The FA’s unreconstructed cartel boss


Football Association chairman Greg Clarke’s car crash meeting with a Commons select committee yesterday at least managed to offend everyone equally.  He immediately lost peer support and was forced to resign within hours.

The game can and has tolerated racism and misogyny, this was not Clarke’s first transgression, but like many other industries, football’s hand is out, looking for financial help from the government to see it through the pandemic.  On top of the many levels you should be offended by what he said, add that this was the worst representation of your employer’s interests imaginable.

Acquiring taxpayer’s money to fund an industry renowned for indulgence was always a tough pitch.  Fortunately, for those of us left on the outside of English and Welsh clubs’ partial-state cartel, instead of a smooth-talking charmer, it was being run by an unreconstructed cartel boss.  Cartels do not attract brilliant or ethical management, as they afford hiding places for all kinds of iniquities.  No one was surprised by what happened yesterday.

A cartel being able to exclude areas of the nation from the economic benefits of its industry in order to protect established companies is the reason competition laws were established.  Break it up, tell people of all colours, creeds and areas of the country, you have equal access here.

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  1. Gene-we have 3,2 at 8 and 1 at 4.


    As someone once said,we belong to the best wee club in the world

  2. there were rumours a week or so ago the Niels coaching team would be beefed up. is the any furtherance on this

  3. Cornelius great post, my dad was in The RAF during WW2, sent to Singapore but diverted as it fell to the Japanese, the diverted from Burma to Calcutta.



    Proudest moment was playing for RAF team against Calcutta Rangers and scoring the winner 😀

  4. Re Dick McTaggart


    He was a very good friend of my oldest Brother Eddie (sadly passed 2years ago) they both boxed for Scotland late 50,s early 60,s . I met Dick at a boxing dinner in Fauldhouse maybe 15 years ago. My pal a businessman originally from Fauldhouse sponsored one of the bouts and got 3 tickets. We went down from Muthill with another boxing loving pal and were invited to a small hall above the big hall for the sponsors to have something to eat and remarkably my Cousin Charlie Coll (also sadly passed)who was Bank Manager in Fauldhouse was also sponsoring a bout and Dick McTaggart was Guest of Honour . The organiser suggested we all introduce our selves as he didn’t know a few of the Guests as soon as I said my name was Connaghan Dick turned and said was I related to Eddie and regaled us of stories of him Eddie and another couple from Dundee Area Driving to London in Eddies works van and staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Chiswick out to the Dancing at the Irish clubs and Boxing Against England the next night and Driving home again on Sunday to Work again on Monday. He had his gold medal with him and passed around for all to see no airs and graces about Dick just a lovely down to earth bhoy.HH



    Hope all is going as well as possible in your tragic situation, you and your family remembered I’m my prayers.HH

  6. I remember our host telling us to vote against independence in 2014 as that might mean we would get invited to join the EPL…..




    In my 16 years in the States I’ve been asked on the basis of my accent if I’m from the following countries…









    New Zealand


    South Africa



    One in a hundred have guesses Scotland & 2 people have actually nailed it as Glaswegian.



    One of them was the daughter of the glamourous woman who was the Max Factor model for some of the TV & cinema commercials back in the 60s.


    Mrs C & I were shopping in Walmart for the Christmas presents for the grandchildren. We split up to save time & I ended up talking to a wee black woman who was working in the toy department. She showed me where a toy on my list was & I asked her a wee bit about it. From behind me a female voice said “So you’re from Glasgow then.” Mrs C came to the toy department a few minutes later & found me talking to a very attractive younger woman. After some explaining she relaxed but still reminds me to this day that she daren’t leave me alone in a big store – just in case.



    Turns out the lady was the daughter of the Max Factor model & they lived about 3 miles from where we lived. During our brief chat she told that she had an uncle who was an actor & maybe I’d heard of him, Intrigued I asked who he was “Peter Mullan” she said “but you probably don’t know him.”


    After I recovered my wits & assured her that not only did I know of him but I really rated his work & then I reeled off several of his movie roles etc.



    I then asked her if the urban legend was true…


    “Did your Uncle Peter pull out a Celtic top from his sporran & ask Martin Scorsese to sign it when he presented him with the Best Actor Award at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival – for his role in My Name Is Joe?”


    She said it was true but also that he carries it to everywhere when he’s working & has had it signed by all the folk he’s worked with – Spielberg & Mel Gibson included.



    Conversationally, I told her I was coming back to Glasgow after Christmas to see Celtic & she asked me if it’d be too much trouble to bring her back some makeup for her mother from Boots the Chemist. (Now you can get Boots makeup in Target I think) I laughed out loud when she told me that her mother, the Max Factor make up lady, preferred Boots makeup. We did a deal. I said if she could get her uncle to sign one of my Celtic tops for me I’d bring her back some make up from Boots, not gift wrapped of course. She said she’d fix that up & that I should contact her other aunt, Peter’s sister when we were over for the game. I emailed her aunt in Scotland & arranged to meet when we were over.



    The trip went ahead & my sons & I met Paul67 for the first time on that trip. On that same day her aunt travelled through from Stirling & we met her in our hotel too. This was Peter’s sister who was a lovely lady. I produced one of the Celtic tops we had with us so that she could get it signed for me. She just smiled & pulled out a brand new Celtic top already signed by Peter Mullan & said, Peter’s in New Zealand filming now, so he told me just to buy a new one so he could sign before he left.


    Speechless in Anderson.



    So, it started with me asking his niece, a woman I’d never met, if he’d really had Scorsese sign his Celtic top in Cannes & ended with me holding a Celtic top signed by him in Glasgow.


    The crazy fluke of someone hearing my Glasgow accent in a Walmart store in the USA led to one of the nicest & most memorable experiences of my life.



    Serendipity CSC

  8. FAIRHILL BHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:41 PM



    The joy it brings makes your heart almost burst at times.



    We no have six in total – the youngest being 6 year old twin girls.


    I fully admit to being led a dance by them both on a very regular basis.


    I had sole custody of them on Saturday for 3 hours & was exhausted that night.

  9. Cornelius


    A great post and very difficult not to support your family who did what they thought was right at the time.


    Coincidentally it was my late Dads birthday today he was born 11/11/1911 , would have been 109. Passed in 1991.HH

  10. Cornelius


    Where abouts in the States are you? I lived Upstate New York for a year back in the 80`s.


    Going to bed now but I`ll check for any response in the morning.


    `night all.




  11. CAMUSBHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:15 PM



    My Dad worked in the shipyards, Stephens of Linthouse or maybe Fairfields in Govan, & it was always a mystery to me why he was taken from that essential work to be a navigator in Halifax bombers.


    He was 21 when the war started but I think he didn’t serve in the RAF until 1943, so maybe they were short of guys by then. He was a sheet metal worker & was so good at his work that he did all the very detailed, intricate work because he could work out the shape of all the pieces needed for such work. Perhaps, that attention to detail in measuring etc was what made him such a good navigator.



    I wish I’d talked to him about it more – so many questions unanswered now.



  12. FRIESDORFER on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:31 PM



    Indeed he is.


    Always nice to see one of the good guys do well

  13. Cornelius



    Great wee post I can resonate with, when working in the US of A we


    managed a trip into Hooters bar in Boston and an American couple


    asked me and my mhate fat Oatlands if we were Afrikaans lol.


    Also had a few drinks over the years with Peter Mullin in the HEILAN JESSIE


    Gallowgate back in the day.


    H.H. Mick

  14. Cornelius 10:21 – another great story.



    My Name is Joe is a very powerful movie. Screenplay by Paul Laverty who the Squire-ess and I met while he was researching Sweden Sixteen (which was the big break for another fine Tim Martin Compston).



    Melbourne Mick – The Jessie was one of our post-game pit stops on the way back into town, hope it survives the COVID restrictions. A crackin wee place.

  15. Cornelius


    12 of us went to golf in South Carolina and went into downtown Charleston for a meal , while waiting to be seated the waitress asked if we were from Russia. We had the honour of playing Kiawah island the best course I’ve ever played in my life.HH



    Evening fholks, strange request but I could do with getting a ‘Celtic’ signature on a Celtic book for a mate who moves into his 8th decade next month. Any suggestions how I could manage that in the present circumstances?


    Ave Ave



    hi.have you tried the author via twitter?


    if they are on there you could directmessage them.


    contact publisher?



    what is the book? Author? i could give you e-m of one or two.maybe someone here would show a way too.




  17. Cornelius, did some work for a very short time in Charlotte, although it is the buckle of the bible belt met some really good people there




    Yes, great wee pub, one of the few that left large bottles of lemonade


    on the bar for those that needed it.


    As usual the ersholes stopped all that as the years went on.


    H.H. Mick

  19. I was asked by Celtic Blogger James Forrest if I could revive/refresh and old article some may have read on an alternative way of how the job of providing professional referees can be done.



    I added a bit of context regarding the original motivation to blog then and why Celtic should be pressing the SFA on the same issue now.




  20. FRIESDORFER on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:31 PM



    Accents in America are still a test for me.


    I get NYC, Boston, South Carolina/Georgia and Minnesota (Fargo ish).


    The rest is a mush for my ears.






    Paul Laverty was in Mrs C’s sister’s year at Strathclyde – he did the free legal clinic in Castlemilk before doing a script for Ken Loach – the rest is history.



    CAMUSBHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:02 PM



    I’m not far from there. When you meet the good folk you remain pals. Went to a football(soccer) game at the Panthers Stadium & met a Tim from Dundee & his wife who lived 30 minute drive away. Now good pals.


    My main pal lives in Kernersville. A big Tim he was at school with John Divers & knew him well.



    AN TEARMANN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:02 PM




  21. DAVID66 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:16 PM


    PHILBHOY on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:18 PM



    Thanks to you both.



    Take Care.

  22. Cornelius, did you know that back in the day the Panthers Stadium was run by the Steedmans who ran Clydebank

  23. PAPAJOE55 on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:51 PM



    My son who has an English accent was at work in the Western part of North Carolina when a doctors receptionist asked him about his accent.



    Are you from Ireland? No


    Australia? No


    Ukraine? Yes



    Many years later we still laugh about that.


    I call him Sergei now.

  24. Camusbhoy



    No I certainly did not.



    Was that the ES Clydebank incarnation?



    My Celtic supporting friend in Kernersville is a bankie & will be intrigued when I tell him.



    Can you say any more about their connection?




    Great story. I have a Grandaughter and Grandson, the wee man would say to me “i,m gona take you down”



    He is seven and now he looks at me and no more taking me down, it’s my age, GOd Bless Him as FB says nothing like being a grandad.

  26. TIMHORTON on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:57 PM



    We all love our grand kids even when they drift away to their new world of new friends & don’t laugh as much at their grandad’s silliness.



    We loved Ozark & he was great in it.



    Series 4 is to be the last is what I’ve heard.




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