The FA’s unreconstructed cartel boss


Football Association chairman Greg Clarke’s car crash meeting with a Commons select committee yesterday at least managed to offend everyone equally.  He immediately lost peer support and was forced to resign within hours.

The game can and has tolerated racism and misogyny, this was not Clarke’s first transgression, but like many other industries, football’s hand is out, looking for financial help from the government to see it through the pandemic.  On top of the many levels you should be offended by what he said, add that this was the worst representation of your employer’s interests imaginable.

Acquiring taxpayer’s money to fund an industry renowned for indulgence was always a tough pitch.  Fortunately, for those of us left on the outside of English and Welsh clubs’ partial-state cartel, instead of a smooth-talking charmer, it was being run by an unreconstructed cartel boss.  Cartels do not attract brilliant or ethical management, as they afford hiding places for all kinds of iniquities.  No one was surprised by what happened yesterday.

A cartel being able to exclude areas of the nation from the economic benefits of its industry in order to protect established companies is the reason competition laws were established.  Break it up, tell people of all colours, creeds and areas of the country, you have equal access here.

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  1. Bankiebhoy1@ 2:10pm


    Lucky you ! I am simpy not interested….except when it is good news ssch as Bada posted @12:45 pm

  2. Bankiebhoy1



    That’s never going to happen to the SFA, as there are too many politicians, and ahem.. business people who would need to be brought to book and too many vested interests, possibly within our own club as well!

  3. As regards change in the ethos of Scotland. I have nothing to truly support this view but I believe it takes decades, maybe even centuries, for the base of a society to change.


    The superstructure in Scotland is different from that which was in place when I was a boy but the feeling of Protestant/Masonic/Rangers first idealogy remains.

  4. HJ and AT



    Is that more evidence that the Police Authorities in Scotland are biased in favour of Sevco or am I reading something that isn`t there?

  5. So a malicious prosecution, yet unpaid /overdue tax bills illicit no charges , very naive of me it would seem to think we are all equal under the law.Very naive.

  6. I would hope that no Government money is given to the top divisions in England or Scotland, There are many more deserving recipients. I reckon there will be a few already had loans, I reckon Sevco would have been first in the queue,

  7. Bankiebhoy1


    Re your reference to John Delaney of the Irish Fa.


    I have just finished the book and boy, is it an eye opener as to what manipulators


    can get away with. This guy could give Sepp Blatter tips on how to fraudulently


    misuse football funds!


    I hope this link works as it’s a must read for real football fans!




    Hail! Hail!

  8. St Stivs



    A few days ago you showed an ariel photo of Hampden 1968 when Big Yogi scored against England. The teams were announced on the Friday with Alan Gilzean as centre. Met my brother in the toon and bet every Celtic player (apart from Ronnie) to score. Teams come out and Big Yogi is playing? Apparently Gilzean cut his foot and Yogi took his place,only Celtic player we had no money on!


    Day was not ruined as we met Dick McTaggart the boxer in the International Bar. Gave us signed photo with his record,something like 635 fights 15 defeats although I stand to be corrected.




  9. Ah well, I tried but managed to fail miserably.


    Seriously, though, try and get a hold of it.


    It’s called ;Champagne Football’ by Mark tighe and Paul Rowan



    Hail! Hail!



    Not Celtic related but I don’t give a toss.


    I think we might be about to witness the worst Irish accents since Tom Cruise in Far and Away








    Ha, ha! I got an alert on my phone an hour ago and thought oh no what next for 2020?





    Irish accent emergency declared for Wild Mountain Thyme

  11. Re my post at 3.49.


    I have Just been told that if you copy and paste the link into your browser you will get the book.




    Hail! Hail!

  12. SFTB


    I thought Brad Pitt`s, for the character he was playing, was very good. So good, in fact, I struggled to understand him !

  13. P67 — I’m sure someone has brought it up before me but your comment reads like a DD rant after a bad day on the course.



    If you want us to join the football system in England then I’m sure the option is open to us — just a case that we would have to start at the bottom and not look for favours to get us into the EPL or Championship.



    If you want us to jump the queue then what would you say to the team that loses out?

  14. All North/Central American World Cup qualifying games are cancelled today, all Asian qualifiers cancelled tomorrow. Yet South American qualifiers this week allowed to go ahead, plus many International friendlies. Defies logic and is sheer lunacy. Does anyone have any information on FIFA’s rationale for the bifurcation?

  15. Hot Smoked



    Agreed- I would give Brad a bye as having made hte best attempt at a deliberatlely uncompromisig and comedic Irish Traveler accent. I suspect that people put him in because they believed this was his attempt at some mainstream Irish accent.



    The hardest to accept are the 2 actual Irishmen on the list (Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Dornan, if he counts himself so).



    Sean Connery qualified twice for The Untouchables and Darby O’Gill

  16. ALL OUR YESTERYEARS, rainjurs tv was called scotsport back in my day, with arthur montford 😍who said he supported morton, well aye chic dung supports st mirren allegedly😍 peter thomson presented sportsreel another hun if i remember right, only archie mcpherson who was a coatbrig/glenboig person like me, gave us some respect. well done archie.H.H.

  17. Never mind this fitbaw talk.



    Deniabhoy could you pass on my phone number to Danni from A place in the sun😉😉😉.



    International friendlies when we have a pandemic jeezo.



    D :)

  18. BankieBhoy: not watched it yet but saw TV3s interview with the author a couple of weeks ago. Delaney was a crook if ever there was one. He even tried to have supporters displaying protest banners against him thrown out of the singing section at the Aviva.

  19. AN TEARMANN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:40 PM


    hrvatski jim



    hi jim.seen this regarding malicious prosecutions






    Hi At and also HS.



    I am struggling to get onto CQN to make any comments – this post is via Firefox with no ad blockers so i presume that it is the ad blockers which are thwarting me on Opera.



    I am continuing to pursue this case with my MSP and a prominent CQNer but the current position is that the case is still sub-judiciary and any petition for an enquiry will have to wait as no-one can interfere at present.



    I am collecting several articles such as the one you referenced. Here is another article which indicates that the Police and Crown Prosecution Service are at loggerheads on this which is beginning to look like ferrets in a sack.






    Various politicians have said that there should be an inquiry but cannot do anything about it just now.



    I intend to approach my MSP again soon to keep the dialogue alive. I will report back any progress at the time.

  20. Arthur Montford did support Morton, absolute gentleman in real life, met him several times as a youngster at Cappielow. Like his co-presenter he had no time for the Rangers at all.

  21. FESS19 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:50 PM


    St Stivs



    I do love when a picture sparks up the old memory banks engine and somebody shares a story.



    It is amazing what details people can recall



    keep it lit.

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