The gambles putting Celtic and Newco where they are


It is 3 years and 3 months since the previous time we met Newco in a League Cup Final.  Celtic were poor that day but still took home the trophy amid wastefulness in front of goal and one of the greatest goalkeeping displays I have ever seen.

Since then, Celtic have been completely transformed.  From that matchday squad, only Callum McGregor and James Forrest remain at the club (Mikey Johnston is out on loan).  We generated cash by selling players, scouted and recruited well, and now sit with a valuable player pool that is comfortably outperforming all others in Scotland.

Seven of the Newco team that lost in 2019 started against Celtic on Sunday, another two were on the bench.  Their squad development has been limited and mostly unable to force their way onto the field.  Four of their starting 11 on Sunday are not contracted beyond June, another two are in their final 18 months.

By contrast, none of Celtic’s starting 11 are out of contract this year and only the oldest two, Hart and Mooy, are out next year (they are also the only two in their 30s).  Everyone else has two, three or four years under contract.

Since 2019, one club in Glasgow went through the gamble of selling and buying, while another went through the gamble of inaction.  You could argue that both worked and failed by some measure.  Newco won their first title, Scottish Cup and reached a European final – a reward for retaining talent through their peak years.  But now they are a busted flush without resources to rebuild.  Celtic dropped one particularly important title, but the next generation, well as the last, is ours.

It might only have been the League Cup that was won and lost on Sunday, but the anguish across the city is indicative of a greater pain, that of structural disadvantage.  More on that soon.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    ‘GG @ 12:36 PM


    I listened to Clyde phone in yesterday



    I was thirsty and needed my fill of hun tears.






    GG – Lol

  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I promised I would never post on CQN when I’ve had a few


    This has greatly reduced my contribution


    As I have just opened a bottle of red for Mrs 67ECW birthday I wanted to join the positivity I feel on this site


    Winning on Sunday was impressive. Especially as the pitch was deliberately cut to make it hard for us to play on. But they still can’t beat us. Good times.



  3. Ron – most of ‘the rest’ are playing not to get relegated, games against each other are much more important than games against them, or us. This year Hearts opened a big gap in third so there isn’t even an incentive to fight for third. The only ‘edge’ will appear after the split when the fourth place, and the inevitable embarrassing, two games in Europe are up for grabs. The demographic of players in ‘the rest’ implies that die in a ditch performances against us become a day off against them. I don’t expect any of the others to damage them until their age packets are on the line.

  4. For those who know about my health history in past 4 years.



    I had an appointment with my consultant today following a steep rise in my PSA course and immediate scans.



    He said that there is no evidence of the cancer having spread anywhere new. Just some extra stuff at crushed vertebrae at bottom of spine.



    I will be booked in for some Radium therapy which concentrates on my bones.



    “But now they are a busted flush without resources to rebuild. ”




    So why the constant comparisons with Celtic? What’s the relevance?



    Need to get away from this old firmery guff which only holds us back. Let’s have our own vision for competing in Europe.





    Very True GTTF.



    Paul via Dermot are in love with a mermaid.and not a nice one at that!


    Newco- its a new club.yet how persistent is that narrative.


    Everything,even when negating them is toxic,


    Why talk of them at all.


    Nowt happenin wi B team?strengthening for summer?what if Dermot dies-that legacy issue?where are we in 1,3,5,10 years.but that would be bout Celtic only and less jof the hunguffery.






    Hail Hail

  6. For those questioning why we talk of Sevco



    a) They ARE our only rivals;


    b) They are favoured by the MSSM;


    c) They are favoured by the Establishment;


    d) They are favoured by the officials;


    e) They are based in the same city as us;


    f) We love beating them more than we do any other club.



    I`m sure there are other reasons.




    Best wishes and hope your treatment does the trick!



    Thoughts and prayers with you at this tough time!



    Take care.

  8. St.Stivs



    I would try up near lyle hill or up near Branchton station,get out of light and look north.happy aurorahuntin







    I take it yo mean the game at Celtic Park.


    If so yes.



    I’m still trying to get to Shipbank on Friday, but have a 45 minute dentist appointment at 11am.


    So will need to see how I am.

  10. itscalledthemalvinas on



    There’s the cheeky chappy bigot on the telly again. Duz he never have a night off ?


    And he wonders why all his wife’s are cutting about !

  11. ST TAMS on 28TH FEBRUARY 2023 8:22 PM



    “I’m still trying to get to Shipbank on Friday, but have a 45 minute dentist appointment at 11am.


    So will need to see how I am.”



    Unusual to have the anesthetic AFTER the treatment !




    Thanks for the link yer bhoy knows what he’s doing alright.







    Keep plugging away Ron. God bless you.




  13. TONYROME and others



    I am plugging away, thanks, not worrying, take each day as it comes, follow the medics advice, live life as if nothing to worry about.

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