The goalkeeper’s league


I was speaking to a friend who supports Newco about their recent decline.  His reckons the goalkeeper situation has a lot to do with it.  Allan McGregor was a big part of their success last season, now 40, time has caught up.  His shot stopping ability has stopped, speed of foot movement has slowed and, as we saw at Celtic Park, he does not command his six yard box.

As a consequence of all of this, confidence of those in front of him evaporated.  They play well when on the counter, but pushing up field is dangerous.

We’ve been there.  Last season we had the year of three keepers, none of whom convinced the manager to give them an extended run.  Not only was our defence unconvinced by the man behind them, they did not know who they were training to play in front of a few days out.

So much went wrong in 2020 it would be harsh to overstate any one element, so don’t misunderstand.  But the antics of Fraser Forster, who watched his pal, Craig Gordon, reject an offer to play backup to him at Celtic, to accept a deal on half the money at Hearts, before changing his tune and returning to Southampton is troublesome.

When we watched Joe Hart make that early save on Sunday, we are reminded of the importance of the last line.  Without Joe, we would be second favourites for the title right now.

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  1. AN TEARMANN on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:36 PM



    I presume you are talking about my post. Yes it was hypothetical and I made no personal viewpoint.



    However : I asked the question:- Could it happen here ?. Is it possible?



    The answer in light of recent events says yes it is a possibility. Same as in Belgium, Spain, Germany etc etc



    I think you are confusing me with someone else regarding George Galloway. The only comment I would make of him is he seems to like cats.



    I take no lectures from the SNP or their chump friends ( Free Big Jimmy ( regarding fascists and racists.


    The past party of William Wolfe, who opposed the landmark Pope’s visit to Scotland.


    The party of Arthur Donaldson who sought to set up a puppet Nazi style government in Scotland when we were fighting fascism.



    The present MSP who was insulting to an English based disabled Celtic supporter . Echoes of Racism and disabled discrimination.



    So my friend I, toe no oarty line. I called out the disgraceful choice of Labour candidate for Airdrie and I will continue to call out those who would make Scotland poorer .



    Cheers and HH.

  2. Brown is brilliant at winding up people but beyond that, what kind of guy is he? Is he likely to make a good assistant coach then manager? Deep thinker? Master tactician?


    Regardless of what Aberdeen’s official statement may say today, I would guess Goodwin is letting him go because he doesn’t rate him as a player and assistant coach or he sees him as divisive due to being too influential with some players.


    If not the case, why would they terminate the contract with so few games left to play?

  3. fieldofdrams on

    A little bit of succession planning with regard to the goalkeeper wouldn’t go amiss. I’d like to see Benjamin Siegrist signed from Dundee Utd, a very good keeper with the potential to improve under a top goalkeeping coach, which we have. Siegrist is a good guy with he kind of character that would fit us.

  4. FieldofDrams – Agreed. Think the rumour is that Sevco want him though their back up goalkeeper is pretty decent to be fair.




    He’s an excellent goalkeeper, who I’m sure is out of contract at the end of the season.

  6. fieldofdrams on

    Siegrist is indeed out of contract at the end of the season. His agent is a savvy sort who is well aware of what may lie in store for Sevco. I think an approach from Celtic might be welcomed. He’s also good enough to go to another league though, and not spend a season or two as an understudy to Joe. But I believe they have got along well at Celtic vs Dundee Utd games.

  7. “GARNGAD TO CROY on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:05 PM


    Joe had 2 excellent saves on Sunday but we need a good backup keeper who can push him and also learn from him.”



    Joe does not strike me as the kind of guy who has trouble keeping himself on his toes. Even so, as you can`t have too much of a good thing, I would agree with those above suggesting Siegrist. A good mate of mine is an open-minded United ST holder and he rates him very highly.


    Also, of course, if the Huns are after him bloodying their collective nose would also be a factor :-))

  8. According to Gladstone, Homer never used the terms `blue ` and `orange` in his writings .


    Hail! Hail ! Homer !



    PS For the avoidance of doubt, not the character from The Simpsons .

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just to divert from work for two minutes.



    Broony – a definite ‘no’ from me in terms of back to Celtic just now (and it is just hypothetical anyway). Much happer with Calum as captain. Not interested in the picking of fights, noising up opponents, etc., that admittedly can seem good at the time. Much prefer to have the metronome of Calmac in the middle of the park leading by football example. Anyway – a non-starter.



    Siegrist – a ‘yes’ from me. Actually surprised he is still at United. Always liked him and big Marciano at Hibs. Thought either might have been a good fit for Aberdeen (Joe Lewis having declined steadily over the past couple of years).






  10. I think Siegrist is a good keeper and looks good against us, my only concern is that being a Celtic Goalie is completely different in most games as it’s the concentration level when having nothing to do for most of the game that is important



    We have made mistakes in the past with players in all positions that were not able to adapt

  11. Brian Scott hitting crosses in for big Packy warm up are just memories now.




    to which he would fall to the deck, and the ball would squirm across the 6 yards box,



    practice practice practice, to get that consistenly shite at it

  12. orange was not a colour until the moors started planting them in Spain.



    then the colour was named from the word for the fruit.

  13. NOTTHEBUS on 8TH MARCH 2022 1:34 PM


    Bit of rewriting history when it comes to Craig Gordon, I dont recall a mummer of discontent when he was released and a high priced signing was offred in his place.




    Of course the exact science of hind sight allows you to be wise after the event




    Its not being wise. How was anyone to know Barkas was a risky signing?



    However why take the risk in the first place?



    Had Gordon been offered a wage that would have enticed him to stay but preferred to go elsewhere to get game time fair enough but was he even offered his existing deal at the time?



    I got the impression that he was offered less.



    If so that was a financial decision that created the hindsight and deserves mention as symptomatic of Celtic’s approach to running a football club that put finance before football and I’m not talking big spend?



    How much did Celtic save on wages overall in not securing a secure keeper? Goal keeper is the first place you build a spine from yet we ended up spineless last season, on and off the park.



    Rangers knew the value of having a secure keeper and they got more than value for money from McGregor last season

  14. SAINT STIVS on 8TH MARCH 2022 3:19 PM




    Practice has to be purposeful to be beneficial.

  15. Coaches and Goalkeepers are, thankfully, also available outside of Scotland.



    Scout for a fit with the team philosophy (as Ange is doing to his best but still carries a few pragmatic ones for the team) and not sentiment. That’s so last century.




  16. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    CAMUSBHOY on 8TH MARCH 2022 3:15 PM



    Good point – assuming the basic shot stopping is good, I wonder to what extent coaching can help with that.



    That said, standing about for an hour twiddling your thumbs, and then having to pull off an amazing save would be hard to replicate in training :-)



    That said, that said – I suppose Hart is involved in other ways during a game – as a sweeper – to keep his mind on the game.











  17. Oh and maybe we have a few exciting young fellas to emerge after this season is done – I know of Lawal down here when he was at Watford and he’ll be a star, Oluwayemi, Dane Murray, Doak, Summers, Wylie, Vata, a settled and fit Dembele and perhaps Moffatt & Dawson & the elusive Kenny.



    I think next season, slots will be freed up by Mikey Johnston, Stephen Welsh, Shaw, Uroghide, Bolingoli, Soro, McCarthy, Ajeti, Doohan, Barkas, Montgomery, Robertson, Coffey, Connell, Henderson, McInroy and Afilobi..



    Big turnover around the core of the team with Ange having a bit more time to play with (and a lot more money perhaps :) )











    Hail Hail, should be home soon. Will give you a shout nearer the time.




    Great. Lots pf ground to cover over a drink. I just heard from our partner in crime recently too.

  19. sceptical citizen on

    George Galloway (@georgegalloway) Tweeted:


    The working class of Europe and North America will pay the price of the #NATO crazed suicide-mission against #Russia. In mass unemployment rampant inflation commodity shortages tripling gas prices rocketing petrol prices tax-rises. As they say in Ireland: Catch yourselves on…




    Still waiting for a single name, of a single media journalist, or, a single politician (( preferably the big sell out Ponsonby)) from any party, on the island of Britain, or Europe, or USA, or anywhere else, who’ll go head to head, with George Galloway. 👆


    One name, that is all.


    100% of Celtic’s enemies are terrified of George Galloway.


    Yet 53,000 Celtic ticket holders financially back££££ the pro OldFirm PLC board, controlled by Irish Tories.


    And then they vote for a political party that tries to jail them and abuse their children??


    And then they happy clap ‘every’ slimey media agenda??


    And then they demonize anyone who refuses to see the world through their lenses.


    The dug that used to run onto the pitch fae the Jungle was a far bigger rebel than any of today’s rebel singers.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Re GK,they have high hopes for the young guy we signed from Spurs last year,to be No 2 soon,and possibly JH successor.

  21. sceptical citizen on

    CANAMALAR, you won’t know me as I was just a lurker when you used to post regularly.


    Good to see your name, hail hail. 👍

  22. IniquitousIV on

    Warning: Football related post. Scroll by if it’s not your thing.



    BIG WAVY I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we dispense with the services of most of the 17 players you mentioned. ( Assuming we upgrade ).



    Talking of upgrading, Ange seems too busy to be scouting himself, and he will gradually get out of date with the J League market. Does anyone have any knowledge of who is scouting for us at present?

  23. Paul67



    I’d imagine Siegrist will have better options than Celtic and playing second fiddle to Joe Hart.



    Problem, was the same with Craig Gordon he didn’t want to sit on the bench getting paid second Celtic goalie wages. Rodgers phased CG out, Fraser Forster was a revelation then reneged and voila I give you Barkas Celtic’s own Venus de Milo.

  24. sceptical citizen on

    From 👇 The Ibrox Noise, didn’t want to put the link onto CQN.


    Interesting the bit about, “The fans were split” over the Neil Lennon, and Chris Sutton ban, I was unaware of that. Hun on hun stuff 👍




    We have to say, we’re shocked right now by the level of infighting going on at Ibrox between the board and scorned ex-lovers.


    That is, ex Rangers men like Mark Hateley, Barry Ferguson, Dave King etc etc who are currently going to the press and criticising the men in the suits.


    Not only that, but Hateley accused the playing staff and management of disconnect from supporters.


    Whether you agree with the points being raised by these respected ex-players and board members the feeling is all isn’t well right now behind the scenes, and the 150th trip fiasco on top of the Old Firm shambles are two prize examples of it.


    The problem is the board have made rods for their own backs – the Sutton and Lennon bans divided fans, and were one of many in a long line of weird calls the board has made which split the base.


    We don’t need controversy, we don’t need contentious decisions, we need a board carrying out good things which fans agree on.


    One only had to look at the 150th shirt reaction – half of the fans were deeply upset they’d bought the shirt and the club hadn’t worn it as promised, the other half were attacking those fans and slaughtering them, hinting at them to ‘grow up’.


    We get it, running a football club shouldn’t be a popularity contest, and if things are going well on the pitch the decisions the men behind the scenes make would be less under focus.


    But we trust Barry and Hateley especially, they have only the club’s best interests at heart and if they’re concerned with what’s happening, it’s worth listening to.


    Food for thought.

  25. BIG WAVY @ 3:37




    A very interesting post. I wouldn’t disagree massively with your comprehensive ‘out the door’ list. I think Welsh is worth the perseverance and would like to have a look a Shaw after his loan and a full pre-season behind him.



    That kind of number leaving is uncannily close to what has come in during Ange’s time, and as you say, “Big turnover around the core of the team with Ange having a bit more time to play with (and a lot more money perhaps”



    The job will be made easier if we are champions with the CL to look forward to – but with a few unwelcome ‘bumps in the road’, if we’re unable to secure CCV & Jota. Notwithstanding, there will be a decent foundation to build on this summer, in stark contrast to last.



    Winning the title will fill the club and supporters with new opTIMism as we set out our stall for the new season – if we don’t become champions, the work will need to be done anyway, but I imagine it will feel a bit more of a slog.

  26. INIQUITOUSIV on 8TH MARCH 2022 4:08 PM



    We lost and loaned out 24 players this season fella. Clearly this summer will (and should be) less distressed in terms of first teamers (would still want us to secure LB, left footed CH, DM & Winger) and think we should be fastv tracking B team players on loan after this season for their own development / shop window.



    Would like to know how we get ready for that without what seems like an infrastructure. Who is the Head of Recruitment ? – Ange again ?




  27. Wee George the racist galloway getting plenty of spew on cqn.



    No one will touch the carpet bagging racist charlatan



    Socialism for he himself and himself..



    Not the collective



    Thats why commie corbyn erased him from labour party history.



    Tell wt was asking for him…. ha.

  28. BGFC I agree it would be something that would be difficult to replicate in training.



    Thinking of current players, CJ was outstanding against Lazio but can switch off against lesser opponents

  29. Celtic Football Club@CelticFC·7h


    Today, March 8, 2022 marks the 55th anniversary of one of the most dramatic, and important, late winners ever to be witnessed inside Celtic Park.🍀

  30. Sceptical Citizen,


    You did not want to put Rangers link on,for obvious reasons,


    It would have been the least offensive post you have put on recently,you absolute fekin zoomer.

  31. Has this place just become a dumping ground for the drivel spewed out on the internet by charlatans.Links from every illiterate mouthpiece with a keyboard being copied and pasted,by equally illiterate morons.


    What happens when you ban posters like Big Jimmy,and let the lunatics take over the blog.

  32. AN TEARMANN on 8TH MARCH 2022 4:42 PM


    Wee George the racist galloway getting plenty of spew on cqn.




    I’m not trying to join the debate or cause any more stress but why is Galloway a racist?

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