The first trophy comes home


From the stands, you follow most goals as they mature from chances, but some happen so quickly and unexpectedly, that in the middle of celebrations, there is a part of your brain that wonders, what actually happened there?

Twice yesterday, Celtic constructed a goal from seemingly nowhere.  Hibernian took the lead, we took kick-off and Callum McGregor had possession around halfway on the touchline.  There followed a 40 yard pass and the most sublime touch imaginable.

Kyogo Furuhashi was facing away from goal, his body on the wrong side of the ball.  The keeper narrowed the angle but before anyone in the stadium knew what was happening, the Japanese striker found the corner of the net with a left foot shot.  David Gray, the Hibernian interim manager would be entitled to ask, “What happened?”  There were 10 seconds between kick-off and goal.

I was fortunate enough to be at Hampden yesterday and at Celtic Park on 27 August 2000 and witnessed two incredible lobs sail into the net from two incredible strikers.  The marvel that Henrik Larsson’s goal against Rangers induced was every bit as evident yesterday.  After that game in 2000, Martin O’Neill spoke of his ire when the ball left Henrik’s foot, “Players try these lobs but never work.”  For most occasions, he was not wrong.  The talent required is exceptional.

The first thing Kyogo did was catch the eye of Tom Rogic, Tom knew what to do next.  The Hibs defence were not involved in the covert communication, so were late to the party, so much so, that if you watch the replay (I’m sure you have), Kyogo has time to check his run and wait for the ball to drop a little.  The finish, ooft!  What a special talent we have.

Much of the credit for a great final goes to Hibernian.  Overwhelmed by talent and resources, they were within the width of a post in the 94th minute of sending the game into extra time.  For a team that never managed to stage an attack until a defensive lapse gave them a corner kick in the 51st minute, that was a performance at the limit of their collective abilities.

Kevin Nisbet got the better of Carl Starfelt throughout.  On one occasion, winning a corner kick that let to the Hibs goal, on another, it took the first of two magnificent saves from Joe Hart to deny the Hibs striker.  Without Hart, it could have been a different story.  Teams we face in the coming weeks will have a plan for Starfelt, so must we.

That’s the first of our trophies back home.  The weeks and months ahead will bring greater challenges, but amid the burning embers of 2021, we assembled talented people for the cause. They now look like writing the next great chapter in the Celtic Story.

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  1. Howdy fellow Tims.



    Enjoying that “oh yeah” feeling when I woke today.



    The TT family are vaxxed, tested, suited and booted for our flight back to the old country soon.



    Will enjoy the family time after a few years and keep our social bubble fairly tight – looking forward to the change of culture and weather – winters are great in TX but the summers to miserable to be a good trade off IMO.

  2. Paul67



    I too had the “what just happened there” moments at both goals.


    Like my eyes were tricking me, the first one he came through the mist like a japanese ghost.


    The 2nd I thought he is offside, or the play must come back.



    The roar for the 2nd up in the south stand was quite incredible.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    Excellent lead Paul. !005 agree, for a change!



    Ange is special, a gentleman who prefers to speak highly of others rather than blow his own trumpet. We are lucky to have him.

  4. “They now look like writing the next great chapter in the Celtic Story”



    Early days, one game & trophy at a time, please, por cierto.

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  6. It’s time for starfelt to be replaced with welshy who is by far a much superior player playing this bombscare is going to cost us.big time!!

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “That’s the first of our trophies back home. ”




    Not impressed by that kind of comment, Paul – confers a sense of entitlement. Every trophy has to be earned through hard work and improvement. When you think you just need to turn up and you will beat teams with inferior players that’s when you lose. We have seen it often enough before.


    Anyway, congratulations to Ange on his first (hopefully of many) trophy, despite


    Not knowing how to win games,


    Not having a plan B,


    Not playing with two up front.


    You have to ask:


    1) Why did we not appoint him after Brendan Rodgers left?


    2) Where would we be now if we had?


    Handy tip:


    If you answer question 2 first you will also have answered question 1!



    Well done to Callum on his first trophy as captain. Incredible ball for the first goal.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    Nice wee bit of metaphor mixing in the comments on video celts.



    Tom English being called a zombie soap taker.



    I think he might have meant to call him a soup dodger.

  9. When you have won your last 18 matches at Hampden, and won your last 11 cup finals in a row, even with last seasons debacle (more than ever I am convinced The Covid impact done us more than the combinations of everything else) it is difficult not to think of them as “our trophies”.



    Dare I say it, I thought yesterdays celbrations, and our support was on a par with the Invincible Trble winnning cup final.

  10. I gave Starfelt a lot of criticism on here yesterday. As is often the case, when you rewatch a game in the absence of the nerves then you get a different perspective.



    I’m not saying Starfelt played well but watching the game again this morning, I thought he was singled out in commentary for every foot he put wrong.



    His good clearances, his good interceptions, past without comment. Starfelt was subject to an in depth focus that other players missed out on.



    The CCV and Starfelt partnership has been the bedrock of our recent good run. We’d be foolish to change that at this juncture.



    Welsh will get his chance now on Wednesday but barring an outstanding display, I’d be putting Starfelt back in again.

  11. As an aside.



    On Aitkenhead road yesterday I got talking to a father and son on way to the game.


    i overheard them speaking polish, so I asked where you from , funnily the guy said Leith.



    Turns out Pawel and his boy were from Gdansk, resident now on easter road, he is a tattoo artist, and first time at a match ever, he is supporting celtic and the kid hibs.



    They got tickets just on friday as hibs gave them to the schools, St Marys and Leith primary. FREE.



    Now these are £50 tickets , Hibs side of the debenture seats.



    Pawel said club gave them away as unsold on the friday and presented them to the schools.



    From high up in the south stand you could see block of empty seats in the hibs ebd, not huge gaps, but enough to notice.



    So official attendnace was 48,500 or so. That meant over 2,000 unsold seats.



    Now if hibs want to take the hit and give away unsold tickets then fine, But to aks for “extra” and then not sell them is a slap to ordinary celtic supporters.



    And the league and hampden should be doing more to get bums on seats, every unsold ticket is a disgrace.

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    Starfelt is a good defender. Not at his best yesterday, it happens. Jumping on the Craigan, Stewart MSM bandwagon? Not for me..

  13. The commentary on PS was a disgrace the way they went after Starfelt… Verging on slanderous and definitely a bullying and aggressive tone from Craigan.


    Never once did they say his name when he had good tackles or headers ( and he had plenty).


    The guy was playing with a broken face so well done Carl on your winners medal.



    Craigan then told us that David Turnbull had never had a hammy problem and it was APs training and style of play to blame…. He might be right but I can guarantee him something… If Turnbull, Jota, or anyone else can’t do the job Ange wants them to do then its bye-bye to them… Ange will NEVER change for any player.


    Scottish football is shi##ing itself from Postecoglu… It wisnae meant to be like this.



  14. onenightinlisbon on

    LAXALT on 20TH DECEMBER 2021 12:45 PM






    Do you think we would hear Craigan slate Goldson or Bassey in the same way? Not a chance. A bigoted hun, actually worse than Boyd as he kids on he’s a neutral. McCoist was miles better than him yesterday as well…..

  15. CS had a very poor game yesterday. He seems to struggle with players running at him. Nisbett sent him for a fish supper twice before Joe hart made a great save. Nobody likes changing the back 4 but surely when someone is clearly off their game it is cause for concern. I think when if Julien comes back CS will be 3rd or 4th choice.

  16. garygillespieshamstring on

    I agree with the comments on Karl’s treatment yesterday and today by the media. Hardly surprising he was a bit wary yesterday after the assault on Wednesday that left him battered and bleeding was left unpunished by the ref.



    The media’s corporal jones “he doesn’t like it up him” attitude, aided and abetted by the officials turning a blind eye to assaults on our players is giving encouragement to the battering ram thuggery of our opponents in future games.

  17. Great win for the bhoys yesterday. There were so many criticisms of the team on here during the game that you have to wonder what kind of Celtic supporters these people are. Surprisingly our host jumped in this morning with a dig at Starfelt. Look at our defensive record in the league table and consider the facts – they don’t lie. Starfelt was beaten twice yesterday, both times by Scottish internationalists. There’s no shame in that. Football is a team game and it’s never the case that all 11 players don’t put a foot wrong over the 90 mins. Get behind your team and try enjoy this success. After last season, it’s come earlier than the vast majority of us expected.

  18. Garngad to Croy on

    Well done Celtic, Ange, and the Bhoys, Ange has won his 1st trophy ahead of schedule (for me) let’s hope it is the first of many.



    In Ange, We trust

  19. glendalystonsils on




    I fear that our ‘plan for Starfelt’ must ultimately be to replace him . I very much want him to succeed , but every time he seems to be settling into the position , he throws another wobbler .


    He may have been suffering from the after effects of Dingwall so perhaps deserves a bit more time , but for me he lacks Carter-Vickers’ dependability .

  20. Paul67 et al



    Celtic win the first trophy of the season and yet some find it apropos to criticise some of the players who helped deliver it.


    Lets celebrate the news……

  21. Starfell has played well the last monthe or so – its his first season – ignore the fuds in the msm – everyone of goldson, bassey and balagun have made more mistakes than carl – compar and contrast

  22. I read an interview a few weeks ago that Starfelt did with a Swedish publication, think it was. He said he had never played more than 35 games in a single season. This from a guy who is 26 years old, so no youngster. Celtic have now played 35 competitive games this season. And we are not even half way in the league.



    The demands of being a first pick in a Celtic team are considerable. European qualifiers and then another six in the Europa League. A league cup played from start to finish before Christmas, and then add another 18 league games already. And then add the hi tempo game that Ange demands. Physically and mentally there is very little respite.



    Ange will improve the quality of the squad with each window and the same guys will not need to go to the well as often as they currently do. If the 11 on the park all click at the same time, we will have some team.

  23. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Jansen.



    Celtic’s game worked perfectly well as our hungry players recaptured a bit of treble trophies we turned into an art form. The sieve was fine did Hibernian have a shot on target aside their ‘goal’ ? any close inspection was lost in the mist , within minutes of Kyogo’s sublime Larssonesque equaliser. A manager that picked his winners, all playing out of their skin for him, no historyonics from the Aussie who quietly slipped fit again Kyogo into his winning side, who were lets face up SMSM, the length of Kings Park Ave better than our Edinburgh cousins.



    The little striker is the most significant Celtic signing in many, many years and don’t thems know it.



    Hail Hail

  24. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Congratulations Celtic, we’re back.



    McGregor – A captains role, chapeau sir.


    Rogic – Unplayable yesterday.


    Kyogo – Magical, just magical.



    And remember folks, we are only going to get stronger.



    In Ange we trust.


    HH ☘️☘️☘️

  25. Far too busy to be doing interweb stuff but here goes …



    Great game — if the SPL / SFA can’t flog this around the world then they are asleep at the wheel.


    Great result — two classic / sorry beyond classic finishes to win the game.


    Great spectacle — apart from the PS commentary that was defamatory in spades.



    Our performance was patchy — that is why they had a punchers chance right to the death.


    The MIB performance was beyond bad — he ended up throwing a dice to call a decision.


    Absolutely shocking and we must keep asking the SMSM to offer an opinion on it.



    The MJ bus will be upgraded to a three axle double decker sometime in March.


    When he starts to score goals all the doubters will finally see how good he is.


    He is a huge talent but he is as raw as sushi — needs help to structure his game.


    Beating a man comes naturally but decision making is alien to his game.


    Consequently I have faith and with support he will come more than good.


    We are not a big enough club — yet — to let his talent go to waste.


    Boot up the erse / hug / learning in equal measure.



    He is part of a very talented team where just about anyone can change the game going forward.


    Time after time we attacked with pace and intensity only to lose it one the final pass.



    We scored two great goals because we had one player who could make the final touch count.



    However we need huge improvements to win the league — Ludge MIB are waiting even if TFOD2.1 are now in panic mode. We need at least 6 first team squad players in during Jan plus a couple of youths for the B team.



    The MF at the moment has no idea how to defend as a unit and the front three are still learning the art of pressing in two out of three cases. At the end up it was 5 of us defending against 8 or 9 of them so they were always going to get chances.



    NB had a good game even if he was in pantomime villain mode all too often — bumping players before the ball had arrived is usually a red rag to a MIB bull.



    CMcG is beyond redemption regarding a defensive effort in the middle of the park.


    His deficiencies caused us the problems in the last 10 minutes — just cannot tackle efficiently.



    If we are to improve then we need more resilience in the team and less over emotional CBs — CS seemed to lose and regain the plot every 5 minutes in the second half and CJ has history of having a footballing nervous breakdown when things don’t go exactly to plan.



    CS / CJ — two very talented footballers / two very hot and cold defenders.


    Consequently lots to do in the next six weeks.



    Great relief to win the LC — AP deserves it for all he has done for us over the past 6 months.


    He is learning as he goes but he has taken us to the next level regarding attacking football.


    All we need is for the team to go full cannibal / EM mode and make the most of the opportunities.



    Now the great unwashed / useless bean counters in the boardroom need to do their bit and get in the players that we need.

  26. Years ago I worked with a girl who was engaged to Celtic supporting professional footballer.


    They attended the Scottish Professional Footballers’ Award evening and landed at the same table as Craigan.



    When I asked what Craigan was like she make a disapproving facial expression and simply replied, “You wouldn’t like him.”



    I knew what she meant and every time I’ve heard him on TV has proved her right. Every time.

  27. Players make mistakes – if anyone saw the goal Liverpool lost when their goalkeeper completely missed his kick. Not for the first time this season he’s more like Boris Becker at times. I wonder if Liverpool quick news is demanding his replacement.

  28. agree re starfelt , far far too easily bullied when playing against a direct opponent, he can’t jump or header the ball properly , lost any composure he had against county when the sent on their sub , a liability of a centre back


    oh and by the way time for MJ to be given a run at outside right , poor a left winger as JF.

  29. Agree with the comments on treatment of our Swedish centre back. The record this season when he has played speaks for itself.



    Even more so given the nature of our play this season and how exposed centre backs are !

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