The FA’s unreconstructed cartel boss


Football Association chairman Greg Clarke’s car crash meeting with a Commons select committee yesterday at least managed to offend everyone equally.  He immediately lost peer support and was forced to resign within hours.

The game can and has tolerated racism and misogyny, this was not Clarke’s first transgression, but like many other industries, football’s hand is out, looking for financial help from the government to see it through the pandemic.  On top of the many levels you should be offended by what he said, add that this was the worst representation of your employer’s interests imaginable.

Acquiring taxpayer’s money to fund an industry renowned for indulgence was always a tough pitch.  Fortunately, for those of us left on the outside of English and Welsh clubs’ partial-state cartel, instead of a smooth-talking charmer, it was being run by an unreconstructed cartel boss.  Cartels do not attract brilliant or ethical management, as they afford hiding places for all kinds of iniquities.  No one was surprised by what happened yesterday.

A cartel being able to exclude areas of the nation from the economic benefits of its industry in order to protect established companies is the reason competition laws were established.  Break it up, tell people of all colours, creeds and areas of the country, you have equal access here.

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  1. CORNELIUS on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:25 PM





    The joy it brings makes your heart almost burst at times. We no have six in total – the youngest being 6 year old twin girls. I fully admit to being led a dance by them both on a very regular basis. I had sole custody of them on Saturday for 3 hours & was exhausted that night.



    *we have 7 and when anyone acts quite surprised when they find out I tell them its a Catholic thing. You can get away with that over here.



    For the past 16 or so years, until this year, we have vacationed in the OBX in NC. The drive down which takes 2 days is worth the trip alone.



    We cross the border at Buffalo and the across the I76 via Erie into Maryland stopping in West Virginia for the night, onto rural Virginia, think John Denver and Country Roads, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah Valley etc carrying on tae Chesapeake Bay with battleships as long as Argyle Street and as high as the oul Parkheid floodlights and intae Norfolk and then NC for another couple of hours before the white sands of the Atlantic where the next stop is East Africa.

  2. TONTINE TIM on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:06 AM



    Our first “vacation” on our own in the States ( when we still lived in the UK) was to the Outer Banks.


    Drove from Western Virginia & stopped overnight in Williamsburg before driving early the next morning to Kill Devils Hill, where I used my cunning ways to find a good breakfast spot. I looked for the place that had cop cars in the parking lot. We were introduced to grits….



    Stayed at a small beachside motel in Kill Devil Hills. We were lucky as it was October & too stupid to know that it was still hurricane season. Got beers & pizza & watched the World Series baseball even though I had no idea what was really happening I told Mrs C just to pretend it was rounders & she’d be fine.



    No sun tan but great times.

  3. Good morning cqn from a dark but mild and dry Garngad



    What a great wee read back. Brilliant 👏👏👏



    Big Jimmy hope you are well.



    MM – How did your youth football get on?


    Did you get them back training and playing?






    D :)

  4. AT


    Was it botched deliberately or through incompetence, either way this will cost the tax payer a fortune and people who had questions to answer are at liberty, no doubt no disciplinary action will be taken against those who investigated this and they will continue to enjoy healthy salaries or be on their full pension, how can anyone have trust in investigators to do a professional job, I doubt any answers will be forthcoming as yet again the press won’t dig.

  5. Good morning friends from a damp but calm and mild East Kilbride.


    A big night for Scotland as we try to qualify for our first major tournament this millennium. The bookies don’t think it’s going to happen with Scotland 4/1 to win the game in 90 minutes (though 9/4 to qualify). An 88th minute direct free kick winner from substitute Leigh Griffiths will do just fine ;-)


    Time for my 7 yard walk to work…..



  6. CORNELIUS on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:21 PM



    Great story.



    I once saw Peter Mullan in a bus… doesn’t quite compare :-)

  7. AN TEARMANN on 11TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:37 PM


    Hrvatski jim







    This thread from james Doleman will be of interest re Charles of Malicious Damages



























    It seems that those involved in obtaining and using the evidence thought that they didn’t have to follow the usual, well established, rules when it came to dealing with the huns.



    The question is why? Was it over enthusiasm to punish those they regarded as killing off a great Scoddish Institution? Or wWere they deliberately trying to sabotage the case, just to bury the whole thing? Just plain incompetence by over promoted individuals?



    Where was the oversight?



    The whole thing stinks.



    Even now, the defence of the case seems to involve rolling over and dying, but if what James Doleman is hinting at is accurate then you’d think they would at least try to push back a bit on the whole poisoned tree evidence thing when it comes to the assessment of the level of damages.



    Only in Scotland, and only for one football club in Scotland would this happen.

  8. Some excellent posts `overnight` which might give the lie to those who believe that CQN used to be wonderful but is now terrible. I am of the view that, in life in general, things are remembered more fondly than they were experienced.





    Your `7 yard walk to work`will take longer than the time I will spend watching the game !


    I do know how you feel, though, as I used to be the same.I will want any Celtic players involved to do well and to remain injury/Covid free.

  9. Was this taken in The Hielan Jessie?




  10. I wonder which result Hamilton are more embarrassed about 8-0 loss against the newclub or 2-1 loss against Stranraer.

  11. Jobo


    7 yard walk? – going for a 10 mile trek over the local countryside.


    Enjoy the day everyone.




    If you are around big yin, thanks for your suggestions last night. Problem is I have the book (the ‘Treble Treble’ by Alex Gordon) already and it only occurred to me after getting it that it would be great to get a signature on it. At other times I would have contacted the Club directly, but these are not those times so my mate will just have to do with the enjoyment of wallowing in the history (well, he was a history teacher in his heyday!).



    Hope you are still enjoying your wee walks down a quiet Buchanan Street.



    Ave Ave

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    James Doleman – ‘it’s unlikely the full story will ever come out’.



    Mission accomplished. ‘They’ don’t want the full story to come out.



    Why? Always ask why?



    What do ‘they’ have to hide? Who else would be implicated?



    This reeks of a huge cover up.



    I’m really sorry to go off in to politics, but once again I am bewildered by the desire for Scottish independence.



    When the police and crown office are prepared to corrupt procedure to prevent the truth from coming out in order to protect well connected individuals and the fourth estate is not prepared to ask questions, you know you are not living in a democracy that functions properly.

  14. Ernie Lynch/ blogger GM



    This guy also has a ‘wee claim’





    will get back later.£millions to cover continuity.





    emerald bee



    will be in touch.put a wee shout out on twitter


    😊Buchanan st a lot busier now my friend i just hope they are safe:-)



  15. .



    HOT SMOKED on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:33 AM


    Some excellent posts `overnight` which might give the lie to those who believe that CQN used to be wonderful but is now terrible. I am of the view that, in life in general, things are remembered more fondly than they were experienced.







    Totally agree


    Some fine posts




    Also posts about ” minks” and ” pikeys”


    Which I found offensive


    Mink was regularly spat into my face with venom growing up



    Hail Hail

  16. TRAVELLERBHOY on 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:33 AM



    Good to see you posting again. I always appreciated your poems.



    Busby, Shankly & Stein



    Thanks for posting that trilogy my friend.makes the sky film look pale








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