching Neil McAnn being asked on SKy what he knew about EBT’s, this was about 3/4 months ago. Neil stuttered that he knew nothing about such matters, he was clearly hiding something, the truth is out there.



  20. Mornin everyone.




    1 – post of the century Paul – well done !!


    2 – you , me and eveyone knows they will do NOTHING about it !


    they are liars, cheats n thieves by nature at the moment and have no plans to apologise or change their ways



    nonetheless, we must fight on !

  21. Good morning friends from a bright and glorious East Kilbride. And an extra special good morning to our celebrity lurker, Prince Albert of Monaco.




  22. I see Prince Albert of Monaco won the Eagle Award for “significant contributions in promoting harmony, peace and goodwill through the effective use of sport”.



    I knew there would be a reason he didn’t want anything to do with the huns, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

  23. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Quite incredible yesterday! The new media and part of the old media join forces to expose the cheats FC, or should I now call the old media, TV bampots?



    Paul67, did you do any rechargeable work yesterday?



    A fantastic effort







  24. whytie…”hall, bertie, gonny geez munny furra berz, nat !”



    bertie….”naw ! grace wiz a tim, so…nae chance…jog on !”






  25. The morning after the night before . . . still smiling.


    Chapeau Mark Daly, I hope you and your loved ones are safe because there will be some venom coming your way.


    A number of CQNers rightly pointed out we had read most of this through Paul/Phil/ATs efforts but what we had not seen was the scale of it in black and white. Up until now one letter had been produced by the Sun (now known to be Andrews). Nor did we have any idea who had received EBTs, all we had was speculation.


    So well done Mark Daly for finding a source (or well done to the source for finding Mark Daly) because what he produced last night was everything the SPL has been trying to keep hidden – smoking gun? more like a stockpile of WMDs.


    AT has been good on C4 at raising awareness of what was already in the public domain but just wasn’t being aired. Daly went way beyond that and produced hard evidence of the biggest sporting fraud in British history. How he got hold of the emails and faxes between Grier and Ticketus, between Whyte’s advisers and RFC, not to mention all of the info. on EBTs despite the industrial-scale paper shredding . . . However he did it, it was the best piece of sports investigative journalism I have seen in Scotland (although the bar wasn’t set very high admittedly).


    Paul and Phil (and a cast of others) opened the door, Mark broke it down last night and exposed an orgy of cheating, lying, deception and fraud.

  26. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    When do Celtic get all those trophies back?



    Hand them over cheating scum.

  27. A very good morning to all, it is an absolutely wonderful morning here in Roscommon.


    Only read back a few comments from last night but agree with many, that although we already knew what was revealed last night, it’s one thing us knowing it (thanks again to paul67 and phil etc) but now at last the rest of scotland at least can have no excuse about hiding from the truth.



    It is no longer a timmy conspiracy, it is known as FACTand the BBC have the evidence to prove it, the huns were breaking the rules and CHEATING for at least a decade


    Now it is over to the SFA and SPL with the Celtic board waiting in the wings to see what they are gonna do about it

  28. I was out for a few pints with Paul Baxendale Walker last night, he was telling me he has a prince albert. No idea what that means but hey ho. Anyway, he sends his regards.



    Did I miss anything good on telly last night when I was out? Paul B/W told me he was making an appearance but I had to tell him I don’t watch those stations…..



    PS He had an interesting idea for avoiding tax, but keep that to yourselves…