The Great Leap between SPFL and Inter Milan


Making the great leap between playing Scottish Premiership teams and the likes of Inter Milan will always be a challenge for Celtic.  We have done so many times in recent years, Milan were held home and away in the Champions League knock-out stage, Barcelona were beaten, but whenever we have carried the game to opponents of this stature, instead of reverting to our own style of catnenaccio, we’ve lost heavily.  Quicker, more skilful, players, could make us look statuesque by comparison.

This is not a criticism.  If the only way you can compete with a team with ten times your resources is to defend your 18 yard line, you should do so.

Things could have gone either way on Thursday.  We were defensively inept during the opening minutes as Inter found space goal-side of their markers.  I don’t know if Ronny had a moment of self-doubt at that point, perhaps he did, but was simply unable to unwind the attacking instincts of his players, but Celtic are all the better for the way they picked themselves off the floor.

I’m sure the odds on Inter progressing will be short, but I’m also sure Ronny Deila will know his players can win in Milan.

I arrived home late last night to read that Tony Conway, son of our own RWE, lost his battle against Motor Neurone Disease/ALS.  I met Tony, with dad John and brother Martin, three years ago.  Tony was still fit enough to walk, but evidence of the pain the family shared was evident.  The three of them travelled back from their US home two years ago, along with mum Pauline, to see Celtic, and meet some family.

They bought hospitality tickets and minutes before kick-off, Celtic’s Iain Jamieson nabbed Tony and asked if he was able to make the halftime draw.  Tony knew this would be the last time he would see Celtic, so his journey up the tunnel and onto the park was, to put it mildly, a very special Celtic Park moment.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    What I can’t get my head round with the Europa League is the befuddled thinking that says a team would rather finish fourth in a league than actually win a significant trophy – football is truly screwed up.

  2. I was on BT Sport feedback/complaints webpage about Collymore and Sevco.


    It states,


    “Please note that any emails containing strong or abusive language will not be responded to and will be deleted.”



    They seem happy enough to broadcast language that is strong, abusive, racist and illegal.

  3. petethebeat



    12:04 on 21 February, 2015



    Thanks for reposting that article, the likes of McManna and Sutton do nothing to sell the game. Thursday was a magnificent spectacle. Their analysis on Thursday was so negative you would think there was an agenda at play.

  4. Rest in Peace Tony Conway.


    RWE, my condolences to you and yours.


    In my thoughts.



    Sorry I haven’t been on the blog, so missed the news.

  5. Thomthethim



    Many thanks from us both. It was more that I saw an opportunity to put the link up :-)

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I genuinely feel sorry for big Sutton he is a man who made a fortune playing football and he should have been financialy set for life when his football career finished instead of that he ends up bankrupt.Now he needs to earn money to live so he tried football management and was a complete flop now he has become a pundit but if he takes a moderate view the channel he represents will soon drop him so in order to keep his job he needs to be controversial so he talks rubbish.What other job could Sutton do he has no marketable skills so he has to ensure he keeps his job as a pundit a sorry situation for a man who had it all to be in. H.H.

  7. Just emailed JP Taylor to suggest Broonie and the Bhoys fotm a guard of honour for Hamilton tomorrow as a thank you from us all.



    HH jamesgang

  8. Doc, agree totally re Sutton and McManaboy’s poor critique, it was so far from real you could’ve been forgiven for thinking it was scripted.


    So now we know that it’s okay to sing about FB’s but not BFB’s or have we known that all along.

  9. lennon's passion on

    Have 2 spare tickets for Australian pink Floyd tonight at the Hydro if anyone interested. Can email me at lennonspassion@gmail. com

  10. tallybhoy



    12:35 on 21 February, 2015


    Last post on the last thread!



    Does that count as a podium?









    It’s known as a ‘corkcelt’ and is worth 2 normal podiums.



    HH jamesgang

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Watching indoor athletic before c4 racing and it saddens me that the Kelvin Hall has been sold off for flats.

  12. jamesgang great idea hope somebody at CP takes it up or acknowledges Hamilton somehow. What,s JPT’s email? Lets all send him one. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. Frustrating you cant bet in play here in oz..unless you ring them.



    Boro look certain to score next goal

  14. For those of you have sent condolences to RWE and the family for Tony’s passing, and those who mourn the untimely passing of another member of the CQN family, take a moment to check out his website…






    Reading Tony’s blog entries and being mindful of the difficulties he was facing, certainly re-calibrates your sense of how tough your life really is by comparison.



    Once again RWE – thoughts with you and the family

  15. First post since Thursday and still buzzing from the game and enjoying the POSITIVE outpourings from a great night. A couple of wee points, one slightly negative.



    A 60000 crowd is obviously great but there can be a downside. A few minutes into the game and you-know-what happened, then I discover that in front of me and one side to the right there’s an Inter fan. How he got there I don’t know, don’t need to know IMO, but he just shoves his two arms up and kind of checks in a ‘gola, gola’ shout. Absolutely nothing along a GIRFUY act, but cue a feck wit two along from me, who I’ve never seen in all the years I’ve had the same seat in 102, going ballistic. Effin and blindin about Tally barstewards, who should get to F*** up his own end, then he grabs his black beanie and tosses it. That was it, I totally lost it with him and got across his mate to tell him the guy in front was a guest at our home (ground), that he (the clown) had been singing about not caring if we won, lost or drew, and that he was acting like a Hun! Then some other regulars turned on him as well and the a**e sat down. Luckily I speak a little Itaian and was able to apologise to the Inter fan. The guys in front got him his beanie back at half time and, give credit where due, the eejit took the proferred hand from the Inter fan.


    It just reminded me that with the goings on going on over at Sevco we have to remain ever vigilant.



    On a much more positive note wasn’t big Nir Biton absolutely fantastic on Thursday. We have a fabulous player here, but how can we possibly chant ‘Nir’ or ‘Biton’? We have to get this guy a nickname – I thought of ‘gnasher’ (do you get it?), but my mate thought that was the furthest you could get away from his style of play. I’m sure there are many on here better able to come up with a suggestion.



    BTW Pedro, great shout about recognising Hamilto Acies tomorrow for their role in wee Jay’s goal of the month award.

  16. emeraldbee\o/ still proud to be an internet bampot



    We need a shout out to acknowledge him and Broonie’s shooting.



    How about NIR MISS?!!






    All joking aside I thought they were both immense. So chuffed to see Bitton get his chance.



    HH jamesgang

  17. tim malone will tell



    12:59 on 21 February, 2015


    What I can’t get my head round with the Europa League is the befuddled thinking that says a team would rather finish fourth in a league than actually win a significant trophy – football is truly screwed up.




    Last year I read a biography of Brian Clough, called Provided You Don’t Kiss Me. It’s very good. Anyway, Clough says in it that for him one of the most important trophies he ever won was the Anglo Scottish Cup. That was the first trophy Forest won under him and he said it was really important for instilling a winning mentality in his players. None of those guys had won a trophy since their youth days, so winning even a ‘diddy’ trophy becomes important.



    I laughed a few years ago when Arry Redknapp was moaning about the Europa League, saying the League and the Champions League were far more important to Spurs. How did that work out for them? How many trophies have they picked up since then? Not winning stuff is a bad habit to shake off.

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Thoughts and deepest sympathies to RWE’s family and Tony Conway’s friends.




  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    13:08 on 21 February, 2015





    Many thanks from us both. It was more that I saw an opportunity to put the link up :-)





    Pleasure all mine. Had historical difficulties with PayPal via Visa verification.


    However, I bit the bullet today and got it sorted……I hope.



    I feel that the amount of largely unfounded criticism the Club receive, from within and outwith the support, far outweighs the positive recognition of the Foundation…….an initiative where the Club and support pull together.

  20. Pete the beat



    Thanks for posting – one of the most refreshing articles I’ve read from a journo in a long time

  21. blantyretim .



    Kelvin Hall



    Memories of a Jerry Lee Lewis gig at the Kelvin Hall. Support act – The Animals – way too modern for Glasgow’s die hard Greasers .Bottled / Booed off stage.

  22. Agree with both emeraldbee & jamesgang, I have always always thought that Brooney is the heartbeat of the team. He is our most valuable player and when I read some guys here knocking him, it really does my head in. Maybe in time Armstrong will replace him but for now Brooney reigns supreme for me.


    Regarding Biton, he is the most improved player in the squad, it just shows what a run of games and confidence can do for a player. He shaded MOM for me over Brooney last Thursday and he is now an automatic pick for our best eleven.


    Finally a shout for Liam Henderson, early season McGregor was flavour of the month with Ronny who seemed keen to add to his reputation as a developer of home grown talent by persisting with Callum. I think Ronny erred on this one, with all due respect to Callum and I hope he does develop into a star for us, but Henderson looks like the real deal to me.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! where about are you – in the lounges? Phil is a regular guest on the show, tell him to keep giving it to Cowan. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I was hoping to use the facilities for my recuperation but I’ll need to walk past into the dolphin

  25. socrates mulligan on

    blantyretim……think a better future awaits for Kelvin Hall


    The Herald


    Gerry Braiden


    Senior reporter


    Thursday 20 June 2013



    PLANS to transform the iconic Kelvin Hall arena in Glasgow into one of the UK’s biggest museums have been unveiled, on the eve of the last big event at the venue.









    NEW BEGINNING: An artist’s impression of what Kelvin Hall arena could look after conversion to a cultural centre and sports facility. Picture: Arthur Kinloch






    NEW BEGINNING: An artist’s impression of what Kelvin Hall arena could look after conversion to a cultural centre and sports facility. Picture: Arthur Kinloch
















    Details of the £35 million cultural centre and sports facility come days ahead of the expected approval of the plans, which would see the world-famous Hunterian Museum and Gallery moving to the Kelvin Hall, creating a museum hub with the nearby Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.

  26. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Socrates mulligan


    That’s good news and I will be able to use the gym again


    Thanks for correcting my error

  27. HT



    Tried to donate , not working out here back for the St Johnstone game hopefully see you at the corner , only one thing I want H to give you a good shove from me -)




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