The Great Leap between SPFL and Inter Milan


Making the great leap between playing Scottish Premiership teams and the likes of Inter Milan will always be a challenge for Celtic.  We have done so many times in recent years, Milan were held home and away in the Champions League knock-out stage, Barcelona were beaten, but whenever we have carried the game to opponents of this stature, instead of reverting to our own style of catnenaccio, we’ve lost heavily.  Quicker, more skilful, players, could make us look statuesque by comparison.

This is not a criticism.  If the only way you can compete with a team with ten times your resources is to defend your 18 yard line, you should do so.

Things could have gone either way on Thursday.  We were defensively inept during the opening minutes as Inter found space goal-side of their markers.  I don’t know if Ronny had a moment of self-doubt at that point, perhaps he did, but was simply unable to unwind the attacking instincts of his players, but Celtic are all the better for the way they picked themselves off the floor.

I’m sure the odds on Inter progressing will be short, but I’m also sure Ronny Deila will know his players can win in Milan.

I arrived home late last night to read that Tony Conway, son of our own RWE, lost his battle against Motor Neurone Disease/ALS.  I met Tony, with dad John and brother Martin, three years ago.  Tony was still fit enough to walk, but evidence of the pain the family shared was evident.  The three of them travelled back from their US home two years ago, along with mum Pauline, to see Celtic, and meet some family.

They bought hospitality tickets and minutes before kick-off, Celtic’s Iain Jamieson nabbed Tony and asked if he was able to make the halftime draw.  Tony knew this would be the last time he would see Celtic, so his journey up the tunnel and onto the park was, to put it mildly, a very special Celtic Park moment.

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  1. Josimar


    Did same with BT. Told them I was pulling the plug on Monday for their treatment of Collymore and indeed allowing the “new s*oite, same flies” vile songbook to be broadcast without adverse comment.


    Also get an email from a “very nice gentleman” David Walker from Snyde. Replied telling him that I wouldn’t hold my breath that they would take action against anyone on the National Anthem of my country being referred to as sectarian.


    Notice that the “whataboutery” has started in the article in the Gaurdian. Apparently our songs of political struggle are, to all intents and purposes, the same as their racist and sectarian songbook. Dear Jesus give me strength.


    HH and a safe journey to those heading for paradise today. Hopefully there will be some recognition of Hamiltons part in Wee Jays goal of the month but that it does not extend to our on the park whupping of them.

  2. .



    Winning Captains..



    Re; New CQN..



    l often Post Articles during the Scottish Night..



    Shall l just post on here or do l need to Post to Both..?




  3. If scoddland can’t see the difference between Knightin’ Big Billy and Big Bully……………. “John Greig”…………


    then you can understand why certain trumpets will equate The Soldier’s song


    with The Billy Boys…..



    Shameful, wilful ignorance and an extension of thur….”wan’s as bad as the ither” strategy.




  4. Capt Haddock (formerly known as tomcourtney) on

    Περνύφανος πολί περνύφανος






  5. Glen daly and anyone else looking for a link. It is on pg 2 at 14.06.


    sorry but not quite capable of copying and pasting it on this post



  6. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Bada bing



    Cool, widnae want tae get on the wrang side of any of the ruglen massive :-)

  7. 50 shades of green on

    Off to see the team my father brought me up to support.



    I expect at least 2 changes today, Adam and Leigh out for Efe and John.



    Although I also only expect an hr out of Joe Hanson.



    Going for my usual 4 NIL to the tic.




  8. On such a high regarding the football WE are playing and my genuine belief WE can win a treble ( Only the 2nd in my adult lifetime and forth ever) that I really could not care about their singing and self harm too much to make a lot of noise myself.



    We have a real chance of putting an ocean clear water between ourselves and them if we win today and on Thursday and they self combust in hatred at Falkirk generating an amazing opportunity for a (hopefully) packed Celtic park with a kind of post Boavista euphoria next Sunday for a top table clash with our big domestic rivals.



    Still a bit unsure why we didn’t give Aberdeen a few thousand more tickets for that mind you. A full house and energised CP takes some beating as we saw and felt on Thursday.



    Also I am increasingly of the view that the biggest culprits are the bigots in the MSM re the antics of the other lots support. The pathetic twisted pond life dross that sing this crap have little else in their worlds to cling to other than misplaced supremacist beliefs. The MSM and the likes of BT sport have a duty to deal with this. Uefa are the folk who should be informed re BT sports (a CL broadcasting partner) inactivity since Friday. My wee note to BT sport highlighting where my complaint would be aimed if I had no satisfactory outcome from my raising the issue with them.

  9. Burgas Hoops,



    Hopefully, our support will begin to realise what you are saying is nothing but the truth. Scotland is far from grown up about its anti-Catholic/Irish mindset. People like Keevins choose to pander to it, which makes him more culpable in my eyes. Ex-players who do it are even worse, particularly if they are Irish!!

  10. Cruelly ordered out to Sciacca – Kilo of lentils / Kilo of Chick peas and 2 packets of Polenta.


    Took shelter in a bar for a fine ristretto and a wee dod of Tiramisu. 2 Inter geezers bemoaning their lot –



    ” The defence is relegation material.Ranocchia looks like a basketball player giving football a try.Need Valium to watch him.”.

  11. As well as complaining to the broadcaster……..and rightly so……..


    The protestant church and whoever else should be urged to condemn thum…………………..



    In times gone by how often have we had to sit thru a piece on the news on Bigotry where the only face and voice seen is some hapless Bishop – sleekitly caught in the cross-hairs of a camera whose only focus is…..obfuscation.



    CallThumOooot! CSC

  12. Today’s line-up: Gordon; Ambrose, Denayer, van Dijk, Izaguirre; Brown, Bitton; Commons, Johansen, Forrest; Guidetti.

  13. Dundee United to explore safe standing



    DUNDEE United could be the first top-flight club in Scotland to introduce a safe standing section, with Stephen Thompson revealing he’s set to invest £200,000 to create such an area at Tannadice.



    United chief Thompson told the Sunday Mail: “Creating a safe standing area is expensive but it looks great and creates an atmosphere. We’re in a position to spend the money but we’d need to survey the fans first.”



    In a lengthy interview, Thompson also revealed an interest in pre-match zones, bringing the season forward into the summer, reintroducing a winter break and encouraging a more open and trusting relationship with the media. (Sunday Mail)