The harmful urge to sign players early


How many of us rolled eyes at the news this week that Issouf Bayo was off to play for Watford, a Premier League team last season, and Oliver Burke would ply his trade in the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen?  Both are forwards, both 25, both fleeting unsuccessful stints at Celtic, now they have won a ticket for wages at a high paying club.

There is a great truism in football, the fans who watch a player week-in, week-out will provide a more telling insight than YouTube clips, stats or scouting reports.  Good luck to both of them but I expect neither to succeed.

The problem with Watford and Werder is that they both want a striker in early and do not have the patience to hang around until nearer the end of the window, when talent that is actually in demand will become available.

Looking in from the outside, we can both see the rashness.  What benefit is there in recruiting guys who were so easily handled by SPFL defenders?  Watford fans will see Bayo who banged in 11 goals in a six-month loan stint a Charleroi, whereas Werder fans will wonder at how they picked up a striker on a free transfer who has twice been sold for in excess of £13m.

Having qualified for the Champions League group stage, there is, by contrast, a calm over events at Celtic.  Two of last season’s successful loanees are now on permanent deals, Dundee United’s free keeper was signed and we paid a tidy sum for what, by any measure, is an ambitious move into the South American youth market.

There are more spaces in the squad available: a third striker option and midfield cover.  Let’s not be like Watford and Werden Bremen.

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  1. Paul67,



    Just to clarify, Watford are now a championship team. Relegated from EPL.



    Bayo is a Championship level player. At best.




  2. Paul67



    I don’t think that Norwich regret signing Pukki- who was also a “failure” at CP.



    Or NYRB regret signing Lewis Morgan.




    Easy to find counter examples of players who failed at one club but were successful elsewhere.



    And the same applies to managers




    For what its worth-

  3. Burke has all the ingredients to be a top class player. Electrifying pace, strong as an ox and the occasional sublime bit of skill.



    For whatever reason, they all havent come together ye

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  5. Usual lunchtime impeccable timing — recycling …



    Stx2 @ 11.49



    Prof STD — sorry better stick to TD — needs to wind his neck in.



    NO — by training / education / with trowel — finds history in the raw.


    TD — by education / no trowel involved — just gets to comment on it.



    I fear an ego has been bruised.


    NO is a ham actor / loves a stage but he does have validity.

  6. quadrophenian on

    Haud on Paulo – you slag Watford and Werder for getting players in early saying the good uns are only available later… But isnt this what Ange has changed about our signing policy rather than last-minute-Lawell deadliners and Dudu done deals??



    And when u say ‘There are more spaces in the squad available: a third striker option and midfield cover…’ in terms of the right numbers, is this presuming we hold onto those considered as timber of the deceased variety or wot ?

  7. I reckon Devine is just jealous of Oliver’s flowing locks.



    The idea that archaeologists don’t have enough transferable skills to be able to validly comment on ‘history’ is a bit silly, and flies in the face of a generation* of scholars who commonly stray beyond their own narrow specialisms to everyone’s benefit.




    * This word might confuse cult members. Apologies if so.

  8. P67



    Your mental gymnastics are a show in themselves.



    Guys with a plan are buying now.


    They know that time on the training field will pay dividends.


    It might involve a premium to lubricate the wheels that need to be in motion.


    But if you have done your homework and you know how the bits will fit together then back yourself.



    Desperados wait for the frenzy of the last week.


    There maybe nuggets coming into play that might improve / enhance a squad.


    But if you have known gaps in the squad — the last week in August is not the time to fill them.



    Some years you push work up front.


    Some years you suggest waiting till the last minute frenzy.


    Every year you seem to have a few conversations with PL.

  9. NTB @ 12.17



    OB vs AngeBall = match made in heaven.



    OB is fast / direct / strong — huge plus for us at the moment.


    With the touch that can be variable in the extreme.


    Consequently worth a punt if had been available.



    We owe him after inflicting NL’s tactics / coaching on him.


    And while we are at it we should be apologising to TW.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Don’t recall Burke being “easily handled” by SPFL defenders. Left them for dead half the time. Maybe Werder have a specific role identified for him. Bayo certainly won’t rip up the EPL at Watford though…..

  11. VB — another one we owe an apology to.


    The efforts that Ludge MIB put in to have his goals classed as OGs was incredible but strangely predictable.

  12. I thought Bayo was worth more time on the pitch. Certainly, his work rate was exceptional, por cierto

  13. Greenpinata – from last thread



    “Is this an exeragation? I dont think so. Its coming if we let this madness go on. ”





    I am fairly sure your examples are an exaggeration- what linguistic freedoms have you really lost?



    You cannot be sure you can call a woman, doll or pet, without risking offence? – So what?



    Some people will want to be identified by a title other than the one you innocently call them?- most will be polite about informing you of their preference and any unwillingness to use their preference reflects on you more than them.



    The only instances of Sports names being changed because of perceived offence- were the Washington Redskins being changed to Washington Commanders and the continuing pressure on the Kansas City Chiefs to change their name and their stadium name as offensive to the Native American Community- a bit of small politeness is all that is required – we wouldn’t allow German teams to call themselves the Berlin Yellow Stars or FC Auschwitz- would we?



    I know the gammon Daily Mail bangs on about this but they are preaching to a UKIP community frightened by faces of a different colour.



    So a few statues of racists have fallen or been hidden. There are still so many more out there than have been affected. Half the Glasgow city Centre street names reflect this problematic past.



    Nobody is going to object to Manchester being shortened to Man or see it as an exclusion measure. Do you really think the women who play for this team object to being called Man City Ladies?



    This is right up there with:-



    The EU are trying to straighten our bananas.



    We are not allowed to call a spade a spade.



    It’s just myth making- what freedoms have you lost?

  14. Championship promotion odds — 2022/23



    Norwich are first.


    Watford are second.


    6 teams being backed in volume.



    TP vs VB — Championship goals / EPL next year — Discuss?


    My money is on VB — younger / fresher legs.

  15. St Stivs



    I cannot understand Tom Devine’s criticism of Neil Oliver on the grounds that he is an “amateur” historian.



    Tom was fairly fulsome in his praise and defence of John Prebble, a “mere” journalist with a strong interest and research skills in Scottish history.



    I don’t like Neil Oliver but he is a trained archeologist, an accomplished TV presenter, a very competent writer and a professional Gammon undergoing a mid-life crisis who is getting paid very handsomely to spout reactionary nonsense.



    There are so many grounds on which to find Neil Oliver objectionable- but being an “amateur” historian just comes across as precious. Tom Devine is bigger than that.

  16. Ernie.



    You,not the socialist types are the cult!



    You don’t speak for working classes



    You do give a hand to Tory coonsills,Stirling,,n.lanurkshir



    So when you mention who is it your talking of?


    Talk of your help to them



    Those errant eunuchs who murdered a million Iraqis



    Wee right wing Neil joins wee racist galloway(disgusting comparison with idi amin)


    Wee brexit trolls.



    Looking forward to seeing keev fail horrendously(well without participating in a war) with his latest.



    Your party is dead in Scotland.


    You will never get power in London without Scotland.



    Well done Tom,


    Put the right wing shills in its place

  17. So cult in Scotland is



    Your non working class,non union based,what are they?



    Unionist support cult

  18. AN TEARMANN on 4TH JULY 2022 12:50 PM



    Welcome back!



    Assuming you were ever away.

  19. The Cleveland Indians baseball team have changed their name to Guardians .


    Anyone who has watched the Big Bang Theory would get a kick out of intellectuals questioning each other’s ability.

  20. We never saw Bayo week-in, week-out. Far from it. From the fleeting views I had of him, he seemed a very fit and physical player. He totally terrorised (physically) the Hearts defence, in the game where he scored two (which the smsm were at pains to point out, he never scored any). I don’t think the boy would ever have been a first pick for us, as he lacked touch and finesse. Burke could look like a world beater one minute and a dumpling the next. That said, we’ve had plenty of players like that. Good luck to both of them. p.s. I’d rather sign good players early.

  21. McPhail Bhoy on

    FANADPATRIOT on 4TH JULY 2022 12:15 PM


    I think Bayo may surprise a few people ,I like him






    You might be right, he could turn out to be a Pukki, but then again maybe not, time will tell

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Was blissfully unaware of the build up to the Devine vs Oliver Celebrity Deathmatch …



    … So no more than wry smile levels of interest here.



    My uninformed opinion FWIW



    Historians’ bread and butter is largely around establishing the provenance of documentation.



    The associated yap … er … historical interpretation all comes from that.



    Archaeologists’ bread and butter focuses on the provenance of pots and pans, arrowheads, jewellery and dwellings.



    Beware uncontrolled crossovers between similar but different !!!




  23. Just noticed there’s a flight to Vienna, from Glasgow, at 2:30 PM. I’m assuming that’s the team flight.

  24. SFTB @ 12.36



    Given your comments above are you going to pop over to Bloemfontein and picket outside Siwelele Park and demand they return / change their name?



    I would hope not but that is where your thought process is taking you.



    The current stushie about the use of indigenous — Native American or Bering Straight American / interesting debate — names in US sport is just a hyperactive strand of nominally progressive opinion getting its undergarments in a twist.



    Every society / population grouping “steals” from each other.



    The primary issue in the US is that richness / complexity / diversity of the pre 1492 culture is not investigated or explained at any popular level — Geronimo was just a very small part of it no matter what Hollywood says.



    Time for a guy / gal in a trench for some hot trowel action.



    Was blissfully unaware of the build up to the Devine vs Oliver Celebrity Deathmatc



    – – –


    Same here. Thanks for the update. Will check it out.

  26. ZIGGYDOC1 on 4TH JULY 2022 1:10 PM


    Just noticed there’s a flight to Vienna, from Glasgow, at 2:30 PM. I’m assuming that’s the team flight.




    Thank God we don’t have to stress over the LOPA on the charter plane like we did in Jan 2021!




    They’re both about interpreting and putting historic stuff in context, whether artefacts or written documents.

  28. Big Saddiq who was absolutely honking at theme,now sold for 20 million plus.


    Oh dear.

  29. Ernie



    Welcome back!!


    Lol a day/night in Loch maberry,no phone does you good .

  30. At 12.50 did the blog receive a disturbance from another dimension?


    One that cannot converse in a fashion that is understandable in any way shape or form?



    Initials are one thing — Guilty yer lord / 2345 previous convictions.


    Bad frontier gibberish is something else entirely — stream of incontinence would be my best guess.

  31. We got the signings we needed in early and can look forward to a settled preseason.



    I assumed our transfer business would dial down a bit after Jota, much more likely to focus on outgoings now and look to loan market nearer the end of the window to see who is available.



    Certainly no need to panic, we’ve a good squad in place.

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