The FA’s unreconstructed cartel boss


Football Association chairman Greg Clarke’s car crash meeting with a Commons select committee yesterday at least managed to offend everyone equally.  He immediately lost peer support and was forced to resign within hours.

The game can and has tolerated racism and misogyny, this was not Clarke’s first transgression, but like many other industries, football’s hand is out, looking for financial help from the government to see it through the pandemic.  On top of the many levels you should be offended by what he said, add that this was the worst representation of your employer’s interests imaginable.

Acquiring taxpayer’s money to fund an industry renowned for indulgence was always a tough pitch.  Fortunately, for those of us left on the outside of English and Welsh clubs’ partial-state cartel, instead of a smooth-talking charmer, it was being run by an unreconstructed cartel boss.  Cartels do not attract brilliant or ethical management, as they afford hiding places for all kinds of iniquities.  No one was surprised by what happened yesterday.

A cartel being able to exclude areas of the nation from the economic benefits of its industry in order to protect established companies is the reason competition laws were established.  Break it up, tell people of all colours, creeds and areas of the country, you have equal access here.

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  1. Read the article twice. Still looking for Celtic Quick News within it, not sure many of us think Greg Clarke is worth much time on here when there are countless Celtic issues worth discussing.


    Or am I missing the point of CQN?

  2. The pitch for Celtic getting in the PL, Paul they dont want us ,we have a seperate FA which has a seat at IFAB and a very poor product run by the SFA/SPFL, to benefit the blazers at Hampden, more noses in the trough that football cannot afford, the worst being the referreeing department of the SFA which is not fit for purpose but which clubs say and do nothing about.


    Couldnt care less about the fortunes of the national team and never could, hope our players return safely.

  3. Denia ?



    Perhaps it’s a possible link to the dinosaurs we have involved in our game? Don’t know, would seen a reasonable assumption, naw?

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Would imagine a number of the bowling club blazer brigade who run Scottish football share many characteristics with Mr Clarke…

  5. Ach well, if Celtic isn’t on the agenda, may I just say I was delighted to welcome the lovely Danni Menzies from “A Place in the Sun” to Café Ciclista yesterday.



    What a lovely lass.


    Filming this week in Denia.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “FA chairman Greg Clarke’s …. at least managed to offend everyone equally”.



    Brilliant Pablo. 😅



    Please can we get the neanderthal CEO of our own association up in front of this Committee?



    No matter how hard you prep them, these anachronisms with their low IQs will always eventually show their true face.



    But then – our parochial equivalent CEO is only answerable to a local, Edinburgh based version of that select committee.



    Dumplings vs Dumplings.



    Score draw?

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Indeed, Bankie, if that’s the calibre of individual running ‘the best league in the world’, what kind of individuals are stalking the corridors of Hampden?

  8. As well talking about Freemasonry in Scottish football, referees,and who actually is in charge of referee appointments.

  9. Deniabhoy


    Is Danni as tall as she looks on the programme or is it only small people who want to move to Spain ? :-))

  10. Floating the idea of breaking up the English “cartel” isn’t relevant to us as one of the biggest clubs in the UK?

  11. Hot Smoked – she is indeed tall, and unlike most TV presenters, was wearing flat shoes. Very sporty too, may be taking her out on Saturday on the bikes.



    Adi_Dassler – not sure. I assumed some months from now but she says C4 is turning the programmes around really quickly at the moment.



    I spoke on one of their episodes a year or two ago when Jean Johannson was doing the presenting from Denia. She is from Largs (and a supporter of the dark side).



    This time, they used our place as a place to chat to the house hunters but no camera time for me ☹️😂

  12. Israel v Norway off,a game less for 4 Bhoys, why are we playing friendlies, never mind competitive internationals just now?

  13. Bada Bing – the cameraman def took a variety of shots that will have the name visible unless they edit it out.

  14. Deniabhoy @ 12:10 I’m afraid CQN is increasingly losing the point of CQN, now a pale shadow of it’s former self. H H Hebcelt

  15. We experience clear corruption and bias from the SFA – Maxwell, referees etc


    perhaps this should be a subject for the blog – don’t give a rat’s about the FA.

  16. “The principal aim of these discussions became the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few clubs” Greg Clarke



    Another unfortunate use of archaic language.

  17. CQN has historically been quiet on International weeks. It’s up to the posters to stimulate debate.



    Do we have similar dinosaurs such as Greg Clarke in our midsts ? . Of course we do.



    I would wager CQN internet traffic is as high as it’s ever been.


    Where is Winning Captains when you need him.




  18. DENIABHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:57 PM


    Back to Celtic matters:


    The Israel vs Norway game has been cancelled.








    is there a reason given?

  19. I’d LOVE…to see and hear….some o’ the Hampden cartel put in the spotlight by a British or international non-partizan governing body and examine some of their work practices………..I’m sure it would ultimately benefot Celtic but more than that would satisfy this Supporter…………….


    Some proper scrutiny on things like the Refs…..cronysim, sectarianism ( and by that I mean anti- Celtic / Irish bias) would be nice……………and would ultimately see a guid few nuggets head homeward to look after their elderly parents etc etc……………




  20. Whistle-blowers…………!?






    a whole new connotation in scoddland.



    Embdy inadvertently breakin’ ranks would v quickly have the ” Ernest Saunders” strategy thrust upon thum….




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