The greatest save, fighting the urge, goodness – a masterstroke


Space inside the box when you have the ball at your feet is at premium and whatever you have, closes quickly.  The ancient part of our brains kicks in at this point.  We become alert to the dangers of the shrinking space.

This reaction is biologically evidenced.  The associated rush of adrenaline flushes the muscles with energy but it also obscures peripheral vision.  You will know this yourself if you’ve been in possession of a football for as much as a second with defenders closing a loop around you.  This is why, from the stands, we can often see a pass, but the player in possession fires off a shot that is easily blocked.

Watch Odsonne Edouard before he passes to Ryan Christie for the equaliser.  Running towards goal with the ball, he has to fight against all of these biological factors to suppress the urge to panic into a premature shot.

His presence in the box induces the same adrenaline rush in the Lazio defenders’ brains and limbs: they focus on Odsonne, but the Celtic striker is winning the fight against nature.  He maintains enough peripheral vision to spot the slenderest gap at 90 degrees to his right.  Ryan Christie is in space and while all others panic, Odsonne pings a pass into Ryan’s path.

You can give players all the benefits sports science allows, train them until they are built like supermen, but the game is played in the mind.  That ability to defy the natural instinct and control your body is where greatness lives.

I was troubled at halftime.  Celtic did not deserve to be behind but Lazio scored an excellent goal and were clearly a very good team, while Cluj were ahead in Rennes, the result we did not want.  The opening 15 minutes of the second half were controlled by the visitors, with Celtic unable to hold possession.

We needed energy from somewhere and Ryan Christie stepped forward.  He covers 20 yards with great speed and regularity.  His run to the corner around the hour, which created our first chance of the second half, looked like he was propelled forward in a pinball machine.  His sprint forward, drop back, then repeat action, change the flow of the game.

It is not just Celtic who seldom score from corner kicks, such goals are the Hen’s Teeth of the modern game.  Defenders mark the main threats, while others attack the space most likely to produce a goal.  With the inevitable numerical defensive overload and set plays video analysed to within an inch of indecency, corners are the football equivalent of a Brexit deadlock.

But still, when Scott Brown’s shot from outside the box was deflected wide with two minutes remaining, we could dream. Christopher Jullien is as commanding in the air as any Celtic player since Bobo Balde.  His sheer upper body bulk make a challenge from lesser mortals futile.  His leap and glancing header inside the far post were like a great cruise liner gracefully launching down the slip.  We were going to win this, or so we thought.

Fraser Forster had already made an incredible block with the score at 1-1, but in the final minute of added time, his leap to stop the unstoppable volley from Cataldi was the best save I have ever seen.

Crowds react to great save with cheers, or applause on lesser occasions.  This save was met with an audible gasp.  Shock from the ancient part of our brains was articulated an instant before the subsequent joy, not to mention respect.  We were not to be denied.

When Hatem Elhamed went down injured inside the last 10 minutes, Moritz Bauer, a straight replacement at right back, was told to get stripped, but Neil Lennon quickly changed his mind.  Instead, there was an Israeli shuffle, with Nir Bitton replacing Elhamed.  Celtic went to a back three and two minutes later, Neil replaced Boli Bolingoli with Jonny Hayes.  Coming so late in the game, Lazio had no time to react; Celtic were setup to control the middle of the park.

Goodness.  In the dying minutes of a game against the top seed with the score at 1-1, we change tactical formation, going three at the back against two strikers.  You have to hand it to Neil Lennon.  Without this change, Scott Brown is nowhere near the Lazio box to be able to latch onto a loose ball and shoot to secure the corner that produced the winning goal.

It was an absolute masterstroke.  Well done, boss.

For most of us, our days are full of small joys and trials.  Spontaneous, shared, exhilaration is in rare supply.  But, here we are.


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    You won’t but what many shareholders don’t realise is that if you are a shareholder and you don’t physically click on the link and actually vote, then your votes will be cast WITH THE BOARD BY PROXY.



    So any shareholder who does nothing is, in effect, voting with the board.



    On the resolution itself the position should be made clear;



    Celtic have never said that there is nothing to investigate.


    Celtic have previously called upon the SFA to conduct a full inquiry into all aspects of Governance surrounding 2011/2012 — The SFA refused.


    The SPFL similarly called upon the SFA to conduct a full inquiry — The SFA refused.


    The SFA themselves said that an internal inquiry was needed into the licensing issues we raised in 2013 and the former CEO publicly stated that he felt the SFA had been misled.


    That SFA inquiry led SFA Officers to the conclusion that they had enough evidence to bring disciplinary charges which they did.


    However, an independent judicial panel ruled that the SFA cannot legally prosecute those charges before an independent judicial panel appointed by the SFA and recommended that the SFA refer the entire matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


    That was almost 18 months ago and no such action has been taken.


    The Celtic Board had previously advised that the best thing to do was to leave all of this to the SFA and reported to us that there was no reason for the SFA not to refer the matter to CAS.


    The CEO of the SFA previously announced that a decision ON WHETHER OR NOT TO TAKE THE MATTER TO CAS – would be made by Christmas 2019. — which means that it is not certain that the matter will be referred to CAS at all.



    The original Resolution asked Celtic to refer this matter to UEFA.


    Resolution lawyers have been in direct touch with UEFA and they advised that they could not correspond with anyone other than a member club and effectively invited Celtic to refer the matter to them.


    The SFA said they could not refer the matter to UEFA for timebar reasons, but confimred they would respond to and comply with any enquiry from UEFA – IN THE INTERIM THEY CONDUCTED THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION AND BROUGHT THEIR OWN CHARGES BUT HAVE BEEN JUDGED AS INCOMPETENT IN SO DOING.



    Accordingly, Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL and UEFA have all indicated that they are willing to look at the issues raised and the SFA have actually brought disciplinary charges in relation to the same but can’t progress them for legal reasons.



    Back in 2013 the resolutioners pointed out that there was eveidence that would lead to charges but suggested to Celtic that the SFA were not the competent body to investigate and deal with that evidence or any rule breaches.



    Celtic disagreed and suggested the matter be left to the SFA. That is till their position despite the ruling of the independent judicial panel saying that the SFA are not competent to deal with this matter.






    Accordingly someone has to conduct the hearing and we suggest referring the matter to UEFA whereas the board, for reasons best known to them, want to stick with the SFA who have already been deemed incompetent by their own judicial panel.



    We don’t know why the board don’t want to refer this to UEFA, nor why they think it is not “in the best interests of the club” to do so.



    Every shareholder in the club is a part owner – and surely the board of directors should be making it clear to everyone with a financial interest as to why they wish to allow this matter to be dealt with by an incompetent body instead of the European Governing Body whose rules and licences are under discussion.



    We are not asking Celtic to commence any proceedings, or dig about for evidence, or to start anything.



    We are only asking them to respond positively to UEFA’s invitation at a time when the SFA have been ruled incompetent and have not take any action on the recommendation to go to CAS.



    Equally, further questions have to be asked as how the SFA managed to get themselves into a legal position where a judicial panel has ruled that they cannot conduct hearings or prosecute supposed breaches of their own rules or the rules of UEFA for whom they are a licensing authority?



    The SFA have been deemed legally and professionally incompetent and we cannot figure out on what basis a very experienced and highly professional Celtic board can justify its continued trust in such an organisation.



    It should also be added that since the instigation of the internal SFA inquiry which led to the ruling that the SFA cannot perform a disciplinary function here, the CEO (Stewart Reagan) – The Footballing and Corporate Compliance officer (Andrew MacKinlay) and the legal compliance officer (Tony McGlennan) who brought the charges have all left the SFA and moved on leaving this dreadful mess behind.



    Either some or all of these three must have known that the SFA could not proceed legally or they were totally and utterly incompetent and did not know their own rules and procedures.



    If the SFA were incompetent then why should the board of CELTIC PLC continue to support such incompetence?



    Or might it be the case that Stewart Reagan and others have played the Celtic PLC BOARD like a fiddle knowing full well that their disciplinary proceedings would never be deemed competent – in which case our board look like fools.



    The current resolution is merely a request to refer the entire matter to someone competent and there is no good reason that we know of not to do so.



    But the board are against it for whatever reason.



    Personally, I think this does nothing for Celtic commercially as serious investors, sponsors and advertisers would like to know that the business of football in Scotland, and the business theatre win which Celtic PLC is forced to operate is properly run by a competent Governing body.



    Alas a judical panel has determined that the SFA can’t enforce its own rules or those of UEFA – and we are all free to make of that what we will.



    It is a mickey mouse, two bit organisation, which reeks of incompetence from head to foot.

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Maybe it’s all soundbites or what is it they call it? get your


    excuses in first.


    Are the board covering their erses, ergo we can’t control the


    support, so what could we do scenario to their fellow conspiritors.


    Because as i see it my substantial shareholding and other


    fellow holders will make it interesting at the agm.


    And…and.. they are dealing with the indefatigable Auldheid and Co


    I know who my money’s on .


    H.H . Mick


    Res 12 – a summary;



    1. Resolution 12 always sought to put the entire matter of the UEFA licence grant and the monitoring of the licensing process for season 2011/2012 into the hands of UEFA for investigation and whatever action was then deemed necessary.


    2. Celtic resisted the notion on the basis that they were already in contact with the SFA in connection with the same subject matter. They agreed the merits were worth investigating and that there should be some form of enquiry which provided answers to some fundamental question.


    3. At the same time Peter Lawwell understandably also stressed that Celtic had a duty to Scottish Football and Scottish Club which merited giving the SFA, as opposed to UEFA, the chance to investigate and provide answers.


    4. For those reasons requisitioners went along with the approach to the SFA.


    5. However, at the same time we sought independent legal advice on documentation and information which was coming our way. We shared that with Celtic who, for legal and political reasons, could not act on that information especially while there were other legal proceedings pending – especially criminal proceedings.


    6. Accordingly, we as shareholders and part owners of a member club wrote separately to both UEFA and the SFA in relation to procedures and information which gave us concern.


    7. Both the SFA and UEFA were reluctant to deal with anyone other than the member club but both entered into correspondence to a limited extent, with the SFA saying that they would co-operate with and respond to an UEFA instigated inquiry, and UEFA saying that they could only take matters forward on a formal basis if the issues raised were referred to them by the SFA or by a member club. At that stage they invited Celtic to make a formal referral. Celtic, however, felt they could not do so because they had already referred the matter to the SFA who were still working on it.


    8. It should be noted that at no time did Celtic, the SFA or UEFA come back to us and said that our information was wrong or that there was nothing to explore or investigate. THAT REMAINS THE POSITION TO THIS DAY.


    9. Following upon the conclusion of the Big Tax Case in the Supreme Court and the criminal trial of Craig Whyte, some, but not necessarily all, of the information which we had been discussing for the previous four years became matters of public record.


    10. At the conclusion of the trial Stewart Reagan commented that it would appear that the SFA had been misled in relation to material aspects of the licensing process as we had originally alleged.


    11. Celtic and the SPFL both called for an open inquiry into the events of 1999 – 2012 – basically the years covered by the big tax case and the wee tax case and this would have covered football compliance issues including the licensing processes during those years.


    12. The SFA rejected that call and instead chose to instigate their own inquiry into the licensing applications and procedures of 2011/2012 and via Tony McGlennan, the then compliance officer, they wrote to every club in Scotland to explain that such an inquiry was being conducted.


    13. The conclusion of that inquiry was that disciplinary proceedings should be brought against RFC alleging breaches of both UEFA and SFA rules in connection with the 2011/2012 licensing process.


    14. Those charges were tabled and ordered to be heard by an independent judicial panel.


    15. RFC (the current club) took a preliminary objection to those charges at a hearing of the Independent Judicial Panel and argued that the SFA and any judicial panel did not have the legal jurisdiction or capacity to consider and determine those charges and argued that any such charges should be remitted to the Court of Arbitration for sport.


    16. The Judicial Panel upheld that argument and remitted the case back to the SFA with the recommendation that they rethink the process and remit the matters concerned to CAS. This was June 2018 – some 16 months ago.


    17. Since then, we as shareholders have repeatedly asked the current SFA compliance officer for clarification as to when these matters will be referred to CAS. Originally, we were assured by Michael Nicholson that the SFA were adamant that the charges were going to CAS but after months of inactivity the current CEO of the SFA changed that and advised that a decision about WHETHER OR NOT the charges would be sent to CAS would be made before Christmas 2019.


    18. Celtic have since advised us that no other club in Scotland has any appetite for any of this and that they are simply not interested.


    19. However, the Judicial Panel ruling means that, at least in relation to these issues, we have a situation where there has been a judicial ruling that the SFA are not fit to, and are not legally capable of, conducting proceedings designed to ensure that either SFA or UEFA rules were complied with during season 2011/2012. In other words the entire SFA compliance function in this process is at an end.


    20. This has been determined without any reference to UEFA who appointed the SFA as the competent Licensing Authority for Scotland only to find that the SFA cannot enforce UEFA rules nor conduct any proceedings in relation to alleged breaches of UEFA rules.


    21. There is a clear reluctance on the part of the SFA to remit this issue to CAS despite the fact that the SFA themselves decided to bring disciplinary charges after inquiry. If the SFA choose to do nothing then that will not only be a real slap in the face to UEFA but will be a complete abrogation of the function of a football and licensing authority.


    22. At the outset of Resolution 12, Celtic asked us and everyone else to have faith in the SFA and their processes. That faith has been misguided. At the same time, Celtic, as a member club of UEFA were previously invited to formally refer the matter to UEFA but declined to do so and instead opted to allow the SFA to proceed with its process. That decision appears to have been a poor one.


    23. The SFA disciplinary process has now been deemed to be incompetent with no sign of the SFA following the ruling from the judicial panel.


    24. In the circumstances, Celtic should refer the matter to UEFA in line with the original resolution in order to protect the integrity of the licensing process in Scotland, to protect UEFA and its rules, and to effectively follow through on the judicial process that the club, the SFA and, by tacit consent and open invitation, UEFA said was necessary.


    25. Such a course of action is necessary for the corporate and governance reputation of Scottish Football as a whole is to be respected and valued in any way.


    26. Failure to take any action is simply not in the best business interests of Celtic PLC – either now or in the future – as any company which operates in a regulated sector is demeaned and devalued if the industry regulator and governing body cannot ensure and enforce compliance with its rules of business.


    27. Future and continued investment in such a sector would be considered an unnecessary corporate risk under these circumstances as clearly Celtic have no control over rule compliance and enforcement and cannot rely on the Governing body. if investors and sponsors have alternative investments and partners to consider in a sector which is properly regulated then they may prefer to invest elsewhere in future.



    That is the position in a nutshell.

  4. Shareholders of the World Unite (Part III)



    You have nothing to lose but your debentures



    And in some cases, your dentures

  5. BRTH,



    I sincerely hope you (the 4 Musketeers) get the Justice you deserve.



    Your perseverance and dilligence deserves so much more.



    It’s the Big Mans story howevaaaaah, he is the Ultimate Judge.



    Lennys Lions are ready to Rock and Roll – the Young Ones coming through are what is most exciting to me.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Just one point to BRTH,


    Item 18 is immaterial Celtic Plc are only responsible to Celtic Plc shareholders, other clubs opinions are not relevant when the Celtic Plc shareholders have been cheated.


    Why they brought this up remains to me a mystery except for the hint that they have no intention of taking the issue any futrther.

  7. BRTH



    Thanks fo the clear update. 2 questions for you if you have time to answer.



    1. Does it need to be Celtic who raise the issue with UEFA?



    2. If not could we (fair minded supporters) buy a small SFA affiliated club and raise the question ourselves?



    Cheaper than legal proceedings I think.







    Thank you for all your hard work and the explanation. It is all a lot clearer. Unfortunately, the AGM looks like the end of the road. Has the board something to hide?



  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    We are considering requesting crowd funding to seek a QC opinion on whether a member clubs shareholder has the legal right to demand answers from the governing associations such as the SFA and UEFA.


    If such an opinion was in favour of shareholders then the floodgates would be open on a range of issues that the governance could not refuse to answer except by legally challenging the opinion of the QC.


    I’m sure BRTH will correct any errors above.

  10. It annoyed the Life out of me the banner that depicted Neil being in the same Class as those in the front.



    An apology GB?



    Don’t do them do they?




  11. Lenny is going, AGAIN, into the Lions Den.



    A True Celtic Hero.



    It angers me that media distorts so much so quickly.



    Lenny is going about his business Quietly and efficiently, he definitely has the Respect of Stevie G, and quite rightly, there is nae doubt in my mind, Gerrard came up to Scotland to settle a score, Lenny is a Different Animal and Celtic will prevail.



    Anyway might all be nonsensical but hey its just ma thoughts.




  12. Using words from BRT&H`s posts, I would recommend that as many as possible send this :



    “The SFA have been deemed legally and professionally incompetent and I cannot figure out on what basis a very experienced and highly professional Celtic board can justify its continued trust in such an organisation.”


    Could you enlighten me on the matter?







    I would further recommend that you send it to as many celtic supporters as you possibly can.

  13. BROGAN ROGAN. Two magnificent posts. A huge thank you to you, Canalamar and Auldheid for your stalwart persistence in the face of Board stonewalling. The mere fact that the Board cannot supply a shred of reasoned justification for stating it is not in the Board’s interest to support the Resolution is very telling.



    If you and your companions need to resort to crowd funding, I will do my level best to urge financial assistance from U.S. and Canadian based CSCs.



    Good luck on Wednesday! I urge every shareholder on this site to pro-actively vote for the Resolution and to spread the word.



  14. Iniquitousiv


    If North american shareholders have been effected by the granting of this licence and the potential to damage their share value, could that be pursued through North American legal channels, e.g. the FBI

  15. What a Musician.



    The Smiths Wonderful.



    Lenny wants more Frimpong in the Team, the YOUNG ONES making a Real Impact.



    C’mon Celtic

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    If the shares were bought using US Dollars then yes, remember the FIFA investigation could only be investigated by the FBI because dollars were used.

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Chances are they would allow it to be buried since UK are the pet poodle



    I don’t know the answer to that, but I will ask the question of a Celtic supporting and litigation attorney I know. I will see him for the Aberdeen game tomorrow, and will post his response.



  19. John Kennedy is gathering so much information, God Bless ye John, ye are also a Gift from the Almighty.



    I just wish ye got the REAL chance to show how Good ye wis on the field.



    Dad said ye were right up there, without saying it, with yer brief performances.




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    That would be an interesting response, will look out for that.



    Looks like Canalamar provided your answer while I was posting. If the Requisitioners decide to go the crowd funding route, I will ask the North American Federation of Celtic Supporters Clubs to explore this.





    I will post a response tomorrow. (Apologies for mistyping you’re moniker). If you require funding for QC fees, I will ask my Club, DCCSC, to contribute. I am Treasurer, and we have supported worthy causes for our entire existence. I will talk to our members tomorrow, and I am sure they will be in support. And if we start the ball rolling, we will ask the NAFSCS for support from the big Clubs in NewYork and Philadelphia.



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