The gift of focus for Ajax


The last minute goal fell Celtic’s way at the weekend but Wednesday’s opponents, Ajax, were on the receiving end of the sucker punch, losing to a last minute goal at home to Vitesse, just a week after a goalless draw at home to joint bottom Waalwijk.  The Dutch champion’s only win in their last five games was at home to lower league opposition six days ago.

So what does this mean for Celtic?  It means Ajax have found various ways not to approach the Celtic game.  The last thing teams need ahead of a crucial game is an easy or flattering result, far better to show up your mistakes.

If Celtic take the lead, we might find Ajax confidence sinks rapidly, but they will approach the game full of focus, dangerous and with a point to prove.

It’s Christmas time…….

The Celtic FC Foundation (new name for Celtic Charity) Christmas Appeal has been launched.  The 125 Anniversary activities have considerably reenergised the Celtic Movement in getting back to where is all started – looking after those in need.

The Christmas Appeal aims to provide 150 local families who would otherwise go without, a Christmas meal, with gifts for younger kids.

The Celtic support will be helping people through Glasgow East Women’s Aid, Spirit Aid, the Glasgow Simon Community, Loaves and Fishes, The Wayside Club, Glasgow City Mission and Lodging House Mission.

Details of how to help online, and in person, are available here.

Offensive Behaviour Act

Scottish Parliament Justice Committee convenor, Christine Grahame, has agreed to discuss an Early Review of the Act on the agenda for tomorrow’s Justice Committee meeting.  Three members of the Committee are already committed to a Review, details on how to contact others on the committee – it has to be today, they meet tomorrow – are available here, on the Trust website.
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  1. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Careful about getting in people’s faces. Look what happened to Pat Fenlon and one of his players who sustained a severe facial injury in the ” getting in their faces game”.

  2. We played them well at Celtic Park with Pukki and Stokes running down their full backs making them pass back to their keeper to punt it long (it’s a 50-50 then).



    That’s the game plan, make their keeper the one with the most posession.

  3. Bawsman



    Correct, the liked to get the ball to Daley Blind from the goalkeeper, we wished up in the second half and closed them down, they then humped it up to the big Finish guy.



    Re the passports….handed in to the polis…are ye mad!


    There is usually a contact number at the back…had problems wae the polis before for being a Tim…resulted in one Hun officer being reprimanded…




  4. Paul67, hopefully our own game on Saturday will have shown NFL a couple of our own deficiencies, not sure if he can get our strikers firing between now and Wednesday though.


    After watching the highlights we had chances, they weren’t taken, a variety of reasons of course, luck, good save, but poor finishing was in there too.


    This is the third game running we have seen this. Strikers need to find form, soon.



    CRC, you are welcome, enjoying it to be honest.

  5. bawsman



    12:30 on 4 November, 2013


    We need to be in Ajax faces, DON’T let them pass from the back, make them kick it long.





    Got to disagree with you bawsman. I thought Ajax were very ineffective with their passing around the back and keeper. They are using 5 players in this mode which means we would have to commit at least 4 players to break it up.



    Which is exactly what they would want, thereby creating space in midfield or beyond.



    I thought Stokes and Pukki did very well in harassing them. Sure the stats say they had lots of possession, but not in dangerous areas.

  6. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Thanks mate. I gibber nonsense most of the time but occassionally hit the target.




  7. We probably wont get a better chance to beat Ajax on their own turf, they are not a confident team at the moment, and are very worried.


    We should be able to make things hard for them…be tough…play on the break, defend firm but fair…let big Sami run at them, he will terrify them.


    Lets see what Derk can really do, surely he is motivated to beat his old club, and most of all….no sendings off


    We beat them at Celtic Park, theres no reason why we cant beat them in Amsterdam,


    frustrate them, take our chances when they come….play for the jersey.


    C,mon the Hoops




  8. I have just been up to Stewart Street police station to claim the 2 Ajax tickets, 400 quid and 2 passports



    I got the tickets no problem, but they wouldn’t give me the cash or passports because they didn’t have my face on them



    On hearing that this was the criteria, a woman calling herself Lizzie Windsor is hot footing it to Glasgow to claim the cash



    PLEASE NOTE – All of the above is made up, I hope they are returned to their rightful owners :-)




  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    hollie smokie pokie



    12:38 on 4 November, 2013


    Shoots and misses







  10. anyone else majorly concerned about the toothless nature of our front 2 (3?) on Saturday?



    We shoulda been home and hosed 3-0 in the first half hour.

  11. SuperSutton


    12:42 on


    4 November, 2013


    Ah, seems I am actually agreeing with you, bawsman.






    Ha Ha, was about to post that.

  12. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Reliably informed by a respected poster on this very site that the tickets,etc,have been reunited with their owner.



    Thanks,apparently,to a “wee wummin in the office who did some digging”



    I hope she wins the lottery the week after next.



    John nailed on to win on Saturday for his good indeed marvellous deed. As long as he buys a ticket!

  13. Those passports will never be returned to their owners I’m afraid.



    My 17 year old daughter recently borrowed her big sisters passport to go to the dancing. She left it in the back of a private hire. Fair play to the driver he handed it into the Polis station. My eldest went down to pick it up with relevant i.d. but was told even though it was obvious that it was her passport she couldn’t get it because of the data protection act. (They claimed the driver could have scanned the passport) My eldest then had to pay £120 for a new one.



    On another matter I regularly used to hand in stuff to the police station. Usually phones and passports but after what happened to my daughter I thought never again and will do my best to return it personally.


    I handed in a laptop once and after 3 months if no one claims it then it’s yours. I had a tenner to collect from Pitt St as a reward for handing in a bag so thought I’d collect both on the one visit. The polis gave me the tenner but said they could not give me the laptop. Data protection act again. I asked what would happen to the laptop and they said it would be destroyed. (i’m sure some polis is playing games on it as we speak)



    So for future reference if you find something and have some info about the owner try to return it to them. Handing it in to the polis should be the last resort.

  14. The more time goes on the more confident I’m becoming, there a good team but not unbeatable and just get the wee feeling this is our game to win and a fancy us 0-2 and a big party in the square after it.


    This is what our season is all about Champions league, the home front takes care of itself, Europes our marker. COYBIG HH

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I would not play big Derk on Wednesday I know it is his old club and he would probably be bursting a gut but I have seen nothing to suggest he wouldnt just disappear and be a passenger.We need eleven players who truly will burst a gut on the night and not hide.H.H.

  16. Hotel de Paris on

    Stumbled across San Lorenzo vs Boca this morning on Premier Sports. Cracking game and great atmosphere. Going by appearances both sides appeared to be fairly youthful. Great style of football on show. Thought the Ref had a good game in difficult circumstances. But!


    San Lorenzo captain Pablo Alvarado was booked several minutes before kick-off for time-wasting. His crime was as a result of walking his dog out onto the pitch just as the two teams were gearing up for kick off. Alvarado felt that San Lorenzo needed a club mascot and that his dog was the perfect candidate. The ref, however, did not agree! Hoopy beware!

  17. My good lady lost her bag on a night out ( blootered not stolen ) and a taxi driver found it and called ‘ house ‘ from her phone and dropped it off at the house the next day, phone keys and purse all intact. HH

  18. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I understand your point,experience is better than hearsay. And those experiences undermine your faith in the system,for sure.



    But not everyone should be tarred same as the worst. Most cops in my experience-apart from the ones who have lifted me over the years-are fine,doing their best.



    I’ve had reason to be grateful to one or two in the past!

  19. Up in Glasgow this week with work. Would anyone know a Celtic friendly bar to watch the Ajax game. Preferably in the city center.



    Thanks in advance.

  20. Thought Derk did quite well when he came on Saturday. Some decent crosses.



    Also issys crossing was much improved.



    We should play as we did for 75 mins in Milan. Tight but high up pitch.

  21. antipodean red on

    the green man, 0909 previous article, as well as I have seen it put by anyone, No, No and No.


    Like you say, it’s guys like those on the blog, their fathers, their uncles, their grandfathers and a good few woman folk who have made Celtic what we are and will continue to do so. Our present custodians or anyone else do not have the right to sell us short.




  22. boscobhoy02


    13:01 on 4 November, 2013



    Those passports will never be returned to their owners I’m afraid.


    My 17 year old daughter recently borrowed her big sisters passport to go to the dancing.



    Awe well seems its ok to attempt to use someone’s else’s passport, are they twins…. Bit hypocritical me thinks



    Anyway hopefully all is well and according to BMCUWP they’re re-united…



    Ayrshire is Green and White



    And ye don’t need a passport to get into the pubs




  23. BMCUW



    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the polis in terms of keeping the valuables for themselves. I’m sure their hands are tied regards the data protection act. I’m just warning people that handing lost property directly into the polis station is not the best option as i’m sure the taxi driver who handed in my daughters passport would not have if he knew she’d get hit with a bill for £120.

  24. Mick TT



    I’m sure you would never have borrowed your brothers licence to get into the dancing when you were 17. (if possible) Yes, a truly heinous crime.

  25. roybhoy ,



    head for the Admiral in Waterloo Street – next to Central station. CRC , TTTT and various other lowlights of CQN will be in attendance – I’m not allowed as i’m banned as a Jonah !




    alternatively , drop me a line on sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com and i’ll put you in touch.





  26. RE. Police


    One could have jailed me a couple of weeks ago in Aberdeen on a night out wi guys from work for fighting with a bouncer, asked me for ID pulled out my Celtic wallet he took one look at it said ‘ your no one of them are you ‘ a said aye who do you support Aberdeen ? He’s laughed and said no rangers, I said they died who you supporting now, he burst out laughing done a persons check, said it was fine and I could get on my way while still laughing.


    Moral of the story like everything else there’s good ones and bad ones HH

  27. Anyone remember the old one year passports you used to get?



    When I was 15 I “doctored” my brothers by gluing my photo onto his and going to the Pub. Worked like a charm :-) Not that I am condoning under age drink or the like….!



    Googled 1 year passport and found a story about them being abolished mid ’90’s. Cost of a 1 year passport was £12 and the cost of a 10 year passport was £18.






    I paid £77 and a fee to the post office for renewing my passport last year!!

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