The goalkeeper’s league


I was speaking to a friend who supports Newco about their recent decline.  His reckons the goalkeeper situation has a lot to do with it.  Allan McGregor was a big part of their success last season, now 40, time has caught up.  His shot stopping ability has stopped, speed of foot movement has slowed and, as we saw at Celtic Park, he does not command his six yard box.

As a consequence of all of this, confidence of those in front of him evaporated.  They play well when on the counter, but pushing up field is dangerous.

We’ve been there.  Last season we had the year of three keepers, none of whom convinced the manager to give them an extended run.  Not only was our defence unconvinced by the man behind them, they did not know who they were training to play in front of a few days out.

So much went wrong in 2020 it would be harsh to overstate any one element, so don’t misunderstand.  But the antics of Fraser Forster, who watched his pal, Craig Gordon, reject an offer to play backup to him at Celtic, to accept a deal on half the money at Hearts, before changing his tune and returning to Southampton is troublesome.

When we watched Joe Hart make that early save on Sunday, we are reminded of the importance of the last line.  Without Joe, we would be second favourites for the title right now.

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  1. We rejoiced at the fact we had no midweek games left and could get proper rest, training and coaching in. Sadly the lack of midweek games means we will see this dear green place filled with more fascist and selective revisionist hyperbole.



    Would be terribly sad if not so deeply disturbing.



    Free Big Jimmy and kick out the cranks and fascists.



    8 games to go, 11 for the treble. Eyes on the prize.






    Ps I do not see Scott Brown returning.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Craig wanted to play football and took the option which would guarantee that, simples

  3. quadrophenian on

    Will Lenny repatriate Vasilis to warmer climes when he takes the reigns??




  4. Aipple,



    CQN, Celtic and football in general can not be oblivious to catastrophe on our doorstep.




  5. PAUL 67



    Without Joe, we would be second favourites for the title right now.



    GREENPINATA @ 12:07



    Without doubt the signing of Joe Hart was inspirational.







    Yes indeed! – in the words of Martin Luther King:


    “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope”



    Can we also say the same but with reference to Ange?

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  7. No poo Sherlock.



    Whatever the reason allowing Craig Gordon to go last season because we would not pay the wages to keep him was the kind of decision where perceived finance needs overruled obvious footballing ones.



    McGregor had to show some evidence of age decline and it looks like time has caught up.



    I saw Canalamar surfaced on CQN. If at home soon get in touch.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Connaire- i think Callum has definitely grown into the captain’s role,obviously a different type to Broonie, a bit like moving from Roy Aitken to The Maestro. I’m not sure if Ange would take Broonie just now, but IMO, he would be able to help a lot of guys who haven’t won a league, to get us over the line.

  9. I agree re Joe Hart being a very important signing. I think CCV is also massively important.


    Broonie back at Celtic Park? Not at the moment, for me.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The facts and documented history of the Ukraine since 2014, demonstrate who the fascists are, you are supporting and paying for it with your tax dollar. Even your MSM have documented their reservations about who your country put in power and their ties to fascism. Short memory is no excuse for misrepresentation.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Hail Hail, should be home soon. Will give you a shout nearer the time.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on

    Fraser Forster’s current status at St Mary’s suggests he made the right decision to return to Southampton.

  13. Hart has been an excellent signing.


    Our entire goalkeeping operation has improved massively over the years.


    Brian Scott hitting crosses in for big Packy warm up are just memories now.

  14. Canamalar


    As you will have probably noticed, I am more with you than against you on this issue but I think , if anyone feels strongly enough about the issue, a link to the source of their views would suffice rather than demoting Celtic posts to second class citizen status.



    PS …..and I know I have been `guilty` as well.

  15. quadrophenian on



    Broony was here last year and couldn’t help get us over the line for the elusive/lost/magical 10.


    I firmly believe Ange is the trinitarian – attitudinal, fitba and psych – authority and all we need right now.


    Sad as it may sound, we just don’t need Broony for the run-in.



    The decisions around the goalkeeping situ were season defining; if Fraz had stayed we could, woulda, mighta…



    Agree that jettisoning Craig Gordon reflected very badly on the small-mindedness of the purse string puller-in-chief.

  16. Uncle Jimmy,



    Totally agree. A welcome change in priority.


    In 2003 we had a good honest goalkeeper who readily put his hands up to mistakes.


    However if we had an inspirational goalkeeper then the magnificent journey could have been more fruitful.




  17. HOT SMOKED @ 12:26


    Broonie back at Celtic Park? Not at the moment, for me.




    I think that Scott could offer something at Celtic Park as he makes his onward journey, however, like you say, this is not the time. Imagine he returned now and we didn’t win the title….”not at the moment” for me too.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Quad-not just Broonie, the whole Club was a shambles from top to bottom last season, onwards and upwards, and shows the job AP has done to get us where we are now.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hot Smoked,


    Usually I would but as you have read from Aipples post at the top of the page, he has no interest in being open to discussion.


    I expect anything offered will receive the same reposnse as that of Turkeybhoy, its all propaganda and the writer is not worth reading and the poster is a treacherous Putin stooge.


    But for your benefit and those a bit more open minded on the subject, the following linked article uses direct quotes from US MSM over the period since the Maidan. Up until a few years ago this was considered the undisputed truth until the US recently decided to rewrite histort and frame Putin as the Nazi. And people actually swallow it hook line and sinker, then push the lies as facts like useful idiots.


  20. Paul67



    It’s all very well to blame Fraser Forster for picking us around after we let Craig Gordon go but it’s a bit like blaming Eddie Howe dicking us around and causing us to have a very rushed squad development process in June.



    But the corollary to that reading is that we allowed ourselves to be picked about in both cases. We proceeded on the basis that we had a goalkeeper and a manager when both had not put pen to paper.



    One such error may be forgivable. Two stats to look like a pattern. Then we had the decision to keep a couple of wantaways to their contract. One of them, Ajer, played out of his skin; another, Edouard, did not so it’s hard to say if that policy is justified.



    We saw the dead club’s 10iar bid falter because it was known Walter was leaving. Perhaps, we too suffered because Peter Lawwell was in semi-retirement mode and Scot Brown stayed on one year too long.



    These were, of course, not the only issues last year but, without the promised review, we might never get to list them all.



    I am glad that Ange, if he stays, has promised never to have such a rushed recruitment process as he faced last summer.

  21. Out-with their financial problems, The Rangers have several mounting football issues to deal with, their aging keeper is one.



    Goldson will almost certainly do walking away in the summer and they’ve a plethora of players going into the last 12 months of their contracts this summer.



    One would assume that Kent and Morelos will set their wage targets with Aaron Ramsey in mind…

  22. Garngad to Croy on

    Joe had 2 excellent saves on Sunday but we need a good backup keeper who can push him and also learn from him.

  23. AN DÚN on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:01 PM




    I’d be more concerned about keeping the current squad together.

  24. quadrophenian on

    BADA – re ‘club shambles’ – you peeled the plaster aff a nearly healed wound there.


    As many of us recognise, we’re clearly in a much healthier position with Pete (virtually) gone and Ange in.






    One other wee thing…Aussie meeja sites are promoting the game as the ‘O-F’ clash.



    Sure we read in this very salon that we ‘trademarked’ that term to protect anyone from abusing it.



    So the downunder meeja A) have permission or B) will be receiving a lawyer’s letter ?

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Didn’t see this article coming Pablo BT a nice one nonetheless.



    IMHO, we don’t do enough calling out/saluting where we are superior in key positions in the team.



    As a comparison between us and Sevco right now – form, fitness, attitude, contributing to successful outcomes on the pitch – I’d opine as follows



    GK – much better


    Right back – slightly better


    Left back – weaker


    CB – slightly better


    CM – better


    Wingers – better group


    Strikers – if Kyogo fit? Better

  26. GREENPINATA on 8TH MARCH 2022 12:37 PM


    In 2003 we had a good honest goalkeeper who readily put his hands up to mistakes.



    However if we had an inspirational goalkeeper then the magnificent journey could have been more fruitful.





    So very true Sir.


    If MON had that inspirational keeper then he would have won 5IAR and headed back from Seville with the trophy.



    It is ironic that since 2005 we have had Boruc, Forster, Gordon, and now Hart. Any one of whom would have fitted perfectly into an MON side. MON recently said that the events of 22/5/05 still haunt him. He’s not the only one.

  27. I personally would like to see Broonie get a lower league managers job for a few seasons, to see how he performs. Before getting him back to Celtic Park.

  28. QUADROPHENIAN on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:14 PM



    The media can use the term, it’s general parlance, but no one can use it for commercial gain without permission eg merchandising, hats, scarves, flags, programmes. that sort of thing.

  29. Bit of rewriting history when it comes to Craig Gordon, I dont recall a mummer of discontent when he was released and a high priced signing was offred in his place.



    Of course the exact science of hind sight allows you to be wise after the event

  30. Still laughing at your 8.32 fantasy


    Asking could it happen here?


    Then farting high grade unionist crap about Aberdeen,Shetland and Orkney



    Your Scottish right? – why would you even contemplate


    partitioning Scotland? Under any circumstances,be you pro or anti union


    Drivel thinking,as stated the union partitioned another part of its empire…that turn out well eh.



    I thought you,like me a socialist,would be more worried about the open and public acceptance of fascists in the new/old/luj Labour Party.


    Not only as members,as bona-fide candidates up for election.



    Local Labour Party no more,its gone



    Local lodge Party???



    Its your dilemma



    Maybe Labour needs that cancerous individualism of racist George Galloway.


    Was commie corbyn wrong to reject his application


    Wonder what jezza would make of the orange(fascists)


    In the organisation i know he abhorred









  31. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Why let your top goalkeeper walk out the door,without having his replacement signed? Sheer incompetence…….anyway as i said, onwards and upwards

  32. quadrophenian on



    Every time any meeja site uses it, the eyeballs-on-story is a commercial (audience eyeballs) gain for them.


    Not a direct transactional gain obv – but one they feel is useful/productive for them.



    Despite thinking the term had died with their death in 2012, Optus is waxing lyrical about the fixture’s 134-yr history – I sense they’ll be the commercial TV rights partner in Australasia – am sure that partner ponies up.




  33. AN TEARMANN on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:36 PM



    I wouldn’t worry about it. There isn’t going to be a referendum any time soon.

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