The FA doing societies hard work


Social media is a window into society, into families and into the heads of those (including you and me) who engage with it. You and me are OK, obviously, but out there, it’s a minefield. Think, for a second, about the adults who go online to brand themselves by expressing racist abuse at a footballer.
That’s bad enough, but think about one of the sports governing bodies presenting an evidence pack to the police, only for the police to tell them they don’t have the money to do anything with those responsible for such a desperate self-own,
Ahead of the EUros, The Football Association have funded the police to pursue criminals who indulge in racist behaviour online, because society apparently has other priorities. A spokesperson for the FA said, ““We obviously talk to the players about [racist abuse]all the time and now we are doing things differently.
“In the past what we did was put together all the data, effectively an evidence pack, to give to the police to prosecute. But this time we have gone a stage further where we are actually funding a unit within the British police that will then prosecute.”
Four years ago, the Euros concluded with two black English players on the receiving end of racist abuse, the like of which less prominent people of colour endure on a regular basis.
The perpetrators are doing the equivalent of sending The Bat Signal into the clouds, identifying as a absolute one for the watching. This will not be their only misdemeanour, you can be sure.
Football picks up the reputational tab for societies nutcases, because football provides a cover where they can emerge from the shadows, but be sure, this is not a football problem, this is a social and criminal justice problem. The FA deserve credit from all of us who value the game and its reputation.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Maybe the SFA could fund a unit of the Scottish Police Service to tackle sectarian abuse🤔

  2. Orange marches. Just a show of PURE hatred and evil bigotry. Civilised society, ffs, should be banned, end of.



    Imagine if there were marches against black people or Pakistanis, , exactly







  3. Wouldn’t place too much faith in such as the Metropolitan Police, or PoliceScotland whose former Chief Constable, Sir Iain Livingstone described his own organisation as “Institutionally Racist”.


    The former has what I call a ‘Hendon Mentality’ whilst the latter a ‘Tulliallan’ one. No solutions there.


    Self- Policing is the best way forward, but no Sendero Luminoso there either.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The brazen, unaware, ignorant, bare faced casual venom of (apparently sizeable) chunks of society online routinely astounds me.



    Pre internet … People with a malevolent thought would occasionally mutter it under their breadth.



    A minority would say it out loud.



    A smaller minority still would shout it out.



    Only a tiny fraction would go to the attention seeking lengths of writing it down and publishing it !!

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW – will this funded unit be having a quiet word with those MSM organs who, absolutely disgracefully, visually singled out Bukayo Saka, after England’s recent defeat?

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH JUNE 2024 12:45 PM


    Rags saying Genk will pay £3.5 million for Oh…



    Would that suggest that recent transfer windows might not have been as much of a “disaster” as some thought?

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CELTIC40ME- need to take that money if it is true,possibly could seek higher transfer fees,from being a winning team maybe


    Emday watch lord bethel on sky news slating stammmmer .looked him up on wiki .WHIT A DOG. gets a title and cash for life because one of his relatives was a WHORE for some king or prince .




  9. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH JUNE 2024 1:01 PM


    CELTIC40ME- need to take that money if it is true,possibly could seek higher transfer fees,from being a winning team maybe



    If thats what you mean, Celtic are the winningest team around these days.

  10. The risks of signing a player under 25 are always mitigated by two things – you dont have to pay them much and you’re far more likely to recoup your outlay.



    We dont pay them much so they are unlikely to want to stay around if they arent getting a game, unlike older players who often wont get better wages elsewhere



    Its a numbers game, and there danger is that you end up with a big squad of unhappy young players but with some nimble footwork in the transfer market and sensible use of the loan market it is possible to keep things turning over and still not end up with losses on the youngsters who dont work out.



    Playing for Celtic adds a value to any player. We’ve made a profit on lots of worse players than Oh. Lewis Morgan and Patrik Kilmala spring immediately to mind



    I dont think that con be said about any of the older players who didnt work out and who we ended up paying established player wages to.



    Young players are far lower risk in financial terms.

  11. Celtic are in the player trading game these days. Or at least we 100% should be. That means high volumes of young players with development potential.



    Ange had it right, its the only game in town

  12. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Looking at his league stats 11 goals over 36 league games, zero in 5 CL and same for one league Cup game.



    £1m profit, I’ll take it 👍

  13. CELTIC40ME



    And that is the rub.


    You and others including executives at CP look at players as assets that can be traded (or not) at a profit so improving the financial position of the business as the priority.


    Others look at players as skilled professionals that can bring talent and success and continued improvement on the playing field as a priority.



    My view is that if continued playing improvement is the target then success will follow as will the trading and financial gain.


    If trading profit is the target then the same playing improvement and so success is put at risk. This season is a good example as the vast majority of “assets” procured played little or no part this season and the threat of losing was very real.



    Balance is the key with all these things and as much as a MON spending spree is unadvisable so to is a window based on asset trading.




  14. The returnof weeron on

    Jeez, Paul67….that’s a left field article.



    How about….



    Who is the more adaptable coach? Brendan or Ange?



    Brendan 1.0 came in, got us playing HIS way almost right from the start. A great first season, then things started to slow down. Opposition caught on to our slow possession, forcing us to play 8 or 9 passes to Lustig before we crossed the half way line. Season 3 was worse. Slow, predictable. So much so that many of us were not unhappy that he left.



    He didn’t give us much hope that he would change. He was a slave to possession. Part of his mantra was, ‘the quicker you play it forward, the quicker it comes back’. No 2nd ball thinking on his part.



    Ange, like Brendan, was/is a fundamentalist. THIS IS THE WAY I PLAY. Press hard and high. It worked domestically, but it was obvious that we didn’t have the quality to get results in Europe, playing that way.



    As with Brendan, Ange’s season 2 was a bit more difficult in that Scottish teams responded with a very dense ‘low block’. At that time, some of us wondered if he would change in season 3. Solid defending in Europe, for example. Whether we needed radical change or some fine-tuning, it was clear that, at least in Europe, Ange had to change. Of course, he skipped town before we could find out.



    Could either of them change? Ange…probably not…although he must know that he’ll be fired in the next 12 months if he ships 6 goals to Chelsea at home.



    What about Brendan? He strikes me as being a wee bit more pragmatic than Ange. A WEE bit…..



    He has gone from never going long and early to the striker, to doing it sometimes. Kyogo’s frustration was evident during the season, as he made runs while we played wee triangles in our own half. Yet, there were times when we knocked it forward and the wee man delivered.



    My hope is that Brendan might be open to a bit more variety, though I think that he really needs to get some results in the UCL. He was only 3 red cards away from possibly qualifying last season.



    The other factor that is worthy looking at is…Recruitment.



    Ange brought in players that he knew and who could play the way that Ange wanted. Some were duds, but there were enough quality players that could play the Ange way.



    Recruitment under Brendan 2.0 has been mostly poor. Very poor, in fact. I don’t pretend to know why.



    So, here we are. I think that, had Ange stayed, he may not have lasted the season. If we allow Brendan to bring in players that he wants, then we should be able to get another couple of years out of him.



    Just my 2 cents…




  15. you can have more than one success target,



    winning trophies and on park success while trading assestts at a profit. seemms very logical to me, and indeed celtic plc are a model of consistency at it.



    it doesnt just happen, takes years of organisational development,



    a;so a mythto say last summers signings did not cotribute.

  16. MOISEY17 on 13TH JUNE 2024 2:08 PM



    “You and others including executives at CP look at players as assets that can be traded (or not) at a profit so improving the financial position of the business as the priority.”



    Thats not true. The priority is always winning enough football matches to be successful over a sustained period, a clever player trading model is a means to that end.



    There’s nothing more to it than that, and its worked pretty well up to now.

  17. There are many parts that make up a successful football club these days, for Celtic player trading is one of them, but a very important one

  18. THE RETURNOF WEERON on 13TH JUNE 2024 2:13 PM



    re brendan – \nd the soome of us were not unhappy to see him go …………



    because the (winning) football was slow,



    cusp of 3 trebles, never lost a meaningful match the der hun



    dearie me,

  19. I think the board are smart but not so smart that the club can be that successful without footballing success being the main priority.

  20. Yea i get that but setting priority as continued improvement on the park begets the other two targets – the other way round doesn’t.



    We have won domestically but haven’t improved and in Europe we are cannon fodder – thats the improvement we should target.



    The vast majority of the summer window contributed very little to this season – they did not improve the team and you would have some job to convince any Celtic supporter otherwise.







  21. Moissey,



    what improvement should next season target then ?



    domestic dominance, and an undefeated season ?


    sign only first team starters ?


    progression in europe somehow ?



    while playing swashbuckling winning goal festooned, no goal lossing , oh, and blooding several academy graduates.



    did i miss anything ?



    maybe a better boardroom as well, get rid of lawwell and all the former celtic player coaches, it all reeks of nepotism and jobs for the bhoys.



    i reas somewhere, celtic played 30 first team players last season, most ever

  22. ajax, lille, benfica.



    forgot to keep winning domestically but still managed to sell their best players.



    riots, boycotts,



    while scanning the rest of europe for context i actually like how celtic operate.



    that is me though,

  23. the womens team are signing players, how very dare they, paul will be looking for a snappy modern headline for tomorrows article.






    Celtic are delighted to announce the double signing of twin sisters, Signe and Mathilde Carstens, who arrive as the latest addition to Elena Sadiku’s Celtic FC Women’s squad.



    Both Signe and Mathilde have put pen to paper on a two-year deal at Paradise, joining up with the Hoops ahead of the 2024/25 campaign.



    Arriving from their homeland in Denmark, the 22-year-olds have made the move from Fortuna Hjørring.



    Mathilde is known for her direct and technical skill in attacking areas, whilst Signe will add more options to the centre of the pitch for the Ghirls.



    Having come through the academy at Fortuna Hjørring, both players arrive with experience on the domestic and international fronts.



    Alongside playing for the first-team on a number of occasions domestically, they have also featured in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, including the Danish side’s last 16 tie against Barcelona in 2021.

  24. Hope someone can give advice please.


    Having probs with AVG Free antivirus. Keep getting pop ups saying there are hunners of faults, to resolve just click, then you have to pay.


    Tried to find a “no strings ” free antivirus, is there such a thing.


    Bit like a message I got today. A wee girl and boy under a tree, Girl says, does every fairytale start with once upon a time. No, says boy, I promose after the election




  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Queens Park Cafe. Let the good times roll.


    Celtic 1 hun 0 (Adam Idah, 90)

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