The Governing Law of Celtic


There’s a familiar feel about Celtic being unable to agree a new deal with Liel Abada, very reminiscent of what we heard in the months before Giorgos Giakoumakis and Josip Juranovic left the club.

Liel is one of my favourite Celtic players.  His ability to find space in the box and convert chances is the most prized in the game.  At 21, he has time to mature into a striker, just as Kyogo has, just as the Great Swede did, both in their mid-20s.  This could be his trajectory and I would like to see him stay at Celtic to get there.

But we have to respect the Governing Law of Celtic.  If we are to reach our potential, there has to be ruthless adherence to strategy.  Bring them in, scout for replacements from the moment they arrive, sell them on at a mark up which supports growth, and go again.

To really kick on, we need to increase the velocity of churn in the squad.  Players all just pass through Parkhead gate, none stay forever.  This is the way it has to be.

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  1. Good afternoon Aipple


    Hope you had a great birthday and the hangover is not too bad.

  2. I too would like Abada to stay but if his mind is made up (or at least his agent’s) then we need to move on. The days of players overstaying their time is long gone.


    A pity to lose him but no doubt if any of this is true then no doubt Ange has someone already in mind

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Difference is JJ and GG were late-20s and at peak potential. Abada is still developing.



    Sell him for 10m in the summer or 50m in a few years if gets anywhere close the the great Swede?



    Difficult decisions based on probabilities I suppose.




    Had a fine evening good sir.






    BIG JIMMY re: Brosnan



    That made me chuckle!

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big difference between staying forever and losing a talented young player with development ahead of him after only two years.


    No idea what he has been offered but we should be making a big effort to get him tied down longer term, even if he leaves after two or three years. The money we get from him then will be a lot more than we would now, not to mention the on-field value we would get in the meantime.


    Disagree about him becoming a striker. His strength is timing his runs into the middle from wide when play is developing down the other side. Perfect modern-game player who would fit into any 4-3-3 team.

  6. Abada – I’d take £20m plus a thumping great sell on clause, and let me be the first to say that no matter how much I love the guy, and it’s plenty, I’ll drive him to the airport myself.




  7. I see TavPen is saying we’ll see “the real Rangers” on the 8th April.



    So that’ll be McGregor, Whittaker, Bougherra, Weir (C) and Papac; Naismith, Davis, Edu and Wilde; Lafferty and Jelavic.

  8. Paul 67,



    Liel Abada has bags of potential. Not too long ago I reckoned Liel could become a true superstar and we would sell him for a record fee.



    However he is not at that stage yet. If he wants to go, so be it Ange has already told us about a revolving door at Parkhead.



    We know that our current custodians will have already sourced a replacement. We know that our current custodians will have mitigated against players wanting to leave. Change will be part of our planning process.



    We have confidence in our current custodians to put the interest of Celtic first and foremost in all dealings.



    How refreshing to have complete confidence in our transactions.



    HH, the journey is only beginning.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Looking down on the Rainjurz.



    ‘Technical’ is the new most overused word in the football rule book, and if top bhoy Gary Lineker says nobody has a clue what’s handball and what isn’t, what chance is there unless you’re a Dallas or a Dougie Dougie type current champion of mibbery.



    The elephant in the video room is picking up £1,000 a week, of supporters money, all for the love of Sevco, and the thin red ‘onside line’, is so bent, it’s zig zagged up the marble staircase and out through the club deck roof. Handball is interpreted as play on brother, and even the Celtic liberals have heard the penny drop, albeit four months on.



    VAR’s expose began at Tynecastle last year, Celtic supporters were given a glimpse of what was to come, imagine what damage it’ll do, even to the very best of Celtic sides over a full season? At present VAR is in contact with Tav Pen and the real Rainjurz by ouija board, and every other team in the league is affected by incompetence and double dip mibbery. Solely, it’s kept Sevco within the gap established by Celtic and a points margin that would by now, have been cavernous were it not for teething issue crucial decisions.



    Every Celtic goal VAR scrutinised, the Fergus McCann Celtic mission statement another victim replaced by unwanted chants. The cabal is creaking under the weight of the microscope , misadministered Hamdump delivered it, wrapped up in masonic ribbons.

  10. I’d be gutted if Abada goes – has some lovely techniques and pace. We still have the Ayrshire superstar on contract for 2 more seasons to cushion the blow if he does go at the end of this season

  11. There’s a self life for all of our players.



    CCV, Jota, Hatate and the rest will not be hanging around for 4 years playing Ross County and Killie.



    A continuous development of our squad will keep us focused and hungry for success. You do not have to look too far from Celtic Park to see the dangers of retaining players at this level for too long. They can become disinterested and lazy.



    I wouldn’t be overly worried about selling Abada. Especially were we to get a good price.

  12. Andy Patons Mullet on

    If as seems probable, Abada leaves in the summer it will be far too soon for his own personal development imo. He hasnt nailed his place in the starting eleven with us, so what chance if he moves to a bottom half EPL team? Theyll hope he is the player we want him to become (now) and when he doesnt itll be Edouard Mk 2 – sitting on the bench watching appearance figures dwindle. Agent looking for a payout to the detriment of his player. If sense was anything in some players he would see where he is best suited for the next 12 months at least.

  13. Abada was rubbish in the cup final.



    Decision making wrong. Pulled out a challenge. Had a dive and was greedy.



    Very you g jamsey esque.



    Why come for him if you have EPL money surely Jota is the prize

  14. And another.



    If agent is making noises does lial get the GG and JJ treatment. Sidelined and pushed down the subs list. Game time for others who want to be there.

  15. Som mes que un club on

    A long time since I posted here.



    It’s the goalkeeping position I am most excited about. Just who has Ange got lined up to replace Big Joe

  16. AN TEARMANN on 21ST MARCH 2023 11:52 AM


    Big Jimmy







    Thanks for your post on your experience of Tom Boyds dad, i can do nothing but echo it too.👍💚





    A fine man,humble and content who was great to chat too and noticed me being in awe of the late Steve Chalmers when he stopped to chat at our table to Tom wasnt hard to notice my starstruckedness(jaw open lol;-) but Tom snr involved me in the convo,lovely memories. That was thro at Murrayfield Bjimmy,legia game,was corp with a few ex cqnr’s.Like yourself,great night in great Celtic company,rip Mr Tom Boyd snr Rip 🙏







    Hail Hail







    Ps bigjimmy word in east end is they bookies have a few hitmen oot fur ye :-)) no happy wi last weeks dent in profits :-)))





    Cheers AN TEARMANN…



    Bring on the ” HITMEN”…..I wont go down easy !





    Apart from the 15 Winners and several horse that were PLACED, which I backed Each Way, I also had a pretty good Sunday with FOUR Correct Scores coming up at the Fitba….


    SHEFF UTD….@ 33/1.


    MAN UTD @ …10/1.


    BRIGHTON…@ 8/1.


    BARCALONA @ 13/2.


    The Bookies got off lightly, because I did NOT have ALL FOUR Correct Scores on the same Line !



    TOMMY BOYD Snr was a very fine Man. it was a privilege to have met him.


    My sincere Condolences to the BOYD Family.




  17. Mmmm


    I, once again, hear the (not so distant) sound of Distant Drums.


    Beating to the sound of the Big Pete Beat.

  18. AIPPLE on 21ST MARCH 2023 12:41 PM









    Had a fine evening good sir.














    BIG JIMMY re: Brosnan







    That made me chuckle!




    No worries PIERCE Mate.





  19. The problem with this is that it means we can never really build a squad and keep it together for the “Celtic lifetime” of a manager. We can keep doing as Paul67 says and that will be enough to dominate domestically but expecting players that are just in the door to compete at a European level is unrealistic.


    Abada needs to go, as GG and JJ did but let’s stop kissing these players backsides and eating up the “I’ll always be a Celt” line they post. They joined us, gave us five minutes of their time and then they flee.


    We have to move them on though or they end up like Edouard and others just going through the motions.



  20. IF the story about ABADA is true….I think that he will soon discover that the Grass isnt always Greener ?



    A Pity really.




  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Abada picked up a hamstring injury yesterday with Israel, don’t know how bad….

  22. Find it hard to agree with this love in for Abada.Yes,some good goals,assists,but playing in this Celtic team against,let’s be honest,some really poor opposition,I would expect it.On the skill side,he is very lacking.Same on his decision making.Crossing is hit and miss.So much in his game to improve upon,and I am not sure,unlike a good few others,he has that level of improvement in him.Barisic,playing like a Coo,has helped his rise in popularity with the fans,scoring against the Huns.He is not a certain starter for a reason.


    If we can get anything over 10 million for him,we have won a watch.Get better in.We can see the problems Eddy has at Palace.No improvement whatsoever.Wants to go,Bye Bye.Thanks for your service.

  23. The goalkeeping situation,I would hope Siegrist gets his chance.Training with Joe and the coaching,including passing out from the back,should surely have improved an already good keeper.Why we signed him.Would have no problem with him stepping up.Deserves the chance.

  24. So many questions and so few answers. The guy who started this story has nothing to do with Abada or Celtic, he is not his agent either, so how does he know he wants away? How does he know there were talks with EPL clubs in January but that Abada didn’t want to move at that time? If true, it means that Abada is allowing details of private negotiations to leak out and we know Ange will not stand for that.



    I assumed it was mischief making, the usual rumour mill stuff with no substance. If Paul is writing about it, then maybe he has been given a heads up by his old friend and we are seeing the last of the youngster.



    For what it is worth, Abada is probably frustrated at lack of playing time. Ange clearly prefers to start with Jota and Maeda. Abada seems to make more of an impact playing the last 30 minutes. As does Haksabanovic. Sooner or later Jota or Maeda will be out injured and the big chance will present itself. Hopefully at least one of the two super subs will still be around to take it.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    SAINT STIVS on 21ST MARCH 2023 1:30 PM,


    Agreed, want away, no play.

  26. !!BADA BING!! on 21ST MARCH 2023 1:49 PM


    Abada picked up a hamstring injury yesterday with Israel, don’t know how bad….




    Abada bad Bada Bing?



    A bit like when young Jeremie got into a fight in SE Asia at a table tennis tournament



    That’s right, Frimpong in ding dong at ping pong in Hong Kong

  27. Haskabanovic looks like he offers something different fron the other wide players; strength and a killer shot.


    I definitely want to see more of him but I would think that Maeda tracking ability would keep him in the side vs huns as their play is very much full back driven

  28. Turkeybhoy at 1.55pm, totally agree re Siegrist, deserves his chance. And he’s a far better penalty keeper than Joe Hart, much as I love big Joe!

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