The gambles putting Celtic and Newco where they are


It is 3 years and 3 months since the previous time we met Newco in a League Cup Final.  Celtic were poor that day but still took home the trophy amid wastefulness in front of goal and one of the greatest goalkeeping displays I have ever seen.

Since then, Celtic have been completely transformed.  From that matchday squad, only Callum McGregor and James Forrest remain at the club (Mikey Johnston is out on loan).  We generated cash by selling players, scouted and recruited well, and now sit with a valuable player pool that is comfortably outperforming all others in Scotland.

Seven of the Newco team that lost in 2019 started against Celtic on Sunday, another two were on the bench.  Their squad development has been limited and mostly unable to force their way onto the field.  Four of their starting 11 on Sunday are not contracted beyond June, another two are in their final 18 months.

By contrast, none of Celtic’s starting 11 are out of contract this year and only the oldest two, Hart and Mooy, are out next year (they are also the only two in their 30s).  Everyone else has two, three or four years under contract.

Since 2019, one club in Glasgow went through the gamble of selling and buying, while another went through the gamble of inaction.  You could argue that both worked and failed by some measure.  Newco won their first title, Scottish Cup and reached a European final – a reward for retaining talent through their peak years.  But now they are a busted flush without resources to rebuild.  Celtic dropped one particularly important title, but the next generation, well as the last, is ours.

It might only have been the League Cup that was won and lost on Sunday, but the anguish across the city is indicative of a greater pain, that of structural disadvantage.  More on that soon.

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  1. We need a wee bit of rotation for Sunday,with a view to the double header against Hearts.No matter what drivel anyone comes up with about our last visit their,we will gub them.Hopefully see Oh,Haksa,Matt,maybe a start for Jamesy.Sure Ange will rotate somehow.


    Once again on Sunday,whilst having another terrific game,big Carl made 2 howlers in 2 minutes in the second half.We got away with them,but I have no idea what goes through his head in these moments.Sure Ange is on his case about it,and I think his overall performances are keeping him in the team.Just wish he would cut them out as we know,position he plays,mistakes can be deadly.Averages say,we will not get away with it forever.Brilliant CH with a flaw.

  2. If we win the league which we will gain entry into the Champions League, hopefully D D gives the go ahead for Ange to spend on I would say 4 quality players,to progress which we really haven’t in the C/L, players whom I think will move on Turnbull , O’Leary,Forrest ,Welsh,Bain,Hart,Ajeti,,Barkas ,and possibly Abada ,what do you think bhoys.

  3. Liel Abada Celtic dive sets former SFA ref off as he demands RED CARD for blatant cheating


    The forward was booked by Nick Walsh after taking a tumble in this box during the Viaplay Cup final.


    The Ex Ref is DES ROACHE…Apparently.



    The above is an article in Todays Daily Ranger….





    I MAY not disagree too much with this Ex Refs opinion, however the ” TIMING” of this article is hardly surprising, considering it was Celtics Liel Abada who was guilty on Sunday.


    i dont remember any such ” articles/opinions” being expressed whenever its KENT or SAKALA….or MORELOS who are/were GUILTY of Cheating ?


    Also, do you RED CARD a player for DIVING, when he is on the half way line etc, or JUST OUTSIDE the oppositions Penalty area in order to win a possible very dangerous FREE KICK from 20 yards out….or is it just for any DIVING in the opponents Penalty Area ?




  4. BRRB…


    I hope that you are enjoying your Beers Today, for the first for a Month ?


    I MAY have tempted to join you Today, but Im stuck in the hoose, as Im waiting on some deliveries arriving between Today and Thursday ?


    Enjoy yer Beers Mate.



  5. As for LIEL ABADA and his dive on Sunday….I hope that Big ANGE has had a word in the young mans ear ?


    I really dont know why LIEL did that, as he had put himself in a good position to get a shot away at the Huns Goal, with a couple more steps…..or maybe one of the chasing Huns might have Fouled him anyway ?






    Big Jimmy





    Ref was Cock Roach.




    Very good mate.





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